The Healer Ch. 03


Esmerelda fixed eggs and sausage, and made rye toast. She had tossed on a short robe and loosely belted it. Though her limping was still painful to watch and her back wouldn’t let her straighten, she was magnificent. He absent-mindedly rubbed his cock watching her move around the kitchen like a wounded dancer, there were no wasted moves.

She looked over and caught him looking and stroking and laughed. “You are ready, so soon, eh, my strong Malcolm?”

“For you, yes. You do something to me.”

“Aw” she said. “That is sweet of you. You will be good, you are a beautiful man, not a pig. I am happy to show you. Stand up!”

Her tone shocked him, but he stood up. “Take off your pants. I want you to show me something.”

He smiled and snapped the button, zipped down, wriggled his jeans down and kicked them off.

She watched him, half turning to tend to breakfast. He felt a little odd, standing there with a half erect cock in the bright kitchen.

“Make it hard!” She snapped.


“You heard me. Don’t touch it. Make it hard. Close your eyes and concentrate. Now! Make your cock steel hard for me!”

He closed his eyes and tried. He could feel his cock tighten and his balls contract. He opened his eyes and looked. His cock was as hard as it could get. It had just a slight upward curve and the foreskin was half pulled back, making it about 7 inches long.

Esmerelda plated the food and put one in front of him and sat down across the table, flashing a beautiful view of slick black pubic hair between her legs, slightly open.

He went to sit. “NO!” she said. “Move over here, closer to me.” He did as she requested, and she took a bite of eggs seductively off her fork and closed those sensuous lips around it.

He stood with his cock about 18 inches away from those lips.

“Now, Malcolm. I want you to stay hard, but make your beautiful cock thinner and smaller. You can do it. Do it for me. Give me a show.”

Oh, God. It hit me. She was crazy. Nobody could do that. I hesitated, not knowing what to do.

“Do it!” She screamed and smacked my cock hard with an open palm.

“Ow, goddamit!” I got angry. Just to show her, I tried. My cock began to change. It got an inch or so shorter and thinner. This was too much. I didn’t know what was going on.

She continued to eat. “Don’t be afraid. Malcolm. You are special. Let me show you. Relax. You will like your reward later. Now. Make it thicker and bigger. Go ahead. Thrill me.” She giggled. She was enjoying this.

So, I closed my eyes and concentrated and my cock grew. “Bigger.” she said. And I focused. “Bigger yet.” I could feel it changing, it felt tight but good.

“Now more. Give me a huge cock, Malcolm. And then you can eat.”

I felt a spasm and jerked my eyes open. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My cock somehow had gotten to be at least 10 inches long and almost as thick as a soda can. I gasped. She laughed.

She reached out and stroked it and ran her long nails along it. She bent over and kissed it and took the head between her lips, sucked it slowly in and then released it. “Eat” she said.

So, I knelt in front of her and grabbed her knees. She howled with laughter.

“Not me, you fool. Eat breakfast.”

So I did. She told me to focus and keep my cock hard Escort Bayan Esenyurt and big, and I did.

She got up and put her plate in the sink, and sat back down, she reached for a cigarette and lit it. She sucked in the smoke dreamily and exhaled it out slowly. Her robe had opened and I could see her nipples were hard, like bursting cherries on those large, full, teardrop breasts.

“You look different.” I said. “Younger, maybe”.

“Yes. The tension is gone from my mind and the bad thoughts can no longer hurt me. Your cum did that.”

“It worked already?” I asked.

“It takes a while for it to complete, but yes, the healing starts immediately. As soon as your cum gushed into my mouth and down my throat, I could tell a difference. And I had a lovely, lovely orgasm, which I expected.” She smiled devilishly and took another hit on the cigarette.

“You came?”

“Oh, yes. Couldn’t you tell? All that moaning around your cock and the spasms? Oh, you are so young. Okay, here’s the basic drift.”

“The power is in your cum. It has something in it that works as a cure-all. And something, an electric charge that adds to a woman’s pleasure. Greatly. If a woman is orgasmic, she will have long, intense orgasms like never before, and if she has never had one, you will unlock that. She will come and the power of it will throw her. Be understanding.”

“A woman has three orifices, that much I think you know. The mouth, the vagina and the anus. In order to do a complete healing, you must fill all three in a night. The mouth controls the mind, the neck, the senses, everything of the brain. The vagina is the gateway to the higher internal organs and the legs and feet. The anus is for the lower organs, stomach, liver, kidney and also the back, the spine.”

“Uh, thank you for the breakfast. It was good. So, uh, how do I say this? You want me to, uh, do you from the rear?”

She laughed and put out her cigarette. She put her elbows on the table and her chin in her cupped hands and those black eyes peered into mine intently. “Yes. I want you to fuck me in the ass, Malcolm. Do you want to fuck me in the ass? You will like it. Say it!”

“Uh, I, uh will fuck you, uh, in the ass, Esmerelda.”

“Do you want to do that first? Is your cock still hard?”

“Yes, oh yes. As hard as your nipples. I don’t know. I’ve thought about your pussy. Maybe that first.”

“Good choice.” She laughed and stood and tossed off the robe and limped around the table.”Of course there aren’t any bad choices, are there?”

She bent down and kissed me long and deep, moving her tongue like a blender, and then like a piston. She bit my lips.

She bent over and braced her arms on the table, showing me that sweet ass. I reached down and under and stroked her pussy. It was sopping wet. She sighed and rubbed against my hand.

Then she reached and took hold of my cock. She stroked it a little, up and down, and teased the foreskin before aiming it at her red, palpitating gash.

She sunk down on it and moaned. Oh, it felt so good. She stopped a few inches and came up and went down taking another inch or so. “You are so big. It’s going to be so good.”

