The Darkness Yields a Question Pt. 02


“No one sings like you anymore…”

Chris Cornell—Soundgarden

Chapter 2

“I’m not gay!” is what Grace wanted to say, but her mouth was too full of vagina… hot, dripping, delicious vagina. Her tentative tongue betrayed her as she began enjoying the experience despite herself. In less time than she could have imagined her first girl/girl experience taking, she went from startled to curious, and then from curious to ravenous, and then her tongue was all up in that juicy pussy as if it had a mind of its own. Grace closed her eyes and relaxed, her hands and ankles still bound, still sitting in a puddle of her own pee, and allowed the weight of the woman’s crotch to push her head slightly back, shifting the angle of her face to where she could better dig her tongue into the moist cleft. Grace felt her own pussy growing warmer. She strained to see just how deep she could dig up into that warm, wet hole and it rewarded her efforts by gushing juice down her throat and all over her face. Delicious rivulets of cum and saliva dripped down her cheeks, onto her neck, her shoulders, and trailed down her naked breasts, the tiny drips of juice dangling and falling from the stainless steel jewelry in her nipples.

“Wow… that’s amazing,” murmured Maude “She’s a natural,” and backed off of Grace’s wet face, replacing the blindfold and then walking away.

Just before they were covered again, Grace’s beautiful green eyes flashed with wonder and amazement up at the woman she had just serviced. Her emotions were a nearly explosive jumble of apprehension, nervous excitement, and… admiration. She had never seen this woman before, never had sex with another woman before, and now… she had just eaten her out, and she had liked it. She liked the way the woman tasted, liked the way she carried herself, her confidence. Grace struggled a bit with the excitement she was feeling. “I…” and again her words were cut short as Maude spoke, her voice sounding large as it reverberated within the room’s cavernous walls.

“Ok, boys. She’s all yours. Treat her gently, clean her up and bring her to the hall. I’m gonna’ go wash the piss off my feet.” And then Grace felt a pair of large, strong hands wrap around her slender waist as two more pair attached themselves to each of her legs. Together they lifted her up, cuffs still attached to her wrists and ankles, and carried her away.

“Oh man, I’m getting pee all over me,” said one male voice.

“That didn’t bug you last night,” said another.

“Ha! True,” replied the first.

Grace heard the click of a door closing behind them and noticed the sound of their voices had changed: they had entered a hall or corridor.

“Where are you taking me? Where am I? Where’s…”

“Don’t worry,” a cultured, South American accent gently interrupted. “Maude told us to be gentle and we will be. All you need to know is that we are going to take very good care of you.”

Grace liked the sound of that, so she relaxed a bit. She asked the man’s name.

“I’m Augustin,” he replied. “And behind you is Rex. Holding your other leg is Thorn,” a brief pause and then, “Gordon is walking ahead of us.”

Grace’s anticipation spiked at that. And she tried fruitlessly to imagine what the silent Gordon might look like as they arrived in another room.

They placed her on a cold tile floor. The sound of faucets being turned echoed off of what sounded like tile walls. The slight smell of sweat gave Grace the impression that she was in a locker room.

Behind her, she felt the cuffs around her wrists being removed. Ahhh… Grace stretched her shoulders, rolling them back and forth, releasing the tension that had built up. Two giant hands landed, güvenilir bahis one on each shoulder, and began rubbing. The fingers were large and powerful, and they massaged her shoulders with great skill, her collarbone, her neck, her shoulders, her arms, working out the soreness that had collected there. The gentle and strong hands put Grace into a dream-like state. If she were being hypnotized, now would be the perfect time to plant suggestions.

Thorn spoke, “Water’s ready.” Grace thought she detected a German accent.

“Ok, go,” she recognized Augustin’s voice. And then the water sprayed her from feet to head. The spray traveled up her naked body, tingling like a thousand tiny needles against the soles of her feet, her legs and thighs, her belly, and her chest. Rex’s fingers disappeared, to her dismay, and then the water briefly squirted her face, mask and all, before she instinctively turned and felt the water soaking her hair and then, in moments, she truly was all wet.

The water was turned off. Some squirty noises, and then the smell of vanilla filled the air. And then several sets of hands were lathering her from head to toe. The soap and shampoo felt warm and creamy is it was applied to her skin and hair. The guys were thorough and gentle; they seemed to have a knack for this. Their hands were talented and this was clearly not the first time they had washed a captive.

