The Research Institute Pt. 03


Breakfast next day.

Harry looked up and saw Will and Geoff talking and laughing at the breakfast table, ‘and then she said, “have you come yet”?’

Geoff was in stitches but managed to gasp out, ‘like when you’re a kid in a car, “are we there yet”.’

This sent them both into a laughing fit, ‘Will’s just telling me about his mom’s reaction to their session last night,’ then thinking about it laughed some more.

‘I had to kid her I was about to come so she’d let me enter her, then after that it was “have you come yet”, I tell you guys, I took my time after that, I reckon we’re going to earn the full $800,000-00.’

Each had a story to tell but the ladies entered the breakfast room, Coral saw their merriment and thought they were swopping stories, ‘what’s with all the fun, bragging, are we?’

Harry replied, ‘don’t ask me I just arrived,’ this diverted any more questions as everyone headed to the buffet to select their breakfasts.

‘Wonder what they’ve got in store for us today,’ Ellen asked to no-one in particular.

‘Can’t be any worse than yesterday, legs in the air wearing garter belt and stockings.’ Just then Perry came over to them as they finished off, ‘chance to earn some money, folks.’

‘Just how exactly,’ demanded Coral, still sore from being the only lady there wearing stockings.

We’re going to compare your “artwork”, pricks and pussies, er’ you need to wear stockings for this, well I think you do,’ so saying all three ladies raised their flared skirts to expose, the stocking welt, stretched to thinness by the suspender strap, plus a bit of white thigh. ‘Well, thank you. I’m a bit taken aback by your enthusiasm, follow me everyone.’ And off they went, following the leader. Perry explained what to expect as they strode along together.

Upon entering the meeting room, they saw the blown-up photos of three penises and three vaginas, in both art form and photography. ‘This isn’t going to be as easy as I thought,’ Harry spoke for all of them.

Geoff made the obvious statement, I can’t remember whose vagina belongs to who, can’t we do something to jog our memories?’

Ellen realised straight away what he was angling at, ‘you’re trying to get us into those stirrups again, aren’t you Geoffrey?’ Using his full name to show she was ever so slightly peeved.

Perry interrupted before Geoff could answer, more money if you use the stirrups, everyone you get right is $30,000-00,’

‘Okay, where are those damned stirrups,’ she was being mock serious, and everyone saw the humour in her remark.

‘One last point, the professor suggests that the sons remove their mother’s panties, and then help them into the stirrups.

With much tutting and aaahring, they raised their flared skirts, each son leant forward and pulled their panties down, slowly and carefully, raising first one foot then the other the sons stood up, it was almost military in its precision. Lifting themselves onto the beds and swivelling around they lay back. Adjusting the stirrups and holding their legs they placed them into position. Standing back, they viewed their handiwork with satisfaction.

‘Looking only, no touching, let the game begin.’ Perry announced.

They had been issued with smaller pictures than those on the walls, looking at the drawings, staring from one pussy then another they were clearly baffled, Perry and his two assistants were smiling broadly.

‘Are you pulling a fast one,’ Will asked, just showing us three pictures of the same pussy?’

‘Not at all, it shows that one pussy is a lot like another, how are you ladies doing with your photos of the three penises?’

‘I think I’ve of got them in the right order,’ Coral replied, followed a moment later by Ellen. ‘I wish I’d taken a better look when I had the chance, but here goes,’ and they each handed the photos and drawing over to their personal assistants.

Perry perused them, looked up, ‘Well done, Ladies, you each got $30,000-00. Okay guys let’s see if you guys can do as well.’

‘Can we talk amongst ourselves?’ Harry asked.

‘Sure, you can have a look at each pussy as many times as you like, though there is a fifteen-minute limit.’ This time Gerry was speaking.

‘Come on guys, let’s put our heads together, give it some thought.’

They three of them went to Ellen first, ‘look, the clitoris is quite prominent,’ said Will.

‘True but the vulva, is slightly open, that’s not clear in the photos.’ Harry pointed out, ‘what do you think Geoff, you’re the nearest we’ve got to an expert.’

Geoff good humouredly shoulder them out of the way, he knew why Ellen had an “open” vulva, he’d had his penis in there early that morning, ‘Definitely, Ellen,’ he said, placing the pictures on the bed between her legs.

Next was Coral, ‘this should be easy now, we’ve eliminated one pussy, let’s concentrate on the last two,’ the others agreed with Harry.

‘Ten minutes left gentlemen,’ Gerry called out to them, plenty of time.’

