The Country hotel Ch. 02


Continuing the story of Marina, the new Manageress in a small country hotel in the South of England. She has given new meaning to Room Service. Jill the Hotel’s owner has given her blessing to marina’s very personal service on offer to the male guests.

Marina continued working as Manageress. It was a great job that allowed her to look after her two children and bring in extra money, now she had separated from her husband. For two weeks after her only nocturnal dance with Jim there had been no more adventures. She had discreetly signalled possible availability to lone male guests, with no fish biting to date.

Tonight, she had eaten supper with Andrew and joined him for a drink in the bar afterwards. They had got on like old friends and Marina was a little disappointed when he left her to go to bed. To be honest, since the split from her husband, she had missed male company and had been looked forward to a work out with him.

She shrugged, better luck next time and went to the Reception desk to prepare invoices for guests leaving the next morning. The phone rang after twenty minutes.

“Marina, this is Andrew, I have got a bit of a crisis I’m afraid. I am having a bath and realised I didn’t pack my plastic duck to play with in the bath. I don’t suppose you have one do you?”

“What, are you serious?” Marina laughed.

“I know in the grand scheme of things it sounds trivial, but it’s really important to me.”

“OK, I’ll come up and see what I can do.” She replied, seeing the direction this might be heading.

“Come straight in, I’ll be in the bath.” Andrew finished.

Marina collected her hotel phone and went upstairs. Knocking first, she entered the room, then crossed to the bathroom door. She admired what she could see of him, including a good sized, semi erect penis.

“I haven’t had any ideas I’m afraid, couldn’t you just play with yourself?” She suggested.

“No, that wouldn’t be any use,” He replied.

“Have you got any thoughts?” She asked.

“Well I suppose I could play with you.”

“I see, that’s an unusual request, but the hotel aims to make guests as comfortable as possible and this is clearly a problem for you.

I would have to take off all my clothes I’m afraid. Hopefully that’s OK with you.”

“Well if you have to, you have to, I suppose.” He finished.

Marina unzipped her tight black skirt and let it fall, revealing her black hold ups and creamy thighs.

“If we do anything more than play in the bath, I normally expect a tip, if that is OK. That’s £150 for playing in bed and £200, if I stay all night and not a word to anyone, ever, about tonight.”

“Seems very reasonable,” He croaked, as she unbuttoned her white blouse. Marina noticed his erection rising out of the water. As she dropped her blouse and stood, hand on hips in a matching low cut bra and skimpy pants.

“Need any help with that?” She asked, nodding at his stiffy.

“Well, since you asked.”

Marina reached behind her to unclip and drop her bra, proud of her firm 36D tits. She noted her nipples were hardening already. It seemed a long time since they had been given any attention. Perhaps she should be paying Andrew. Finally she pushed down her pants to reveal her shaved labia.

“Room for a small one?” She asked, as she stepped in to the bath, then lay down with her back to his chest. His hands went straight for her Tits, massaging them and rubbing her nipples between his fingers. Then one hand passed across her stomach into her cunt and she sighed appreciatively, moving a hand behind her to find his cock.

“Mmm, that is a big one, just what am I supposed to do with that,” She asked.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

Marina twisted round to face him and drew his head down for a passionate kiss, whilst his hands moved to cup her Ass.

When they had cleaned each other, they stepped out of the bath and dried. She handed him a bottle of body lotion.

“Care to?”

He poured some over her back and started to massage the lotion into her, then over her buttocks and down her legs, turning her round to cover her front. Next his hand moved round to the cleft in her buttocks and found her anus. He oiled round it, then pushed, one, two fingers inside gently.

“You are wicked,” She said. “It’s always the quiet ones.”

Andrew lifted her up in his arms, moved to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. She sat up, moved to the edge and grabbed his cock, popping it straight in her mouth, sliding as much in as she could, sucking and nipping him as she looked into his eyes. Marina had always liked to see the effect she was having, partly so she didn’t push him over the edge. There was only one place this erection was going to explode.

Coming off him, she fell back on the bed, spread her thighs, then pushed a pillow under her Ass to give him deeper penetration.

“You know what I need, so don’t tease me,” She laughed.

Andrew fell between her thighs and straight into her. She was so wet, güvenilir bahis the whole 7 inches filled her on the first thrust.

