What Are the Chances


What Are the ChancesSo I’ve been sucking cock at least three days a week with my Mailman As I’ve said before I enjoy licking pussyas well Well it’s Tuesday I’m at my local coffee placeits packed as always only chair &table available is with this lovely lady I ask if I can joinher says she doesn’t mind We chat about everything she tells me she’s married but not happy , she even tells me her sex life is dead , which I couldn’t imagine she is very voluptuous I love women that are Bbws and has big tits and she as it allmmm I’m thinking maybe I can make her happy as well We are laughing and having a great time sioshe says she needs to go home , she onlylives a block away I ask if I can walk her homeshe says yes we get to her house I ask if I can use the bathroom the coffee and the walk made me have to pee her as well she said She goes to her bedroom and I use the half bathim done way before her and I’m sitting in the living room i notice a couple on the tv in the picture frame i recognize immediately karabağlar escort who it is Michelle enters the room wearing short shorts that are very tight definitely camel toe going onand a tank top that is tight as all hell and her big tits spilling out she asks if I like I say I love it she asks do I find her sexy I say hell yes , ty my husband never seems to notice I tell her he must be blind you are lovelyand very sexy she starts to blush I tell her come join me on the couch i ask may I kiss her she giggles at first and tells she’s been faithful for 25 years nowno problem just a kiss we kiss passionate i can by her breathing she’s getting excited i gently make my way down her neck kissing and licking her neck by now I’m pinching her extremely hard nipples through her tank top I take her topoff and her beautiful tits drop free , she asks do I like I say I do an can I lick at her hard nipples , she says sure I suck and lick each nipple hearing her moan with karabağlar escort bayan pleasure I’m pinching her nipples kissing my way down her lovely big stomach kissing and licking my way to the top of her shorts She lifts her ass so I can pull down her shorts i get them off and her panties the panties aresoaked and her beautiful pussy is hairless im in heaven i start at her toes licking and sucking her toesi lick the bottom of her feet i her giggle and moan I lick my way up he legs sucking on her knees and licking her luscious thighs ifinally reach her beautiful pussy shesbeen playing with it already her clit is hard and pussy is wet I start by sucking on her clit as I’m pinching one of her hard nipples i stop sucking her clit and just watch hershe is trembling with excitement begging me to continue I tell her I will I’m just admiring her beautiful body she blushes tells me ty and says her husband asnt told her that in a long timei start to lick her clit escort karabağlar and pulling her lips further apart mmm I can see her sexy pee hole I stick my tongue at it and start licking it one hand rubbing her hard clit the other pinching her hard nipples she’s holding herpussy lips apart as I start to tongue fuck her she’s ready to cum she tells me I tellher to just let go I want to taste all of her she squirts right into my mouth and allover my face I’m in Cum heaven bliss i lick her clean as I always do cock or pussyi love cum from either one She thanks me tells me she hasn’t had and orgasm like that in years , she asks if I wantsucked I say another time today was a gift for you so you can feel beautiful again she tells me mission accomplished As I’m getting ready to leave I ask if I can keep her panties I tell her I like wearing panties as well especially wet ones she says sure she will keep her wet ones for me , she then asks will I ever see me again i said sure how about this Thursday she smiles and giggles and says great I’ll have coffee on , I tell her I just want her tastycream I ask about the pictures on her tv she tellsme that’s her and her deadbeat husband tellsme he’s a “Mailman “ I knew I recognized him but I’m not telling her or should iWe kiss and tell her I’ll see her Thursday

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