The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 22, 23, 24


The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 22, 23, 24Chapter 22The Fertility ClinicSusan stares at Dr. Vanderhoost, hoping for answers and says “Kenny and I have tried for four years to get pregnant. We just can’t do it. ” Dr. Vanderhoost is very sympathetic with his comments. “Society places a lot of pressure on young couples to produce off spring and it is often times that societal pressure that causes the issues to intensify. We will run some tests to determine the best course of action” He says with smile as he peers over his glasses.Kenny and Susan are both nervous, and excited to be at the clinic. Hopefully, Dr Vanderhoost can help them start their family. Susan takes Kenny’s hand and holds it tightly. Kenny smiles at Susan, but she knows he is very nervous and afraid he is sterile. Susan offers a suggestion “If we find out we can’t get pregnant, we can always adopt a baby.” she says with a smile and another squeeze of Kenny’s hand.Dr. Vanderhoost, escorts the couple to an examining room. His Nurse asks them to disrobe and put on a hospital gown to make the examination easier. He places Kenny and Susan in separate rooms. The Nurse stays with Kenny. She smiles and says ‘Your part of the examination is very simple” she hands him a small sample bottle and points to a restroom. He looks confused and asks “What is this for?” The nurse turns on the rest room light and hands Kenny and magazine with pictures of nude women and says “I need for you to go in the restroom and get comfortable and extract a sperm sample.” Kenny blushes and turns bright red with embarrassment. He enters the rest room and the nurse excuses her self from the examination room.Dr. Vanderhoost, carefully examines Susan’s vagina and performs several blood tests and an x-ray. He is very thorough and finishes his exam and says ” Everything looks to be in perfect order. We will learn more from the blood work. Susan is relieved the exam is over and sits up on the table and says ” How long before you get the results.” Dr. Vanderhoost explains that some of the tests have to be sent to an outside laboratory but the in-house testing will be done in two days. “My best estimate is 4 to 5 days”Susan and Kenny get dressed are reunited in in the consultation room. Susan is surprised to see him so quickly. “Did the Dr see you?” Kenny shakes his head no and says “I don’t want to talk about it.” Susan is really confused and says “You didn’t see the Doctor and you don’t want to talk about it?” What is wrong? Kenny blushes again and says ‘They made me jerk off in a sample cup” Susan starts to laugh. She is still laughing when the Dr. Vanderhoost joins them. he says” Mr. Whitworth, the semen analysis looked very promising. Sperm numbers are good , movement is good, and shape of the sperm is good. you have very healthy sperm. Susan looks at Kenny and giggles. Dr. Vanderhoost remains very professional and does not appear to have heard the giggles. He says ‘”Mrs. Whitworth, your Hysterosalpingogram X-ray was very encouraging as well. My nurse will call you in a few days with the blood work results. Chapter 23Potatoes have eyes.The horses are agitated today and seem to be sensing the approaching storms. They are pacing around with nervous energy. Off in the distance I can hear the faint rumble of thunder as it echo’s through the valleys. The horses need to be in the barn but they are not cooperating. Axle and Bogey are barking at the horses and trying to get them to go to the barn. The big mare, Gracie finally walks toward the barn and other horses follow her inside. I put them in their stalls and feed them and walk toward my house to escape the rains. Only a sprinkle now but I can see the hard rains in the distance. When I get back to my house I look at my phone I have a missed call from Vanessa. I call her back and she answers with and excited “Hello Ray” I say “Hello Vanessa, I was out with the horses, sorry I didn’t get your call.” I explain to her that the big storm is coming. “It is fine, I just wanted to talk to you and see if we could get together and talk.” She says to me in a gentle voice. I say to her “I would love to see you. When do you want to get together? Do you want to meet somewhere or do you want me to come and pick you up?” Her answer is immediate “I want you to come get me as soon as soon as you can.” I tell her “I will be there in an hour. I need to take a shower and get cleaned up a little.”My drive to Vanessa’s is filled with thoughts and hopes for better days. “Why does she want to see me?” I ask myself several times as I drive down the country roads. I finally arrive at her apartment and she is already outside waiting on me. She is carrying a small back pack and another small bag with her. She walks to my truck and I meet her half way and carry the bags to the truck for her. I don’t ask her any questions, I just give her a hug and say “I have missed you so much.” She hugs me back and gives me a passionate kiss and says “I missed you too.”On the trip back to my house, we stop by the store and pick up some food and wine. She is happy and walking down the store aisles with a big smile. She reaches out and takes my hand and interlocks her fingers in mine. Lays her head on my shoulder for a second and sighs. She stops walking, still grasping my hand and says. “I forgive you for the other night, please forgive me too. Susan told me what happened and I understand now.” I am