The Redhead is My Aunt


(Second and final part to this story)

Well shit, this was a problem. At first I was squeamish about getting a blow job from my aunt -that was incest, and all my life I’d been taught it was not something one should do. However, once I started thinking about it, I began to wonder what the big deal was. First off, I knew that it had come to mean that if you married any of your nearest and dearest you could turn out children that looked like nuclear survivors, and that was a bad idea. But, if all you wanted to do was fuck each other or do oral sex on them, what was the big deal?

When the night was over, I stopped at the front desk and told Lily not to send that particular redhead my way again. She wanted to know why not. “I dunno,” I told her, not wanting to explain the particulars. “Just a superstition from my misspent youth. You won’t, will you?”

“No, but if you’re all I’ve got then you’ll get her.”

“Okay, fair enough.” I said good night and went out into the night. Over the next couple of weeks, each time Lily sent someone back I’d watch and see who was entering my room. She stuck to her word and I didn’t see Aunt Georgiana, usually called Georgie, in there again. But still, what was I to do? I had made it a habit to stop by and see my aunt every couple of weeks or so, and I’d put it off going on three weeks. I had to make a decision. That being said, should I tell her or not and then let Lily send her to me whenever she comes in to the sex shop? Then there was the blow job itself, every time I thought about it I’d get a terrific hard on – she was that good.

I finally decided to stop by and see her, but I wasn’t going to tell her about the “deed.”

On Friday I had errands to run after work so she settled for Saturday afternoon. I figured I could get in and out in a couple of hours then hit the bars later on. It didn’t work that way. We had always enjoyed each other’s company. We could talk for hours, and in all that talking we would tease each other. Never anything sexual, but I was always more than aware of her looks. She was short, like my mom, but she was built to perfection, at least as I judged it anyway; narrow waist, great ass and tits, and the kind of red hair that frizzes out all over the place. She always wore fire-engine red lipstick on her full lips. More than once I’d imagined those lips on my cock, but because of the incest thing I squelched those thoughts rather quickly. But now, watching her move around the kitchen putting together a light lunch, that was all I could think about. And, of course, I got a terrific erection.

I had to cross my legs so she wouldn’t see it. She didn’t because she had her back to me, but my cock was uncomfortable and just as I was getting ready to make some serious adjustments she turned around with a couple plates in her hands. “Here ya go, your favorite, bologna sandwiches and milk.”

“Funny. That was great stuff when I was a kid.”

“You’re still a kid, just eat the thing and we’ll both be happy.”

“When was the last time you went on a date?”

“What’s that all about? When did you start worrying about my social life?”

“I’ve always worried about it, Georgie . You’ve never been married, and I don’t believe you’ve dated more than two guys.”

“I don’t know why I should answer that question.”

“Of course you don’t have to, but if you don’t I might have to beat the information out of you.”

“You’d really beat your old auntie?”

“Within an inch of your young life.” The bologna sandwich was every bit as good as I remembered it, and I told her so. She gave me a bow and my eyes automatically went to the top of her blouse. It fell open and once again I saw those lovely tits. I don’t know if she realized she was flashing me, but I wasn’t going to say anything about it. She might do it again. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I started to wonder if she was wearing panties. I could either mind my own business, or I could drop something on the floor and see if she had her knees apart.

“Actually, I really don’t date much. And the reason for that is that for one thing I make more money than most of the guys I meet, and secondly I’m too smart for them as well.”

“That’s it? You are smart, no doubt about it, but why should that prevent you from dating?”

“I dunno , some guys get really nervous around smart women, so I’m waiting till a smart, good-looking guy comes along.”

“You know, you could always date women.”

“Oh, yeah, real funny. But despite your dirty mind, I do have girlfriends that I go out with sometimes.”

“How much fun can that be?”

“Lots of fun. We can talk about men all we want. And whether you know it or not, we do talk about sex.”

“Yeah? What do you say about it?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Why not? I’m old enough.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Then what?”

“If you’re finished I’ll take your plate.” She stood and took our plates to the sink and ran some water over them. She got us a couple more escort ataşehir beers, sat down again, and stared at me. I was afraid I had pushed her a little too far.

“What’s this sudden interest in my private life?”

