Susan Loves Anal Ch. 01


Sue was reading the daily paper in the kitchen. She was bent over slightly at the kitchen table while resting her elbows on table. The table is actually an island that is higher than a normal table since it doubles as a kitchen counter.

She and I were nude, as we’re prone to doing since we are comfortable walking around the house like that. I came up from behind her with a pair of her high-heeled shoes and some mineral oil. “Would you mind if I fucked your ass for a while?” I asked.

“Sure,” she responded without looking up from her paper.

“Could you put on these shoes?” I continued. “This way I can bend you over with your butt high enough for my penis and you can continue to read.”

“No problem,” she said and quickly put the shoes on her feet. I always liked her feet. They have a very nice shape that compliments her muscular legs. The shoes were very slender and had straps that showed off her whole foot. She stood there, slightly bent over the table with her almost standing completely on her toes in her shoes. It actually made her calves look even shapelier. As she bent back over the counter, I couldn’t help but notice what a shapely heiney she had, heart-shaped. What a view!

Sue is very good at taking cock in her ass so I didn’t bother to loosen her butthole up with my fingers or tongue. I lubed up my cock and pressed it between her cheeks. Even though she’s very good at relaxing and taking my cock in her butt, her asshole was still tight. Just how I like it!

I guided my penis with my right hand and grabbed her hip with my left hand. Whenever I push my cock into her asshole it’s almost a surreal experience for me. I actually get a head rush knowing that I’m going to invade her most intimate of areas.

There is the initial resistance that her butt puts up against my penis trying to enter. I don’t try to push it all the way in initially. I simply hold it there while applying constant pressure against her anal ring. It’s so weird to feel her asshole at this point. It slowly starts to open up and then as my cock starts to move in slow I can almost feel a “pop” as the head moves in. Sometimes, her anal sphincter starts to clamp down on my cock, as it did in this case, which drives me wild.

I never want to make Susan uncomfortable or feel any pain from our butt sex (unless she asks me to!). I always want it to be a loving and cherished event. So, when I first start to stick my cock in her asshole I always make sure that I take my time and go very slowly, pausing frequently to let her butt get used to my penis. It is always so tight in there, which I absolutely love. I could feel her heart beating through her anus. That’s how tight it was in there.

I have to admit that I had an ulterior motive when I asked her if I could make love her butt while she was standing up; her ass is always a little tighter when she is standing which is great for me. As I slipped my cock in deeper I could hear Sue taking deep breaths automatically so that he rectum would relax slightly to take in more of my cock. She was so good at taking my cock in her back door that she knew what do to without conscious thought.

Finally, I was able to push all the way into her rear. My hips weren’t able to touch her heiney, though. I knew that as I continued to move in and out of her butt, though, that I would be able to drive up further into her delicate area. “Is this ok?” I asked, making sure that she wasn’t in any pain or discomfort.

“Uh, what’s that?” she asked without looking up from her reading. “Oh, no, no. I’m fine,” she reassured me.

“Good. Just let me know if it hurts or anything,” I told her.

“You’re fine,” she let me know.

“Did you want to cum?” I asked her.

“Hmmm, nah. That’s ok. But feel free to use as much of my butt as you need. That’s what it’s there for!” she exclaimed.

I always loved the way that her ass hugged my cock. I’ve fucked other girls in the ass, but with Susan it was always different, better. It’s as if her ass was alive and could function on it’s on in a sexual fashion. She could go about her business, reading a book, illegal bahis sleeping or doing the dishes while her butt and I could have our own little party in the back. It even responded in it’s own special way. It would clamp down on my cock and sometimes I could feel her heart beating through her asshole. Sometimes she would tell me that her ass could feel my heart beating through my cock. Quite a way for us to connect with each other.

What made it all the better was the fact that Susan really got into anal. When we first started having sex, I asked her if she would like to try anal. She was willing to try, but had concerns over her internal hemorrhoid. I told her that we would take things slow and easy. If there were any problems then we could always stop.

From then on, anal became a constant in our sex lives. Sometimes, it was the focus of our sex. We would solely have anal sex and nothing else. I was really surprised how much she got into the butt fucking. It did take some coaxing over the weeks and months to get her to be comfortable with the act and to be comfortable with “letting go” in oral, vaginal and anal sex. But she really opened up and I was very proud of her. It gave me an incredible sense of joy to know that I had something to do with her “opening up” not only her sexual emotions but her asshole as well.

At the beginning of our sex lift, when she still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of liking butt love, she would usually keep quiet, the only sounds coming from her mouth were groans and grunts of pleasure. I would tease her a little as I was sliding my cock in and out of her ass. I’d say things such as, “You’re really getting into anal, aren’t you?”