Grace found herself relaxing even more. Her breathing was deep and regular as fingers went through her lush, chestnut colored hair, gently massaging her scalp. A pair of hands rubbed her right arm with soap, washing her armpit and shoulder, down to her bicep, then elbow and wrist, before sliding slowly down her forearm to skillfully work her fingers, carefully rubbing each segment of each digit one at a time before traveling back up and over to her chest, cupping and lathering her breast as her pink, pierced nipples stood up in appreciation. Each and every touch of the curved steel in her tits would send shocks of pleasure throughout her body; every caress was electric.

Another set of hands on her left side mirrored the ones on her right.

Both sets of hands moved lower. They went down her chest, over her soft belly, and down to her chestnut haired pussy. The other set of hands worked up from her feet and toes. Briefly, it seemed that all of the many fingers had converged at her crotch and were fighting their way between the lips of her cunt, taking turns digging into the swollen lips of her pink pussy, before snaking back up her stomach to cup her breasts, or back down to massage her feet and toes again. Grace shivered as the fingers conducted this sensational dance across her entire body, pushing deeply, rubbing gently, exploring and delighting.

It goes without saying that she had never been this expertly washed in her life. At this point, Grace was practically traveling in the astral plane.

“Good?” she heard Thorn speak, and then, “Yep, she’s good,” a woman’s voice? Grace sighed a bit and almost tried to figure something out as all those magical hands suddenly vanished just before the water sprayed again.

Grace was startled. The warm water sprayed her head and torso, and the hands returned to rinse the shampoo from her hair and the soap from her body, thoroughly, but without the magical devotion she had experienced just moments before.

Then the water was turned off and soft, clean towels cocooned her. The towels were warm and smelled faintly of bleach. She was vigorously dried, her head, her body, even the floor beneath her. She felt clean, and now, but for her slightly damp hair, she felt dry and warm, too.

The towels were quickly removed and then Grace felt someone türkçe bahis crouching over her legs. Hands on her face and then, finally, the blindfold was removed. Grace opened her eyes.

“Hello, Gorgeous,” said the slender, darkly-tanned and completely naked brunette kneeling over her, just inches from her face. “I’m Gordon.”

Gordon de Silva’s hair, which was closer to black than brown, was pulled tightly to the back of her head and tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were green, like Grace’s, but where Grace’s flashed like emeralds, Gordon’s were colored more like khaki and flecked with orange and yellow. Her breasts were small and round, with no tan lines and dark brown nipples that stood up and out, showing off the stainless steel rings that pierced them.

“I like your nipples,” Gordon said as she reached out and tweaked Grace’s jewelry, then cupped one and compared it to her own. “Very nice.”

Grace blushed. Gordon smiled.

And with that, Gordon applied her mouth to Grace’s, inserting her tongue and forcefully kissing the still slightly dazed Grace, who, quite naturally, reached a hand up to cup one of Gordon’s breasts and relaxed into the kiss, closing her eyes and marveling at the depths to which Gordon’s tongue was exploring her mouth.

Gordon pulled away with a flick of her tongue and glanced at the man behind Grace.

The great hands reappeared, coming from behind and covered in massage oil; they practically wrapped themselves around her, starting with her shoulders and working their way down her arms to her fingers, then back to her shoulders and down her torso.

Grace was surprised by the deep, obsidian-like blackness of Rex’s skin as his fingers traveled across her body. Against her pale flesh, his fingers seemed to almost not be there, as if they were simply the outline of someone improbably composed of black, starless space.

Gordon saw her looking. “Don’t worry. He’s very friendly, and gentle. Doesn’t say much, though.” Rex’s vanilla oiled fingers pressed against Grace’s cunt, almost lifting her up. “Doesn’t really need to.” A reflexive exhalation escaped Grace’s suddenly open mouth as Rex’s fingers slid between her legs.

Then Gordon’s hands joined Rex’s and they both began working Grace’s entire body with the massage oil. Rex, from behind, mostly did her arms, her hands, her shoulders, and they carefully worked her tits. Gordon, from the front, did her belly, her thighs, calves, ankles, and then carefully massaged each of her toes. The washing and drying had put Grace into a state of bliss; the massage elevated her consciousness and left her in love with the world.

