The Submission


The Submission:

She enters the hotel, and finally realizes that this is it, no turning back. Taking a deep breath she opens the door and enters. The lobby is relatively quiet, only a few people mingling around the front desk and another on one of the pay phones to the right. The layout of the lobby suggests a very nice hotel, and she smiles, and feels just a tad bit more at ease. Approaching the front desk, the clerk greets her with a warm smile. She asks for the room key, and waits as the clerk gets it, and hands it to her, along with an envelope, adorned with only her name. She thanks the lady and moves towards the elevator. She has no bag with her, no luggage, only her purse that she has on her side. Stepping aside from the elevator, she opens the envelope, her fingers shaking just a bit as she does. Inside is a hand-penned note, as she thought it would be.

My darling, Today you come to me and offer me a great gift, one that I shall always cherish. If you turn now I shall understand, if you proceed, I promise to always treat you with kindness, love, compassion, and fairness. Know that I love you, and will respect your decision.


After reading the note, she hit the button on the elevator. A flurry of emotions hid just beneath the surface, as she stepped into the elevator and chose the floor. She wasn’t nervous, she was very expectant, but in her heart she knew this was the right thing to do. This was her destiny. The doors of the elevator opened and she stepped into the hallway, crossed the few steps to the room, and ordered her hand to stop trembling as she opened the door. She took but a moment to glance around the room, and quickly entered the bathroom and started the shower. As the water warmed she glanced in the mirror, and saw the light in her eyes, the anticipation, she knew this is where she was supposed to be.

She quickly washed the exhaustion of the long journey off her body and lingered just a few minutes, letting the water wash away any last reservations she had. Stepping out she dried her hair, brushed it, dried her body, and leaving the towels in the bathroom, gathered her clothes and placed them neatly in a chair in the room. Then turning her back to the door, she sat in the main room, quickly knotted her wet hair on top of her head, and sat on the floor with her legs separated, and her hands resting lightly on her thighs, palms turned up, lowered her head and waited.

She had sat there for about 15 minutes before she heard the key in the door, and it swings open. Quickly she squelched the urge to turn, and remained as she was. She heard him enter but not a sound other then that. Straining to hear, nothing else was in her mind. She heard him cross the room and knew he was standing directly behind her, and heard him rustling something there. Still she remained eyes down, back straight, barely breathing.

She could feel him approach her, then the touch of his breath on her neck, as he said quietly, “You honor me with your presence. At this moment, I can think of no time I have been more proud. You are sure that you want to continue, this is your last opportunity to change your mind without serious repercussions.”

She drew in a full breath and answered, “Yes Master, I have been sure of nothing like I am of this.” Lightly he kissed her neck, then got up and went back to whatever it was that he had set down. She saw his hands briefly as he set the blindfold into place. He stepped in front of her and ordered her to stand, she rocked up onto her knees and raised before him, and placed her hands clasped behind her head, with her elbows out to the sides. He smiles, and lightly ran his fingers along her jaw.

“You are so very beautiful, my little one, and I am so very lucky. Now turn for me.” and she instantly turned and waited. He took her right hand, and moved it to the small of her back and quickly cuffed it there, then reached for her other hand, and cuffed that one too. He stood before her and ran his hands down the sides of her body, his palms gently touching the sides of her breasts. He reached up and guided her chin, until their lips gently touched and slowly he began to devour her with his kiss.

Drinking in all she was offering to Him, her very essence. As he pulled back from the kiss, he asked her again, “Are you ready to allow me to take you as I wish, without regard to yourself, do you allow me to drink of your body until I have had my complete fill of you?” She could only nod in answer. Anticipation mixed with a bit of fear of the unknown, and her body was alive with sensations, she could detect even the light breeze in the room. And His presence, so close to her, but unseen, kept sensations running through her. He told her to open her mouth, and placed a small but solid ball in it, that tied around the back of her head, now she was only limited to the nods and shakes of her head as her ability to communicate.