My cock was getting slick from her juices, but she was still very tight and slowly Escort Bayan Avcılar with every stroke went a little farther down, a little farther. The last four inches she just slammed down on and screamed. She had me all the way in.

She stayed still and I could feel the muscles inside her pussy clenching and releasing. I had never felt anything quite so good.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“Shut up and fuck me. Shut the fuck up and make me better. Make me cum.”

I started thrusting upwards into her and she was thrusting back. We got into a nice rhythym and it was sweet. I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and over my balls and down into my ass. She would slow and then speed up. And slow and speed up. I let her set the pace, after all, I was still new at this.

Her breath was getting choppy, and she was grunting on every stroke. It turned me on. She would lift up letting all but the tip out and slide all the way down. A steady, long slice of heaven. She was getting close.

“Ohmigod. Ohmigod. Ohmigod.” She kept repeating and I grabbed her hips and slammed all the way up into her and reached around and finger her clitoris and pummelled her with short, staccto stabs that put her over the edge.

She screamed. “Owf! Owf! Owf!” her body spasmed and she gave out one long moan, I worked her hips like a jackhammer, hearing the slaps of her ass cheeks against my thighs with every thrust.

Finally, she let out a long sigh and her body went limp.

I pulled out of her, picked her up and turned her over sliding her on her back onto the table, knocking my plate and the ashtray and cups onto the floor. I raised her legs and hunched my cock right at her entrance and stopped.

“I want to see you. See your face when you cum.” I said.

And I drove it home, slowly, half inch at a time as she tossed her head from side to side.

I felt like a man was supposed to feel. I felt powerful and capable of pleasing a woman. She was so beautiful, legs up, pink lips inside of that slick black hair sucking my cock into it. Her abdoominal muscles were taught, her breasts bounced and her eyes were open but did not see, and her lips were parted and her tongue kept flicking over them trying to keep them moist. Her body was drenched in sweat, and so was mine.

I fucked her hard and fast, and then long and slow and kept changing tempos. She reached for her clit and tweaked it and she came. Again and again. Like little earthquakes and the ever repeated “Unh! Unh! Unh! Owwwwwunhnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, ah, ah.”

I could feel the sperm building up in my balls and I could feel the electricity in them and in my spine. I was ready to cum at any time.

“What do you want?” I gasped.

“Cum. Cum in me. Cum. Cum.” She was like a mad woman drugged.

I pulled my cock out and only inserted the head with short strokes designed for my pleasure. She used her cuntal muscles like a ring, sqeezing and tightening and loosing. It was exquisite.

The fire raced down my spine, and into my ass, and through my balls and my cock and I yelled as the first squirt came.

She was gurgling and crying and trying to scream with the dryness of a thousand deserts in her throat making it sound like a gutteral wail. Her Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü jaw clenched, her body spasmed on the end of my cock.

With every squirt the pleasure was intense. I couldn’t believe anything could feel this good. I started plunging deeper and my cum squirted out and down her thighs and I just kept cumming. I could barely feel the walls of her pussy, there was so much liquid. Seven, eight, nine and I arched my back in the most explosive rush yet, drove into her and collapsed on top of her.

Her legs came around me and I fought for breath. I could feel her convulsing, her cunt squeezing my cock as it started to wilt, still spurting smaller and smaller doses.

Finally we got still. Her face was magnificent as it relaxed. It seemed a face that had never known trouble. And she was devastated. I kept gasping and thanking my lucky stars. She had been fucked thoroughly. I had done it.

Her hair was pasted to her neck and shoulders, her face and chest were red with exertion, and I could see her eyelids twitching. She was still orgasming, but slower now.

I stood up and pulled out of her and her legs fell limp off the end of the table. She was like a rag doll. A rag doll that had been fucked well. The cum was dripping out of her into a small pool under her. It was all over her thighs, and down into her ass and the puddle had reached the table edge and was dripping onto the floor.

I could barely walk, but maneuvered enough to pick up her cigarettes from the floor and lit one. I didn’t smoke but it seemed to be right for this moment. I leaned against the sink and smoked and watched her. Her breathing was returning to normal and after a few minutes she fluttered her eyes open and looked bewildered. She saw me and smiled a very weak smile. I went over and kissed her upside down.

“Help me up.” She said through bone dry lips. I helped her sit up and went and made her a fresh drink and handed it to her. She gulped it noisily and finished half of it.

I lit another cigarette and handed it to her, and she smiled coyly. “My, what a gentleman.”

“Oh God.” she said. “I’m a mess. Look at me. You did this, you fucker. You turned me into an all out fucking mess. Where did all this cum come from?” She laughed and climbed down gingerly from the table and walked into the bathroom, hardly limping at all.

She came back a few minutes later after cleaning up and brushing her hair. She looked radiant and she looked happy.

“You’re hardly limping.” I said.

“Ohhhhhh. I haven’t felt this good in years.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Me, neither.”

“You don’t know, you wonderful man, what you have done. I am honored to be the first. You will make so many women happy.”

We sat. She didn’t bother with the robe this time. “But we’re not finished.” I said.

“No.” she giggled. “Not quite.”

I felt brave. “I still get to fuck you in the ass. But I don’t know how it will ever fit.”

“Yes.” she murmured, letting out some smoke. “Yes, you do. It will fit, don’t worry. But first we shower, and then we must talk. The night goes on, my sweet man, my sweet healer. And this is our only one together, at least like this.”

“What?!” I asked “But I thought you liked me. I thought you liked this, with me.”

“Oh, I do, Malcolm. But there are rules and I will tell them all to you before morning. Don’t be sad. Being a healer has it’s down side too. As far as things go, it’s not so bad.”

She stood, head back and reached out a hand.

“Now come and let me soap up your cock, young man. I might let you play with my pussy in the shower, if you’re good.”

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