Week in Spokane WA

Week in Spokane WAI had been sharing chats with ‘Gary’ from Spokane for a while. It takes a while to gain someone’s trust. We had the same things in common. And that was to experience something new and something I fantasized about. Let’s face it. A good percentage of profiles on Hamster never really go anywhere. Between the photo collector and the fake profiles you are left with the ‘few’Well it did not take long to meet and chat with Gary. He is a ‘fifties’ black male that was interested in chatting and possibly meeting with a ‘open minded’ white female. I’m a 23 year old white ‘University grad’ that wanted to fulfill and experience something different. Hence we sounded good together. I wanted an ‘Older’ mature male and he wanted a young adventurous girl. Finally the opportunity arose. I made the commitment to take a flight to Spokane. I made arrangements for Gary to pick me up at the airport. Since I never travel alone. My girlfriend’Paula’ came with me. The whole flight to Spokane I was both excited and a bit apprehensive. Thoughts were going through my head. Will he find me attractive? What if he does not show up?While in flight Paula and I spoke about my expectations. She was around as a familiar face and to take a few photos and or videos. I wanted the experience bursa escort documented. A once I a lifetime escapade. I tried to talk her into enjoying herself as well but she was very undecided. We finally touched down and we picked up our bags from the baggage hall. As we exited the pit of my stomach started turning. I had on black Lululemon pants on with a white t shirt. Paula had on basically the same. We exited into the terminal and walked around a bit. As I looked around I saw this tall older black male. He looked like he was looking for someone particular. I had his phone number so I texted him. I then saw him look at his phone. He had a smile. I walked over and introduced myself. Wow it don’t believe this would happen he said. It we all laughed. He helped with our luggage and we left for the parking garage to find his car. The apartment was nice ( for a single guy ….LOL ). It was a two bedroom. He directed us to the spare bedroom. After refreshing ourselves we decided to go out for dinner. Nothing special. We returned back to the apartment and had a few drinks and talked. I was honest with Gary and reiterated what I was hoping my experience would be. So far I have what I was looking for. Older black male who was perfectly willing to do whatever we wanted. escort bursa Gary asked me to stand up. I whispered to Paula to get her camera ready. He asked me to take off my clothes. The experience was starting. As we chatted before I wanted to be dominated and degraded. So he continued. Listen you white fuckin slut. Take your clothes off. I took of my T shirt. I reached down and pulled my tights down. I was in my multi coloured bra and my polka dot panties. Take it all off I want to see your tits and pussy. I started to get that excited feeling in my stomach. I took all my clothes off. I could see him staring at my tits and pussy. I had shaved myself before leaving. I left a small patch of hair above my vagina. Gary stood up and walked towards me. He grabbed for my tits squeezing my nipples. I could see that he started to get a hard on. He had on light shorts. He slowly slid his finger in my pussy ( I was wet ). He then grabbed the back of my head and leaned forward and kissed me. He said Daddy wants to fuck his white little bitch. He said I deserved a nice black cock. I pulled his shorts down and was excited to see his black cock. Pre cum on its tip. He pulled me down to my knees and told me to suck him. He grabbed his hard black cock and started to softly bursa escort bayan hit me across the face with it. You little white slut. Come serve you black master. He kept pumping his cock in my mouth. I grabbed the back of his ass as he fucked my moist mouth. Paula shifted around the room and continued to take pictures and some video. After a while Gary bent me over the couch and stated to lick my pussy. Daddy is going to fuck his white slut tonight he kept saying. He then stuck his black cock into my pussy ( from behind ). I could hear his balls slapping against my white ass. His Rhythm picked up as he was pounding me. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled. He then turned me over and laid me on the couch. He pulled my legs up close to my face and started to fuck my pussy. Gary leaned down and stared French kissing me. He kept saying he was looking forward to this for a while. My kitty white slut he kept calling me. You deserve this black cock. You are my white whore. He then fucked me sideways. I could see that black cock sliding inside of me. He grabbed by tits and bit my nipples a little. He moved me onto my back and started fucking me hard again. All of a sudden he pulled out and rammed his cock onto my face and blew his white thick black seed onto my face ( on my tongue ) cheeks and my chin. He used his fingers to scoop the seed into my mouth. ( yummy ). Paula you white slut. Did you get all of it on the camera? She replied yes I did. Wow. We sat and talked a little then went to bed.

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