The Librarian, Part 5


Hello there. My name is Sloane. Four months ago, my life changed completely. I fell in love with a boy who was twenty plus years my junior. I had just turned forty-five and thought any chance of finding true love had long pass me by. Life had other plans I guess. Me and this boy fell for each other pretty fast, and pretty hard. The second time we hung out we ended up having sex. Really, really, really good sex. I tell him all the time that was the day before I became a new woman. A lot has happened since I met Carter. We are still together, more in love than ever before. He’s the man for me and I couldn’t be happier with life. Two months ago, however, something unexpected happened. I found out that I was pregnant. Pregnant? At forty-five? Not what I nor Carter expected. When I told him, I expected Carter to run for the hills. But he didn’t. He stepped up and told me he wasn’t going anywhere. He said we were in this together. I was so happy to know that I wasn’t alone in this. I told Carter I didn’t want him to drop out of school or get a job. I still had my job as a librarian and when my parents died, they left me a huge inheritance that I hadn’t really touched. Things were going really well, up until about two weeks ago. I noticed Carter was becoming distant. He still came over every day, our sex life was still amazing, but something was different. It seemed like he always had something other than me and the baby on his mind. I didn’t press him about it, but I would if this continued. Carter recently got a car and he loved driving me around. He says since I drove everywhere when we first got together, it was the least he could do. Now that I was pregnant and getting bigger by the day, he would have to drive a lot more. We went out to dinner and Carter was driving me back home. We went to an Indian restaurant in the next town over. Both of us agreed we should go out more and be a real couple. Don’t get me wrong I never get tired of having Carter come over to my place. We watch TV and eat, then we fuck. I just wanted to do something different every so often. “When the waiter got over the fact that he’s never seen a couple like us, I think he was even more shocked at how much we both ate!” Carter said to me on the drive back. “I think you’re right. Do you think he knew I was pregnant?” “Maybe. You are starting to show.” “Not much, I hope. I’m scared of getting fat.” “Why? I think you’re going to look great with a big ol’ belly.” “Hush babe. You’re just saying that.” “Am not. You’ll see. I’m going to be all over you no matter how big that belly gets.” Carter winked at me and I smiled. I was scared of how big I was going to get, but knowing he didn’t care made me feel a little better. Just a little. We pulled into my driveway but before we got out Carter and I passionately kissed. We had Bostancı Escort been holding ourselves back while we were at dinner. Although we were in public, if Carter had said so, I would’ve opened my legs in an instant and let his big juicy cock enter my pussy. “I’ll walk you to the door.” Carter held the door for me as I got out of the car. “Just the door?” “Unfortunately. I have an 8am class tomorrow and I’m a growing boy. I need my rest Sloane.” “That’s true.” We got to the door and I turned to Carter and grabbed his junk through his pants. “How about a quick blowjob for the road?” Carter already had his belt buckle undone. It was a proven fact that I couldn’t say no to Carter, but he couldn’t say no to me either. I closed the door behind us and pushed Carter up against it. “Fuck. I’m so wet baby. And it’s only going to worse. You better fuck me whenever I ask. Can you do that?” “Oh, I can do that. Take my pants off and shove that cock you love so much down your throat. Now.” “Anything you say, daddy.” In one fell swoop, Carter’s entire dick was deep within my throat. I was so happy the first time I was able to do that. I couldn’t get enough of sucking Carter off. I came almost every time. Coming up for air, I started jerking Carter off. Sometimes I zone out when I do it. His dick is so large and it goes inside of me and thinking about it gets me so wet. Carter was silent, but his face told the whole story. He had his eyes closed and was biting his lip. He could never hide how much he enjoyed when I gave him head. After a few seconds I went back to sucking his dick. With one hand I stroked Carter’s cock, while the other groped his balls. I knew this would get Carter on the edge of cumming. It had worked so many times before. “Oh god. Please don’t stop. I’m about to cum. You want my cum Sloane?” “Yes. Always. Cum in my dirty mouth. Make me swallow it all.” Carter’s legs started to get weak, and he soon released a huge, thick load of cum into my mouth. I felt myself getting dizzy from the intoxicating smell. I did my best to keep it all in my mouth, but some started to drip onto my chin. “Hey now, what did I tell you? All of it goes in your mouth.” “Sorry sweetie. I’ll take care of it.” I took one of my fingers and scooped the remaining cum back in my mouth. I looked up at Carter and seductively licked my finger to make sure it was all gone. Carter gave me a thumbs up to let me know I had gotten it all. “As usual, that was amazing. I think I’ll get a great nights sleep.” “Yes you will. Glad I could be of service honey.” “I hate leaving you. Are we still on for dinner tomorrow?” “Of course. I can’t wait. You’ll be staying over right?” “Yep. Goodnight beautiful.” Carter kissed me one more time then leaned down and kissed my belly. “Goodnight Bostancı Escort Bayan to you as well. See you both tomorrow.” Work came and went, and afterwards I raced home to make dinner for Carter. I was so excited to see him today. I understood why we couldn’t have sex last night, but the entire time I was at work it’s all I could think about. I worshipped that mans penis and I couldn’t wait for it to be inside me tonight. Since Carter doesn’t have class on the weekends he can sleep over and not have to worry about getting up early. We can have a nice dinner, fuck all night, sleep, then wake up and have sex again. It was the best. While I was finishing up dinner Carter called me to let me know he was on his way. “Great, can’t wait to see you baby.” “Yeah.” Carter hung up right after that. He sounded weird, but I didn’t think anything of it. I needed to put the finishing touches on this meal. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I rushed to answer it. “Hi!” “Hey.” “It’s so good to see you.” “What? I saw you yesterday.” “I know, but being away from you no matter how long is torture. Don’t you agree?” “Yeah. I’m starving.” Carter made his way into the kitchen while I followed behind. I was right, there was something up with him. Carter was never that short with me before and I know he hates being away from me just as much as I do. Maybe he had a bad day. Carter’s mood didn’t improve at dinner. He barely said a word and he seemed more distant than usual. I would try to ask him questions and he would either ignore me or give vague responses. This wasn’t my boyfriend. After dinner Carter helped me clean up. I was going to take this chance to get to the bottom of why he was in a funk. I didn’t want this awkwardness to affect the rest of the night. “Hey.” “Yeah?” “What’s going on with you? You seem like you have something on your mind.” “It’s nothing Sloane. Just one of those days you know?” “No, I don’t know. You haven’t told me anything about your day. I’ve done the majority of the talking this evening.” “I’m sorry.” Carter came over to me and lifted me up with his big arms. I couldn’t help but smile when he did that. It made me feel so tiny compared to him and I loved it. “It’s okay. Just know you can tell me anything. We’re a family now.” “I know. Thanks babe. Wanna go upstairs?” I was so sure sex would cure whatever was going on with Carter. I was sadly mistaken. Carter seemed to be in a rush. There was very little foreplay and he didn’t even ask me to get him hard. I loved getting him hard. We fucked in missionary, and it lasted a good ten minutes. I didn’t expect a marathon, but I expected more than ten minutes. Of all the times we have had sex, I don’t think we’ve ever finished quicker than thirty minutes. When Carter got Escort Bostancı off of me I tried to suck his dick to get the remaining cum out. “That’s alright Sloane. You don’t have to do it this time.” “But I want to baby. I love sucking you clean. Are you sure?” “Yes. I’m pretty tired actually. I might hit the hay early.” “Okay. Well, goodnight.” One half assed kiss on the cheek later and Carter was fast asleep. What the hell! I was furious. I could forgive the foul mood at dinner, the lame apology afterwards, and even the lackluster sex. A passionless goodnight kiss? No way. My hormones have been out of whack recently because of the baby but I knew I wasn’t overreacting. I went to bed horny, and somewhat sad. Carter was not being himself and I didn’t like it. I was going to make it a point to talk to him in the morning about his weird behavior. Maybe he just needed a good nights sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I immediately noticed something. Carter was gone. I couldn’t believe he would leave without saying goodbye. What was wrong with him? I went back to bed for a while and woke up a few hours later. I decided to text Carter to see where he ran off to. He responded a few minutes later saying he had to help his roommate with something. I knew it was a lie, but I was so mad I didn’t care. I spent the entire day in bed. I gave a new definition to the phrase, Netflix and Chill. Since we didn’t have sex last night (those ten minutes did not count) I started fingering myself in the afternoon. I felt I was getting close to a powerful orgasm, but I stopped right before I came. I didn’t want to be using my hands. I wanted Carter’s big strong black hands to be deep inside my pussy. Being mad at a guy and wanting that same guy to finger fuck you until you squirt all over his fingers? It sucks big time. It was now the early evening, and I still hadn’t heard from Carter. I started to worry. Was he in trouble? Did he make it back to campus? Or worse, was he ignoring me? I wasn’t going to let this stand all night. I decided to do something drastic. I got out of bed and went straight to my closet. I picked out my favorite outfit, a long light blue sun dress. I took a nice long shower and put own some makeup. I was visibly pregnant but I wasn’t worried about it. My tits were being shown off very well, and my ass was looking great. I knew Carter wouldn’t be expecting me and that’s what I was hoping. I wanted to confront him and find out why he was acting so strange. Driving over to Carter’s dorm I started getting nervous. What was I doing? I’m pregnant, driving to my boyfriends dormitory to confront him over something that might be nothing. Good grief Sloane, what’s gotten into you? This baby for one thing. My emotions were all over the place and I just needed to get to the bottom of this. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get into Carter’s dorm. He had told me once that a guest needs to be signed in by a resident. I stood outside for a few minutes pondering my next move when I noticed two young girls staring at me. They seemed like nice enough ladies so I decided to give it a shot. “Hello girls.

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