She would respond, “No. That’s not true.” As time went on, though, her answers would change slightly. I would ask her if she liked it and she would still deny it. Then I’d ask her if her butt liked it. She would whisper, “Yes…. my ass likes it…..” I would reassure her that that was ok; it was ok that she didn’t like it but her asshole did.

Bringing my focus back to the kitchen, I looked down to admire the view. Sue has a nice body. Muscular legs, a well-rounded and meaty butt and a nice shape to her torso. She had done some weight lifting when she was younger and it still showed. Watching my cock disappear between her cheeks is a huge turn on for me. Knowing that I get to put my cock into that beautiful ass almost made me shoot my jizz in her heiney right there.

When I first enter her ass and get my cock all the way into her butt, I like to pause for a few minutes. This lets her asshole “settle in” and allows me to “take in the view”. I started to lightly rub her back, shoulders and heiney with my hands. I was so nervous and giddy that my legs were almost shaking. I really enjoy having sex with Susan.

I started to move my cock in and out of her butt. This is one of the parts that l love the most. The first few strokes into her heiney are always great because her asshole is still tight. Sometimes, I swear I could feel her rear pulling my cock into it. Knowing that I was grabbing her hips and shoving my penis in and out of her butt, using her butt to “jerk off” was mind-boggling to me. Finally, I was able to push my cock in so far that I could push my hips up against her heiney.

A few minutes later she looked over her right shoulder and remarked, “Oh, you startled me. I forgot that you were back there.”

I was going at a slow pace and I guess she hadn’t noticed my cock in her ass. It wasn’t just that I want to butt fuck Susan, there was something else. I really enjoyed sharing these experiences with her. I guess I was being selfish. I wanted to prolong the anal, keep it going by moving slowly. Many times I deliberately held off cumming in her asshole just so I could savor the experiences that we were sharing, these experiences that she was so willing to entrust to me.

Several minutes later, she stood up straight while making stretching motions with her arms and neck. “Hey, I’d like to cum now. Would you mind pumping my ass and making me cum?” she asked.

“How do you want it? Hard, illegal bahis siteleri soft? Fast, slow?” as I continued to drive me cock in and out of her heiney at a soft and slow pace.

She asked, “Um, is this how you’ve been pumping my ass since you first put your cock up my butt? I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Yeah, I’ve pretty much been keeping this pace,” I informed her.

“Ok, just keep doing this. I’ll let you know what I want,” she said.

At first she made soft remarks, “Hmmm, that’s goooood. I like it like that, nice and slow. I like the long strokes. Not too hard, just enough to keep it going.” At one point she caught me at the end of a stroke that was all the way in her ass and said, “Stop right there. Hold that for a second.” She started gyrating her hips and arching her back. All the while pressing her cheeks back against my waist. It was great! She was completely impaled on my cock and she was loving every minute of it and showing it by having my cock massage her from the inside.

She looked over her left shoulder and looked me right in eye. “Let me take over for a while,” she said with a sly grin on her face. She started to move her body forward and back, impaling her butt on my penis. “Hmmm, that’s good.”

“You like driving my cock into your asshole?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!” she said in a low and breathless fashion. “It’s actually nice and relaxing,” she continued.

“I bet you never thought you’d like butt sex like this a year ago, did you?” I asked with a grin.

“No! Never! Now, I can’t get enough of it! You corrupted me! Ha ha ha!” she exclaimed.

I always loved it when she “took over”. It showed that she was completely comfortable with taking it in the ass and felt confident enough to use her butt to stroke-off my cock.

She said a little louder, “Yeah, that’s it. Start driving it all the way in. Now do it hard. Good boy! Slam it in!”

I “took over” and gripped her hips with my hands. She started to grip the table with both hands. I grabbed her by the hair with my left hand and locked onto her hip with my right hand. I told her, “You’re going to take this cock in your ass and you’re going to cum all over the floor!” As soon as I grabbed her hair she shuddered and let out this guttural moan that drove me wild. I started spanking her ass telling her, “You like it, don’t you? You love my cock! You can’t get enough of my penis. Your ass loves it when it’s getting pumped by some hard cock, doesn’t it?”

“Yes! Yes!” she started yelling. “My asshole absolutely loves your cock!”

I continued whacking her ass telling her, “Beg me, now.”

“Please…” she said sheepishly.

” ‘Please’ what?” I demanded.

“Please fuck my ass hard. Please make me have an anal orgasm. Please pump my ass with your cock!” she finally relented.

