A Naughty Outdoor Fuck


A Naughty Outdoor FuckIts 9PM. I’ve just finished my first beer of the night. Sat on my couch in my flat whilst watching my girlfriend getting ready. She’s in her underwear fixing her make-up before we go out. All I can think as I’m following the line of her back down to her sexy black knickers is “this is the best way to drink a beer”. I feel my shaft harden slightly as my thoughts wonder, thinking of sliding my hand around the front of her and kissing her neck while I work my hand further to rub her off through her knickers. I shake my head and snap myself out of that train of thought, my cock is getting hard now and we are already late. When she turns around again and I see her breasts pushed up in her bra and nipples slightly protruding I continue to fight the thoughts running through both of my heads. I carefully watch as she slips on her black dress and get up, the urge to squeeze her bum gently and kiss her has beaten me. We kiss a short while, our tongues touching and lips gentle. She slides her hand and feels my now hard member. She pulls back surprised at my excitement, laughs and says “You need to calm down, not until later.”I give a cheeky smirk and say “I can’t help it, your too sexy!”She kisses me again, fethiye escort pulls away and says “Let’s go, the taxis here.”The party we go to is good, although I find it hard to take my eyes off her. I watch her as she stands at the bar, her long black hair, the shape of her perfect bum in her tight dress, the shape of her smooth long legs and her breasts which could only be called perfect. I squeeze her bum when no one is looking and she kisses me and cheekily slaps mine back. As the time goes on, the tension between the two of us raises. Our hands tighten, our eyes clash, we steal a few kisses together.11PM. Its not too late but we get to a point where the tension is unbearable and both make our goodbyes and decide to leave. Its summer so we decide to walk home since its not too far. We walk back along the promenade. Almost immediately when finally alone together, we grab each other and start kissing deeply. My hands around her back work my way to her bum. Her hand does the same. Then she slides her hand inside and grips my hard cock through my jeans. I let out a sigh as the touch feels so good. I push my knee up a little and she grinds hard on my leg. Then I move back and replace my hand where my knee was. She moans escort fethiye as she wants more, but pulls back. Things are getting too much in the open. But we both like the excitement. We see a small building with some benches which would hide us enough. Without a word she drags me towards the building. My cock now feels on the verge of exploding as feel it rubbing in my jeans as we walk. When we get to the building she eagerly undoes my jeans. Her hand slips around my cock and she pulls it out of my underwear and jeans completely. The warmth of her hand around my cock and the cool summer air feels amazing. She starts stroking it back and forth. I pull her in towards me, slide her dress right up and rub her clit through her knickers. She moans and doesn’t stop me this time. I grab the edges of her knickers and pull them right down. She throws them on the bench. I slide my hand back up her leg and massage her clit. Her moans louden. I slip my finger in her and back out. By now she is sopping wet. I speed up the intensity on her clit. She pulls my cock back and forth quicker now too as the nails of her other hand dig in my neck slightly. We can’t fight it much longer. So I push her back on the bench. She sits spreading fethiye escort bayan her legs as she pulls me into her. I slide into her and push my shaft as deep as I can. She lets out a moan of pleasure as the full length of my shaft enters her. The pleasure is amazing, but I hold myself back. I start sliding in and out. Her moans louden and I grip her breasts fucking her quickly. Her nipples are easily visible now. She grabs my bare arse pulling me quicker. Through her moans she lets out a “Fuck me!” in pleasure. All of a sudden she pushes me out of her. Grabs my cock rubbing it covered in her juices. She gets on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth. This feels amazing and my excitement increases when I look up and remember we are outside still. Then she bends back over and I see her throbbing wet pussy between her legs. I immediatly enter her deeply fucking her. I use my thumb to massage her tight arse hole. She is moaning loudly now, I fuck her as hard as I can. She can’t stop herself and screams out loudly. I feel her pussy tighten and pulsate. I push my cock in deeply and explode, flling her with my hot cum. We both slump down with pleasure slightly and I remain deep inside her. I kiss the side of her neck and slowly pull out. I see my cum drip out down her leg slighly. She ignores this, turns around pulling her dress back down and kisses me hard. I pull up my trousers, pack in my dirty, now semi-hard cock. And without a word we head home.

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