A Mother’s Pride Ch. 03


Everything seemed so different that first day, like someone had shuffled all the fuses in my brain. They still all worked, but now the patterns of my thoughts were very, very different. Like the native American Indians, I seemed to have lost a thousand reservations, but unlike them I had gained a million new lands. I could look at the world now and see endless opportunities for all the weird and wild things that I had only ever dreamed about before, and I could see countless ways that I could help shape my sons life. Roughly translated, I was suddenly seeing a thousand ways we could have sex together.

Our first night had been an eye-opening (and leg-opening) delight, and the new day had started in just the same way. I couldn’t deny that I wasn’t surprised when the transition from a normal mother and son relationship to this new taboo fuck-fest partnership had proved to be more than just a physical thing, but the depth of emotion – okay, love – we seemed to feel for each other was breath-taking.

That first full day had already seen us copulate twice despite the soreness evident in my under-utilised pussy, and there could easily have been a third, fourth and who knows how many more fucks if the soreness really hadn’t become almost insistent.

In any case, we needed to replenish the contents of the fridge – especially as we both seemed to be developing an appetite that was spurred on by the sexual desires we were both experiencing – so we’d set off for a supermarket run, and somehow managed to keep our hands off each other long enough to fill one shopping trolley. Result.

Matthew was impeccably behaved, even when I asked him to help me carry all the bags inside when we got home, and even more wonderfully helpful when he didn’t hesitate to help me store all of the purchases away in the fridge and the larder. I nearly wrote a letter to the Queen asking her to award him her highest medal of honour when he didn’t even complain – too much – when I refused his advances that evening. At least, he didn’t after I explained how his lovely hard cock had turned my already sensitive pussy into something that felt as if it had been skinned, grated and then dipped in salt.

I must admit that any complaints he might have had soon disappeared when the desire – the need – to keep my new lover satisfied got too much for me to resist, and I broke a fervent kiss in the living room when I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down.

“So,” I asked, grasping his hard cock, “Have you ever had this lovely, smooth sword kissed and sucked?”

“Oh, ma, no, never. You mean you’ll-”

I interrupted him by flicking my tongue across the tip of his erect cock, the taste of pre-cum already present, “You’re going to have to get used to it,” I grinned up at him, “if we’re going to stay lovers for a couple of months.”

His brow wrinkled, “I don’t understand.”

I couldn’t resist but open my mouth wider, taking the head of his member into its warm depths for a few seconds before saying, “You have a lot to learn, but don’t fret. I love being your teacher, and the lesson here is that some days, even when I’m not as sore as I am now, we won’t be able to have full-on sex because I’ll be menstruating, got it?” I took the head of his cock back into my mouth, looking up at him to see his reaction. Even if he was suddenly squeamish it didn’t reduce his hardness any, and his hips began to sway backwards and forwards.

“Oh… fuck that’s good, ma… you’re talking about your… period?”

I nodded and started to swirl my tongue around his shaft.

“I wouldn’t care,” he was already gasping, but I sensed there was a control building within him now and I didn’t ease off.

I paused, but didn’t feel like releasing him even for as long as it took to answer, talking instead around his cock I said, “I would for a couple of days. But we can do this instead.”

“I can’t believe I’m in your mouth, ma. I love it so much.”

“Is this perfect for you, Matty,” I managed, barely pausing this time, “Perfect with your hard cock in my mouth?”

“Oh, yes! I love it, I love it!”

My free hand pulled apart the top of my dress, my bra-less breasts exposed then, displayed for my son’s pleasure, “Hold my head and fuck my mouth all you want.”

Both is his hands tangled in my hair then and his movements become more pronounced, the depth of his thrusts intensifying even as he started to pause with each near-withdrawal so that he could stare down at my tits. “Gorgeous Bristols,” he managed.

I lost the pattern of my rhythm as I snorted a laugh, pausing then to pull my head back for a moment “Bristols?”

“Bristol Cities,” he was remarkably relaxed still, “Rhyming slang.”

“Oh you mean titties?”

“Yeah but please starting sucking me off again.”

I licked the tip of his cock, making him moan, “You should be more polite if you’re gonna use slang like that.”

“Like how? But please suck me, ma please!”

“Bristol and West – chest – that’s much more polite. illegal bahis Still rhymes.” I opened wide again and he almost choked me as he rammed forward.