“Oh yes, that’s what I meant, now please just fuck me hard.” Then she pulled his head down to kiss her.

Andrew drew right back and thrust in as hard as he could. Her pupils widened and she gurgled in delight. He continued pulling right out then in as hard as he could, sometimes corkscrewing his erection in. Her body quivered and shook with each thrust. Neither could last long, she came first, arching her back, flushing and hissing her breath out through clenched teeth as he continued pounding her without a break. A minute later, he roared and thrust in as hard as he could, grinding his pelvis against hers as he released and she came again as well. He stayed there for a while as they stared intently at each other, then he fell off beside her, both had a sheen of sweat and were gasping for breath.

Finally Marina said, “I think we both needed that, it was fantastic.

Now, do you want me to leave you to get your beauty sleep, or do you think you might have another emergency in the night?”

“I think it would be safer if you stayed,” He said seriously.

“Oh I am glad you said that, I hope you weren’t expecting much sleep.”

Marina turned on her side and started licking down his abdomen, then his semi erect cock, rubbing it over her face. She started caressing it with each tit in turn, before pushing them together and tit fucking him with her still oiled breasts. It felt delicious and he started to stiffen again.

“God, you’re insatiable, I’m going to die of exhaustion by morning,” He said.

“Can’t think of a better way to go, can you?”

She turned over onto her knees and rested her trunk on the bed, waggling her ass invitingly. Andrew got onto his knees behind her spread thighs, enjoying the view of her oiled buttocks. Pushing between her thighs, she helped him into her cunt, as he set up a slower but still deep, penetrating pace. Marina looked over her shoulder.

“I do so like doggy sex, lovers have told me they can’t resist my Ass sticking up in the air like this.”

Andrew didn’t reply, but bought his right hand up to her anus and explored gently with one finger, then two, finally three.

“Oh you are a bad man,” She giggled, not very convincingly.

He pulled out of her vagina with a sucking noise and positioned himself at her anus, pushing in firmly. Marina grimaced, this was rougher than she was used to and he was large. She breathed out, trying to relax and calm her fears. He slipped in and pushed firmly, holding her by the shoulders, insistent on full penetration in the first thrust. When he managed it, she relaxed a little into the bed and let out a long breath. There was no break though as he pulled out and thrust in as hard as he could. Marina had found before, that there was an underlying cruelty in anal sex. She felt it now, as he pounded relentlessly into her Ass, just as hard as he was able, grunting with each thrust. It felt almost like rape and she had to admit, she enjoyed being used like this, as her whole body shook under him.

When her orgasm came it was more powerful than before and she bit the pillow to avoid crying out as he emptied into her bowels.

Marina slipped face down onto the bed, trying to catch her breath.

“God you’ve got a beautiful Ass,” he said, as he slapped it once hard.

Marina hadn’t the energy to object, as she settled down to sleep. Waking about 4AM, she found herself on her side with Andrew behind her, having lifted her leg and penetrated her cunt again.

“I haven’t consented, doesn’t this count as rape.” She whispered as she pushed back against his thrusts.

“What a nice way to wake up, that feels great.”

He finished inside her and they fell asleep almost immediately, before he could withdraw. She woke again about six in the same position, with his penis fully erect.

“Where do you get your stamina, whatever it is, I want it too,” She said turning back and kissing him.

Without a word, he turned her on her back, putting two pillows under her Ass, then hooking her calves over his shoulder, for maximum penetration. Dropping in to her as hard as he could, she groaned, she was getting sore, he must be too. He showed no sign, as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could. She was completely full of him, his cock felt like it was pushing up behind her cervix. Marina started a low growl as she pulled hard at his buttocks, slapping him with each thrust.

“You can fuck me harder than that, you bastard. Now really do me, I want to pass out as I come. Yes that’s it, more, come on more.”

Andrew redoubled his efforts, they were both shuddering and gasping for breath, covered in sweat. The bed felt like it had to break. With one last thrust he came, deep, deep inside her and she almost threw him off, as she went into spasms and grimaced, her face and neck , bright red as she came. That was simply titanic, she thought.

Marina türkçe bahis new she had to get up to prepare breakfast and pushed him off. She actually crawled across the floor to the bathroom for a quick shower, with no energy to get up. When she’d finished and dried, she returned to the room, so he could see her dress. He watched her hungrily, lying naked on the bed, not saying a word. Before leaving, she bent down to kiss him.

