The List Vol. 02


I sighed. It was good to be home after a day like today. My students had been awful, acting more like first graders than the high school juniors they were. So much for trying to teach about World War II today. I put the car in park, grabbed my purse and quickly entered the house.

“Damn, Elliot!” I mumbled to myself and the cat.

Elliot was working tonight, which meant he’d been home alone all day. Elliott had his good qualities, but picking up after himself was not one of them. There was a mound of dirty dishes in the sink, along with three pots left on the stove. I walked over and noticed there was still mac and cheese in one of them. His dirty clothes from yesterday were lying across the back of the couch, and the cat was toying with one of his dirty socks in the floor.

“Could you not even manage to take out the garbage?” I wondered aloud as I noticed the overflowing garbage can in the corner.

I was pissed. Elliot’s night shifts were becoming more frequent as a result of his latest promotion. I hated being alone in the house, and even worse, I hated going to sleep by myself in our king sized bed. I was learning to cope, though. A good investment in a Wii and a sewing machine had given me more to occupy my mind.

The dog barking outside reminded me to change into my comfy clothes and go for a run. I walked into the bathroom and began to shed my black skirt, simple pink tank sweater and cardigan. As I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor, I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror. I was a good looking woman. No wonder the male students at school were so anxious to be in my history classes. I was by far the youngest and nicest looking teacher in the history department. I pulled off the cardigan, and sat on the edge of the tub to remove my stockings. I had never been a fan of full-fledged pantyhose, but thigh highs suited me well. I pushed them down my shapely legs and realized how well I had shaved that morning. My legs felt incredible. I stood and lifted the pink sweater over my head. Standing before the mirror in nothing more than my simple white bra and panties, I ran my hands down and over my breasts and stomach. My tits certainly had increased in size since Elliott and I had been married. I was wearing a full D cup now, compared to the slightly full C I had been 2 years before. My stomach was somewhat flat, rounding out slightly just above my pubic area. I turned to the side and looked at my profile. My ass curved nicely, not too much and not too little.

As I stood admiring myself, I realized that my pussy was starting to moisten. I couldn’t help but feel that it was a shame that Elliott was working tonight. I could really stand a good fucking after a day like today. Oh well. I walked into the closet and slipped on my running shorts and t-shirt. After lacing my shoes, grabbing my iPod, and the dog leash, I headed outside and took off.

When I returned two miles and 30 minutes later, I was sweaty, but satisfied. Running relaxed me in ways nothing else could. I slipped off my tennis shoes and headed for the kitchen to tackle the dishwasher and sink. After getting that mess under control, I started to ravage güvenilir bahis the fridge for supper. I was starving. I pulled out the pizza box from last night and helped myself to 3 slices of pepperoni. Even cold, it was uncommonly good. As I stood with the refrigerator door open, I noticed that Elliott hadn’t finished off all the beer and grabbed a cold longneck from the bottom shelf. I twisted the cap off and took a long swallow. It must be just plain wrong somewhere for something to taste as good as pizza and beer. I walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch without turning on the TV. No need. I was going to take a bath in a few minutes anyhow.

I jumped when the phone suddenly rang. I snatched it from the coffee table and pressed the talk button.


“Hey baby. How was your day?” Elliott asked.

“Rotten. My kids were outrageous today. I didn’t get half of the stuff taught that I planned.”

“I’m sorry. My day was pretty good. I mowed the grass this morning before leaving for work.”

I softly snorted to myself. That was the only thing he’d done.

“So, when do you think you’ll make it home?” I questioned.

“I don’t know. We’ve got an illegal bar we’ve got to go take care of in Windom. It’ll probably be around 2 or 3,” he replied.

“Okay. I guess I’ll see you in the morning then. Please be careful and I love you.”

“I will be, and I love you too,” Elliott said, then hung up. I sighed as I placed the phone back on the table. Looked like I was in for another long and lonely night. I decided it was time to go on and take my bath.

I went into the bathroom and realized my cunt was still damp from my slight self exploration before my run. If was going to be alone tonight, I might as well make the best of it after a day like today. I reached for the waterproof vibrator/dildo I kept under my sink and laid it on the ledge of the tub. I started a hot bath and slowly peeled off my clothes as the water filled the tub. As I removed my bra, I allowed my hands to run over my tits several times, stopping to softly stroke my nipples. They began to harden and protrude. I bent and removed my panties, tracing the outside of my pussy lips once I was free of my undergarments. The tub was about one-third of the way full, so I eased myself into the large garden-sized tub, leaned back and began to pleasure myself.