“Yes!” He started to fuck my mouth again, his grip now firmer in my hair, “That’d still be Bristols and… fuck, yes… and your Bristols, your tits are perfect!”

I cupped his heavy balls then and started to really work my head backwards and forwards, not quite deep-throating him but feeling him in the very back of my mouth each time he thrust and my head bobbed forward.

Matthew was panting heavily, his excitement evident in every one of those ramming moves, and his fingers were rhythmically tightening and twisting in my hair. His heightened – and ever heightening – level of arousal was contagious and although I felt a deep need to explore the wetness that was now pulsing deep within my womanhood, the soreness kept my hands working my boy’s cock as I sucked and licked and kissed it. Instead I found myself tightening and releasing my pelvic muscles, rocking my own hips as I knelt there with my son’s hips positively vibrating with every thrust.

As seconds of sucking and licking became minutes, our mutual arousal continued to rise and became somehow, more of a single, shared, entity. I love to suck cock sometimes and I know it’s often appreciated far more than the act would normally be – I’m really, genuinely, good at it, in other words – so when Matthew kept the act going for so long I knew that this was more a case of his control already becoming greater than anything to do with his lack of real enjoyment. He was prolonging his pleasure and at the same time, driving both of us towards the stars.

I licked the entire length of his rigid cock, sucking hard and then softly, took more and more of its length into my mouth, encouraged his pulling at my hair and head with grunts and moans of fervent approval. Our mutual delight became something that was almost frantic, the entire thing being a face-fuck of epic proportions. My boy’s pubic hairs were grinding into my jaw with every thrust and each time the head of that hot, hard cock pressed against the back of my throat, my pussy, sore or not, pulsed with orgasmic delight.

My ears were ringing by then, but I heard Matthew start to moan ‘oh, ma!’ over and over. His movements started to become jerky, ragged, and yet faster and harder. His hands were now entangled in my hair and pulling my head hard onto his cock as he pounded it as hard as he could into my eager mouth. I would have objected to that at any time in my past but now it was just perfect, just right, and when I realised that he was on the verge of erupting into my throat, I grabbed his butt cheeks, determined not to let a single drop out of my mouth.

And then it happened. Matthew thrust as hard as he’d ever done before, wailing ‘yes!’ at the top of his voice. His cum exploded from his cock, spurting hard and straight down my throat, and I sucked greedily, welcoming it, eager for it, drinking it. He pulsed again and gave another push just as I started a climax of my own, and I felt the head of his glorious member penetrate even further. I didn’t, couldn’t – never wanted to – stop it, and even as he cum in his mother’s mouth for the first time, I experienced a first of my own, deep-throating for real.

Somehow, some way, I didn’t choke or gag, and continued to suck every last drop of his cum down into my belly, holding him tight to my face.

He had stopped thrusting and was virtually vibrating each time he spurted more and more of his juices into my throat. His fingers were close to pulling my hair out of my head at first but relaxed when the eruptions of his jets of thick, sweet cum finally slowed. Then there were the last couple of drops and I felt his member softening before it slipped from my mouth, Matthew falling back onto his butt in front of me, a look of something close to shocked wonder plastered to his red, sweaty face.

The only noise at first was the heavy panting for breath from both of us, mine being louder and probably – and understandably – a little more desperate. After a couple of attempts I finally managed to find my voice.

“Reckon you might get to enjoy that if we can’t actually fuck?”

He managed a laugh that was somewhere between dazed and delighted, “Might do.”

From somewhere he summoned the energy to roll over onto his knees and crawl over to me, his arm shakily pulling me into a rough embrace. He kissed the top of my head, one hand brushing my hair straighter, the other squeezing me against his chest. I felt less like his mother and far more like his lover on one level, and yet the sensation of the side of his chest against a bared breast held a glorious feeling of wrongness. Despite my very recent climax, I felt charged with lust and desire. I tilted my head back and sought his lips, opening myself to my boy as much as my mouth.

He accepted the offer of that kiss with an eagerness that was mixed with a soft sensuality and the result was the joining illegal bahis siteleri of mouths in a manner that only deeply sensual partners ever achieve. His hand trailed down from my tangled hair to gently cup a breast, my nipple rigid in his palm, and my own hands encircled his shoulders, my mind shocked for maybe the first time as I realised he was now full and truly my lover as much as he was my son, my flesh and blood.

