The Prize

Group Sex

I am a slut, and I love cock!I love to have a cock filling my mouth. It is not just the arousing sight of a man with a massive hard erection, but the taste, the feel of bulging veins, or a shaft smooth as a baby’s bottom feel. My lover’s cock may be nestled in a scrubby thicket of pubic hair, or maybe he shaves his junk and I do not have to extract pubes from between my pearly whites. The texture, the smell is arousing for me.I lay next to him, my head on his abdomen, my mouth scant inches from his cock. I am thinking about how I will please my lover who desires to feed me his hardon. I reach over and run my hands over his body, feeling the soft hair of his chest, running my sharp nails along with his nipples. He always feels so good to me. I roll over and wrap myself around him, now adding the touch of my tongue to his body. I can feel his arousal stirring; his cock is stretching. His nipples are hard and salty, and I playfully lick them.My hands roam all over his shoulders, neck, and face; where my hands güvenilir bahis go, my tongue seems to automatically follow. There is something powerful about him that makes me starve for the taste of him, the feel of his cock rubbing my naked body. Rolling onto him, I straddle him and lick along the seam of his lips; they are warm, full, and inviting. I can feel his breathing increasing as if he is torn between giving pleasure or receiving it. I know he will receive the pleasure I intend to give it to him. I wiggle my body; I can feel his swollen cock pressing hard against my belly.I hear him moan as I slide my crotch over his erection. Rubbing my wet, pink slit as his cock glides between the fleshly folds of my puffy pussy lips. My pussy is wet, and the tip of his hard spear is rubbing the tip of my pulsating clit. I am whimpering. I am unsure if it is from need or pleasure, maybe both. I feel his hands now on my hips, guiding my movements over his cock, varying the pressure and making my pussy drip. güvenilir bahis siteleri I know that I could make him cum fast if I wanted to, but I do not wish to make him cum just yet. I want to delay the pleasure for us as long as I can resist.He seems to be reading my mind because he lifts me away from him, elevates my body, and then with his hands, subtly guides me down his body, slowly. Now, I savor the taste of his skin on my lips and tongue. I lick his body all the way down to his pulsating cock. As my tongue reaches his cock, I lick it so softly, gently, and languidly. The intensity of this blowjob increases as I take my time to blow his mind and his cock.Now licking and nibbling at his balls, my nose is buried in his groin. I inhale deeply, savoring his masculine scent, his aroma wafting from his crotch. The aroma coming from him is the most arousing smell I could ever think of. There are no words to describe the intensity of the pleasure I feel at this moment. I cup his balls with my hands iddaa siteleri and squeeze them as my tongue slides its way up and down his thick shaft. I am tasting every inch of his cock, coating it heavily with my own saliva. He reaches for my short hair; as he becomes more insistent for his pleasure.He pulls my mouth up to cover the head of his hard cock, and I suck it into my mouth. I listen to his breathing, looking for the signs of pleasure I know will soon pour forth from his lips. He gasps loudly as I very slowly ease my mouth down his cock, making my throat relax so that he can reach the back of my throat. I have been trying very hard to achieve this, and I have to concentrate on my breathing to successfully get him deep down my throat. If I forget to breathe, I will gag, and then I become a little frightened and back off. I now hold my mouth very still with his cock deep in my throat. Just allowing my tongue to swirl over and around his cock, stroking it vigorously up and down. His hands are tightening in my hair, pulling; he is breathing rapidly and loudly. Then I hear him mutter, “Aaahhhhhhh.” I smile around his hard cock and begin to bounce my head up and down the shaft fucking his cock as if my mouth were a pussy for him to use.

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