The Cabin Ch. 01

Creamy Cum

My name is Sam Worthington and I’m not your typical black guy. Most black people tend to avoid cabins out in the middle of nowhere, but I love getting away from everything and spending time with my wife. I have always believed distant neighbors make for good neighbors and the more distant the better.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to live out in the middle of nowhere with my family on a permanent basis, but I do own a small cabin that I have enjoyed for years with my wife. Imani does not have the same inclinations I do and would prefer to live in the city until the day she dies. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy herself when we go, since it’s the only time we can really have fun without having to worry about the neighbors discovering a damn thing.

There is a woman I pay well to clean the cabin and she has never asked a single question about what she is cleaning. All that matters to her is that my money is good and all that matters to me is that she does a good job. I like the no questions asked part about our arrangement and she has certainly been left to clean some interesting things.

Our daughter, Nia, is eighteen and has been bugging us to take her for years. She’s going to get her wish soon enough and we plan to introduce her to some rather creative things we want to do with her. I have no idea if she’s a virgin and I don’t really care if she’s fucked every guy at school, which may sound pretty fucked up coming from her father. If you think that’s bad, then you have really got to be shitting yourself over all the things I plan on doing to her.

Imani is of the same inclination as me, when it comes to our daughter, and we are both looking forward to the day when our only child joins us in bed. Some of the things we’ve fantasized about would curl your toes. Fuck, it might even make you vomit. To those of you that are getting noxious about this; I don’t give a fuck and neither does my wife.

I catch a glimpse of my ebony body in the mirror and enjoy what I see staring back at me. All that time at the gym has paid off and I no longer look like the fatass that I used to be. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, but it has been well worth the effort. There was a time when I had to rest after climbing a single flight of stairs and now I don’t even bother taking just one at a time.

My wife is in the process of removing her clothing and her chocolate body looks amazing. I love the way her black nipples stand out against her flesh. Her tits are large, but not so big that they aren’t fun to play with. Continuing down her body, my eyes settle on her narrow waste, which is perfect from any angle.

My eyes move to her shaved pussy as she sits on the bed and her narrow legs spread wide to reveal a lovely sight. Imani knows it drives me crazy to see her pink pussy against her dark flesh. She is moving back on the bed and her legs are spread wider as I go to her. I can feel eyes on me from the open door to our bedroom and grin at my wife with our shared knowledge that our daughter is watching us again.

I feel my wife’s pussy grip my seven inch dick and it feels wonderful as it presses tenderly against every inch of my large girth. My dark eyes look into hers and we share the same look whenever we are watched by Nia. She is starting to softly moan as I start to build a rhythm and I wonder if our daughter is rubbing her clit as she watches us fuck. Imani’s fingers grip my ass as she squeezes with the rhythm of my hips and we are both moaning out our shared pleasure just loud enough for our daughter to hear clearly.

Our bodies tighten as my eyes close tight and release myself into my wife. I can feel her pussy contracting against my dick and a flood is escaping around my shaft. Every inch of my body feels the pleasure we are bringing to each other as I continue to shoot my white streams deep inside of her pussy. Even at the height of my orgasm, I am well aware of my daughter’s eyes and hope Nia joins us to learns the real pleasures that only her parents can bring to her body.

I pull back and adjust myself to give Nia a good view of my slick dick as her mother presses her lips down over my softening shaft. I feel her tongue explore every inch as she slowly moves her head back and forth to clean my dick. My eyes glance over at our daughter and see her dark eyes are focused on what her mother is doing, which makes me very pleased indeed.

Her fingers are rubbing her clit through her panties as her dark eyes move to mine and she knows she has been caught. Nia’s eyes get wide as she turns and rushes away from the güvenilir bahis open door. This is the first time I have let on that I was aware of her prying eyes and was a little disappointed that she didn’t come in. I would have loved to have seen her ebony fleshed pressed against her mother’s body as they share a passionate kiss.

