The story of how I became me


The story of how I became meThe exhibitionism started pretty much as soon as I started masturbating. I used to play ‘show’ with a girl that was my best friend. That was the start.I had a largish sized cock compared to my friends, we would compare regularly as you do at that age. Looking back I was desperate to show it to my friends moms at every opportunity. The summer months were great, we played lots of sports and shorts were the order of the day. Sitting in the houses and gardens of friend’s houses I would always make sure I was seated directly across from the sister or mother of my friends. I would position myself so my shorts would be open enough to show off my cock. My best friends mother once reciprocated by opening her legs enough that I could see her pantyless crotch. I have to admit, I shot my load immediately. She knew!!I lived in a village, large enough I was not to be know by everyone but small enough to know where the best flashing places were. I took to going to the park, in the park was a small wooded area which was right next to a footpath that was quite well used by people making their way from one side of the village to the other. The park was right in the middle of the village and this footpath was a shortcut. In those days women rarely drove cars and walked most places.I would go into the woods around dusk, canlı bahis not dark, as I wanted to be seen. One woman in particular called Pat was my target. She was a 30 something good looking quiet type woman not known to my family which was a plus. It was well known around the area that her husband rarely took her anywhere as he was always out drinking so she would go the nightly bingo game using the park footpath to get there. For weeks I went to those woods and masturbated watching her pass by hoping she would see me. Then one evening I was positioned as usual when I saw her approaching. I was down with the pants and stroking away as usual. As she passed by in the normal manner she suddenly stopped. My heart started to race, but she had not spotted me, of that I was sure. She turned back and proceeded to take a few strides into the woods and towards the trees where I was stood cock in hand. I stepped back behind a tree a little scared to be honest not knowing if I was going to get found out! She took a few steps into the woods, pulled down her panties, hitched up her skirt and squatted down. There she was taking a pi$$ right in front of me with her pussy so close I could almost taste it. I started beating away at my cock and within seconds I was shooting my load, a fucking epic load of hot cum, she was just finishing up as I bahis siteleri came, it was that quick! She stood up, pulled up her panties and walked straight to the tree where I was stood cum dripping cock in hand. I had no time to cover up or even make a decent excuse. She said “oh my God, you watched me p**ing and I have caught you masturbating, how embarrassing is this” I said “please don’t tell anyone I am so sorry for what I did.” She said I was to pull up my trousers and sort myself out. However, she stood and watched me sort myself out, not turning away disgusted which I thought she was from her tone of voice.I was to walk with her to her bingo hall destination for a stern talking to.During the walk she explained that she has seen me two times previously in the woods masturbating and was very shocked by it but flattered I (a young man) found her worth masturbating over. She had decided to show me what I wanted to see but could not just walk over and pull down her panties, she had to make it discreet. She had saved up that p** all day for that reason! She was not going to confront me at first as she was a little scared, but as she p**d she saw the epic cum load shooting from the tree I was behind some 3 or 4 yards in front of her. As I had emptied my balls she thought I would be a bit calmer sexually.She warned me of the güvenilir bahis perils about what I was doing regarding exposing my cock to women. She told me a lot of women would take it offensively and report me. A very wise older woman who was young enough to understand young peoples urges. It never stopped me but it was a fucking good attempt! I still have the odd wank over her p**ing pussy mmmmmm.The voyeurism started around the time my masturbation started. I was delivering newspapers door to door when I saw the vision of a woman around 30 years old drying herself in front of the bedroom window just across the road from where I was delivering. I remember being bolted to the spot and could not move as I just stood and watched with this wonderful shaking feeling and a lump in my throat. It was early morning in the summertime with the early sun shining brightly straight into her bedroom. She has a towel on her hair and another wrapped around her body. The moment I caught sight of her, the towel covering her body was released and I could see her beautiful curvy breasts. Unfortunately the window was not low enough to see the pussy but hell, I was seeing the first pair of woman’s tits I had ever laid eyes on and they were wonderful. She stood facing the window drying herself, I took out my rock hard cock and started wanking it behind my sack of newspapers. It did not take long to shoot my load. Within seconds of me shooting my load she moved away from the window. Did she know I was there? I am still to this day not sure. More true stories to follow.

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