Stalking My Wife.


Stalking My Wife.With the economy bad my wife started looking for a job to help us make ends meet. It only took her a day to find something which was a bit surprising. Evelyn said she found a job working as a receptionist for a law firm, and she worked normal business hours like I did, though some times they would need her to stay late. Most days she came home around the same time I did, but she was always tired.After a few weeks her fatigue was killing our sex life and I started to get suspicious that something else was going on. So one day I called out sick to work, but left in the morning like everything was normal and didn’t tell my wife. When Evelyn left for work I followed her to see where she went. I was surprised to see her not go to a lawyer’s office, but instead park her car behind an adult store.My wife got out of her car and went in the back door of the sex shop. I parked down the block and walked back to the shop going in the front. It was a typical adult store with magazines, DVDs, and toys. Trying to be stealthy I worked my way through the store but didn’t see my wife anywhere. In fact the only other person in the store was the small, greasy looking guy behind the counter.He didn’t pay much attention to me as I walked through the store pretending to be browsing but really trying to find my wife. I headed toward the back of the store, around the corner into a short hallway. Not having any luck finding my wife I decided to enjoy myself in one of the private viewing rooms. Quickly I found an empty room and let myself in.This was one of those places that had a video screen and a window for viewing dancers. The little light by the window was on, which meant there was a dancer in there. I popped some dollars into the slot and sat down waiting for the window to go up. Just as the window slid up I popped my dick out of my pants and started stroking.That was when the surprise hit me, my wife was on the other side of the glass wearing sexy lingerie and heels. Her bra and panties were laying on the floor next to her, stockings and garter the only clothes she had on now. I was shocked, but not necessarily in a bad way. Sure I was a bit upset that my wife was doing this, but more so that she hadn’t told me.I knew the way these places worked, the glass was one way. My wife wouldn’t be able to see me sitting behind the glass, she’d just know that someone was in the booth and had paid money to watch her. The screens for other booths were up, so there were other men watching my wife at the same time I was.Gleefully I started stroking myself, kahramanmaraş escort watching my wife finger herself for the enjoyment of strangers. Just as I was getting close to cumming, the screen for another booth went up and the guy inside dropped a huge tip through the window. It was hard to see from where I was, but it was easily a couple hundred dollars worth of money.‘That’s a lot of money for this show’, I thought to myself confused. A moment later the door at the back of the stage opened, the one the dancers used, and two large, black men came onto the stage. Both were naked, well built, and well hung.As they knelt down next to my wife, the screen on my both came down blocking my view. I shoved some money back in the slot, but the screen didn’t go up. The little read-out was telling me there was a special show going on and I needed to put more money in the slot. Not knowing what was happening on the other side of the screen was killing me, but I didn’t have much money with me.Shoving what money I had left into the slot caused the screen to quickly slid back up. On the other side my wife was on her back, one huge black dick in her mouth and the other buried in her pussy. She was sucking and jerking the cock between her lips for all it was worth while the other guy pounded himself into her.Furious and surprised at the same time I stood up, my pants dropping to my ankles, and yelled at the glass, “Stop that!” There was no response from my wife or the two men fucking her. My wife started bucking her hips up to meet the huge dark dick penetrating her. Pain welled up inside me and I screamed again, “Fucking stop!”My wife looked sideways toward me, though I knew she couldn’t see me through the glass, it was obvious they could hear me. She winked at the glass, took the cock out of her mouth. “Why don’t you put this up my ass?”, she jerked the huge cock in her hand.The two black men picked my wife up, man-handling her with ease. One of them laid down, pulling my wife’s ass down around his hard cock. The other man knelt down between her legs and shoved himself into her pussy.I stood up and smacked my fists against the glass, “I will kill you! Stop!”They started humping faster, both dicks slamming into my wife’s holes hard, their bodies smacking together. The door behind me opening, the guy from behind the desk came into my booth. He grabbed me, wrapping my arms behind my back, and roughly pulled me out of the booth. As he shut the door, the panel slid down over the glass, and I got one last glimpse of my wife impaled on the cocks of the two men. “Yes! Yes! Double fuck me hard”, I heard her say before being thrown out.

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