The three of them moved on to Siobhan, then back to Coral, Ellen looked at her watch, she was bothered by the fact bursa escort that she was starting to feel herself becoming moist, also she wasn’t sure that she had managed to eject all of Geoff’s sperm from the morning session. “Please hurry up” she prayed silently.

Will was convinced that he recognised Siobhan’s inner labia, ‘see, look at this from this angle,’ Harry and Geoff peered over his shoulder, they each gave a shrug, ‘let’s check with Coral, one last time.’

They left the pictures between Siobhan’s legs, not having so many pictures made it easier, ‘you’re right Will, these last two pictures are the clincher.’

‘Two minutes left.’ Gerry reminded them.

‘We’re done, said Geoff, moving towards Ellen, he’d noticed a thin line of whiteness, between her labia. He reached for her panties and taking legs out of the stirrups he placed her panties over her feet and quickly pushed them up to cover her labia. She gave a sigh of relief and looked at him with gratitude.

The others were also dressed and standing, glad to be back on their feet.

‘Relax for the rest of the morning folks and check your bank accounts.’ This was Perry finishing the exercise. ‘See you all at the pool this afternoon, we can sunbathe and swim after lunch.

That afternoon.

After the stress of the morning’s competition, lucrative though it was, everyone relaxed around the pool, the mothers wore bikinis.

Terry was the acting bartender, making and serving cocktails, everyone tasted a different cocktail, they had to guess what the main ingredient was, again money was on offer, and everyone was glad that there was no onus on sex, well not at first.

Half-way through the afternoon, Terry made an announcement, every item of clothing removed earns 5,000-00 dollars.

Geoff’s ear pricked up at this, ‘that’s not fair, the ladies have two items, we only have one.’

‘Geoff, life isn’t always fair, just have to accept it.’ Geoff cheered up almost at once when three bikini tops were hastily removed, and then gathered up by Terry

‘Oh, what the hell,’ and standing up he removed his trunks, followed by Harry and Will. Siobhan entered the pool and called out to Terry as he picked up the discarded swimwear, ‘here’s another Terry, 10,000-00 dollars, that right?’

‘Sure, is Siobhan, you’re looking good if you don’t mind me saying say.’

‘It gets even better,’ she replied, emerging from the pool naked, and with virtually no pubic hair to conceal her charms.

Ellen and Coral joined her in discarding the bikini bottoms, ‘you know this is easy compared to laying on your back with your legs in the air,’ Ellen and Coral confirmed their approval of this statement from Siobhan.

‘Look at me everyone,’ Geoff called out, ‘I’m a submarine.’

‘How do you figure that,’ asked Coral.

His reply was to somehow achieve an erection, ‘see that’s my periscope, peeping just above the surface,’

‘Good one Geoff,’ Coral replied.

‘This morning it was more like a torpedo,’ Ellen told everyone, they laughed, they were all starting to bond together.

The afternoon went surprisingly quickly, nudity, cocktails and sex, when they were back in their rooms of course.

That evening.

Terry, Gerry and Perry served the meal and after coffees ushered them into the bar room. They pulled the ladies to one side, ‘needless to say, there’s another game for you to play, this one is to test how well your sons were observing your breasts, and how well they remember them.’

The ladies quickly found themselves topless on one side of a screen, with their sons on the other, ‘gentlemen, your task is to identify which lady is which by observing only their breasts, so come on up and have a good luck,’ so saying he pulled away the curtain to reveals six breasts, it wasn’t too difficult, Ellen had the largest pair, Coral was suntanned, which left Siobhan as the third. Geoff was about to speak but Harry placed his finger to his lips hoping to shush Geoff down.

‘I think we need to take our time; Gerry told me on the way in if we get all three correct, we get $30,000-00 each plus the same for the ladies,’ upon hearing this the ladies moved to look upon each other causing their breast to jingle, ‘here’s my plan,’ Harry took control, we each agree which tits, belong to which mother.’ He had hoped to see movement from his mother at his use of the word “tits”, but when all three pairs moved his plan was a non-starter, ‘well that didn’t work,’ he announced, can we touch them,’ he asked Gerry.

‘Hang on,’ he drew the curtain and went to speak in a whisper to the three mothers, he was back in two minutes, ‘nipples only guys, and no-one is to touch both breasts, you can touch only one per lady.’

Harry positioned the three of them in a row, one each, say the left one, one minute maximum, then we move up one and check out the right breast. ‘Which one do we check after that,’ Geoff asked.

There was a moment of incredulous silence, then subdued “tittering” from the ladies, ‘hang on everyone, I wasn’t suggesting our mothers had three tits,’ the tittering was bursa escort bayan now louder, everyone was smiling broadly except Geoff who looked aggrieved.

