Stepping Out of Our Shelter Ch. 01


Good times continue, even with the stay-at-home orders. I can’t complain because staying at home means hunkering down with my soul mate, Catherine at her house in San Luis Obispo. Businesses are beginning to open up in California as restrictions are eased and we head into the warmer months. We look forward to venturing out and about very soon.

I just returned from my quarantine with Karen, a lady friend that I met on a train a few years ago. She lives about three hours to the north and asked me to come keep her company for a weekend. Catherine encouraged me to go and help Karen get through these difficult times. Karen introduced me to her younger sister, Tessa and I ended up staying with them for ten days. We never ventured out from her house, as the two of them held me captive and naked most of the time. I had no objections.

I’m happy to return to Catherine’s care, however, she demands that I pleasure her each and every day. Currently, we’re in her backyard. Catherine is lounging on a chaise lounge by the spa and I am trimming the hedges along the side of her house. The greenery is along a fence that she shares with her neighbor, Samantha. Catherine and Samantha spent a lot of time together while I was away.

Catherine’s house backs up to grazing land and she has a nice view of the rolling green hills. There is a stone patio and sunken spa out by the back fence that affords plenty of privacy. Catherine said she and Samantha spent a lot of time relaxing on the chaise lounges and in the spa. There was plenty of oral sex in the spa and her strap-on got a lot of use over the past ten days.

My cock is semi-erect as I trim the old growth from the new. Catherine enjoys the quiet solitude. Her eyes are closed. Her feet are crossed at the ankles and I run my eyes up the long, lean legs of this five-foot-nine beauty. With each breath, her big tits rise and fall. Catherine has crimson red areole with very erect nipples that sit atop her Double-D tits. She doesn’t have any tan lines because she spends a lot of time in the backyard. The private space allows her to sunbathe in the nude for hours and hours. Her skin has a golden glow from bottom to top. Her light brown hair is in a ponytail.

The more I stare, that harder my cock gets. Thank god for Viagra because there are times Catherine demands that I remain erect for long periods of time. I am ready to abandon my gardening chores and cool down in the spa. It’s not heated at the moment due to the warm weather, and our need for a refreshing place to cool down. I step down into the cool water and splash about amid the jets. The noise wakens Catherine and she looks over to me.

“Hey, you, have you trimmed all of the bushes along the fence. I want to make sure Samantha can see over into my yard. I want her to know when I’m out here. Actually, we should install a gate between our backyards. How are your carpenter skills?”

Catherine runs her hands around her breasts and pinches her nipples as she addresses me. She loves to tease me. She knows I’ll obey her every request. My shaft lengthens to a full seven inches under the water as I watch her massage her tits.

“I believe I trimmed all of them to your specification. Care to join me in the spa?”

“Not just yet, I want to bake a little more. I need to work on my tan. Summer is almost here, and I do hope Avila Beach, or more precisely, Pirate’s Cove opens up soon. I miss being naked in public and ogling those gorgeous cocks that strut along the shoreline.”

Catherine is, for all intents and purposes, a nudist. She spends most of her time at home in the buff and frequents the clothing optional section of Avila Beach. Since the shelter-in-place orders were announced in March, we’ve been naked more then we’ve been covered up.

As Catherine continues to sunbathe, I reach down and leisurely stroke my cock. I love to masturbate, although recently I haven’t had time. Between Karen, her sister and Catherine, my cock has enjoyed a full workout.

I rewind the last ten days in my mind and recall how Karen rode me like a wild woman and woke me up with incredible blow jobs. And, how she requested that I take care of her little sister as well. Little sister is a misnomer, as Tessa has the largest tits of any woman I’ve been with. She can give Samantha Lily or Rachel Aldana a run for the money, or for that matter, even Leanne Crow. Her boobs are ginormous, and she allowed me the freedom to enjoy her body the entire ten days.

If you are wondering, we did not engage in a threesome. Family matters did not extend to that level. I did enjoy several hand jobs from Tessa, as I played with her mammoth mounds. When I returned south, Catherine quizzed me on the ten-day sojourn, while I attended to her needs. Catherine is a bit of a voyeur and any description of erotic conduct heats her up.

My daydreaming is interrupted when Catherine calls my name, “Hello Rob, are you there? Look up here. Are you lost in never, never land? You’re probably dreaming about your girlfriends up north.”

