The Watcher (part 2)


The Watcher (part 2)Just a reminder. UK = caravan. . . . . USA = trailerThe Watcher (part 2)I had just told the elderly man who’d been watching my wife and me fucking for the last 3 nights, that I had an idea that would get him up close and personal to her. I explained my plan and watched as his eyes lit up and a smile came to his lips.We’d only got 2 more days of our holiday to go so it would have to be today. There were a few woodland trails close to our caravan site and late that afternoon I suggested to Karen that we go on a walk. She was a bit hesitant at first, but I talked her round by reminding her that we would be alone in the middle of the woods. She looked so good in a pair of denim shorts that really showed off her great legs, and a blouse tied at the waist. I told her to bring a sweater in case it got cooler and also to bring her ear phones so that she could connect to her mobile and listen to music if she wanted to.We left the campsite and walked down the road till we came to a path leading to the woods. There was a sign that said “circular walk. 2 miles”. As we turned to go down the path I looked back and saw a familiar figure about a hundred yards behind us. The walk was nice, quite flat, and, thanks to the warm weather, the paths were dry. I couldn’t hear any other people, and couldn’t see any, apart from glancing back to spot The Watcher, who remained a reasonable distance behind. When we got to a smaller path off the main one I said to Karen “come on babe, let’s get adventurous”, and led her down the path. We were now in a part of the woods where there were so many trees that you couldn’t see more than 20 yards all round. After a few minutes I stopped, leaned on a large tree and turned to face Karen. I put my hands on her hips and said “we could do anything we want here and nobody would see us” I undid two of the buttons o her blouse and slipped my hand inside, stroking her left breast and feeling her nipple getting hard. As I moved my head forward to kiss her I looked over her shoulder to see if The Watcher was living up to his name. At first I couldn’t find him, then suddenly saw a head peering from around a nearby tree. I moved my hands down to the back of her shorts güvenilir bahis and started to feel her gorgeous ass. Having been married to Karen for so long, I could tell when she was getting aroused, and she was now. ” I’ve got an idea babe” I said. ” Why don’t you lean against the tree and let me make you feel good? Put your sweater against the tree to rest your arms and legs on ” I was still caressing her ass and kissing her neck, as she smiled and said “mmmmmm that would be so nice”. “Tell you what”, I said quietly, ” why not connect your earplugs to your mobile and put some sexy music on. Then you can just shut your eyes, relax, and let your imagination take over”. Inside 2 minutes she was listening to her favourite music, eyes closed, and leaning on her folded sweater, against the tree trunk. I had told her that I would keep my eyes and ears open for anyone nearby, but not to worry, just relax and enjoy. I was standing behind her, running my hands up and down her thighs, my fingers barely brushing against her skin. Every now and then my fingers would slip inside her shorts and play around just below her lacy thong. I reached round and undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse, then unsnapped her bra, lifting it away so that her breasts were hanging down. She was swaying her hips a little, whether to the music or to my stroking, I didn’t know, or care. I looked round to see that The Watcher had moved to about 10 yards away. I beckoned him to come closer and as he did I moved to the side so he could see what I was doing.When he was standing besides me I took one of his hands and placed it on my wife’s leg, moving it up and down slowly. I looked at him with his eyes so wide, he thought he was only going to be watching. I put his other hand on Karen’s left leg and he started to stroke it. I moved him away, and took his place, bending over Karen to reach round, unfasten her shorts and let them fall to the grass. The Watcher almost choked when the smooth round butt appeared before hin with the black lacy thong disappearing into that secret valley between her cheeks. I took hold of the thong and lowered it, then lifted one of Karen’s legs to ease the shorts and thong out of the way. When güvenilir bahis siteleri I put her leg back to the ground I made sure that it was a little further away so that her pussy lips came into view. I pulled the lips apart, giving the Watcher a perfect view of what he’d been seeing through the caravan window the last 3 nights. I heard him whisper ” Oh my God, it’s fucking gorgeous ” so I slipped two fingers into her hole and moved them up and down. My left hand was now holding Karen’s hip while my right hand pumped my fingers in and out of her wet cunt. I pulled my fingers out and put them to my lips, enjoying the taste of her juice. My left hand stayed on her hip as I pointed at The Watcher, then at his hand, and then at my wifes spread open legs. He moved a little closer, then slowly but surely his hand went towards my semi naked wife. I let him know that he should lick his fingers to wet them, and he did, before sliding them into Karen’s hole. His eyes, and mine, were fixed onto his fingers moving in and out. By now Karen’s hips were going backwards and forwards in time with the fingers that were arousing her. Little did she know that they weren’t my fingers.Every time they moved out they looked a little wetter, until after about a minute he pulled them all the way out and put them in his mouth tasting my wife’s special offering. I now helped Karen to bend over a little more, then opened her legs wider, before placing my whole hand along the top of her cunt, pressing onto it, rubbing it, and her clit hard. I know how much that excites her. Although I knew she couldn’t hear me, I mouthed the words “Do you want to fuck her” to The Watcher. He nodded so hard that I thought his head might fall off. He quickly dropped everything until his very hard cock was out in the open, I was pleased to see that it was around the same size as mine, a very large, thick one may have been a surprise to Karen.He kept looking at me as he moved it closer, making sure I was in agreement. As it entered my wifes cunt, which by now was dripping wet, a thought suddenly struck me. I had swapped places with him and I was now The Watcher. I was mesmerised as he put his hands on Karen’s hips and pulled iddaa siteleri her back towards him each time he pushed into her. I could hear Karen saying ” yessss babe, fuck me with that big cock, give it to me, fuck my cunt you horny bastard” and could see him giving her every thing he’d got. I knew she was getting close to cumming, and looking at The Watcher’s face, so was he. He looked at me and said, “in her or on her?”. I pointed to the top of her ass. Karen’s body seemed to erupt as her orgasm took over, she was screaming, moaning, swearing, and groaning. I just hoped that nobody was within earshot. A few seconds later The Watcher pulled out, his eyes tightly closed, his breathing very rapid and as I watched, he sprayed his cum onto Karen’s butt cheeks. As he was no longer a young man there wasn’t a lot of it, but that didn’t seem to bother him. I lifted Karen’s other leg, took off her thong, and cleaned it up. While I was doing this The Watcher put his now limp, but very happy, cock away, fastened everything up and with a silent “wow” quickly disappeared into the trees.As Karen put her shorts back on, accepting that I’d used her thong, she continuously told me how good it had been, how horny it made her feel, not being able to see anything, or hear anything except the music.All the way back to the caravan she was thanking me for making her feels so good, so sexy, and so desirable.That night I took her out for a meal and we got back, had a nightcap, then went straight to bed. It had been a tiring day, more so for Karen.The next night was our last and so I wanted to give The Watcher a show. I hadn’t seen him all day, which was a good thing really as I’m not sure how a conversation would have started. We went into the clubhouse for the evening music as usual, had a few drinks and went back to the caravan. On the way back I saw a figure with a slight limp moving between the other caravans but basically heading the same way as us. He was there. I had Karen naked on the floor inside 5 minutes. Her legs were wide open, my fingers were inside her cunt, my hard cock was in her mouth and she was moaning. I took my cock and fingers out, and as I started to move round to get between her legs she said, “I forgot to tell you babe, I phoned my sister, and she says that we can stay here for 3 more days, that’s good news isn’t it”? I looked towards the window and there was The Watcher’s face. “Yes darling” I said, “it’s good news all round”.

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