The Layover!


The cost of the plane ticket was so cheap it was irresistible. This stay-at-home mom was ready for a long weekend away, just doing some hanging out with the girls and having some fun. I booked the flight immediately, not caring that I had a 2 hour layover in the middle of it, then counted the days until my break from reality.

Flying out of my hometown was like passing through a portal. The further I got from home, the more relieved I was of all my responsibilities. I soaked up every minute of it, relaxing to a point I hadn’t been to in a lot of months. When my plane touched down at my connection, though, my pulse began to quicken. I had a secret that only me and one other person knew about.

A man I know lives near the city that I was making my connecting flight in. I had sent him an email with my flight number and arrival time, hoping that maybe, just maybe he would be able to come by and spend some time with me since I was so close. Just to see his face, touch him, and talk to him in person for once instead of online would be the high point of my vacation. I was so excited, just by the prospect that he might show up. I tried not to get my hopes up as I left my gate and started to walk slowly to the nearest place to get a drink, and pass the time until my next flight was called.

The terminal was crowded but there he was. I saw him right away. Standing right there, looking cool and calm and handsome. It was almost a shock to see him in person, after only looking at him in pictures for so long. I was nervous and happy and excited all at once as I walked towards him. I could feel his eyes sweep all over me, and a hot flush followed wherever his eyes went. It felt sexy and wonderful to slide into his arms for a big bear hug, and the current of electricity that shot through me sent my heart pounding.

He placed his hand on the small of my back and we walked along, not saying much but sensing each others nearness, and the heat it was generating. His hand resting lightly just at the curve at the top of my butt was warm and strong, and distracting! I was having trouble making and holding a conversation. I knew this would happen, given the nature and history of our online chats. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but that warm strong hand moving ever so slightly against me.

The food court was just a short walk through the terminal and we were almost there. As we passed a large throng of people at phones and restrooms, I felt him hesitate just a moment. Then the hand on my back applied a little pressure güvenilir bahis to steer me to the side, to someplace I couldn’t quite see through the crowd of people. His other hand reached out and grabbed a doorknob, and then I was pulled inside.

It was a restroom, one of those unisex rooms for families. It was spacious and empty and clean, and we were suddenly in it, all alone. He locked the door and turned to me with a mischievous smile that thrilled me and scared me all at once. We dove into each other hard then. All the decorum and manners we had shown outside in the terminal were gone, and the animal instinct that had been building up for so long took over. I had imagined kissing him like this so many times, and it was better than my mind had ever dreamed it could be.

Bodies pressed, lips locked and tongues battling, we pawed each other like we were drowning. Hands in each others shirts, hips driven into each other, we were powerless to stop this. Wrong or right, this was happening and neither of us was willing to break away. His chest was broad and warm and solid, and felt just right against my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and begging for attention just from the feel of it. His fingers found their way into my bra and I moaned softly as they touched my fevered flesh. His hot mouth was on my neck as I flung my head back, giving myself to his attentions.

My hands roamed his body as he kissed and nibbled my neck and ears and face. My fingers worked the buttons of his shirt, trying to get to the hot flesh I could feel underneath. His wonderful strong hands released me from my sweater and then my bra, leaving our bare torsos to rub against one another. My explorations found his cock, rock hard and straining against his pants. I yanked on his belt and jeans, tugging and working to free him from the restriction of them, eager to see and feel what was hiding beneath.

His hands were up under my skirt now, seeking and finding the way to my center. My stockings were removed with one quick move, leaving me bare to his exploring fingers. I was so hot and wet and ready by then. We kissed again, hot and strong and searching kisses, driving both of us crazy with the heat of it all. My arms were circled up around his neck, my fingers tracing across his jaw and neck. Without warning, he broke away from the kiss and gave me the look again, the same one he gave when he first locked the door, staring straight into my eyes. I knew I was in for it now and I couldn’t wait!