I dampened my fingers in the water and began to tweak my nipples again. I adored having my tits played with and had been known to cum simply from that type of stimulation. I scooted my ass towards the faucet and lifted and spread my legs against the side of the bathtub so that my pussy was under the flowing water. I had discovered this little trick in high school and it was one of my favorites. The warm water showered down on my clit. It felt so good, like nothing else, not even Elliott’s tongue. I continued my work on my nipples, pulling and pinching them harder and harder until they began to tingle. Then I rubbed them in circles softly and slowly. My cunt was beginning to get really hot and I could feel an orgasm coming. I pulled myself from under the water. I didn’t want to come just yet. türkçe bahis Elliott had taught me the pleasures of waiting. I gave my nipples a break and leaned against the back of the tub. I thought back to the morning not so long ago when he had made me wait so long for my orgasm. That had ranked as number 9 on our top ten list…


We had been at it like rabbits all night. We were trying desperately to get pregnant, and we wanted to make sure we were having sex while I was ovulating, which made me madly horny. I woke up before Elliott, still wet and hot from the night before. When I was ovulating, it seemed like nothing could satisfy me. I eased out of bed and quietly crept to the bathroom. When I was finished, I stripped off my panties and t-shirt, and then snuck back into bed. I was going to give Elliott a one-of-a-kind wake up call. I slipped my hands under the covers and began to massage his cock. He was naked and his dick was already semi-hard. It didn’t take him long to spring to full size. He was almost awake now, so I pulled the sheet back and began my oral assault on his cock and balls. I swirled my tongue around his balls, then up and down his cock roughly. He sighed and shifted his legs so I could get in a more comfortable position between his knees. I roughly tugged at his balls while it took his entire dick in my mouth, my nose pressed into his pubic hair. I loved the way he smelled when we’d had sex. Something about the combination of his juices and mine was intoxicating. I’d begun to pump his shaft with my mouth and hand when he reached down and pushed me away.

“No. Not yet, “he moaned.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I’m not going to have but one, and I don’t want my load in your mouth,” he replied.

I could solve that problem. I quickly straddled him and lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. Despite his thorough fucking the night before, my cunt was tight and it took some patience and maneuvering from both of us. I finally reached the bottom of his shaft and paused, enjoying the sensation of being so incredibly full. I began to rock back and forth rather quickly. Elliott reached up and grabbed my hips, stopping my rhythm. I looked at him, confused.

“Slowly. Let’s enjoy this,” he whispered.

I pulled my pussy up from the base of his cock, almost pulling completely out, then inched my way back down, feeling every inch of him enter me. I loved this speed. Elliott wasn’t usually into the slow screws, but he seemed to be enjoying it this morning. I continued thrusting up and down, not realizing I was slowly increasing my speed. Each time I got a little too fast, Elliott would reach up, massage my tits and tell me to slow down. I would slow down, and eventually I began to feel the twinges and tingles in my cunt that signaled an approaching orgasm.

I must have shown my pleasure in my face because Elliott roughly stopped the motion of my hips with his hands and grunted.


I obliged. It was tough to stop when I was this close. After a few moments he removed his hands, and I continued my slow grind against his cock.

“I know you’re getting güvenilir bahis siteleri close,” he said, “but when you get close, just stop and when you do finally cum, it’ll be really good.”

I didn’t know how long I could hold out, but decided to give it a try. Elliott stopped me 4 more times. By that point, I was panting and moaning. I needed to cum. My clit was huge and sensitive and my pussy felt like it would explode. I increased my speed and Elliott didn’t stop me. He must have been getting close too. I was thrusting up and down so hard that the sound of the slap of my thighs against his surprised me. I was so damn close, but couldn’t seem to push over the edge. Elliott sensed my frustration, reached up and pulled my nipples hard. That was all I needed.

“Ohhhhhh God!” I cried out as Elliott moaned loudly.

I could feel his cock suddenly swell and then hot semen sprayed all over the walls of my pussy. My cunt was contracting and my legs were still pistoning me up and down on his shaft. It felt so good that I didn’t want to stop, but my legs quickly got very weak and I ground to a halt. I sat straddling him for a good 3 minutes before moving. He and I were both in awe. I lifted myself off his shaft and lay down beside him to catch my breath. His eyes were still closed and I spoke to him.

“Elliott, I’m glad you made me keep waiting. That was really good.”

“Yeah, I know. It was good on this end too.”


I opened my eyes and realized my fingers were pumping in and out of my hot cunt. The bathtub was full, so I stopped to turn the faucet off and snatched my vibrator from the ledge. It was a dildo with a vibrating clit massager. It wasn’t Elliott, but it would do in times of desperate need. I switched it on and thrust it into my waiting pussy.

It was bigger than Elliott, so it stretched me gloriously. I pumped it in and out over and over, using my free hand to squeeze and pinch my nipples. I thrust it in as hard as I could and let it rest against my clit for a few seconds, liking this new rhythm. I continued pumping it in and out of my pussy. The warm water around me only increased the sensations between my legs. My hips began to buck and I knew it was a matter of seconds. I stopped myself, drew the dildo out, and rubbed it in circles on my clit. I wanted to give myself a good one tonight. I slowly increased the speed in which I was circling my clit, occasionally dipping down into my stretched cunt, pushing the tip of the vibrator into myself. I realized I was getting impatient and I needed some release. I began to piston the vinyl shaft in and out of my cunt roughly, enjoying the slight pain of being stretched anew each time. My hips bucked wildly and the water sloshed around me. I slammed the fake cock into my pussy as hard as I could and my orgasm struck. I moaned aloud and pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out, trying to extend my orgasm as long as possible. After a minute, the contractions stopped.

I lay spent in the tub of quickly cooling water. I regained my ability to think clearly, got out of the tub and dried myself. I drained the water out of the tub as I pulled on my nightie and clean panties. It was a good way to end the day, I decided as I lay down and quickly drifted off to sleep. Elliott would be home in a few hours, and then we could try to create a new placeholder on our list.

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