Suddenly it came to her, this was real, and she had given herself to him, to do as he pleased güvenilir bahis and he had accepted. The anticipation of learning what he would do with her completely under his control swept through her warming her. She caught the scent of her own arousal as it escaped her naked, prone body. Standing there she could hear the unmistakable rustle of clothing being cast away as he undressed. Her ears began to take up the information that had been denied her eyes. Her mind tried to picture what she looked like, standing before him, what he was thinking as he looked upon her.

He placed both hands on her hips and guided her forward, which placed her just beside the bed. She felt something lightly touch the inside of her thighs as he told her to spread her legs. Quickly she did as told and again caught the scent of her arousal, knowing that the anticipation had caused her to dampen. He ran his finger lightly across her womanhood and felt the wetness that had collected there. Then he took his damp finger and outlined her right nipple with it. Suddenly her right side was covered in goosebumps as the sensation of the light touch filled her. Then she felt his lips upon the nipple, drawing it into his mouth, so warm and so wet.

His hand reached for her other breast and began to deeply fondle it. Bearing his fingers deep within her flesh. Her breath began to deepen, and as the assault on her breast began to become more and more demanding, she could hear herself moan, and feel her body pushing into the touch. As if in a response to her moans, his teeth bared down upon her flesh and new, intense sensations griped her body. Like electricity traveling through her, her body was gripped in an assault of racking shudders.

When it passed through her, she was weak, and felt the increasing warmness and dampness in her womanhood. He dropped his other hand to that spot and began to lightly pull at her clit, and began rubbing her there. She felt as though her body was a fine instrument being played by a maestro, every touch, every sensation, bringing her body to new heights led my his mind, playing her, commanding her responses. Never in her life had she felt such a release of control, nothing she could do but let the sensations wash over her, and the only way to please the one pleasing her was to allow it to happen.

With that release understood her body began to shudder uncontrollably, seeking its own pleasure from his touch. Her mind had no focus except the electrical responses coursing through her body. Building into what seemed to have no end. Her mind was lost in the time and space of the events, left open to only the assault on her body, seeking more and more until there was no more to seek, no further to go, and slowly the realism began to return to her. Like waking up, slowly she became aware of him holding her tightly to him, unaware of when he had moved to hold her.

Gently rocking her, he was softly humming the melody of the song He had sung to her on the phone, “Love me, just love me”, and she felt the tears that had left marks on her, occasionally slipping past the mask she wore, and she felt these being brushed away by his touch, and then his lips on her temple, and like nothing before in her life, she felt cherished. At that moment she so wanted to tell him her love for him would never die, she knew this with everything that she was, deeply and forever, her past and all the pain of it was far behind her now. This would be her life now, living and doing whatever he wanted that would keep this feeling inside of her. “My little one, Master loves you and shall take care of you forever, for you are mine.” His words were soothing, and yet again she felt the tears well up again from deep within her, and she nuzzled against his chest hearing his heart beating there, gaining strength from it.

He sat there softly running his hand down her long tresses, feeling her warmth. A bit taken back at how easy it seemed to bring out a buried passion in this little one, but then he had long realized that she was more then most of the would be and wanna be’s that were often found online. But until this moment when he had first tasted her ability to abandon, he hadn’t realized how deep she was.

After a couple of moments of stroking her, he felt the need growing in him, to make her his, to bring out the passion that dwelled within her, wanting to drink and gain strength from her abandon, and wondering how far she would yield. He pulled her deeper into his arms and twisted her around, and laid her gently on the bed. Leaned up and gently kissed a few escaped tears and asked if she trusted Him. Immediately she nodded, and his hands moved to remove the bindings that had captured her wrists. He left the cuffs on, but moved her arms before her. Again she felt the nervous anticipation return, and felt it shudder through her body. He kissed her brow and she felt him get up from the bed, and waited to see what would happen next. She could hear him just a bit, doing something to the corners türkçe bahis of the bed, and then heard him move to the footing of it. He reached up over the bed and pulled her down towards him, until she had slid down towards the footing of the bed, with her rounded rear hanging over it.

