the breeder vampire

the breeder vampireThis vampire is just as powerful as the common vampire with only one exception.This vampire does not want your blood.He wants your fertile pussy.His power is to breed with any and all females that are fertile.This passage will tell the tale of how he lures women with his eyes.He controls them with the tone of his voice.Women can not resist.This vampire can not be stopped.He will not stop.His power is to breed.A long long time ago at the age of thirteen a young male,while in the shower discovered he could cum.This feeling felt so good he would do it over and over again.Little did he know what his fate would be.As he got older his curiosity begin to get the best of him.He needed to know what this milky white fluid was that would pump out of his dick each time he made himself cum.He needed to know more about his body.He had heard many things while eaves dropping on adults.Now he needed more.He needed proof.He started reading books about the male body where he learned that this was called ejaculating. He learned that when he ejaculates his dick is suppose to be inside of a girls pussy because his cum has life giving ability.Now at the age of fifteen,where would he find her and why would she be willing to let him pump his cum into her pussy. The more he learned the more powerful his urge to cum became. Now he needed to learn about girls so that he would know how to get them to let him cum inside their pussy.He learned that this is a complex thing with females.The more he read the more he understood the females need for security and comfort and love.Once he was certain that he could persuade a female to let him cum inside her he had to know what would happen after he does.He discovered the amazing metamorphosis of breeding. He had to find out if this was for real.He set his sites on many girls in order to find one that he could push his dick inside of and pump his cum into her pussy.He was denied by many girls until one day he found Faye.Faye seemed to be just as curious as he was.While playing behind the building where they lived he let her know he wanted to put his dick inside pussy.She agreed as long as he agreed to pull his dick out of her before bahis firmaları he started to cum.His goal was to cum inside her pussy yet he agreed to pull his dick out.They found a place that was dark and private and started to engage in sex.He pushed his dick inside her pussy and it felt great.She was really slick inside and the back and forth motion finally got the best of him.He could feel his cum coming up.He was determined he would pump his cum inside her even though she didn’t want it.suddenly his dick began to jerk and pulse and she started begging him not to release his cum inside her pussy.He didn’t care.He pumped all of his cum deep into her pussy.Even though this was not what Faye wanted she moaned deep with pleasure.When he pulled his dick out of her pussy there was so much cum it oozed out of her pussy.Angrily she shouted and called him a bastard.He didn’t care.With his dick still hard he was grinning with no shame.He had pumped his life giving cum inside her pussy where it belongs.Now all he had to do was wait and see if the things he heard and read are true.Six weeks later he learned that Faye is pregnant.He was so proud of himself.Now he just wanted to do it again and again and again.The fact that he had pumped a life into Faye’s pussy gave him a hard on so hard it felt his dick would burst. Now he knew what to do and how to do it. His mission is clear.His desire for a fertile pussy is extremely high.By the age of 19 he had inseminated many fertile pussies.His ability to persuade was now brilliant.He had developed a confident stare that would melt any females resistance to him.His power was getting stronger with every breeding.His reputation was building more and more. The hypnotic stare was turning more and more women into sexual slaves.More women like Faye were craving more seed.Heuw (the vampire breeder) was leaving a wake of women behind that wanted more cum.I Jakee,is one of them.When I met Heuw he was almost at the peak of his power.Heuws’ seed was growing inside women of many races all over the country. Women love men that are confident and intelligent. The confidence Heuw had excited me.I didn’t want to be pregnant,but I was excited kaçak iddaa and hoped to fuck him.This was before I knew Heuw is the breeder vampire. One night I had the pleasure of meeting Heuw through a mutual friend.She introduced him to me as just a friend so I figured they had never been intimate.Little did I know she is currently carrying his seed in her womb.She walked away leaving me alone with Heuw.When he spoke to me it was like something regal.He talked to me about things that Ibelieved no man would know about women.He was very warm to the touch and on the back of my hand where he touched me seemed to tingle and grew hotter by the minutes.When he looked into my eyes something happened to me.All I could think about was fucking.It was like my thoughts were suspended and all that matter was fucking.While he stared into my eyes I felt my legs open all by themselves.I felt my back arch as I got extremely wet.He took my hand and lead me to avacant hallway.The more I resisted the harder he stared into my eyes.With my body pressed against the wall and his hands around my waist he finally spoke. He said,”give me your pussy”.It was like being outside myself watching myself respond to his command.My body screamed for him to enter me. Then I felt his rigid hard dick being pushed into my pussy.I never felt anything so large and heavy between my legs.In and out,round and round for what seemed like forever.I felt him grunt and lunge into me deep and then he spoke again. “take my seed” he said and I felt what seem like a neverending stream of his hot potent seed hit the walls of my fertile pussy.When he release me I realized he fucked me.I didn’t know how or why.I knew I was not on birth control as I felt his seed running down my legs.I rushed home and the next morning I took the morning after pill.It didn’t work.A month later I learned I was pregnant.Something about me had changed.I didn’t understand why I was glad to have his seed in me.I wanted more.A lot more. Now Heuw is at full power.He knows what to do to get women under him.His confidence is so high it does not matter where he looks.He knows he can and will impregnate women.Now his lair is the world.Some kaçak bahis of the women who didn’t want to bepregnant has tried to hold him accountable.A lot of them have tried to abort his seed and it didn’t work.Heuw is very elusive.Once he is done with your pussy you can’t find him until he wants you again. Like the day walker vampire Heuw is hidden in plain sight.He walks among us and no one can detect his ability.By the time the women he targets realize what he is its way too late. I am Karen.I was fueling my car when Heuw pulled up to the pump right behind my car.He was very neat casually dressed and stepped with a stride that made him seem uppity.He made a purchase and then returned to his car.He stared me and said,”I don’t need gas, I need your pussy”.It was that moment that I felt like I was outside myself.In my head I could hear me cursing at him.In reality I was moving towards him.I could not stop my self.Then he spoke again and said,”I want your pussy”.Despite my will to resist,strangely enough I wanted him to have my pussy.He lead me to my own car then we drove to an alley down the street.I could feel how wet I had become.Heuw leaned into me and growled,”give me your pussy”.I fell back in total submission.Then he was on top of me ripping my panties off and pushing his huge dick into my pussy. I thrust back him as I heard myself say please don’t cum inside me.Again and again I said please just don’t cum inside me.It didn’t matter a few strokes later I felt his hot seed being pumped into my pussy.Even thought that is not what I wanted I was amazingly turned on.With his hot seed sloshing inside my pussy.I drove him to his car and as he walked away all I could think about was fucking.My pussy was pulsing madly.I had an over whelming desire to fuck someone else even if it was a total stranger.Men like Heuw are every where.All they want to do is to make women pregnant and move on.They have no desire to bond.They have no maternal attachment to their seed.Their only goal is to turn women into cum craving sluts.The world is their lair. Birth control doesn’t work.You can not resist his stare.When he commands you to give him your pussy.You will.Once his seed is inside your womb,all your hang ups,all your inhibition,and all your fears go way.You will have no shame.all you will want is cum.It wont matter who or when or where.Heuw (the vampire breeder) turns women into cum loving fuck slaves.

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