I was playing with my key ring, tossing it up and catching it. “No sudden interest. Just that driving over here I got to thinking about living alone. I do, and you do, and I began to wonder what it’s like for a woman to live alone. Whether it’s the same as a guy or if there’re different problems. That’s all. Kind of a compare and contrast thing.” That’s when I dropped the keys, and before she could move I bent over to pick them up. Oh shit! Legs spread and no panties, and no pussy hair. My old auntie is pretty cool, she shaves! I got the keys and sat up as quick as I could – I didn’t want her to think I did that just so I could look up her skirt.

But the way she was looking at me I began to wonder if I wasn’t as slick as I thought, and that she knew exactly what had happened. She either let it pass, or I was imagining stuff.

“I’m sure there are some differences, but probably for the most part there’s little difference. I’m pretty sure that guys get home and take off their clothes and then spend the rest of the evening walking around naked. The women I know don’t do that. They’ll get home and change into a nightgown or dressing gown or something like that, but they’re not naked.”

“I suppose. What else?”

“Do you walk around naked?”

I didn’t see that one coming. Do I lie or not? “Most of the time. I don’t particular like wearing clothes.”

“Would you go nude in public?”

“Depends on what you mean by public. Going around town naked would be out of the question, but a nude beach or something like that would be awesome.”

“Why don’t you join a nudist club?”

“I actually looked into it, and they all said they don’t take single men, so that let me out. I suppose if I found a woman who wanted to stick around and join a nudist club then I’d put in an application. What about you?” I asked.

“I’m an exception to the rule. I also enjoy being naked, so I’m usually naked at home. But as for joining a nudist club, I would if I had a man to go with me, or even a woman. As for walking the streets, yeah I’d do that, but not alone, with a crowd or at least a few others.”

“So then if I stopped by unannounced I’d catch you naked?”

“No, I’d put something on before opening the door! You nut case!” She laughed. I loved her laugh. It started down around her toes and came out a great deep belly laugh. She seemed to have a lot to laugh about and I always thought that was fun.

“I suppose that would make sense.”

The conversation was left there. We went on to other things, but there had been a subtle shift in attitude, on both our parts. I decided to leave it for now, take it up later. Around midnight I said goodnight and went home.

I finished my shower and went to bed. I was tired but at the same time I couldn’t get the image of Aunt Georgie’s pussy out of my mind, it was seared there. Picturing that image and thinking of the things I’d like to do with it, I began stroking my cock, slowly, running my fingertips up and down the underside of my shaft and down over my balls. I was hard as a rock in no time flat, and I went into some serious stroking, quickly picking up speed. I sent my other hand down to hold and fondle my balls and between the two I was fast approaching an orgasm. I could feel my cock getting harder and hotter as I pounded the hell out of it. I could have held out for a while longer but the image of Georgie’s pussy was looking like a pussy ready for a cock to slam into it, and I was. I howled like a banshee and shot the first wad of cum straight up into the air. It came down, hitting the pillow beside my head. Cool! By then the second was on the way skyward and it landed on my shoulder. I changed the angle of my cock, lowering it a little, and shot the third wad which hit my chest just under my chin. By the time it was all over I’d squirted another half dozen ropes of cum from my chin to my belly-button.

The fun part of all this was that I scooped up all the cum I could and sucked it off my fingers. Okay, so I’m a freak. I still love the taste of my own cum, especially when eating it out of a pussy. And right then I was visualizing eating my cum out of my aunt’s pussy. I went to sleep.

Lily had called and wanted to know if I could work Monday night. I promised I’d be there. And I was, even a little early, so I asked her a question that was on my mind. “Lily, why do women come in here?”

“What? Isn’t it obvious? To give blow jobs.”

“No, I mean why. I figure they can get any guy they want to blow them .”

“No, that’s not entirely true. I think the reasons they come here, and why this place works, is because most women love oral sex and for whatever reason they’ve got husbands or boyfriends who won’t let them blow ’em. Some live alone and want a place to go and give kadıköy escort a guy a blow job without all the hassles of picking someone up and all that goes with it. We’ve had women in here with very low self-esteem, thinking this was the closest they’d ever get to sex, so they’d pay for the privilege and for a little while they’d feel important . And then there’s always the power thing. Getting a guy’s dick in your mouth gives a woman a lot of control. That answer your question?”

