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Subject: Tommy was excited–Part 3 Tijuana The entire family piled into the van as they started the trip to Tijuana. Unbeknownst to the boys, Uncle stopped a couple of blocks away at Bobby’s house. Uncle had called Bobby’s dad and invited him along for the trip. He was waiting on the steps and ran to get into the van. Uncle said “around back” and opened the rear door of the van where Tommy and Steve were seated. Bobby tossed his gym bag to the side and piled in between Steve and Tommy. It was a tight squeeze, but no one was complaining! All of the boys were wearing shorts and their teen legs rubbed up against each other constantly. It would be a fun ride! There was lots of conversation in the van as they headed south on the freeway. The boys giggled and rubbed their legs against each other but tried not to be “obvious” about anything. Since they were in the very back, no one could really see unless they purposefully turned around and looked. Uncle could probably see the backs of their heads in the rear view mirror, but he was busy with his driving. The boys made comments about the cars behind them and chattered like the rest of the van. Steve reached over and poked Tommy on the arm, using his eyes to direct Tommy’s vision downward. Bobby, sitting in the middle, had his legs spread. Steve quickly pulled the front of Bobby’s gym shorts down, showing his teen bulge in tighty whiteys. All of them chuckled. This would be fun! But they couldn’t be too obvious! Bobby kind of looked up at Tommy to make sure he was looking and smiled. Steve reached over and laid his hand on Bobby’s crotch, right on top of his briefs. He looked over at Tommy and made a gesture that suggested Tommy should do the same. Steve moved his hand away, and Tommy reached over and felt Bobby. He was rock hard! Bobby kind of pushed his hips upward to make sure that Tommy could feel him. Tommy squeezed gently, enjoying the feel of Bobby’s teen boy cock. Bobby seemed to enjoy it too! Not wanting to get caught, Tommy moved his hand and Bobby pulled the front of his shorts back up. It was obvious that there would be more time for this later! After about an hour on the road, Uncle pulled over at a rest stop so people could stretch and use the rest room and he could get some coffee. While the adults went into the shop, the boys headed for the rest room to pee. There was a row of urinals, and the boys lined up next to each other. Bobby was the first to get his out. He was still hard! Steve got his out, and he was mostly hard, too. Tommy looked at both of them while he was unzipping, and his rapidly-hardening 16-year-old cock made its appearance. Since they were in a public place, they didn’t do anything. Though it was tough to pee with a hard-on, the boys managed, giggling all the way. Everyone piled back into the van for the last hour of the trip. When they arrived at the border, Uncle parked the van in a big lot on the USA side. They all walked across the border into Tijuana, surrounded by other tourists making their way among the shops lining the street. They got on one of the buses, which took them on a sightseeing tour. There were old buildings and churches and interesting viewpoints. But it seemed that most of the city was full of shops and restaurants. After completing their tour, the group walked among some of the shops and then came to a restaurant where Uncle stopped. “We’ll have lunch here,” he said. So everyone filed in and sat down and had some great Mexican food! When they were done eating, everyone walked along the shopping area, checking out the blankets and hats and leather goods. They bought a few souvenirs, and the adults bought some tequila to take back home with them, along with fresh tequila escort mix and some Mexican limes and oranges. They also bought a big bag of tortilla chips and some salsa to take back with them, as well as some fresh tortillas (for dinner!). Tommy pointed out some of the fresh guacamole, and his mom bought some of that, too! It was now mid-afternoon, so the group started back toward the border, finally crossing over and making their way to the van. Everyone piled in again to make their way back home. During that drive, Tommy’s dad and Uncle talked with each other in the front, but everyone else dozed off. Steve and Bobby and Tommy stayed awake but didn’t make a lot of noise. Again, Steve poked Tommy and gestured for him to look. He slipped his hand up Bobby’s shorts leg and groped him under his shorts. Steve encouraged Tommy to do the same. Tommy reached up and felt Bobby’s hard cock nestled inside his briefs, squeezing it and feeling it throb. As Tommy pulled his hand back out, Steve once again pulled down the front of Bobby’s gym shorts. Only this time he pulled the briefs away, too! Bobby’s rock hard cock was a sight to behold. Compared to Bobby’s body size, it looked huge! There was a light dusting of new pubic hair, and Steve encouraged Tommy to feel it, so he did. Again, not wanting to