Suddenly, strong hands türkçe bahis encircled my ribs and lifted me off my feet, sitting me up on the countertop. His jeans hit the floor and my skirt was pushed up around my waist. We were eye to eye now, staring each other down as he came forward. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass to the edge of the counter, and I just had to wrap my legs around his hips. I gasped as he pushed his throbbing hardness against my clit, moving around so slowly, stroking his cock with his hand while he rubbed my bud with his precum. He pressed the tip just barely into my opening, and his fingers took their turn at my clit.

The heat and pressure of his hand, and the tension that had been building between us all added up to a quick and powerful orgasm that I had no control over. It came on like a freight train and left me reeling, unable to breathe for a moment. He seized the moment of my weakness and plunged into my hot box, driving all the way in with one powerful stroke. I screamed out loud, feeling my center clamping down on him with the force of the orgasm I was still having. He withdrew slowly and then drove in deep, again and again, torturing me with his hard thrusts.

Just as suddenly as he started, he stopped. My whimper of protest was silenced with a hot kiss, then he pulled away. He dropped down and buried his face in my soaking wet pussy, making me moan loudly once more. His tongue was ruthless in its assault on my bud, punishing me with it. I knew I would cum again, and soon, and he seemed to sense it too. He brought me right to the brink, and then stopped. His big hands fell upon my hips, pulling me down from the counter and standing me on my feet. I buried my face into his chest, leaving a few kisses and bites on his nipples, and delighting in the feeling of his hot hard body against mine.

His hands on my hips turned me from him, towards the counter and the big mirror above it. We were staring at each other in the mirror, fueling the hot fire burning between us now. He bent me slightly at the waist and entered me from behind, burying his hot hardness deep inside me. We held each other’s eye, never breaking the stare while he drove his cock over and over again into my hot box. As I felt my orgasm approaching, I closed my eyes and threw my head back, and was surprised by a hard slap to my butt! My eyes flew open and found his in the mirror.

“Look at me” he said. “I want to see your eyes when you cum. Don’t look away.”

I had never done that before, looked anyone güvenilir bahis siteleri in the eyes while I reached my peak. His rhythm picked up, and his fingers reached around to find my nipples to give them a light pinch. I was going over the edge, not daring to take my eyes away from his. It was unnerving and deeply personal and incredibly sensual. I came with a force I didn’t know was possible, all the while staring into his eyes, baring everything and hiding nothing.

My knees were weak now and barely able to hold me up anymore, but it seems he had thought of that too. He slowly withdrew from my throbbing hole, sliding his hands up to my shoulders, and turning me to face him. Soft kisses covered my face and lips, reassuring me and soothing me. Gently, his hands applied downward pressure on my shoulders, sending me to knees before him, and I happily went about doing what he wanted so badly.

My mouth was wet and hot and waiting, hungrily taking him in. My fingers slid around to his ass, sinking fingernails into the flesh there. I greedily licked and sucked his hard cock, tasting his precum, swirling my tongue around the tip. I slid a hand up onto his shaft, encircling it with my fingers, stroking it while my tongue danced across the head. Drawing him deeply into my mouth, sucking as my hand held and tightened on his balls, cupping them lightly, gently squeezing, feeling them tighten as his orgasm approached.

Now his hands are back on my shoulders, pulling me upward, stopping me from taking him all the way. He swung me around, pinning me up against the wall, trapping me with his hard body. Entering me hard and fast and deep, pounding into my pussy, driving both of us to the release we both wanted so much. Oblivious to the crowds and noise just on the other side of the door, I let out a moan and came with force, bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts. My climax rocked me and then he is there too, grinding into me, moaning and filling me with it, taking us both for the ride of our lives.

We broke away, sweating and shaking, smiling too. A few sweet kisses, and we started to look for our flung clothing, laughing a little. After we dressed, we slid back out into the crowd, joining the hustle and bustle as if we hadn’t left. We spent the remainder of my time there sitting in a corner of one of the eateries, sipping hot cups of tea and talking about everything. I enjoyed his intelligence and his charm as much as I enjoyed every other part of him and I relished these few minutes with him all to myself. When it was time to for me to go, we parted with a warm, hard hug and a big smile, not knowing if such a wonderful encounter could ever happen again. But secretly hoping that it would, someday. What an excellent way to start my vacation!

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