As she was pulled down her arms lifted as she realized that the cuffs were now being held to the banisters at the top of the bed, drawing them tight and off of the soft mattress. She felt the tightness increase as she was drawn down towards the footing of the bed, and heard the moan that escaped her, her body alive with anticipation, and still floating with the aftershocks of the orgasm still within her. Quickly he moved and caught her legs one at a time, and bound them just above the knee to each of the banisters at the foot of the bed. Stepped back and looked at his little one, open to his gaze. He watched as she adjusted to this condition, and saw the acceptance come over her after a shudder was sent through her body. He reached up from the foot of the bed, and over her, and captured her large breasts in his hands. Smiling as the quick intake of breath it produced.

“Now little one, I want more then just to touch your body that is now so open to me, I want you to open up to me completely, relax and let the sensations wash over you. I want you to open yourself up to me and allow me to touch your soul.”

His words met with a shudder from her and he watched as she noticeably relaxed, willing herself to surrender, as he watched her, so open and so trusting, he began to feel the stirrings in his loins. He rose from the bed, his eyes never leaving her prone body, and placed a chair at the foot of the bed. He again leaned over her and grasped her breasts, kneading them deeply, as the shudder traveled down her body his touch followed it, spreading warmth down the sides of her torso, and coming together over her belly, and outlining her exposed womanhood, and then down the length of her captured legs. Her calves tensed at the touch and feet flexed as the sensations reached them. He drew his hands back down her legs, following the underside and ran them fully over her exposed rear.

She held her breath, anticipation at his movements gripping her. He smiled at the scent of her reaching his nostrils and without any warning placed his warm lips over her unprotected bud and drew it greedily into his mouth. Her head rolled back as the deep moan escaped pass the ball in her mouth, and she pulled against the restraints. Her reaction only caused him to suck her deeper into his mouth, drawing is tongue along her sweet bud, caressing her lavishly. Her arms and legs off the bed, and her rear hanging over, left her no recourse to even attempt to reduce the assault, and only the sounds of her moans and breathing would give witness to the fact that she was surrendering into the sensations that assaulted her. He dropped but a second, to lavish his tongue over her tight secret opening and then plunged his tongue deep within her, tasting her fully for the first time. He lapped at the sweetness of her, and felt her move against his tongue. He could feel the need rising in her as even his was in him.

He drew his hands down her legs slowly moving them towards her essence and felt the muscles in her legs respond to the touch. As his hands moved to her opening, he drew his tongue from her and returned to suck her bud deeply, as his thumbs entered her and pushed against the sides of her opening. For an instant she realized how open and vulnerable she was to him and with a shudder accepted it, allowing the sensations to wash over her and felt the need begin to build again. He withdrew his thumbs and never leaving the administrations of her clit, plunged two fingers deep within her.

Again he felt the shudders and heard the moan between her breaths, and began to deeply stroke her as he continued to suckle. Shudders, sensations, and intensity racked her body, feeling the need to release building within her. Her moans were growing deeper, and her breath was raging against the ball in her mouth, and she slid into the sensations racking her body, and felt the release building to the point of rupture. He noticed the calming as she surrendered into the pleasure and knew she was getting close to release.

He suckled harder, allowing his teeth to graze her swollen clit, causing even deeper moans to escape her. He rhythmically used His fingers to draw the orgasm from her, her body responding to each stroke to the point that he felt the shudder begin to cause her vaginal walls to pull against his intrusive fingers. As the pulsations started, followed by the warm flood of sweetness escaping her, his lips never released her clit, even as his tongue darted down to capture the escaping warm fluid. Lapping at her, and tasting the mixture of rawness and sweetness, trickle down his throat. He reduced his actions, allowing her to again drift into the sweet after shock, smiling to himself that he had chosen correctly, and güvenilir bahis siteleri wondering how far and how long this night would take them both.