“Sure. More than I thought.”

“What did you think?”

“I guess I thought only desperate women would come here.”

“Not at all. Some women have a mate who lets them blow him all they want, but sometimes they want something different. Then they show up here, and some even bring their mates along with them. Takes all sorts.”

“I love this job!”

“Good, now get back there and get ready for work!”

I headed down the hall to my little cube, but I had one more question for her. “Lily! When do I get to eat your pussy?”

“Ha – Ha!”

Okay, she was being a little sarcastic, but I figured sooner or later she’d give in. In the meantime I got naked, washed my dick and waited for my first customer. It wasn’t long before the phone rang. Lily told me it was play time, limp dick in the hole. I heard someone walking down the hall and stuck my cock through the hole and waited, eye glued to the peep-hole. Ah! A blonde with long hair and what seemed to be a narrow face. The thing of sexual fantasies.

And thus began another day on the job. I was hot that night and gave up four loads of cum. The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, if you can call getting three or four blow jobs a night uneventful. My last night for that week was Friday. It was raining and rather cold so I figured it would be a slow night. Actually, it turned out to be a little different than I thought.

The first three women wanted to give a blow job without the bells and whistles. The second lady blew me then put her pussy up to the hole and I rubbed my cock up and down her slit for a few minutes then slid it inside her. She was tight, and I made sure it took a few minutes to reach bottom. Lovely! I slowly pulled back out until the ridge of my cock was almost ready to come out, then I went in deep again. From that point on she took over and fucked me at a furious pace. Within minutes she was breathing like a steam engine, then moaning, which very soon turned to loud grunts then shouts. She was cumming hard! And I was trying to shove my cock so far up her cunt I’d be able to touch her teeth. Then I started cumming too and between the two of us they could hear us three counties over! I must have shot a half ton of cum into her and for a long time she stood there, my cock in her pussy. Then she pulled off and that was the end of that. Fuck! I wanted to lick her cunt!

I cleaned up and sat on my sofa, legs sprawled out wide apart wishing some babe would come into the other room and look at my cock and balls through the glory hole, but that wasn’t going to happen. I began to doze when the phone rang. It had been at least a half hour since the little hotty was here and I thought Lily was going to send me home. Nope, another client, hard on in the hole.

Okay, I pulled up the image of Aunt Georgie’s pussy and began to stroke myself and within a few minutes I was hard. Just in time, the footsteps were almost here and I got up and put my little charmer through the hole and waited.

The door opened and closed then it sounded like she was taking all her clothes off. I looked my little spy hole, but all I saw was a coat hanging on the hook. When she kneeled onto the stool, I heard clothes rustling so she hadn’t got undressed at all. That was fine. But now she had wrapped her hand around my cock and was slowly pulling on it, jerking me off. That was cool, I didn’t mind. She was an expert at it; slowly, then she’d pick up the pace a little then slow down, and all the time she was driving me crazy. It took her about five minutes and then I was ready to cum. If she continued on this way she’d get a load of cum in the face or on her tits, depending on how she was sitting. Or she’d take me in her mouth at the last moment. She didn’t do either. She stopped, simply stopped moving. Nothing was happening for several minutes, except she didn’t once let go of my cock. This was a little puzzling, but I waited to see what would happen.

After what seemed like an eternity, she began jerking me off again, but this time she went at a slower pace. This was getting interesting, now what? I soon found out. She began licking the head of my cock and that was almost too much, but she wasn’t about to let me off so easy. She stopped again, waiting a few minutes, then suddenly my cock was going down her throat. She was moving up and down, deep throating like a champ. I was ready to call Lily and tell her to lock this woman in this little room.

She hit her stride. Her head must have been bouncing up and down like a fine maltepe escort bayan tuned piston, and now I was going stiff, seconds from firing a whole load of cum down her throat, but she stopped again! What the fuck was she doing to me? Did she think I couldn’t tear down this wall and get to her hot mouth or pussy? That I wouldn’t fuck her until her tonsils ended up on the ceiling?