get caught, they guys settled back in to their seats, occasionally making a comment and every now and then, both Steve and Tommy reached over to feel Bobby’s crotch, which he loved. It seemed like a much faster ride coming back (though it was still two hours). When they got back into town, everyone started to wake up and chatter again. They got back to the house and Uncle said they’d have dinner in about two hours, so for everyone to rest or do their own thing. Steve and Tommy got their bicycles and walked with Bobby over to his house a couple of blocks away, where he picked up his. While there, Steve confirmed that Bobby would be able to spend the night with them in the tent. His mom said “that was the plan” with a smile. The boys took off, riding around the neighborhood. When it was about time, they all pedaled back for dinner. The “Mexican” theme for the day was continued, as Uncle grilled some chicken and flank steak on the grill for fajitas. The fresh guacamole and salsa and chips were a perfect compliment. Not much was said as everyone chowed down, obviously enjoying the food! After they were done eating, Aunt Carol served some fresh fruit, and everyone chatted about the trip to Tijuana and then watched some television. Though it wasn’t really late, everyone seemed tired from the four-hour round trip in the car and the walking around, and yawns were happening all around. Finally Uncle said for Steve to go take his shower, and he did. Tommy and Bobby continued to watch TV until Steve was done, when Tommy went in to take his. When Tommy was done, Uncle insisted that Bobby take a shower, too. Finally, the boys were ready to head out to the tent, and everyone shared a round of “good nights” as they each started to get ready for sleep. The boys hustled out to the tent, realizing when they got there that because Tommy and Steve had cots, Bobby would need to sleep on the floor. To resolve that problem, Tommy and Steve folded up their cots and spread their bedding on the floor–kind of like one big bed. The boys lay on top of the sheets and giggled as they revisited their trip to Tijuana. Then Steve said, “Bobby has been looking forward to your visit.” Bobby smiled and said “yeah.” The look on both their faces suggested they had “ideas.” Then Steve said, “Bobby wanted you to see his new pubes, Tommy.” Tommy said, “okay.” So Bobby pulled the front of his shorts down and Steve shined a izmit escort bayan flashlight on his crotch. Bobby used his hand to hold down his rapidly-rising cock as he showed off his pube area. Indeed, there were some hairs there, indicating Bobby was fully into puberty. “Feel them,” said Steve. So Tommy reached over and rubbed his fingers through Bobby’s young pubes. As he did that, Bobby moved his hand and his now-hard cock stood straight up as Tommy played with his hairs. It was almost natural for Tommy to slightly adjust his hand and grasp Bobby’s young teen cock between his thumb and forefinger. He stroked it a few times while Bobby cooed. “Let me feel yours,” Bobby said. So Tommy laid back and started to pull off his shorts. “Let me do that,” said Bobby. So Tommy put his hands behind his head and let Bobby slip his shorts down. His briefs were bulging with his now-hard 16-year-old cock. Bobby wasted no time in rubbing Tommy’s crotch, feeling and squeezing his cock through the briefs. Steve, watching from the side, was rubbing himself through his shorts. “Bobby has been looking forward to seeing your cock,” Steve said as he squeezed himself. Bobby leaned over and put his nose right on top of Tommy’s crotch, sniffing and rubbing his nose over the bulge in the briefs. Tommy just sighed at the pleasure. Bobby pulled Tommy’s briefs down, allowing his rock hard cock to slap up against his stomach. “WOW!” Bobby exclaimed. “I told you so,” said Steve from the side. Bobby looked over at Steve and groped him, too. “Take off your pants,” Bobby told Steve. So Steve started undressing while Bobby starting rubbing and stroking Tommy’s cock. Tommy just laid back, enjoying the intimate feeling and the intense pleasure. Soon Steve was totally naked, and he moved in a little closer to where Bobby was feeling all over Tommy’s crotch. Tommy looked up at him and smiled, and reached for Steve’s throbbing cock, squeezing it and stroking it. Steve started a rhythmic pushing and pulling of his cock in Tommy’s hand, like he was fucking it. “Help me out,” Bobby told Steve. So they both got down in between Tommy’s legs. “Let’s suck his balls,” Bobby said. So Steve sucked one ball and Bobby sucked the other ball. Tommy writhed in the pleasure of their hot tongues working over his nutsack. Steve started licking his way up from Tommy’s balls to his thick, throbbing shaft, using broad strokes of his tongue. Bobby followed suit, but as he licked his way up the shaft, he went all the way to the top and swallowed Tommy’s cock—all the way down, deep throating it! Tommy moaned with the pleasure. Bobby’s head bobbed up and down as Steve continued to lick