We stayed that way for long minutes, softly kissing and caressing each other, marvelling at the looks of love in each other’s eyes, this new world revealing itself to us.

Then the phone rang.

From somewhere we both managed to find an affronted laugh and I shuffled over to the coffee table to grab the handset, pulling my top closed for no good reason given that the landline didn’t come complete with video link. When I picked the receiver up and heard the voice at the other end I was oddly grateful I had restored my modesty, regardless of the fact that the caller couldn’t see me.

“Mimi!” I said, as much for Matthew’s benefit as in greeting.

“Do you still have to call me that? Hello baby sis.”

“Yes I do,” I said with a wry smile. I’d called my sister ‘Mimi’ ever since I was a pre-teen and it had nothing to do with the fact that, back then, I had trouble with her proper name – Maisie – but more to do with the fact that my older sister was a selfish bitch from a very early age. She heard ‘Mimi’ but I had re-christened her ‘Me-me’. “And hello to you. To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?”

“Oh, stop being so formal!”

If only she knew, I thought, “Okay then, how’s tricks and what do you want?”

“I’m just calling to say I’ll be in your area later this evening. I thought I might pop in and see you if you’re around.”

I switched to speaker-phone so Matthew could understand why I was rolling my eyes and grimacing. I loved my sister, of course, but she could be a real pain in the ego. “Well I guess we are…” I tried to ignore Matthew’s frantic head-shakes.

“We? Oh right, of course. Matt’s finished school hasn’t he? I take it he’s lurking about the place?”

“Lurking isn’t quite the word I’d use,” I told her, somehow managing to stifle a giggle – a process made immeasurably more difficult when I glanced at my son to see him holding his index finger and thumb of his left hand in a circle, the forefinger of his right hand slipping in and out of it.

“Lurking, loitering or laying in his bedroom wanking, it’s all the same to me – it’ll be nice to see both of you.”

It gave me the opportunity I so desperately needed to splutter a laugh, “Oh, so you want to see him in his bedroom wanking then?”

“Darling, stop it!” Maisie’s voice rose a couple of octaves, “You know full well that’s not what I meant!”

It was time to get my own back on my son for nearly making me choke – with laughter, I mean, not his cock, earlier, “I seem to recall,” I said, grinning broadly at my son’s curious face, “That a couple of month ago you told me your nephew was starting to look hunky enough to give your pussy goosebumps?”

“I was drunk and well you know it!”

Matthew’s jaw was in danger of hitting the carpet but I didn’t feel like relenting. “Didn’t you say something about wondering whether I could get you a nice candid photo of him in speedos so you’d have something to frig yourself silly over when you needed it?”

“Darling! It was the vodka making me stupid, and well you know it.”

My son scuttled over beside me and pulled my top open, his brilliant red blush not stopping him from scowling at me even as his mouth descended to an exposed breast. I groaned but tried to make it sound like the attempt of a bad actress, “I’m sure you said something about wondering what it must feel like to have his mouth sucking at your tit.”

My sister snorted, trying to cover her embarrassment with annoyance, “I said no such thing! Now stop that at once!”

Matthew shook his head a little – ‘no chance’ – and I let out another moan, hoping to god that the phone hadn’t developed telepathic capabilities, “Why, Mimi, I can almost hear your blush.”

“You always were a terrible rogue as a sister! Now tell me, will you be there all evening or not?”

I pushed Matthew’s head away before things got even sillier, pressing the button that shut off the speaker-phone function, “Yes, we’ll both be here and I’m sure we’d both love to see you.” I ignored my son’s stifled wail of anguish. “I know you’re a busy woman but a few minutes of your time really would be much appreciated.”

“Actually,” Maisie said, “I am extremely busy at the moment and I was rather hoping for another favour.”

“Seeing you isn’t what I would call ‘a favour’, but what do you mean by ‘another’ one?”

“Well, I need to see a client over your way first thing tomorrow…”

I nodded, understanding her only too well, “So in other words, you have to be close by in the morning and thought you’d ask your little sister if canlı bahis siteleri you could see her and then ask to stop over so you got a free room as well. Two birds with one stone?”

“No! Darling, you know I’m not that grasping and manipulative!”

She was and always had been, but I ignored both her protest and my son’s ever-more frantic headshakes. I even ignored my own wails of disappointment – but there again, I needed a little time to recover from my insipient soreness, “So you don’t want me to put you up for the night?”

