Two Surprises Are Better Than One


Each and every time Darnell and Kim go out Kim always looks at the old farmhouses. Kim is always telling Darnell how she would love nothing better than to own one of them some day; it has actually been a dream of hers ever since she was a little girl. Although Darnell couldn’t quite understand just why she wanted this so badly, he figured it wasn’t all that important to figure out why.

“If my baby girl wants an old farm house, then that is exactly what she will have. I am going to surprise her, I will make it happen.” Darnell thinks to himself. After several months of this repeated conversation with Kim, Darnell contacts a realtor and finds out that the exact house that Kim basically drools over each time they go out is in fact on the Market. Darnell makes arrangements with the realtor to see the house. Now all Darnell needs to do is figure out how he is going to get out of the house without Kim knowing where he is going. Then suddenly it dawns on him. He knows he is going to have to fib a little to her, and yet that’s something that he doesn’t rightly do. Darnell knows it will be worth it in the end. Darnell contacts his brother and asks him to help him out with this little plan. His brother agrees, and arrives to pick up Darnell about a half hour later. Kim sees him pull up to the house.

“Darnell, your brother is here. Are you going out today?” Kim asks.

“Yeah baby, I was talking to him this morning, and he needs my help for a little while. I shouldn’t be all that long.”

“Well alright I have some things to get done here anyway, so you go on ahead and I will be here when you get back.” Darnell grabs his keys, kisses Kim, tells her he loves her, and heads out the door with his brother.

“Oh man that was easier than I thought it would be, I thought for sure Kim would want full details of what I am doing this afternoon.”

“Man what did you tell her?” His brother asks.

“I told her I was going to help you, because you needed my help.”

“Ok that’s cool, now show me just where we are heading.” Darnell shows his brother just where the house is; they arrive about 10 minutes before the realtor. As Darnell and his brother sit in the truck his brother just looks at Darnell.

“Man are you wanting to buy this house for her?”

“Yeah why? What’s wrong with it?” Darnell replies.

“Nothing man this place is so cool, I look at this place every time I go by here.” “Well I know every time Kim and I travel past this house, she basically goes nuts, she loves this house, and if I can do it, she will have it.” The realtor arrives, and Darnell, his brother and the realtor head inside. Darnell took one step into this huge living room, and just stopped and stared.

“Darnell, what’s the matter?” His brother asks.

“Man this place is gorgeous, my baby girl will absolutely love this, and it’s exactly what she’s been telling me about for so long. Kim has been dreaming about a place like this ever since she was little.”

“Well man if you want this place, then you had better grab it, because I don’t think it will be on the market long.” Darnell and his brother finish their tour of the house, and Darnell just looks at the realtor.

“I have to have this house. It needs a little work, but I don’t care my brother and I will take care of that. This house is exactly what my baby wants.” The three of them head back to the realtors office to do up the paperwork, and a few days later Darnell has possession of the keys to his baby girl’s new house. For weeks after, Darnell and his brother work on the house, Darnell wants everything to be absolutely perfect before he presents the house to Kim. Upon completion of the renovations to the house, Darnell heads home, walking into the house, Darnell calls out to Kim, but he got no response. He walks into the kitchen and Kim wasn’t in there, he walks out to the patio, and she wasn’t out there, he looked downstairs for her, yet still no sign of her. Darnell walks back upstairs, and heads toward their room, and when he stands outside their door, that’s where he found her, she’s all snuggled up on the bed, sound asleep.

Darnell just stands there bahis firmaları for a few moments just watching his baby girl. Slowly and ever so quietly he makes his way into the room. Gently Darnell moves onto the bed with Kim, slowly wrapping his arm around her. Kim’s body shutters a bit, and she moans softly as she instinctively pushes her body back toward him.

“It’s ok baby, it’s only me.” Darnell whispers in her ear. Opening her eyes, Kim just looks at Darnell and smiles.

“Oh my baby, I know it’s you. Who in the heck else would it be?” Kim replies softly. “Baby, what time is it?”

“It’s 8 O’clock.”

“Oh my god I have no idea how long I have been laying here. I laid down for a few minutes, and then next thing I know you’re home. Apparently I didn’t accomplish a damn thing that I wanted to.” Kim chuckles.

“Well I will tell you what, I accomplished a hell of a lot. And tomorrow I have a surprise for you. But tonight I have something else in mind.” Kim sits up and looks at Darnell.

“Oh come on baby, why wait till tomorrow, tell me what the surprise is that you have for me, please baby you know I hate to wait.”

“Oh I know my baby girl hates to wait, but this time she is just going to have to.” Darnell replies pulling Kim back down to him nibbling on her earlobe.

“Baby don’t do this to me. Please baby, please tell me.”

“Nope not now.” Darnell replies softly, nibbling down the side of Kim’s neck. Kim moans softly feeling Darnell’s love stick hardening and pressing against her ass. Kim instinctively grinds her ass against him. Darnell shrieks as Kim slides her hand in between them rubbing his mass through his shorts. Darnell’s hips begin to move to her hand.

