Visit with Julie


The Red Dog, Peter Robinson College, Quaker Oats…my knowledge of Peterborough was somewhat limited, having spent a few days with my friend Larry while he was at Trent. Now I’m better acquainted with the local highlights and I have to say they’re amazing.

It began with an Excite ad. The link said “Relationships,” and since mine needed help, I clicked through. I ended up in the personals section, asking me to select what I wanted in Central Ontario. What the hell. I entered all the stuff required and off I went. Julie in Peterborough posted her photo with an invitation to meet in person. She was amazing. Blond, thin, amazing breasts, what else can I say. I emailed and we agreed to meet.

Finding the street was my first challenge. Overcoming my nervousness was the next. I climbed the stairs (doubled back to grab the candle and the wine I bought as a gift), climbed the stairs again and found the door. I knocked. Her smile was disarming. She wore a black cotton sweater and black jeans. “I’m Jacob – and you’re Julie…” was my pathetic beginning. I extended my hand (shaking hands seemed silly, but it’s a programmed response). She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. Another smile. She invited my to sit and remarked on my wine. “Are you going to open that?” she asked. Two glasses, candle lit, and we were on the couch.

An hour of conversation passed quickly. School, work, play…we talked at length. Slowly, ever slowly canlı bahis she sank further into the couch. Legs apart, head resting lightly on the arm, she was very relaxed. As we spoke her foot moved lightly across my leg…a gentle brush, a light kick, and finally it rested on my thigh. Her sweater was riding up now, and her belly button was staring at me. I reached over to touch it. She did a slight recoil (too quick?) and settled back in. “Do you like it?” she purred.

“It’s nice…ever want to pierce it?”

“Ouch. Are you kidding? And ruin a perfectly formed belly button?”

“Good point…and you’re right…it is perfect.”

With this she undid the button of her pants and unzipped her jeans. No underwear. Beat red, I must have looked the perfect idiot. “It lives here, with my not-so-perfect tummy.” She rubbed herself.

“I’m gonna have to disagree. You have a great tummy.” And it was.

“See anything else you like? Want to make a list?”

“Okay, I’ll get paper…” I started to get up. Swiftly she put her hand on my inner thigh to stop me. She stopped me.

“You’re hard…did you know that?”

“You don’t miss anything. Maybe I need some help.”

“Let me.” With this she grabbed the top button and undid me. I was somewhat free. Expecting more freedom I was surprised as she pulled her sweater over her head. Whatever hopes for immediate freedom passed as I focussed on a lovely black bra and two lovely bahis siteleri occupants. She smiled.

“I want you to meet these two…they’re less than perfect too.”

“I’ve seen them, remember?”

“Oh yeah, the ad…I always forget about my exhibitionist side.”

“I haven’t”


“Yes, men. I won’t soon forget that picture.”


“Yeah, but in person is always more interesting.” With this she unclasped her bra and pulled her bra away. I was redder than ever.

She smiled again. “Are you okay…you seem a little embarrassed. New at this?”

“Ha Ha. No, just feeling a little overwhelmed. May I touch?”

“Please. But I need to warn you, they’re less than perfect.” She cupped them in her hands. “They are not perfectly symmetrical…unless I hold them like this…”

“Let me try.” I started underneath each breast and moved slowly to the nipple. I leaned in.

“Hold it…Do you want to kiss them? After all, they’re less than…” My tongue stopped her words. The left one, the one that is lightly upturned tasted wonderful. Her scent was very subtle, mostly soap with a perfume I didn’t know. My hand explored the right one, then her neck, and then the small of her back. She moaned. We kissed on the lips and her hand moved to my pants.

Slowly, but with some force, she moved her hand up and down my shaft. I was ready to cum. I shifted off the couch. I grabbed her hips and moved her bahis şirketleri gently down on the couch. She leaned back. “May I…?” was met with her hands helping me get her jeans off over her hips. She smiled again. “I’ve found perfection,” I said with a smile. She laughed.

I took a minute to travel up her thigh with my lips until I found the spot I sought. The smell was amazing. It had been a while. I licked her clit lightly and took it in between my lips. My tongue moved around it. She moaned. Her hips rotated ever slightly and her hands moved over my head and shoulders. She touched her breasts one or twice. After several minutes she squeezed my shoulder and began to shutter. The shuttering grew more intense and finally her moaning became a loud groan. “Oh God…Jacob, Jacob…” Music to my ears.

In one movement she was on the floor leaning on the couch. “Come inside me, now” was the command I willing followed. I entered her from behind and moved in and out. I leaned in and held her right breast. I leaned back and felt her ass. I leaned in and felt her hair. I grabbed her hips and pushed in and out in a slow motion.

“Stop! Don’t cum!” I stopped. “Lay down.” I did as ordered. She leaned over and held me with her right hand. Very wet, she moved her hand up and down, putting pressure around the head with each stroke. I was writhing. I stopped the moment I felt her lips brush me. She took me in her mouth and circled me with her tongue. I came at once.

“Didn’t I say not to cum?” She smiled.

“Really. I missed that. Am I in trouble?

“Trouble, yes. And now you will pay the price.” Her hand was back on my penis. She squeezed.

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