relieved to hear her say she forgives me. I pull her close to me, right beside the frozen foods and big stack of fresh carrots. I wrap both my arms around her and kiss her. She smiles and kisses me. Only the potatoes and k** working in the produce section saw what we were doing.We arrive at my house and we carry our food and Vanessa’s bags into the house. We can put the groceries away later. It is time to make up for lost time and rekindle our relationship. I take Vanessa by the hand and lead to her the bed room. She willingly follows me and is walking was fast as I am. We both enter the bedroom with equal enthusiasm. We are both ripping off our clothes and running toward the bed and then we hear the rude sound of a door bell and then several loud knocks.I can’t hear Bogey and Axle barking so it must be someone I know at the door. I put my clothes on and walk to the door and open it. Kenny is standing there and says “That fucking bitch told me to get out.” Chapter 24Truth or Dare ShotsKenny is pissed off and pushes past me and walks into my house. By this time, Vanessa has put her clothes back on and is standing behind me. Kenny sees Vanessa and says “I am sorry Ray, I didn’t know she was here. I will come back some other time.” Vanessa interrupts Kenny and says “Kenny, you look upset. Is everything alright with you?” Kenny walks into the kitchen and sits down at the table. He sees the bottles of wine and picks one up and pours him a glass and says “No, everything is not okay.” Kenny drinks the glass of wine quickly and pours another glass.I walk over to the pantry and retrieve a bottle of “Gentleman Jack” whiskey and sit it on the table in front of Kenny and say “No use it doing it slow, you can get drunk a lot faster with this.” Vanessa pours herself a glass of wine and sits down at the table. I am sort of pissed that Kenny has shown up and is keeping me from making love to Vanessa. I just want him to get drunk pass out and go to sleep. Vanessa is acting strange and asking Kenny questions about what is wrong. I motion to Vanessa to follow me and she does. When we get away from Kenny I say “Vanessa, I am sorry he showed up. We will let him get drunk and he will get sleepy and go to sleep in the spare bedroom.” Vanessa looks at me with disbelief and says “That is your best friend, go act like it.”We walk back into the kitchen and Kenny has managed to drink about 1/3rd of the whiskey and is visibly drunk. He sees us and says “Let’s play some games.” Vanessa says ‘Sounds fun, let’s play truth or shot.” I get the empty wine bottle and put the lid back on it. I walk over to the pantry and get a bottle of Tequila. The worm is floating around in the bottom of it. This is some wicked shit. I get three shot glasses gaziantep rus escort out of the dishwasher and sit them on the table. We spread out around the table. Vanessa spins the bottle and spins around and around and slows and stop on Kenny. Vanessa says “Kenny, truth or shot?” Kenny says “Shot” I pour Kenny a shot and he gulps and slams the glass down on the table upside down. Kenny spins the bottle and it stops on him again. He picks up the shot glass and holds over for me to pour him another shot. He throws back his head and drinks the shot, slams the glass on the table again, upside down.Kenny spins the bottle again and it lands on Vanessa. Kenny laughs loudly and says “Truth or shot, Girl?” Vanessa says “I pick truth. I saw Susan in town yesterday and went for coffee.” Kenny looks at her and smiles “She told me she saw you.” Vanessa spins the bottle and it points at Kenny for the 3rd time. Vanessa laughs and says “Truth or Shot Kenny?” Kenny reaches over and picks up the shot glass. I already have the bottle ready to pour him a shot. He slams the glass back down and says “Truth God Dammit. I jerked off in a sample cup today at a Doctors office.” Vanessa and I crack up with laughter. I am still laughing when I say ‘What the fuck are you talking about?” Kenny turns his shot glass over and pours himself another shot and drinks it and says “Susan wants a baby. We are trying to have a k** and she can’t get pregnant. So I had to jerk off in a cup so they could check and see if it was me that was the problem.” Vanessa stops laughing and she pours a shot and drinks it. Kenny continues his explanation and says. “The doctor told us I was fine, she might have some issues and he did blood tests. When we got home she was in a bad mood. She is mad because all this time she thought it was me, that I was sterile. The Doctor told us it was her and she was upset. I was joking with her and she got pissed off at me. I told her I was joking and she didn’t care. She was pissed off at me. Her attitude mad me angry and said something i should not have. ” Vanessa asks Kenny what he said. “I told her I was going to get me a younger chick and see if i could get her pregnant. I was just joking and she fell apart. We got in a big fight and she kicked me out.” Vanessa pours herself another shot and says “It will be okay Kenny, let’s play some more truth or shots.” Kenny is not wanting to play anymore. Vanessa asks me to play one more round with her and I say “Sure, why not? Spin it girl.” Vanessa spins the bottle wildly and it slides off the table and into my lap. “Guess it is my turn.” I say with a laugh. Vanessa laughs loudly and says “Truth or Shot?” I answer “Truth.” Vanessa turns her head a little and thinks and then says “Do you think Susan is prettier than me?” I think she is joking and I