We started to get our rhythm down. As I would pump up and in, she would move down and out, bending slightly at the hips as she came down. Then the motion would reverse. Our flesh would smack as I drove my cock deep inside her anus. We actually kept up the pace for about two minutes before Sue really started to come to a full orgasm. As her orgasm consumed her, she stopped moving all together and gripped the table even more tightly. Her face turned red with strain as her mouth was open to let out a silent scream. As the orgasm went over the crest of the wave, her body started to twitch uncontrollably slightly.

It was a beautiful sight for me to watch. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had been clenching my teeth during the last couple of minutes. Sometimes I actually like to watch her cum more than I like to cum myself. I know that sounds weird but Susan is one of the best “orgasm’ers” I have ever known. I’d like to think that I had something to do with her ability to express her sexuality when she “opens up” and “lets go”.

After she came, she thanked me and asked me, “Do you still need me?

I told her, “No,” but continued to slide my cock in and out of her butthole in a slow fashion while maintaining my grip on her hips. To an outsider this would probably canlı bahis siteleri seem weird; I just told her that I didn’t need her any more yet I was still pumping her ass full of cock. Of course, when she asked the question, she knew that there was a difference between “her” and “her ass”. It’s a subtle difference that only Susan and I understand fully. The two of us could be doing our own things while still fucking. Actually, we could be doing five different things at once: she could be doing her studies, I could be watching TV, her asshole could be receive an orgasm from the stimulation of my cock, and my cock could be using her asshole to jerk off, all the while her butt and my penis could be making love with each other.

It’s part of the reason why I loved this woman. We could connect on a level that most people could never understand. The amazing part of this whole thing was that butt fucking actually brought us closer together. It connected us in a way that most couples would never expect. For us, anal love was a physical, mental and spiritual journey and connection. It represented our trust in each other: she trusted me enough to open up her most intimate of areas and I trusted her to let me know what she was comfortable with.

I continued to slide my cock in and out of her rectum. I stopped once to apply more oil. While I was stopped I asked her how she was doing.

“I’m doing great. I’m really relaxed now. In fact, I feel tingly, like I just got a back-massage. Thanks for letting me orgasm,” she said.

“My pleasure!” I told her.

“I’m going to go back to my reading if that’s ok with you.” she informed me.

“Oh sure, no problem. Would you mind letting your butt play with me for a little while longer?” I asked.

“Sure! My ass really likes playing with you. It told me that you treat it very well. Feel free to take it as much as you want,” she said.

“Thanks for letting us hangout together, Sue. You’re the best!” I exclaimed.

When I could feel the pressure building up in my testicles, I asked her if I could start pounding her ass hard again. “Sure, go ahead. Take as much ass as you need,” she said as she continued to read her paper, never looking up. As I started to pump her ass harder, I grabbed her by reaching underneath her shoulders and forcing her down on my cock. This way I wouldn’t disturb her but could start slamming my penis right between her cheeks. I love watching how her ass cheeks would shudder as I pounded my hips into her butt. Of course, the slap of our bodies was a huge turn-on for me, music to my ears!

I erupted inside of her ass as I gripped her body closer to mine. I found myself biting her shoulder just to have something to “hold on to”. My sperm shot out of my cock and into her well-lubed asshole. It was great to feel it slide out and into her rear love canal.

“I love it when you cum in my ass. Your cum feels so good when it shoots into my butt and slides around,” she told me. I started to withdraw my half-rigid penis from her balloon knot but she grabbed my hips and said, “No, no! Keep it in. Let’s see if you can get hard again. Push up really tightly against my heiney so you don’t fall out.”

Already I could feel her anal sphincter clamping down on my flaccid penis. “This is going to be tough. I think your butt wants me out! It’s trying to evict me. Ha ha!” I said.

We laughed because this is what happened every time I orgasmed in her asshole. Even if I was to give her butt a really good pounding and it seemed as if her anal sphincter was not going to tighten up again, it did tighten up every time. Amazing.

Surprisingly, I was able to keep my penis inside of her butt. I had to reach down between her cheeks, grab my cock at the base just to keep it from bending as Susan’s cute little butthole was trying to push it out. It was almost a comical scene as Sue said, “Watch out! It’s going to slip out! Keep it in my butt!”

All of the action was very arousing for me and I started to get another hard on. Sue could feel it too and said, “Oh wow, your almost ready to go again, aren’t you?”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but my cock seems to like where it is!” I responded.

As my cock grew larger I could feel her back hatch resisting. Looks like another session of butt pounding on the way. Susan takes it like a champ!

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