Tommy’s balls and crotch. “Dude, you need to slow down,” Tommy muttered, “or else I am going to cum right now.” Bobby came up off of Tommy’s cock and caught his breath. “That was awesome,” said Tommy. “Yeah, it is,” Bobby replied. “I want to do it some more.” “Let me look at yours before you do that,” Tommy said. So Bobby slipped his shorts the rest of the way off and stood up on his knees, his almost-13-year-old cock bobbing in the still air of the tent. “So nice,” said Tommy. “Get it up here and let me taste it,” he said to Bobby. So as Steve continued to lick Tommy’s nuts and crotch and run his tongue over Tommy’s shaft, Bobby stood up and plunged his hard cock into Tommy’s mouth. Tommy just hummed and Bobby poked his cock into Tommy’s mouth. Though Bobby didn’t have a giant cock, it was hard as a rock, which is all Tommy needed. After a couple of minutes sucking Bobby’s cock, all three of them took a brake and re-arranged their seating to be sitting in a row next to each other, with Tommy in the middle and Bobby and izmit sınırsız escort Steve on the ends. All three cocks continued to throb. No one was going soft! “Man, that felt SO good,” Tommy expressed. Both Steve and Bobby chuckled, and Steve said “yeah, we’ve been looking forward to doing that. Bobby has practiced on me the last couple of weeks so he would be ready to suck you.” Bobby nodded agreeably. “Well, he sure did a good job,” Tommy said. “And I’m getting ready to do it again,” Bobby said as he bent down to take Tommy’s cock in his mouth again. Tommy moaned. “Steve, stick yours in my mouth,” Tommy pleaded. So Steve got up on his haunches and plowed his cock into Tommy’s mouth. Everyone was moaning. Tommy was overwhelmed by the feeling of Bobby mouth sucking up and down his thick shaft as Steve pumped his cock into Tommy’s mouth. Bobby was the only one not receiving any attention! “Let me feel you,” Tommy whispered, reaching for Bobby’s crotch. Bobby adjusted his position so that Tommy could rub and squeeze and lightly stroke Bobby as he continued to suck. Steve pulled out of Tommy’s mouth and said “I’m gonna need to shoot my cum.” “Beat off into my mouth,” Bobby said. So with Bobby on the right side of Tommy and Steve on the left, Steve got up on his knees and started to jerk himself off. Bobby put his face down on Tommy’s lower stomach and turned up toward Steve, opening his mouth. “Let me taste your cum,” Bobby said. Hearing him say that made Tommy’s cock throb. He was watching the two of them up close and personal. Steve continued to beat his meat, his hips starting to buck. “Shoot it,” cried Bobby. Steve started moaning and he increased his jerkoff tempo. Finally he said “here it comes.” There were at least six huge shots of molten lava shooting from Steve’s cock onto Bobby face and into his mouth. Some of it got on Tommy’s stomach. Steve was moaning from the release, Bobby was moaning from being covered in Steve’s cum, and Tommy was moaning from what was going on before him. As Bobby’s head continued to lie on Tommy’s stomach, Tommy’s cock continued to throb. Bobby adjusted himself slightly and swallowed Tommy’s cock again, all the way down. Tommy’s guttural moan was primal. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot,” he said after only about 20 seconds. Bobby kept Tommy’s cock deep in his throat. As Tommy got closer and closer to his orgasm, his hips started rising. “oh, man……” he said, and then torrents of cum started shooting out of his cock deep into Bobby’s throat. Bobby swallowed every drop and stayed on Tommy’s cock until the orgasm was complete. “Holy shit,” Tommy said. “Yeahhhh,” said Steve. “Mmmmmm,” said Bobby. “Your turn,” Tommy said to Bobby. So, like Steve had done, Bobby got up on his knees, pointing his cock across Tommy’s torso while he jerked. “Make yourself cum,” Steve whispered to him. Bobby’s hand was flailing as he stroked himself. His hips started bucking as he got close to his orgasm, and then he let loose an involuntary gasp. A BIG glob of semen shot out of his cock onto Tommy’s stomach, followed by several more droplets. “That’s the first time you have squirted!” Steve said in a congratulatory way. Bobby smiled as he continued to stroke his still-hard boy cock. Tommy looked down at his stomach, where he saw Bobby’s first cum drizzling over his abs, along with some of the leftovers from Steve’s shot. Steve reached over and got his trusty paper towels and cleaned the cum off Tommy’s stomach. Then he gave some to Bobby, who wiped off some of the cum that was on his face. Then they all collapsed from the pleasure. “That felt good!” they all three said almost simultaneously. They all stretched out on the floor of the tent, Tommy still in the middle. Bobby cuddled up against Tommy and reached his hand into Tommy’s crotch. Steve said “we’ve been looking forward to that ever since we heard you were coming to visit!” “And we’re not done yet,” Bobby said, hinting that the night was not over.

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