tell her to “ask me a real question.” Vanessa repeats the question “Do you think Susan is prettier than me?” I hesitate to answer and Vanessa says “SEE, even you think she is.”I am confused by what she said and ask her “Who told you she was?” Vanessa takes another shot of Tequila and says “My friend Will must think so, he kept looking at her.” I break in and say ‘Who the fuck is Will?” Vanessa answers “My ex-boyfriend.” I am really confused now and say “When did this Will see her?” Vanessa is really drunk now and says “Yesterday, when we were at the coffee place. He came by to pick me up and he met Susan then. He kept looking at her and even hugged her.” Kenny is drunk but he understands what she is saying and he gets pissed off. “Did that mother fucker try to fuck her?” He says with anger. Vanessa calms him down and says, “No, he was just checking her out and talking. After she left, he took me home and I told him never to see me again. Kenny yells “That bitch better not be fucking around on me.” Chapter 25Kenny stumbles over to the couch and lays down. He is asleep in only minutes. Vanessa and I are still sitting at the table talking about Susan. “You never did answer my question. Do you think Susan is prettier than me?” Vanessa asks me again. I try to answer honestly. “No. She is not prettier than you are. To me you are sexier and prettier.” Vanessa smiles and says ” I want to tell you a secret.” She stands up and walks over to me and whispers in my ear. “I am horny!” I am torn between fucking her and letting her sober her up first. Then I rationalize to myself “She fucked me sober last week, and she was about to fuck me again earlier. So it is okay!” I say to myself. I stand up. Place my arms around her and pick her up and carry her to the bedroom.I lay her gently on the bed and then lock the bedroom door. I turn toward the bed and she is already removing her pants and shirt. Her bra was already off from earlier. She is looks so beautiful laying there in nothing but her panties. I take off my shirt and remove my pants and get in bed with her. We just cuddle at first. She has her head on my shoulder and is rubbing my chest. I have my arm under her neck and reaching back rubbing her perfect ass. She lays her leg across my legs and cuddles in even tighter. My dick is growing and pushing against my shorts. It is pointed down and getting harder. I reach down and straighten it up and relieve the pressure. Vanessa sees the flash of cock as I rearrange my manhood.She starts kissing my chest and rubbing my dick. She looks up at me and out mouths collide in a passionate kiss. She is still holding my dick and gently pulling on it. She kisses my chest again and then my stomach area. She moves down lower and my dick disappears in her mouth. One hand grasping my dick. Her mouth and tongue moving up and down the shaft, slowly at first and them more rapidly. She moves her body to get a better position to suck my dick. This places her panties only inches away from my face. I reach over and hook my finger in the waist band and gently pull them down revealing her pussy. My dick gets harder. She sucks harder. Using her hand and her mouth to please me. I lean over a little closer, shift my body and lick her pussy. She stops sucking for a second and moves her body closer to my mouth. Now she is laying on top of me. Her knees over my shoulders, my tongue is exploring her pussy. Her mouth is wrapped tightly around my dick. Up and down her head and hand moves as she slobbers all over my dick.Her pussy is wet and tastes like heaven. I slide my left hand, index finger in her pussy and continue to lick her clit. Then I remove my finger, slide it in my mouth and tastes the inside of her pussy. I wet two fingers and slide them back in her. My dick is hard as a rock. She is still sucking and licking and jerking me off. Her pussy is changing and I can feel the first few signs of orgasm starting to fill her pussy. My fingers feel her G-Spot start to get spongy and tighten, her clit is getting very erect. I want to feel her orgasm on my dick but I don’t want ruin it for her. She is still sucking and jerking me off. i slide a third finger in her pussy and lick her pussy with more pressure. Flatten my tongue out to cover more surface. My fingers are sliding in and out and then it happens. Her body starts to convulse and shake. Her pussy is flooded with internal wetness. Her mouth and hands have stopped moving but she still is holding my dick with both. Wave after wave of pleasure rips through her body and she collapses on the bed. I can feel her back teeth against the side of my dick. She is still holding my dick in her right hand. She moves her head and is silent.She lays there for a second and whispers “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” I move between her legs and easily push my dick in her pussy. She moans at first and then her hips rise to meet mine. She pulls her legs back and wraps her arms around her knees to help hold them back. I am not resistance and I start moving my dick in and out slowly. Deep, slow thrusts at first. As the pleasure intensifies the trusts get faster and more powerful. Her pussy is wet, and wonderful. I lower my head and suck her left nipple and and then kiss her neck. Our mouths meet and the kiss is passionate and deep. Then I feel the familiar sensation as cum starts to fill my dick. Two more thrusts and my dick is giving her pussy a shower of cum.

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