Rex’s clean-shaven chin appeared on Grace’s left shoulder. His eyes flashed electrically, and his scent was like musk. Grace felt enveloped by his long, muscular arms, one of which wrapped over her right shoulder, down her chest, between her tits, all the way to her crotch. A great hand cupped her cunt and dug a large, thick finger straight up inside of her, her own juices and the massage oil readily greasing the way. The finger seemed to be digging straight to her very core. It invaded her, seeking out and adroitly pressing against her g-spot. Grace moaned. Her head was spinning. She also felt something large pressing against the small of her back, something really large.

Rex then curled a second great finger inside of her and pulled firmly, as though he was going to pick her up and Grace moaned again. He did that several times, each pull tugging a moan from deep in her throat as the fingers seemed to delve deeper and deeper, digging into her being, clamping her entire mons within a gentle yet vice-like grip that pressed delicious pressure against her pubic bone güvenilir bahis siteleri and pulled, and released, and pulled, and released. Grace was throbbing in sympathy to each pull, climbing towards nirvana.

Grace was not thinking of anything at all. All she wanted was for those incredible fingers to continue doing what they were doing to her.

Of course, that’s when they stopped.

The Nubian giant removed his fingers from her just as quickly as he had invaded her, only this time he didn’t pull away entirely. His left hand, which had been against her side, slid up from her waist, spread out and nearly covered her entire chest; his right hand pulled out of her cunt and then flattened against her crotch from behind. With his right palm against her ass, fingers under her, Rex lifted, leaning her forward against his other hand. Augustin helped to reposition her shackled legs so that she was on her knees. And Rex didn’t stop leaning her forward until he had gently pressed her her face and chest against the tile floor, whereupon her hands were pulled back and cuffed behind her once again.

Ass in the air, face against the floor, and her wrists bound behind her, Grace felt extremely vulnerable, but equally wet and relaxed, and curious enough to keep still and quiet.

As the door shut Maude turned to where a pair of ladies dressed as schoolgirls were having their way with a man tied to a bench. “It smells like a latrine in here.” Her voice was dismissive, but with an undertone of amusement, too. She walked to the cleaning station against the wall: a small stool over a drain set into the floor, a bucket, a hand-held shower nozzle and a faucet, and a mirror set low for someone to look into while seated on the stool.

The ladies in white knee-high socks and shiny black pumps briefly turned their heads and smiled a bit at Maude’s comment. Their pony tails bounced playfully as they returned to their preoccupation. Their white, short-sleeved blouses were tied in bows just below their small breasts, exposing their bare midriffs and pierced bellybuttons. Yukiko’s had a silver and pink, diamond studded Hello Kitty dangling, and from Yoo Min’s bellybutton hung a disk that looked somewhat like a yin-yang but which was divided into three lobes: one yellow, one red, and one blue. Black Watch plaid micro-mini-skirts just barely covered their hips, asses, and neatly trimmed pussies.

“Drink it, bitch!” With one hand, Yoo Min, who was was hunched over Sam’s face, spread the lips of her vagina; in the other she held a fistful of Sam’s hair. From between her glistening cunt lips, a golden stream of hot urine was drilling directly into Sam’s mouth, which was wide open between her thighs. The acrid yellow fluid overflowed his mouth, dripping down the sides of his face and cascading onto the floor, endangering her pumps.

Jutting out from beneath Yukiko’s skirt, a large, black dildo was hammering in and out of Sam’s ass, his legs and arms spread and bound. Yukiko had Sam’s hard dick in hand and was jerking it slightly with each thrust.

Lowering her pissing cunt to Sam’s mouth, Yoo-Min finished more neatly against his eager tongue. And with a final thrust, Yukiko buried the dildo in Sam’s butt to the hilt.

“Dinner’s in an hour,” Maude had finished washing her feet and was considering hosing the puddle Grace left into the drain. “You guys’ll get Sam cleaned up before then, right?”

“Yeah, Boss. Sure thing,” Yukiko said as she began applying lube to her right hand and forearm.

Maude left, having apparently decided that someone else would clean up Grace’s pee.

Sam seemed quite content to continue lapping at Yoo Min, hungrily licking the last few drops of pee from her hot, wet cunt and digging for more. Yoo Min, in response, straightened up a bit, pressed herself a little harder against Sam’s mouth, and smiled as she watched Yukiko press her greasy fist against Sam’s already abused asshole.

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