“Actually, that might be a good idea…”

“For you, certainly,” I said.

“Oh, darling, please don’t be like that. I might admit that it was the business appointment that prompted me to call you, but only because it provided a great opportunity for me to come by and see you.”

I snorted a laugh, “Next you’ll be telling me that Santa Claus isn’t real.”

Maisie’s voice became rather arch, “Coming from you, that’s rich. If we’re busy with the naughtier memory lane stuff, might I remind you that you know full damned well that Santa isn’t real because it was you who made me help her get a good look at ‘Santa’s sack’ one evening when daddy was drunk!”

I can’t begin to tell you just how glad I was that I’d shut off the speaker phone, “Mimi!”

“Fair’s fair, little sis. We all have our naughty indiscretions from time to time, so let’s put an end to it, shall we? I won’t mention you spying on daddy’s baubles – well, balls – if we can leave Matthew’s development out of the equation. Deal?”

I privately vowed to regain the upper hand, but for now it was a case of, “Deal.”

“So then, may I stay over?”

Matthew chose that moment to cup one of my breasts, thereby starting me on a newly wicked train of thought, “It’ll be a pleasure, Mimi. You can stay in Matthew’s room.” He looked up at me quizzically, “He’s got a load of camping gear already stashed in my room and he can sleep on my floor in a sleeping bag for one night. It won’t hurt him.” A slow smile spread over his face.

“Oh right. For a second there I thought you were still playing silly games!”

“Not at all, Mimi, I promise.” I gave Matthew a smile born of pure naughtiness, “Why? Were you hoping I’d suggest you share with my hunky son?”

“Stop that right now!”

“Oh, sorry, Mimi, I didn’t mean to get you all hot and bothered…”

She sighed dramatically, “You might be my sister, but you’re nothing like me, are you? You’re incorrigible and decidedly naughty! Matthew’s hunkiness has no effect on me whatsoever when I’m stone-cold sober.”

“Shall I put the vodka in the fridge?”

“Darling! Stop it right now!”

I laughed loudly, a fake moan turning all too real when my son’s mouth connected again with a hard nipple, “I really should, I guess.”

“Quite right,” she told me, missing my point entirely, unlike Matthew who was now sucking hungrily at one of my points. It was distracting in the extreme, “Just make sure,” I told Maisie with the tiny part of my brain that was still functioning normally, “that you bring some nightwear. We wouldn’t want little hunky, here, to see you padding around in your undies, would we?” I tried to ignore his nod.

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be on my best behaviour.”

“Your call,” I said, without thought, “I have a feeling that his teenage lusts might stretch to spying on his aunt even if she’s nowhere near as cute as her little sister.”

“I have a feeling,” Maisie said, “That my choice of nightwear might be a tad compromised now. You really are a naughty little sister, aren’t you?”

“Sucking right,” I muttered, “I mean, fucking right.” I had to push Matthew away when he started to pull at the rest of my dress. Things were getting out of hand. Or rather, into hand.

“Language, darling. Anyway, if I’m going to get over to you I’d better get the car loaded.”

“Yeah,” I managed, my feet now planted on my son’s chest as he tried to push closer, “You get yourself over here real soon. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

I clicked the phone off before my sister could reply, and turned my attention to Matthew, “You, mister, are a pain at times!”

“It’s not my fault you’re gorgeous. What did aunt Maisie want? Is she coming over?”

I curled my legs under me and pulled Matthew into a tight hug, “Thank you, and she wants to stay the night.”

“Shit. I was hoping-“

I shut him up with a kiss and then leant back. “I thought you rather fancied your aunt?”

“No!” He paused and gave a surprisingly adult chuckle, “Well, I guess she’s cute enough, but you’re the sister with the fantastic looks.”

“If you’re trying to smarm your way into my knickers again, there’s no need to keep trying – you’ll be welcome just as soon as I can walk without limping. But thanks anyway. And hey, you never know with Mimi. Perhaps she’ll flash some flesh in your direction.”

He shrugged, “I won’t even dare upset you my looking if she does. And it sounds like I’ll be sleeping on your bedroom floor anyway.”

“For a start, I wouldn’t care,” to my surprise that was true, “And you’re not going to be on the floor, I promise. I have a big, fluffy bed and you, my new lover, are going to be cuddled right up next to me in it.”

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