Steamy Day at the Gym


After my yoga class was over, I went back to the locker room and took a hot shower. I knew you were swimming and decided to join you so I slipped on my swimsuit and grabbed another towel and headed in your direction.

I opened the door to the pool area and was simultaneously hit with the steamy chlorine scent hanging heavy in the air and the sight of you swimming laps. Your broad shoulders just skimmed above the water line, followed by your strong back; the rest of your body hidden beneath the soft blue waves. The sight of you, wet and all alone in the pool, made my heart skip a beat and my nipples perk up all at once.

I tossed my towel on a chair and slipped into the water before you turned around.

The sun was shining through the wall of windows behind me, heating up the room, the light dancing like sparkling diamonds across the top of the water. As I swam toward you, I watched a smile grow across your face. You stretched your big hands out in front of you and as I grabbed a hold with my fingertips, you pulled me into you. As the wave of water rolled over your chest and shoulders, I wrapped my arms around your neck. Our lips pressed together as our bodies followed in ataşehir escort slow motion. I wrapped my legs around your waist and squeezed you in a full body hug.

The feel of your hands on my ass, my breasts rubbing against your chest as the water playfully splashed between us was causing a heat inside me to rise up. As you slipped your tongue past my lips, I felt your thumb slide inside my suit and seek out my clit and I sunk deeper into the kiss. You circled your thumb expertly over my clit. My body trembled uncontrollably in your arms as you brought me. I melted into you and the rest of the room was nothing but a blur.

I felt your hard cock rubbing under me, against my suit and I moaned softly as I pulled you closer to me. I began to nibble on your ear lobe and whispered, “I need you inside me.” I felt your chest give as you released a heavy sigh and I knew you wanted it just as much as me. You spotted a sauna in the corner, and told me to meet you in there. I playfully bit your neck as you gave my ass one last double-handed squeeze before we started swimming toward the ladder.

We grabbed our towels and as we stepped into the wooden box, the sweltering heat kadıköy escort knocked the breath right out of us. Red heat lamps shone down on the teak benches that lined 3 of the walls. It was unbelievably hot and the subdued lighting took a few seconds to adjust to.

We laid our towels on a bench and you pulled me back into your strong embrace. The feel of your big arms holding me in place as our soft lips locked was making me weak. I reached into your swim trunks and took your cool stiff cock in my soft hand and started stroking you lightly. You moaned deeply and wasted no time sliding my swimsuit straps off my shoulders. As my cool breasts were exposed to the heat you looked down and whispered “beautiful” before lowering your mouth around to my nipple. I looked down and watched your mouth hungrily feed on me as I stroked you steadily.

The heat of the room mixed with the passion between us and caused our skin to bead up with sweat. I pushed your swim trunks down your legs and heard the wet plop as they hit the floor. Your cheeks were flushed and I used my hand to wick the sweat back over your head so it wouldn’t sting your eyes.

You began sliding your hot hand bostancı escort bayan between my sweat-soaked breasts and suddenly my body ached to feel your cock between them. You must have sensed my need because you spun me in your arm and laid me back onto the wooden bench. I watched with eager anticipation as you took your cock in your hand and stroked it for me as you carefully straddled my chest.

Our eyes locked and there was no doubt you were going to fuck my tits. My whole body melted as I felt the head of your cock slide up along my breastbone. I let out a long deep moan and squeezed my tits around your thick shaft.

As you pumped your cock between my slippery tits, I moaned and writhed under you; the sweat rolling off you and dripping down on me. You pushed me over the edge and as I began trembling under you, you let go and pounded my tits like you owned them. Your cock erupted like a volcano and spewed hot thick cum over and over; coating me in your hot sticky mess.

As the rush began to subside, you pushed your palm into the pool of cream on my tits and massaged it into my skin as you deeply French kissed me. I was powerless under your touch, bespelled by the raw sexy passion of you, my love.

Then you slid down onto the bench beside me. We leaned against each other, basking in the afterglow until the dizziness subsided. Slowly we got dressed and made our way back to the pool to cool off before heading home.

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