I move my eyes back to Imani and she is just starting to raise her head for the last time. My dark shaft is slowly released from between her lips and there is no mistaking the coating that has built up around her mouth. Once the head of my dick is free, she looks deep into my eyes with a slight frown.

Imani’s voice is almost a whisper as she asks, “Why’d you look?”

I smile at her sweat covered face and reply in a quiet voice of my own. “Wanted to see what she’d do.”

She smirks as she says, “I want her in our bed as much as you, but we can’t rush. Can’t go scaring her away like that.”

My dark eyes move to her glistening lips as I say, “She’s eighteen. We can do whatever the fuck we want.”

She’s glowing at the thought of enjoying our daughter, but her voice is cautious. “I know, but it isn’t like we’re going to drag her ass in here.”

I grin as I ask, “Why not?”

She matches my grin as she says, “It has to be our daughter’s choice and you know it. Nia has to enjoy herself, not get scared to death that she’s going to get raped. Why don’t you take her to the cabin to get her warmed up to the idea? Just the two of you.”

My grin slips as the thought roles across my mind and I say, “That’s a good idea. You’re right.”

Imani’s eyes are sparkling as she says, “Of course I’m right. I’m always right.” I start to get out of bed as she continues, “Where do you think you’re going?”

My grin becomes lecherous as I say, “To tell our daughter I’m taking her to the cabin.”

Her eyes move down to my slick dick as she asks, “Why don’t you put something on?”

I grin a little wider as I say, “She just saw you sucking my dick after fucking you. Not like she hasn’t already seen it.”

She scowls as she says, “You’re fucking nuts.”

I leave my wife behind and move my naked body towards my daughter’s bedroom door, which has been left open just a crack. The sound of soft moans can be heard as I quietly open the door and see her pleasuring herself. From the way her dark fingers are working her clit, we put on one hell of a show. Nia is still wearing her dark shirt and I wish she would have taken off before lying down to pleasure herself, since far too much of her ebony body is hidden from my view.

Her nipples are pressing hard against the fabric and I wonder if her tits are really as small as they appear. I know she is quite different than her mother and it definitely comes from my side of the family. There is a part of me that wishes I could get hard right now as I listen to her moans continue.

She moans out, “That’s it, daddy, fuck me like mommy. Oh, yeah. Fuck me, daddy.”

I cough to let her know I’m there and the moans stop immediately. Her dark eyes open and she is in a state of panic. She reaches for the covers to conceal her mostly naked body. My lips raise to warm smile to show I am not bothered one bit by catching her pleasuring herself while thinking of me.

Her dark eyes stare into mine as she demand. “Get out of my room, daddy!”

I walk up to her bed and hold her eyes as I say, “Don’t stop on my account.”

Her eyes are still wide as she says, “I wasn’t doing anything. Get out, daddy.”

I smile a little wider and my voice is a little playful. “I’m glad you think of me that way.”

She shakes her head to deny I caught her in the act. “I don’t, daddy. That’s disgusting.”

I nod and say, “Yes, Nia, you do and we both know it.” She shakes her head a little stronger as I continue, “It’s alright. You want me to fuck you the way I fuck mommy. Fine, Nia, I’ll fuck you.”

Her head steadies and her eyes look down at my soft shaft as she realizes I am completely naked. “Right now, daddy?”

My voice is sincere as I say, “Can’t do it right now, Nia. I just came in your mom and need some time. How about I take you to the cabin tomorrow morning. It’ll be just the two of us.”

Her eyes are still on my flaccid dick as she asks, “Do you mean it, daddy?”

My hands pull down her blankets as I say, “Yes, Nia, I mean it.” My fingers caress her tightly trimmed bush and she lets out a soft sigh. “Why don’t you come back to my bed?”

She lets out another sigh as she says, “I just want to be with you, not mommy.”

My türkçe bahis fingers reach her hard clit and she moans a little louder. “If I take you to the cabin, you have to promise me that you’ll join us in bed every night when we get back.”