“Ohhh what’s the matter baby??” Kim asks in her devious little voice. Kim rolls over to face him still with his erect manhood in her hand, looking directly into Darnell’s eyes, as she has done many times before, only this time she uses her eyes to her advantage. Darnell couldn’t say a word at first; Kim’s eyes have him totally mesmerized.

“God damn baby girl, that’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair? Huh come on now tell me.”

“Oh fuck, just how you do this to me so quickly with those gorgeous brown eyes of yours.”

“Now just what is it that I do to you so quickly with my brown eyes baby?”

“You know damn well what you do to me, you turn me into putty in your hands. And that’s why it’s not fair; I started something here, and now your doing this to me.”

“Oh baby I have only just begun. Baby, sit up for me please. There is something that I want.” Darnell sits up as Kim moves herself in front of him.

“What does my…?” Kim places one finger onto Darnell’s lips to silence him, still with her eyes locked onto his slowly she slides her hands into the back of his hair, leaning into him Kim kisses Darnell softly. Gently Kim slips her fingers out of his hair, running them ever so lightly down his back. Keeping her eyes locked on Darnell’s, Kim very lightly runs her tongue down the side of his neck, settling into the crevice at the base of his neck licking, nibbling, and sucking ever so gently.

Taking a hold of the bottom of his tank top, Kim slowly slides it up his back. Darnell reaches behind his shoulders, taking the tank top from Kim’s hands, Darnell in his very soft sexy accented voice asks Kim just to back up for a second and watch him as he slowly (and I do mean slowly) removes his tank top in just the sexy fashion that he knows Kim absolutely loves. As Kim watches Darnell she can feel her juices beginning to flow. Slowly Kim descends her hands down her body sliding one hand in between her legs, over her smooth shaven mound, sliding one finger inside her hot box feeling of her wetness. Darnell gasps as he watches her do this. Darnell takes Kim into his arms laying her back down onto the bed. Kim begins to remove her finger from inside her hot box when Darnell looks deep into her eyes.

“No baby girl don’t stop, keep doing what you’re doing, and just watch me.” Darnell stands on the side of the bed closest to Kim’s head, as she continues to explore, and enjoy her wetness. Darnell kaçak iddaa hooks his fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and boxers as he slowly slides them down over his hips. His throbbing rock hard cock springs free, and Kim’s eyes widen to the size of a silver dollar as her mouth begins to water. Darnell knows just what all of this is doing to her as Kim reaches up taking Darnell’s shaft into her hand Darnell’s soft deep moans begin to turn to higher pitched screeches as his hips begin to gyrate to the feel of her hand wrapped around his cock. Kim stops for a moment and looks at Darnell.

“This my baby is what I want.” Kim whispers in a very sexy tone, leaning her head back over the edge of the bed, stroking Darnell’s cock in a slow and sensual way that only she can, Kim slowly and gently sucks his balls into her mouth one at a time. Darnell gasps yet again as Kim manipulates them vigorously in her mouth with her tongue, quickly popping them out. As Kim repeats this over and over again for several minutes Darnell’s body begins to squirm, as his screeches turn to erotic growling toned screams. The more he screams the hornier Kim becomes.

“Oh god put your hands on this bed baby and hold on for dear life.” Doing as Kim has asked him to do; Darnell places his hands on the bed on the sides of Kim’s legs. Gently Kim sucks Darnell’s throbbing cock into her mouth, as she ever so gently slides one finger inside his tight puckered rose bud.

“AAAAHHHH GOD DAMN IT BABY GIRL!!” Darnell lets out with a scream.

“Baby, am I hurting you?”


“Do you want me to stop baby?”


“Tell me what you want baby.”



“Oh shit, yessssss I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but YESSSSS I DO!!”

Well you be my good boy, and let me fuck your ass, and then you can fuck mine. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh YESS you know I love to fuck your ass. You have the sexiest, and most fuckable ass I have ever laid my eyes on. I will be your good boy I promise.” Moving herself out from under Darnell, Kim motions to Darnell to get onto the bed on his hands and knees.

“Open up that drawer baby, and tell me what’s in there.” Darnell does as Kim asks him to. Opening the drawer to Kim’s nightstand, Darnell just gasps slightly.


“I got it the other day baby. And you were off working with your brother; I was bored so I decided to go shopping. I thought I would surprise you baby.” Darnell didn’t answer right away, however Kim could see his body instantly tensing.

“Surprise me, oh hell yeah you surprised me all right, oh my fucking god what prey tell are you wanting to do with that thing baby girl?”

“Well, I am intending on using it with you baby, that’s why I bought it.”

“Yeah right ok sure, are you wanting to use it with me or SPLIT ME IN HALF WITH IT? That fucker is going to hurt.”

“Oh baby I won’t hurt you, don’t you trust me?”