As she started to relax again, he stood and made his way to her, placing kisses up a path to her lips. He reached over and released the ball from her mouth and kissed her so deeply and so completely that it seemed it would never end. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue, and smell the scent of passion deep from within her. As he pulled away from the kiss, weakly she whispered… “I never knew, it could be like that.”

Suddenly wanting to see her eyes, he reached up and removed the blindfold, and looked into them. Never in her life, could she remember such eyes, as the ones looking back at her now, soft, caring, compassionate, loving. Looking at them searching her, she flushed and realized that twice he had brought her to a climax, and still must be needful himself. Before she could even look down, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her damp eyes, and rose from the bed, walking away, and asked if she needed something to drink, before they continued.

She watched him move across to the sink in the suite, and grab the handle of the refrigerator, and weakly answered, “Oh yes please, Master, thank you so much.” and heard the words that had come to her, so easily, and smiled deeply as she realized they were true, and that she was his, if he would have her. He returned with the glass of cold water and set it on the nightstand, then moved to the end of the bed and released the bindings on her legs. She moaned as her feet made their way to the floor, the ache deep within them. He move beside her and placing his hands on her still swollen breasts, leaned down and kissed her parched lips, drawing her into the kiss deeply.

He moved his hands to her sides and gently moved her body up the bed, releasing the tension on her arms, then quickly released the bindings there and helped her sit up on the bed, and reached for the water. Her hand was shaking slightly as she accepted the water and brought the glass to her lips. She drank deeply as he arranged the hair around her temples. She handed the glass back to him, and he took a long drink before placing the empty glass back on the nightstand. He kissed her temple and drew her into his arms.

Her head against his chest and she could hear his heart beating, strong, pleasant, she relaxed as he slowly and rhythmically rubbed the stiffness out of her arms. Her breathing approached normal before he asked if she was ready to continue.

“Yes” was her only answer and he knew that she was apprehensive yet trusting and willing to continue. He drew her body so that she straddled his lap, his right hand began to caress her buttocks, kneading the flesh of it, feeling her relax. He raised his hand and brought it stinging down upon her fleshy rear and heard her gasp at the shock and surprise of it. Her body tightened for a moment as the sharp sensation stung. Again His hand caressed her, lessening the sensation, she heard his words and biting her lower lip listened to them very carefully, taking them in.

“Relax, I will not hurt you, just relax and feel.” she nodded in understanding, and he smiled at her acceptance. He raised his hand and allowed it to again rain down upon her exposed rear, she stiffened for only a moment after.

“Good girl, that’s the way,” and stroked her flesh in wide circles feeling the heat beginning to build. Placing his left hand around her arm to steady her, he proceeded, his hand would raise and smack against her flesh, then slowly run the feeling, spreading the warmth that was growing. At first she hesitated at each smack, but concentrated on relaxing and soon she felt herself floating in the sensations that began to curse through her body, the heat of her rear, driving down, warming her womanhood, and wondered at the stirring there. As she would almost get lost in the floating feeling, she would be assaulted by another smack on the rear, and again be centered on that sensation.

Quicker and quicker they came, she began to lose the time between, realized that tears were streaming down her cheeks and splashing onto the floor. The sensations racking through her were so new, and she felt an acceptance at them, emotions running through her, becoming one. He paused and ran his hand over and over her brightly reddened bottom, feeling the warmth there, feeling the warmth and dampness of her arousal seeping onto his lap, feeling his own arousal stirring within him and was taken with the sense to take her fully. Slowly he gathered her back into his arms, calming her light sobs, feeling her hot rear burning against his manhood and placed kisses on her eyes.

She melted against him, held onto him, feeling his strength around her. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed feeling the raw emotion running through her, he held on to her as he rose from the bed and laid her upon it and climbed over her. Taking her wrists and holding them next to her body, he slipped into her. A sound full of passion, emotion and desire escaped her lips and her eyes and head rolled back at the change in assaulting sensations. Her body fought to move up against his, to draw him deeper within her.

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