Between her moans she asks, “Why can’t it just be the two of us forever, daddy?”

My finger presses into her wet hole with ease and I start to slowly move it in deeper with the knowledge my daughter is not a virgin. “Because mommy wants it to be the three of us. She is staying home while we go, but only if you agree to being with both of us when we get back.”

Her pussy feels pleasant on my finger and I hope she doesn’t feel much pain when I fuck her. “Alright, daddy. That feels good. Don’t stop, daddy. It’ll be the three of us when we get back. Oh, yes. Keep going, daddy.”

I know she is very close to having an orgasm as I say, “Your mommy will be very happy. When we get to the cabin, do you promise to do all the things mommy does with me.”

She moans out a little louder as she says, “Yes, daddy. Don’t stop. Fuck. I’m so close, daddy.”

My finger is soaked as I look into her dark eyes and get her closer to the edge. “No matter what I tell you to do, you have to do it. If you refuse, we’ll leave and you have to spend every night with us. Do you promise, Nia?”

She moans out and says, “Yes, daddy. That’s it. I’m…”

Nia’s pussy tightens around my finger and I can feel the flood pass my dark flesh. Her eyes are closed tight as she goes through a wonderful orgasm. Her moans are a little louder, but not to the point where they’ll wake the neighbors. It is loud enough for my wife to hear from our bedroom.

Nia’s body starts to relax and she will be asleep very soon. I remove my soaked finger from her pussy and leave her to recover from the experience. The smell of her orgasm is strong as I move my finger to my nose and inhale the wonderful aroma.

I leave my daughter’s door open as I go to my bedroom and my wife is waiting to find out what happened. My finger moves to her lips and she grins as she starts to suck off everything our daughter left behind. She lets out a soft sigh as she enjoys the flavors and I smile at the sensation.

As she continues to enjoy the taste of our daughter’s orgasm, I say, “We’re going to the cabin, but only on the condition she spend every night in our bed when we get back.”

My wife releases my finger and grins as she says, “See, we don’t need to force our daughter to do anything.”

I grin as I continue, “She also agreed to do whatever I want.”

She has a slightly stunned look on her chocolate face as she asks, “You lucky fuck. How long are you planning on being gone?”

My grin widens as I say, “Long enough for me to have some real fun with our daughter.”

It is a restless night, but I manage to get in a few hours of sleep. The idea of finally having our daughter alone and with no subterfuge needed is exciting. My wife is sleeping soundly next to me and I can feel the warmth from her body call me back to sleep, but it’s of no use.

I carefully get out of bed and quietly pack everything that we will need. Not one item of clothing is being brought with us, other than the clothes we will be wearing. Toiletries and anal lube is the extent of what I am packing.

My wife walks up behind me and rubs my back softly as she says, “Someone’s excited.”

I sigh at her seductive touch as I say, “Kind of hard not to be.”

Her hands move to my very hard dick as she says in a playful voice. “Why don’t you wake her and start a little early.”

I feel her hands fall away as I walk towards our daughter’s bedroom and say, “Good idea.”

Her door is still open and I can hear her breathing deeply in her sleep. My hands turn on the lights and she is oblivious to the sudden brightness that has filled her room in this early hour. I slowly pull the covers back to reveal the same dark shirt that she is still wearing and my fingers caress her inner thighs. Nia lets out a sigh as she starts to wake and I start to caress her pink lips. She is getting very wet as her dark eyes open and she smiles at the way I am waking her.

Her legs spread as she says, “Morning, daddy.”

I smile warmly as I say, “Morning, Nia. Thought you might want to get an early start.”

Her eyes move to my hard cock and she smiles at the sight. “Can’t wait, daddy.”

I grin as I say, “Me neither. Why don’t you get down on your knees for me.”

There is a soft laugh that escapes her as she says, “OK, daddy.”