“I hope room service was all you expected sir?”

“Oh much more,” he replied, reaching for his wallet and taking out £300.

“That’s to much Andrew.”

“Oh, I think you’ve earned it.”

Marina tucked the notes into her bra, finding she wasn’t ashamed. Instead, the dirty feeling of taking money for sex was deeply thrilling to her.

Without another word, she left to prepare Breakfast, stopping by a mirror, to examine the damage. It would just have to do. When she finally finished breakfast, fending off Andrew’s groping hands discreetly, Marina went into Jill’s office.

“Someone had a good night I see,” Jill said.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Oh yes, wiping that grin off your face would be a start. Was it really that good?”

“It was actually, I thought the bed would break.”

“You break it, you pay for it,” Jill grinned.

So Marina left for home, taking particular care driving, she was so tired.

Over the next few weeks, “business”, started to pick up, with two or three night manoeuvres most weeks. On one or two occasions, she had two gentlemen seeking her services on the same night, which caused some problems. Finally, she went to Jill.

“Look boss, I’m very happy in my work, very happy, but it’s getting so I can not keep up with demand.”

“Don’t look at me, I’m to old, but I am envious, really,” Jill replied.

“How about looking for some extra help?”

“That’s going to be an interesting Job description to write:

Wanted an attractive young lady with an interest in sex, including Fellatio, Anal Sex, Group sex Bondage and punishment, please apply, etc, etc.

You see the problem?”

“Who said anything about Group Sex and Bondage?” Marina objected.

“Oh, I think if we’re going to do this, it should be a full, First Class Service. No reasonable or unreasonable requests turned down,” Jill finished.

Marina stuck her tongue out and between them, they drafted an Ad for an Assistant Night Manageress, asking for a photo. A week later they went through the replies. They agreed on three girls, or women to call in. The first was obviously, not going to be a good sport about night time activities, the second was more promising, in fact, she seemed ideal. Deborah or Debbie as she insisted, was a recent Art History Graduate, working as an Intern, that is unpaid at a small local Public gallery.

“You can’t get a Museum job these days without working for free first. My parents are doing what they can, but I need extra money badly and this would be ideal.” Debbie finished.

Marina and Jill nodded imperceptibly and looked her up and down.

“Sorry if it’s a strange request, but could you stand up so we can get a look at you,” Jill asked.

Debbie did as she was asked. She was attractive, not pretty, let alone beautiful. A long even face with a nice smile and brown straight her to her mid back. She was tall, about 5ft 10inches, but her figure was stunning. Slim, but with an hourglass figure, really large, high breasts, a flat stomach, broad hips and very long legs. She turned her back to them. It was straight with a good posture and she had a large, tight Ass. In short, she was perfect.

Jill nodded to Marina,

“Debbie, the hours are difficult, do you have a boyfriend, he might object.”

“Oh no, not since University, I live alone, a few one night stands I’m afraid, but no boyfriend.” Debbie didn’t seem to mind the questions.

“Look, can I be completely frank and what I say must not go beyond this room, do I have your agreement on that?” Marina said and Debbie nodded.

“When you’ve heard what I have to say, walk away, no hard feelings, if you want, OK?” Again Debbie nodded, her interest growing.

“Well, somehow, I’ve fallen into the habit of discreetly offering a very personal room service to a few of our male guests. If you catch my drift?”

Debbie’s mouth dropped open and she giggled.

“Oh, I think I do yes. My God, how wonderfully sordid, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“No I don’t mind, but it’s worse than you think, I get paid well for it, cash no questions.”

“Could I be vulgar and ask how much?” Debbie asked.

“No problem, a minimum of £150 for an hour, or £200 overnight. They usually give more, I’m very enthusiastic and eager to please.”

Debbie covered her mouth and giggled again:

“That would really help my money problems. May I assume you are looking for back up, if so, I’m your girl, when do I start?”

“That’s great, but just hold on a second, requests can be a little unusual. Can I assume sucking güvenilir bahis siteleri a guy off, Anal Sex a little light bondage, spanking, even a bit of Group Action, would be OK?” Marina finished.

“Oh yes please, even though I haven’t tried all those things, I’m eager to learn and I do so enjoy sex, don’t you?”