Actually, I’m güvenilir bahis daydreaming about Catherine. I look up and she extends hand for help stepping down into the spa. We sit on the spa bench with the water swirling around us. I stare at Catherine’s boobs floating in the water, her crimson red nipples just above the water line. Catherine moves close to me and our hips rub together. She grabs my chin and moves my lips to hers. I lean to her and we share a deep kiss. Her tongue moves tentatively against my lips. I open my mouth and touch her tongue with mine. We press together with a sloppy wet open mouth kiss. The water continues to swirl around us.

“Cath, do you know how beautiful you are?”

I reach up and touch the side of her right boob, feeling her full breast. Catherine grabs my hand and moves it over her erect nipple. She sits higher in the spa which lifts her tits well above the water. Her boobs flow nicely from her upper chest with her large suckable nipples begging for attention.

I palm her right breast and lift it up checking its weight and mass. My other hand moves to her left breast and kneads her flesh. I push her boobs together creating an enticing view of deep cleavage. At times like this, I wish she were lying face up on my massage table and my hands were moving from her thighs to her breasts and back. I wish she were covered with slippery massage gel and my fingers delving deep into her pussy.

“You know I can’t get enough of you or your tantalizing tits?”

I lift her right breast up and lower my lips to her erect nipple. I suck her nub and lick all around her crimson areole. Catherine reaches around to the back of my head and presses my face into her mound of flesh.

“So, you still enjoy my boobs, huh? I hope I still measure up after your experience up in Santa Clara?”

“Cath, no one will ever replace you and these incredible Double-D’s. You know that. Besides, it’s not your tits I love, it’s you.”

“Keep talking my breast worshiper, you almost have me convinced. I may need a bit more persuasion, perhaps that magic tongue will do the trick. I know you don’t need to be asked twice when my pussy needs attention.”

I place my hand between her thighs, searching for her pussy that I know so well. Catherine has been waxing her quim since our first anniversary together. She keeps a regular appointment at the local European Wax Center for her full Brazilian. However, with the shutdown of all non-essential businesses, she has gone three months without a treatment. The government doesn’t feel a pussy cleanse is essential. I beg to differ.

New hair growth covers her mound and outer lips, but it doesn’t diminish my desire to orally please her. Because she’s been waxing for so long, any new hair growth will be thin and incredibly soft. Catherine’s brown pubic hair is sprinkled with a few grey hairs. Her outer lips are full and create a pronounced camel toe when she does wear shorts. Catherine’s dark inner labia hang down about a ¾ of an inch from within her slit. I love sucking them between my lips and tasting her essence.

“So, you need a little more convincing? Sit up on the deck and spread those luscious legs.”

I assist Catherine as she sits on some towels at the edge of the spa. I dip down into the swirling water and move in for my first taste of her pussy. Her inner labia open like a lotus blossom and provides sweet nectar for me. I drill my tongue into the center of her honey pot and twirl it around as I taste her juices mingled with spa water. I lick all around her thighs and suck her inner flaps between my lips. Catherine wraps her hands behind my head and pulls me tight against her cunt. I drill deep into her core and then slide up to find her clitoris.

“You’re hitting all the right spots; you’re very convincing.”

I concentrate on Catherine’s clit, driving her to another orgasm. She calls for my fingers to help her achieve a higher level of satisfaction. I slide my index and middle fingers deep into her gash. I move them in and out while I use my thumb to stimulate her clit. Her pearl expands from beneath its hood and becomes an easy target for my licks. I stick my tongue out and lick her hanging lips from bottom to top.

“Run your fingers across my g-spot, it feels so good.”

I curl my fingers and search for her special ridge. I find the soft spot and rub it vigorously driving her crazy.

“Oh gawd, you found it. Oh geez.”

I continue massaging her g-spot and then attack her clit with my tongue. I lick up and down and left and right. Her clit extends a bit more and I suck it between my lips which triggers her climax. Her pussy throbs and pulsates around my fingers. Catherine erupts and I lap up her juices as she squirts several times. I am trapped between her quivering thighs. She spasms as her orgasm washes over her entire body.

“Yes Rob, yes Rob, oh my gawd, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Feels so good. My pussy is so hot.”

I believe I convinced Catherine as she slowly comes back to earth and relaxes her türkçe bahis legs. I am able to move and breathe. She leans back with her hands supporting her. Her legs are wide open showing slick pink pussy lips and a throbbing labium. Her juices cover her mound and thighs. I move in to lick her soft skin, tasting her sweet cum.