I pull my fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri away from her wet pussy and stand back to wait for my daughter. She is a lovely sight as her petite frame falls before me. Her dark eyes look up with eager anticipation of what is to follow and I am a little harder.

Her eyes refuse to move from my massive manhood as she asks, “Like this, daddy?”

I see the innocence of my daughter’s face so close to my dick and enjoy the way she looks in front of me. Well, as innocent as any girl can look that is on the verge of sexually pleasuring her father. My fingers reach out to caress her head and I love the way her hair feels in my hand.

There is a hint of excitement as I say, “Just like that, Nia. Suck daddy’s dick.”

She grins as her mouth opens wide and takes the head of my dick between her stretched lips. Her ebony hands start to work my dark shaft up and down in timing with the slow movement of her head. Nia’s eyes move up to mine and I know this is not her first time sucking a dick. I also know that she does not have a great deal of experience as I feel her tongue work the tip of my dick like the amateur that she is, but that will change and I’ll have her sucking dick every bit as well as her mother.

Imani is moving slowly to keep from disturbing us and I am letting out soft moans from the pleasure my daughter is giving me. If Nia is aware of her mother’s presence, she has not shown any hint on her face. Our dark eyes are locked onto one another and I feel the pleasure of her actions growing throughout my body.

My hands tighten as I reach the edge and my eyes close tightly. I can hear Nia coughing as she receives my cum, but her lips are holding tight to keep as much of my release in as she can. Each shot is filled with tremendous pleasure as I fill my daughter’s mouth with more of my white and manage to force my eyes open as I give her the last shot.

I can see white around her lips as her eyes continue to stare at my face. My hands pull her head back gently as I release the last of my cum onto her chin and watch it drip down onto her dark shirt. Nia closes her lips and swallows with a smile and I know this is not the first time she has swallowed cum. When it comes to my daughter, I really don’t give a fuck how much experience she’s had, since her parents are all that matter now.

Her eyes are sparkling as she asks, “Did I do a good job sucking your dick, daddy?”

I smile warmly and see another drop of white land on her black shirt. “You did, Nia. Now get up and kiss mommy.”

I can catch my wife’s pleasant reaction to my words and my daughter asks, “Do I have to, daddy?”

The white of my cum on her ebony face makes me smile a little wider as I say, “Either that, or we aren’t going and you can eat your mommy’s pussy right now.”

Imani looks into our daughter’s eyes and says, “You heard your father. Either give me a kiss or eat my pussy. What will it be, Nia?”

Nia is trying to find some way to get out of doing either, but there is no way for her to get out of this. “Fine, I’ll kiss you, mommy.”

As she starts to rise towards her mother’s waiting lips, I say, “French kiss your mommy, Nia.”

She nods as their lips press together and she looks a little taken back by her mother’s aggressiveness. Imani is forcing her tongue into Nia’s mouth and her hands pull our daughter close to her naked body. Nia is starting to loosen up and giving in to the passion of the kiss as she shares my cum with her mother.

I smile as I say, “That’s enough, you two.”

They slowly part and I can see narrow streams of my cum as they move their lips further away from one another. They break and both have a little splash back onto their faces, which is so fucking hot. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of women kiss after one has cum in their mouth, but it has always been in porn and this is so much better.

I start to turn away from the two that are still looking at each other as I say, “Put on some pants, Nia. Time to go.”

She calls out after me. “Can I take a shower before we go, daddy?”

My wife laughs out at the question and says, “There’s going to be plenty of showers when you get to the cabin. Go on before your daddy changes his mind.”

Nia has no idea why my wife found her innocent question so humorous, but I do and she will find out soon enough. I rush back to my bedroom to throw on some clothes and take the only bag we are bringing. My daughter is waiting eagerly at the door and I can see my cum is still very fresh on her ebony face. I know I will need to remind my daughter of her promise when things start to get a little more fun, but there is no need to bring up anything like that. As I open the front door for my daughter, I wonder if Nia has any idea what a golden shower is.

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