Sister-in-Law Won’t Quit


A few weeks had passed since my sexual encounter with my sister-in-law. I had gone to the in-laws house, only to discover my sister-in-law Patty masturbating in bed. One thing led to another and we had torrid sex together. I had to admit she had been on my mind as of late.

Patty had always come across as a bitch to me, but she sure could fuck!

One Saturday, my wife took a phone call from Patty. She said my brother-in-law was away on a project for work, and could I come over to help around their house. I said sure, I knew this was a call for her needing me. I drove over to their place and went up to the front door. Patty was waiting for me. She quickly let me inside and called me into the living room.

Patty then threw an arm around my neck and gave me a lip lock. Her other hand went to my crotch where he squeezed my balls hard! God that hurt! What was this woman’s problem? She then slapped my face.

“That was for the last time, you bastard!”

I really thought she had lost her mind.

“What is your problem Patty?” I asked.

“You humiliated me with your cock when you were last here, that’s what the problem is.”

This woman really knew how to push my buttons. I reached up and literally tore the t-shirt she was wearing, off her chest. Patty wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her tits were tiny, in fact. The nipples, were little pebbles güvenilir bahis on her chest.

I pushed my mouth directly onto one of them and started biting. Patty arched her chest and gave me access to those little nubbins. We had picked up right where we left of the last time. She seemed to enjoy violent sex. I worked on both of those tits and then I pushed her to her knees.

I pulled my shirt off and then my pants and underwear. My cock was raging hard by then. I shove the head directly towards her mouth. She tried to fight me off, but I grabbed the back of her hair and pushed my cockhead between her lips.

It was if I had pushed a button on her. She began working her mouth up and down my long shaft. She was certainly hungry for cock. Very few women have been able to take all of my 9 inches down to the root, but Patty was one of them. She was ravenous for my thick member. She was slurping and making sucking noises as she worked her magic on my rod.

She reached around and pulled the back of my thighs to get us close as possible. She then began to push one of her fingers past the rim of my ass. That nearly set me off right there. When she finally hit my prostate, I began spurting my sticky load down her throat. She drank and drank until I was empty. She didn’t let a drop spill from her mouth.

When I pulled away from her mouth, she got on her türkçe bahis back and spread her thighs for me to see. She was wet and ready for it. I was still hard as I fell to my knees and guided the head of my cock to her opening. Her pussy lips were flared out, just welcoming me to enter her. I slowly wedged the head in, then shoved.

Patty started to squeal like a stuck pig! She placed her long legs high on my back and I started to dive into her tight hole. I love to pull my cock out with just the head in place, then force it all the way to the bottom.

I fucked Patty this way for some minutes, hard and brutal. I looked into her face and her eyes were way back in her head, as if she was losing consciousness. The sweat was rolling off both of our bodies. I stirred my cock around inside her. She was using her muscles to grasp at my cock, she felt as tight as a teenage pussy.

We must have been totally out of control, because the front door opened and we didn’t hear it. In walked my brother-in law! I had my back to him, but Patty saw him from the floor.

“Look how he’s fucking me with that horse cock of his!”

That was Patty’s reply.

My brother-in-law just stood there for a few seconds and walked back out the door. God was I embarrassed!

I would like to tell you we stopped just then and quit fucking. But it didn’t happen that way. güvenilir bahis siteleri We were too far gone and I was going to make this woman explode. I pounded Patty a few more minutes until she began to cum.

She milked my cock and told me to keep fucking her. I battered her pussy with my horse cock and then I flooded her with my sticky seed. It went on like that for what seemed like an eternity. We finally collapsed there on the floor.

I couldn’t move for some time. I was spent from all that fucking!

I finally got my clothes together and washed up. I was dreading this next part. My brother-in-law had merely gone out in the garage and waited until we had finished up. We must have gone on another half hour after he caught us. I had no idea what to say.

I walked up and start to say, “I’m….”, but I was cut off.

“I know I am not a very good husband to Patty.” “This wasn’t your fault.”

My mouth nearly dropped open! I was getting ready to beg forgiveness and my brother-in-law blurted that nonsense out. I had to walk to my car and drive away, right then and there. No words came out of my mouth.

I was on pins and needles for the next few days, but nothing happened. Patty told me sometime later she had smoothed things out. I wondered how smooth it could have been, but I kept my mouth closed.

I would also like to tell you, that was the end of our hot sex together, but that would be a lie. We never did it again at Patty’s house. She would call me on my cell phone and we would meet at some remote motel. The sex got more interesting, so I will save that for a future tale.

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