‘No one is saying that they thought that the ladies had three breasts, it just the way you said it, honestly,’ everyone felt free to laugh out loud.’

‘I suppose it could be misinterpreted,’ Geoff admitted, ‘but it still doesn’t answer my question, so is it left or right.

‘Good question, how about we each choose our favourite?’ And so, saying they shuffled along to their third and final check, grope would be a more appropriate word. They went up to Gerry and with minimal discussion made their choices they were of course correct, and each pocketed the full amount.

‘Okay ladies you can come out now, those breasts of yours made a great impression, and your sons have earned you all $30,000-00 each.

There was whooping and clapping of hands, until Siobahn spoke, ‘Gerry, what have you done with our bra’s?’

‘Er, I’ve put them somewhere, just fasten your blouses until I remember where I put them.’

Siobhan tutted, but all three buttoned up their blouses, their nipples were prominent as they pushed against the material.

‘Cocktails anyone,’ asked Terry, back on bartender duties. Perry and Gerry were huddled together while everyone else sat around the bar.

‘The Professor says we tell them tonight and tomorrow they plan, then the day after they do the dirty deed,’ Perry pulled a face at Gerry’s vulgarity, ‘we’re doing research, let’s treat it as such,’ suitably chastened Gerry nodded agreement.

‘Every time I move, my nipples rub against my blouse, Coral told them, the boys ceased their conversation to hear more.

‘Same with me,’ Ellen added, ‘though to be honest, I’m quite enjoying it, I’ll try to avoid wearing a bra in future, if possible, that is. What about you Siobhan?’

‘I’m glad I’m not the only one,’ she looked down at her breasts, ‘nipples are sticking out.’

As if one, the three ladies removed or undid their blouses, their sons, and Terry looked on, goggle-eyed. Breasts swinging gently, something as simple as raising a glass, as Geoff looked at Ellen, he had the pleasure of watching her tits move as she lowered her glass, a double whammy. ‘I wish I was an artist, there’s so much beauty here.’

‘What an unexpected compliment,’ said Harry, ‘anyone got a sketch pad and pencil,’ he asked to no-one in particular.

‘It just so happens, said Terry reaching under the bar, ‘I have her A3 sized paper, and you don’t need to have artistic ability, to achieve a reasonable likeness using my method.’

‘What is your method?’ Ellen asked.

‘Hold your breasts in your hands and lean against the bar,’ Terry instructed, ‘now Geoff, place the A3 paper on the bar,’ Geoff almost tripped over in his rush to obey, ‘now lower away, Ellen, she did as instructed, with a surprising amount of concentration. ‘Voila,’ Terry announced with a flourish.

‘So, we’re doing “tits on the bar” are we,’ Coral spoke out, ‘how much?’

$5000-00 each lady, only,’ Perry called, ‘sorry guys, for you, only the pleasure.’

Geoff reached for the pencil, looking carefully at the breasts just inches from his face, he spoke, ‘not quite right, here Ellen, let’s get these beauties symmetrical.’ he dropped the pencil, which broke, and holding each nipple between thumb and index finger, he tried to pull them further onto the bar top.

‘Really Geoffrey,’ Ellen rarely used his full name, ‘I’m fully capable of adjusting my own breasts,’ she pushed closer to the bar, ‘there, how’s that?’

Geoff, unabashed simply said, ‘no, not quite, permission to make further adjustments?’ He asked.

‘Okay, if you must.’

Geoff took his time; his real intention had been to stimulate her nipples.

‘Geoff, look at what you’re doing, you’ve made my nipples look huge.

“Just wait until you feel the pen, it’s cold.” Terry thought, and he was right, Ellen let out a gasp, ‘warm it between your hands, Geoff, it’s cold.’

Eventually, Geoff managed to circumnavigate first the left breast, down to her cleavage then around the right one, taking particular care when he came to her nipples.

Both Siobhan and Coral showed no reluctance to have their breast traced, shuffling to fit as much on the bar as possible, not objecting to having their nipples used to position them, nor did they complain about the metal pen, which had warmed up anyway.

Once all the ladies had had both breasts traced. Perry spoke’ ‘Okay everyone, can we have your attention please, here’s the procedure for the final task.’

They stopped what they were doing, put their drinks on the bar and sat rapt, listening to the final announcement. Six breasts swinging as the ladies snuggled down on the bar stools.