“She certainly does Debbie, she certainly does,” Jill interjected.

“Odd request, you couldn’t just slip out of your skirt and blouse? Don’t worry, neither of us swing that way. It’s just to check your qualifications,” Jill finished.

No hesitation “OK,” Debbie jumped up and quickly removed her skirt and blouse, to stand just in bra and pants, turning round for them.

“I can take off these if you like,”

Jill and Marina nodded and Debbie removed her underwear, quite unselfconsciously. She really was magnificent and she new it. Her tits were really large, but wide set over her chest, they were very firm. Marina wanted to poke them, to see if they were real. Her pubic hair was untrimmed, when she turned round, her Ass was as wonderful as her tits, large firm and perfectly shaped.

“Do I pass muster,” Debbie said over her shoulder.

“You know you do, just a couple of things, could you take off the pubic hair, our guests prefer it. Have you some sexy underwear, half cup bras, tiny briefs, hold ups or stockings and suspenders, you know the sort of thing? That’s our work attire. If not we’ll give you cash to buy something nice.” Marina finished.

Debbie bent down to get dressed giving them a good view of that Ass and her Labia between.

“You are going to blow their socks off girl, with a tight short skirt, a nice blouse with a few buttons undone. I’m not sure I can stand the competition.”

“Don’t give me that, you’re gorgeous. We’ll make a great team.” Debbie said grinning at Marina.

So it proved to be. Debbie started the following week, initially, with Marina, to learn the ropes, the routine and computer system. She was a bright girl and learned fast. Marina looked at her behind the bar, her blouse half open and breasts spilling out. They were continuing the habit of eating with the Guests at 7pm. Conversation had been easy and suggestive at times. The girls giving back as good as they got. Both of them had attracted interest. Debbie had a not very attractive overweight 45 year old, with his hand trying to work it’s way up her skirt at dinner. She didn’t seem to mind his age or appearance. Now he was sitting on a stool at the bar, his eyes glued to her cleavage, a foot away. He looked around, then moved his hand to gently stroke her right Tit. Debbie elected not to notice and continued her conversation with him, leaning forward imperceptibly.

Marina returned her attention to her beau, leaning into him, with wide, trusting eyes, as his hand worked it’s way under her skirt, to her stocking top.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the guest get off his bar stool, to go up to bed.

“Can I bring a nightcap up to your room Sir,” Debbie asked, innocently.

“Why not, give me twenty minutes to have a shower, then bring up a brandy, would you?”

“certainly Sir,” Debbie replied, looking over and grinning at Marina.

At a girl, Marina thought, as she gave Debbie a discreet thumbs up.

So a little later Debbie walked upstairs with a Brandy on a tray, working out her tactics. She had already thought, that paying the virginal innocent, would drive men wild, so that is how she would play it. She knocked quietly and entered. Just at that moment, Marina passed her in the corridor, arm in arm with her customer, giving her an encouraging squeeze on the elbow.

When Debbie entered, the man was sitting on the bed, in a short dressing gown, hiding an obvious stiffy. She bent down as she gave him his brandy, giving him the benefit of her cleavage. He started to flush and his breathing quickened.

“Will that be all Sir?” She asked.

He was clearly frightened of asking what he wanted.

“Please Sir, anything at all, we are here to be of help, just ask.” She finished, quietly.

Without looking at her, he undid the robe, to reveal a surprisingly large erection, under folds of fat.

“I see Sir, just how can I be of help?”

There was no answer, so she dropped to her knees in front of him, sucking her lower lip. Slowly lowering her head and just breathing on his cock, he jumped, then she gave the tip a speculative lick.

“Would it help if I stripped off Sir?” She asked.

“It wouldn’t help, but I’d love you to, yes.” He whispered.

She slowly stood up and undid the zip on her skirt, pushing it down slowly, revealing her lovely, long legs in black hold ups. Putting one leg on his thigh and groin, she slipped the stocking off, then repeated the exercise with the other leg. He groaned with the feeling of her stockinged foot on his prick. Standing up, she lifted her blouse to show her skimpy black pants, turning round to show her Ass, which he stroked with both hands. She murmured encouragement. Turning slowly back again, she undid her blouse and dropped it off her shoulders. Leaning forward, her nipples half exposed by the minimal bra, she pulled his face into her cleavage. He groaned again and nuzzled her Tits.

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