A husbands dream fulfilled – Part 2


A husbands dream fulfilled – Part 2“You knew I was watching?” “It’s what you always wanted isn’t it, to watch me being taken by another man”. “Ah… yes, but how did you know?” “Remember John and Erica’s anniversary party a couple of months ago? You got drunk and on the way home you mumbled a few things and confessed to wanting to see me get fucked buy another guy.” I’d stopped thrusting in and out of her by now as this revelation took me completely by surprise. “So the guy on the beach was a set up?” “Of course, you don’t think I’d just let myself be picked up and fucked by some stranger do you?” “No! But I don’t understand how it happened.” By now I’d rolled off Sue and we were sitting up in bed.My head was now spinning with all sorts of questions. After Sue’s return from her walk earlier that evening I was filled with mixed emotions. Part of me was happy and aroused at the thought that my beautiful wife had fulfilled a dream of mine. But at the same time I was worried and disappointed that she was cheating on me. Although you may want to see your wife having sex with another man you want to at least have some knowledge that it’s going to happen and when. Sue started to explain. “Well after the initial shock of your drunken confession I couldn’t stop thinking that it might be fun to give it a go. After a few days I forgot all about it until a month ago when Tracey from work mentioned that her new boyfriend wanted to see her having sex with other men.” I’d never met Tracey but knew she was the new girl in the office and that her and Sue had hit it off and become friends. “Tracey told me she was open to the idea but was a bit scared. I mentioned your wish to see me being fucked by another man to Tracey and after chatting it over we came up with an idea. She would arrange for her boyfriend, his name’s Jamie by the way, to fuck me and I’d get lotusbet güvenilirmi you to fuck her. That way we know what and who we are dealing with. We thought it would be better to do this away from home so we arranged to book this holiday together. So you see sweetie, I didn’t just pick up a stranger. It’s all been planned. We just need to get you to fuck Tracey now.” I was speechless. Finally I said “Does this Jamie character know about your plan?” “No, he’s going to get his wish fulfilled the same as you. As far as he knows he was just making your dream come true.” After some more discussion I agreed to go along with the plan. After all, Jamie did me a favour so it’s only polite to do the same for him.The following morning Sue arranged for us to meet Tracey. Apparently Jamie had gone to play a round of golf. Tracey arrived wearing a long see-through wrap over a low cut swimsuit which showed off her curvy figure and shapely legs. Her long red hair highlighted her green eyes. I approved. We chatted a bit and then agreed a plan of action for when Jamie got back. When she had left I asked Sue if she was sure she didn’t mind me fucking another woman. “Actually”, she said with a wicked smile and lust in her eyes, “I like the idea of us fucking other people. Maybe we can take it further if this works out.”That afternoon the plan was put into action. We were sitting by the pool with Tracey and Jamie on the other side. I kept glancing at Tracey making sure Jamie saw me. Eventually Tracey got up, said something to Jamie and headed for the beach. She then turned towards the rocky out crop with its rock pools and small cave a little way down the beach. I gave her a few minutes and then got up and went the same way. Tracey had disappeared into the cave and as I reached the rocks I caught a glimpse of Jamie as he walked lotusbet yeni giriş on to the beach behind me. There were some rocks that hid the cave entrance from general view. However if you climbed a few steps up you could see right in to the cave. I entered the cave to find Tracey having a look around. As I moved towards her she asked “Is he following?” “Yes” I replied “Are you sure you want to do this?” She suddenly closed the gap between us and kissed me deeply. She pulled away, looked me in the eyes and said “let’s do this” and slid her hand into my shorts.She began to slowly rub my cock up and down and slowly picked up speed. I put my arms around her and my hands found their way around her tight, firm arse. She dropped down to her knees pulling my shorts down as she went and then wrapped her lips around the tip of my growing cock. I felt her soft, warm mouth slowly engulf my penis. She slowly sucked more and more, deeper and deeper down her throat. I glanced over to the entrance of the cave and saw Jamie’s head duck down behind the rocks outside. “He’s watching” I said to Tracey in a low whisper. She didn’t reply, instead she deep throated my dick all the way down her throat. I was moaning with pleasure when she pulled my dick out of her mouth, stood up and started to take her swimsuit off. My cock was throbbing to get some more of this sexy woman. I brought my hands up to her tits and began to rub them. I kissed down her neck to her big full breasts and began to play with her nipples with my tongue. My left hand slid between her legs and began to rub her nicely shaved pussy. Her head fell back in pleasure as I slid two fingers in her wet slit. I turned her around and bent her over slightly so that I could grab her tight arse while I ate her out. I stuck one finger in her pussy while I licked at her clit. lotusbet giriş I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to fuck her pussy. I stood up and slid my shaft between the lips of her pussy and she moaned. I thrust into her and started to fuck her with long hard strokes. She was loving this. I started to play with her arsehole, rubbing it with my thumb and pushing gently into it. Sue has never enjoyed anal sex so I wasn’t sure how Tracey would react to me fondling her like this. I soon found out. Tracey pulled herself off my cock and went down on all fours presenting her firm arse to me. “Don’t just stand there, fuck me in my arse.” She said looking over her shoulder at me. I didn’t need to be told twice. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock into her arse. “Ooh that feels so good!” she said “I love anal sex but Jamie’s cock is too big for my arse. Fuck me hard. I want to cum.” I fucked her hard and she was writhing in pleasure and was moaning so load I’m sure Jamie could hear her outside. She was rubbing her pussy while I rode her arse holding her hair. She came with a long deep moan and fell forward onto the sand. I had managed to stay in her arse and I was about to come and I told her. She told me to cum in her arse which I did. I hadn’t cum so hard since I couldn’t remember when. After filling her arse with my cum I pulled my still throbbing cock out of her and collapsed next to her on the floor of the cave, my cum running out of her arse and down her pussy. We both heard a groan outside the cave entrance and gave each other a knowing smile that Jamie had just shot his load at the sight of his girlfriend being fucked by a stranger. We lay there for a while catching our breath and then Tracey got up, put her swimsuit back on and headed out the cave and into the sea for a cleanup. I put my shorts back on and left a short while later. When I got back to the pool Sue wasn’t there so I went straight to our room. Tracey meanwhile had joined Jamie back at the pool as if nothing had happened. I found Sue waiting for me on the bed when I entered our room. “Well? Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me all about it.” She said.

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