‘The day after tomorrow we’ll ask you to make love in front of us three invigilators,’ everyone nodded acceptance, ‘you can each choose a position that suits you, in order to give it a competitive edge, we’ll add money for the first, second and third place so everyone’s a winner, however escort bursa the winner is the first lady to receive her son’s cum, and,’ a long pause ensued while he ensured he had everyone’s attention, you ladies must push out of your vaginas a sufficient amount of cum, or if you prefer I will use the word “ejaculation”, the first mother who does this will win $60,000-00, the second $40,000-00 and finally the third placed lady $20,000-00.’

‘What happens if we don’t manage to push it out, does it mean that we don’t receive the $800,000-00?’

Gerry answered, ‘let me tell you how it’s going to work, we have three “vagina” scopes to look inside your erm…. vaginas, obviously.’ They all looked on fully understanding what he meant.

‘You will each have a monitor on the wall, and we shall be able to see the penis enter, and when it ejaculates, this will supply irrefutable evidence necessary for you to claim the $800,000-00. Also, who comes first.’ The three sons laughed at the pun, receiving glares from their mothers.

‘You three need to take this seriously,’ Siobhan admonished them.

‘So, just to be clear, the ladies are naked, except for stockings and garter belt, if they so choose, they adopt whatever position that each couple has decided upon, then us three,’ he waved an arm to include Perry and Terry, ‘will be responsible for inserting the vagina scopes, once we have all three working, that is we can see inside the vaginas as per the monitors then we’ll be set to go.’

Ellen noticed Siobhan, squirm slightly, she was clasping her thighs together, “poor Siobhan”, Ellen thought, “she must be finding this tough, her being a bit of a prude”, Ellen looked away so as not be seen staring. However, Siobhan was squirming with embarrassment, but not for the reason Ellen envisaged, she was starting to leak vaginal lubricant, fully accepting that the ladies were going to be examined after taking their positions, the thought was causing her to feel almost masochistic, having things done to you, items inserted, vaginas being shown on a screen for all to see, but most of all, actually being able to see her son’s penis enter her and “shoot” cum, all over her pussy walls. She gritted her teeth trying not to show her pleasure.

Geoff put his hand up, ‘isn’t it dark inside a vagina?’

Gerry spoke, ‘yes but there’s an LED light,’ he looked over to the ladies, ‘there’s no heat involved,’ he assured them, he saw them visibly relax, then continued, one of the checks we will carry out is to see that there’s no sperm swimming around inside you. we will take a photo and compare it with any amount that your son adds.’

Coral put her hand up, the announcement had produced almost the air of being in a lecture, ‘what happens if the sperm are pushed really deep into us?’

‘Then we insert the scope higher up, inside you and we’ll keep looking until we find it.’

Coral just like Siobhan was strangely turned on by the prospect of being examined, lying placid, no control over what was happening to her body, her vagina being checked for sperm, all for the purpose of winning money. She was happy with that.

‘I read somewhere that sperm can last two or three days inside a woman.’ She asked.

‘That’s true, that’s why we need to use the scope,’ the ladies looked at each other as though this indignity was a small price to pay.

Siobhan again put her hand up, thoroughly engrossed in the proceedings, ‘are the any positions we cannot use?’

Gerry answered, ‘good question, woman on top is not available, when you er…. dismount, sperm tends to just gush out, we need you to expel it using your vaginal muscles. So, it’s really only man on top, doggy fashion or the lady lying on her side, however you cannot move from that position until you have expelled any sperm recently placed inside you. If you think about it the less amount of penis your son puts into you then the sperm may have less distance to travel.’

Perry spoke to them, ‘my advice is to think about it, and practice a position that is guaranteed to produce an orgasm in your son, but I wouldn’t recommend you have sex on the exam day.’

They looked around, and being no further questions bid goodnight and left. The ladies, as one, reached for their glasses and each took a big swig, ‘well, the pressures on you guys,’ Coral spoke, ‘if you can’t get it up, then wave goodbye to a decent future.’

‘I’m going to practice all three positions.’

‘Oh, you are, are you?’

‘Just to see what position I think will cause me to come quick, if you agree,’ he replied to Ellen’s response.

‘The important thing is to achieve a good size erection, hard enough to go in easy,’ Ellen advised everyone.

‘What about lubricants, something like KY jelly. Do you think that would be allowed?’ Coral asked.

‘No-one said you can’t’ Ellen replied, ‘I’m sure these scopes of theirs will discover if we have additional lubricant.’

‘We could ask but I think the important thing is that we all earn the $800,000-00, the rest is just a sideshow.’ Coral recommended to them, then began to remove her clothes, ‘come on Harry, give me a hand,” so encouraged he hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and pushed them to the floor, she stepped out of them and stood hands on hips, stockings and garter belt, her only attire, apart from high heels.

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