“So, Cath, do you need more convincing?”

“Jeez, not right now. I believe, I believe.”

Catherine stands on jittery legs and walks over to the steps. I reach for her hand and help her sink back down in the spa. We share a loving kiss and she licks her juices from my face. We hold each other tight for several minutes.

“Rob, that was fabulous. I’m sorry my pussy lips aren’t smooth for you. I wish I could get them waxed. I really need my Brazilian.”

“I don’t mind at all. You do realize not every woman has a smooth hairless pussy. I’m just thrilled I get to satisfy you with my mouth so often. And remember, you had a cute little triangle of hair covering your mound for the first year of our relationship?”

“I know, I know, it’s just that I’ve been smooth for so long that I worry you won’t want to, you know.”

“What? Eat your pussy every chance I get?”


“Fat chance lady.”

“Does your friend Karen have, you know?”

“What? Smooth pussy lips? Yes, she does but she also has a landing strip of curly gray pubic hair on her mons. If it’s any consolation, her sister’s pussy is covered with a thick thatch of brown curls. I spent a lot of time between their legs over the last ten days, and I enjoyed every minute. I love eating your pussy even more, and a little hair is not going to change that one iota.”

“That makes me feel better.”

“Tell you what. If it will help, I can shave you right now. I know it’s not the same as waxing, but it might ease your worries, until the salons open up again. Just be prepared, because I just might have my face planted between your thighs every hour, on the hour.”


“Catherine, you crack me up. That is why I love you so much. I promise to eat your pussy every chance I get.”

“Okay Rob. I’m going to get my razor and shaving cream. Meet me over at the chaise lounge and you can be my personal pussy barber.”

“You’ll have the smoothest cunt in San Luis Obispo.”

Catherine leaps out of the spa and grabs a towel as she dashes to the house. I stand up with a thick shaft pointing seven inches straight ahead. All of this talk about eating pussy has my cock rock hard. Catherine emerges from her backdoor with the towel around her waist, holding a razor, a can of shaving cream, bowl of water and other goodies. She is prepared. Her full Double-D’s sway back and forth with each step. My cock throbs as I watch her.

Catherine places everything on the table next to a lounger, she unwraps her towel and spreads it out. I move a chaise lounge next to hers as she sits down on the towel. She motions me closer and grabs my cock.

“I need a quick taste before you begin.”

Catherine wraps her left hand around my shaft and pumps a few times. She looks intently at my swollen glans and my low hanging balls. Her right hand reaches up and squeezes my ball sack. She licks my shaft from bottom to top, pulls down and swallows me up. Catherine sucks on the tip and then takes several inches down her throat. She lavishes her attention on my tool for a few moments and then abruptly ends.

“Well, that’s it for now. Time to clean up your lady’s pussy.”

“You expect me to concentrate on shaving you after you do that.”

“That’s right buster. Now grab the shaving cream and razor. Oh yeah, a little soap and water should help you get started.”

Catherine reclines on the chaise lounge and spreads her legs. I sit down next to her with my cock throbbing, pre-cum forming and eyes watering. I try to regain my composure and concentrate on the task at hand. I dip the washcloth in the bowl of water and soap it up. Catherine sighs as I apply the warm cloth to her skin. I create a nice soapy froth over her nether region before spreading shaving cream over her recent growth of pubic hair.

“Be gentle with me, it’s been a long time since I used a razor on my cunt.”

I begin removing the hair between her legs, revealing the smooth skin underneath. I use long slow strokes up and around her firm mound. I shave each one of her meaty outer lips, being careful not to nick this sensitive area.

Catherine grabs her boobs and mashes them together. She pinches her nipples and pulls her tits up before massaging the ample flesh. Her crimson red areole swell, exposed to the warm sun.

“Cath, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m getting really horny with you shaving me. I just need to play with my tits.”

“I’m trying to concentrate here, and you’re not helping. Do you play with your boobs when you have your pussy waxed?”

“I do, most of the time. My regular technician thinks nothing of it. In fact, sometimes she gives me a happy ending.”

“Wow, I need to go with you to your güvenilir bahis siteleri next appointment.”

“That’s never gonna happen. Just get on with it.”