“You know I do, but I really don’t know if I trust IT!!”

“Darnell please, just relax for me, it’s ok.” Kim whispers softly in his ear. As Darnell tries to take comfort in the words Kim just whispered to him, he feels something rather cold being applied to his special spot. The tip of Kim’s finger slips gently inside his ass, and Darnell’s body jumps slightly as he lets out a sudden screech, as his body muscles tense once again.

“Ahhhh Jesus Baby, what are you doing to me?”

“Baby, I told you I’m not going to hurt you, and that’s exactly what I mean. That’s what this stuff is for. Just relax, lay down and let it work baby.” Darnell lays down on the bed, as Kim slides herself in behind him placing her chest against his back, wrapping her arm around him, Kim leans in toward Darnell kissing the left side of his neck softly.

“I love you Daddy.” Kim whispers in her soft sexy little voice in his ear. kaçak bahis Hearing her say that to him just completely over takes him.

“Oh my god I love you too.”

“You and I have been talking about adventuring into this together sooner or later baby.”

“Yes I know, but some how I hoped it would later than sooner.” Darnell replies with a slight chuckle.

“Ok let’s find out if my baby is ready yet.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“Just lay still baby, if it’s ready you will know.” Gently Kim slides her hand back onto Darnell’s ass; ever so slowly Kim slides her fingertip back inside his rose bud. And this time Darnell’s body didn’t tense, and he didn’t jump, he just moans ever so softly, pushing back toward her finger. Little by little Kim begins to pummel her finger in and out of his ass, listening to his moans grow instinctively louder. Kim knows he’s beginning to relax and enjoy.

“Oh I think my baby is ready isn’t he?” Kim asks softly.

“Yes oh god yes I am ready. Take me baby!!” reaching into the drawer Darnell takes out Kim’s strap-on and hands it to her. “Do it baby, Take me.”

“Are you sure your ready for this baby?”

“I am as ready as I will ever be.”

“Then this is what we are going to do, just to make sure you’re ready, your going to help me put this on.” Getting up onto his knees, Darnell takes the strap-on back from Kim and helps her into it. Darnell’s eyes are locked onto Kim’s the entire time he’s doing this.

“Baby girl, do something for me.” “What baby?”

“Back up so I can take all of this in.” Kim does as Darnell asks, backing up a bit so he can see all of her. Darnell’s eyes widen as he looks down the length of her body, as she stands before him wearing what he now knows was bought for him. Darnell reaches out and grabs a hold of Kim’s strap-on and smiles, running his tongue over the bottom of his top teeth.

“Come here baby girl.” Darnell pulls Kim toward him. Placing her hands on Darnell’s shoulders, Kim looks down at him staring deep into his hazel eyes.

“What do you want baby?” Kim asks in her soft seductive voice.

“I want you to fuck me.” Moving in behind Darnell, Kim has Darnell spread his ass cheeks for her, as she takes hold of the strap-on and ever so slowly begins to tease his puckered rose bud with it. Just as Kim begins to slide it inside him, he can feel his sphincter muscles giving way, and he lets out with one hell of a loud erotic scream. The more Kim pushes inside him; the louder Darnell’s screams become and the more Darnell hunches back to meet it. His breathing sporadic and heavy, as Kim slides her hand up his back, and into his hair. Taking his hair into her hand, Kim begins to pull his head back, making Darnell hunch even more. Watching his actions really begins to arouse Kim in a sexual way that Darnell hasn’t ever seen. Little by little Kim begins to fuck Darnell’s ass harder and deeper. Darnell lets out with a screaming growl.

“WHAT ARE YOU BABY?” Kim asks in a commanding sort of tone.

“I AM MY MOMMY’S LITTLE BITCH!!” Darnell replies in a soft scream.


“I AM MY MOMMY’S LITTLE BITCH!!” Darnell screams even louder. As Kim’s pace picks up, Darnell uncontrollably pushes back toward her over and over again, feeling his orgasm approaching as his cock hardens and his balls tighten.

“OH FUCK MOMMY PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER, OHHHHHH GOD I AM GOING TO CUMMMM!! Hearing this, Kim fucks Darnell now as hard and as fast as she possibly can, pulling back on his hair the entire time. Darnell begins to whimper, and whine, and scream, and growl over and over again as with one last deep thrust Kim pushes Darnell over the edge, as he unloads all his hot cum shot after shot all over himself, as well as their bed. Kim removes her strap-on from Darnell’s ass slowly, Darnell collapses onto the bed. Kim takes her strap-on off, and lies next to Darnell, her breasts pressing into his back as she wraps her arms around him holding him as his body begins to settle. Darnell moans softly.

“Now baby, are you going to tell me what the surprise is you have for me?”

“Nope not till tomorrow. But will say this, I love you baby girl.”

“MMMM I love you too baby.” Kim replies softly as she snuggles in closer to Darnell as he slowly drifts off to sleep.

To be continued…

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