Fuck. She let me come down again. I still had a hard on, but still a little bit away from shooting the wad. She was still holding my cock, but then she started playing with it again, using her fingernails on it as well as on my balls. A minute later my cock went down her throat again, and again she was bobbing away on my cock. Tickling my balls and pushing one finger toward the back, the end of her nail just reaching my asshole. This was it, in about two seconds I was going to cum!

Counting down, one second to go…she pulled off me. Her hand dropped my cock. Her fingertip was nowhere near my asshole. A rustle. The door opening then closing. She had left. I listened to her heels clicking on the floor, fading into the distance. I stood against the wall. A fucking hard on, and even my balls were sweating. I couldn’t believe it. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Well, you dumb shit, the most obvious thing is to step back, jack off and shoot your cum all over the wall instead of down her throat. I stepped back. No surprise here, my cock was limp as a baby’s dick. It was still wet from her mouth and I wrapped my hand around it then licked her saliva off my hand. I was defeated. I got dressed and headed for the front.

“Lily, let me tell you what just happened …” It was a while before she stopped laughing. It was funny when you got right down to it, and I was laughing just as hard as she was. But later that night at home, lying naked on my bed, I wasn’t laughing anymore, I was jerking off like crazy, and of course I ended up shooting cum half way to the ceiling, and it seemed like a half hour passed before I stopped. I would have loved to launch that load into that woman’s mouth but it didn’t happen.

It wasn’t exactly a half hour, but it sure felt like it. That was over but I knew it was going to be a while before I’d be able to sleep. I also knew I wasn’t done jerking off, and I began playing with my cock, reliving the feeling that woman left me with. I still couldn’t believe how hot she was. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life gotten a blow job like that, if only she’d have finished the job. But thinking about it, my Aunt Georgie was pretty damn good too. Now if only she’d make a career out of blowing me, but at the same time her shiny, bald pussy looked like it could use my tongue for a few hours, not to mention my cock.

The phone rang just as I was getting a hard on. It didn’t stop me, but I wondered if I should answer it. I went ahead and answered. A fucking Hollywood moment! It was good ole Auntie Georgie. I commenced jacking off in earnest listening to that voice coming out of that mouth.

“Catch you at a bad time?”

“Nope, just hanging out, contemplating my navel.”

“Oh, that sounds really exciting. Is anything going to come of it?”

“Naw, probably not, but I got nothing else to do at the moment.”


“As in zip, zilch, zero.”

“That’s exciting. If you’ve not had dinner, want to join me? I’ll pick you up.”

“What time?”

“About ten minutes?”

“Sure, I gotta get dressed. Just got out of the shower.”

“Yeah? Does that mean you’re naked?”

“Geez Auntie, what kinda question for your favorite nephew?”

“Are you too young for this much sex?”

“No, I passed that a few days ago. Now I’m working on internet pictures.”

“Yeah, how come you don’t have a girlfriend? When’s the last time you had one?”

“I don’t know, it’s been awhile.”

“We gotta get you set up. Put some clothes on, I’m leaving now.” She hung up the phone and I shot a wad of cum toward the ceiling. If I kept this up I was going to have blisters on my pecker for years to come.

By the time I finished dressing I heard Georgie’s car pull into the driveway. I locked up and hopped into the car. It was one of those small sports jobs that put the passenger fairly close to the driver. I could get really cozy in there. She surprised me by grabbing my chin and pulling my face toward hers. She gave me a light kiss on the lips and a big smile before putting the car in gear and tearing off. She gave me one of those big shit-eating grins that can stop traffic. I’d never seen her that playful before and had to wonder what she was up to. I decided to wait and see how the evening went.

She picked a pretty fancy restaurant, so we had quite the meal and probably more wine than was good for us. We were both slightly wobbly as we left the restaurant, knowing that neither one of was in any condition to be driving. Besides, the valet guy took one look at Georgie, and smiling said he couldn’t bring her car around, however he would call us a cab.

“No, no cab. Can you call us a hotel, close enough to walk to?”

“Yes ma’am, at the end of this block turn left and about half way down is a hotel. It’s rather small, very elegant. It’s also somewhat expensive. I’ll call ahead and get a room for you.”

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