I spread Catherine’s outer lips and slowly shave the area around her sensitive inner labia. I use a little more shaving cream and with a few more swipes, Catherine’s quim is smooth as silk. I dab her skin with the washcloth to clean away the excess cream and set the razor aside. Catherine brought some aloe vera gel outside and I spread it over her pussy lips and mound to combat any razor burn.

“Well, my dear, we are done, and you look fabulous. Hopefully, you feel good too.”

“I do Rob. Thank you so much.”

“We have one small problem. Well, maybe it’s a big problem. A big seven-inch problem. My cock is throbbing, and you are really horny. What are we going to do about this?”

“I have just the cure. It’s your turn to lay back on the chaise lounge and let mama take care of your seven-inch problem. I brought some lube out here just for this purpose.”

Catherine straddles the lounge and sits on my thighs. She holds my cock and dribbles the lube on my shaft. She slathers it around as she strokes my length. Catherine moves forward and sits astride my hard cock. She glides her inner lips along my shaft, coating me with her moisture and lube. She lines my tip with the entrance of her hairless quim.

“Are you ready Rob? I’m going to ride you like a wild stallion. I’m going to fuck you until both of us keel over from exhaustion.”

I push up as she slides down my shaft. Her hot cunt surrounds my seven inches. Catherine grinds down as I fill her completely and my cock disappears within her pink inner lips.

“How’s this for taking care of your problem? You fill me up; your cock is right where it needs to be.”

Catherine lifts and grinds down, rotating her pelvis with each move. She knows exactly how to get the most pleasure for both of us. I reach up to massage her Double-D’s and tweak her nipples. She places her hands on my chest to balance her movement. Her boobs hang low squeezed between her arms. I reach up and slide my hands underneath each of her giant melons. I squeeze her flesh while she flexes her cunt and massages my erection with every lift.

Catherine loves the thickness of my shaft within her soft, smooth pussy lips. She bends down all the way, mashing her big tits into me. Her stiff nipples press into my chest. She stares into my eyes and smiles as she continues to fuck me. I open my mouth and invite her in for a kiss. Our lips lock tight together as her tongue presses into mine.

“This is so fucking good, my smooth pussy surrounding your hard cock.”

Catherine’s juices start to drip down and cover my shaft. I feel her inner heat turn up like a blast furnace.

She sits up straight and rocks back and forth. We are both ready to explode. Catherine is so tight. As she searches for another orgasm, she moves one hand down and forcefully rubs her clit. Her breathing intensifies and she reaches her climax. We are both fighting for release, and Catherine finds it first. Her hips quiver as her fingers circle her pearl. I can see her fully extended clit, pressed tight.

“Uggghhhh. I’m there Rob, I’m there. Oh, my gawd, this feels so good.”

My cock throbs and my body shakes as pleasure engulfs me too. I feel Catherine’s inner flesh squeeze me. Her cum covers my shaft and juices flow down her thighs onto mine. It is too much, and I explode with a series of spasms that feed her pussy with my cum. Our bodies rock together in a shared climax.

“Yes, fill my groomed cunt with your cum. Give it to me. Give it to me!”

My orgasm continues for several minutes until there is nothing left to give. I grunt one last time and collapse, totally spent. Catherine falls down onto me. We remain motionless for several minutes with my cock buried inside Catherine. Our breathing is short and quick; sweat covers our bodies.

As we savor the end of our climax, Catherine sits upright, I place my hands under her boobs and rub them all around. I love playing with her tits. She looks over to the spent bottle of cherry lube on the table.

“We just used the last of our lube, Rob. What are we going to do now? I guess we can order some on Amazon or from Adam and Eve, but who knows how long that will take.”

“I have a thought. Let me text Lynette over at Diamond Adult World. I bet we can buy a couple of bottles and pick them up curb-side. Or maybe they can deliver to my house. It’s been three weeks since I’ve been home, I should probably check things out, I bet I have a ton of mail. Let’s drive down to Pismo Beach and shelter-in-place at my house for a few days. What do you say?”

“That’s a grand idea. I need to get out too. Will you give me a total body massage on your table? And then maybe fuck me afterwards.”

“Cath, you are insatiable.”

“I know. That is why you love me. And now that my pussy is smooth again, I’ll feel more confident when you go down on me.”

Catherine stands up and pulls me to my feet. We embrace and share a loving kiss with lot’s of tongue. I lead her back to the spa. We step down into the cooling water and rest. I grab my phone from the edge of the spa and send a text to our good friend, Lynette.

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