A Story to Remember


I am 25, very beautiful with 36″ 24″ and 36″. I studied up to the college level. Because I was beautiful a lot of boys used to trouble me and my parents stopped my studies and asked me to study for any course from home.

My father was doing business and a servant Nijam, used to come at noon to take food for my father. He was a naughty fellow. But I used to like him. As soon as Nijam comes, my mother used to get busy in the kitchen to finish the cooking and pack the tiffin box with food for Nijam to carry to the shop.

But this fellow who was much younger to me, used to beckon me to a nearby room and he used to place his hand on my boobs and press them. Though I objected to his audacity, I used to enjoy his act.

When mother calls for him from the kitchen, he will leave me and run into the kitchen so that no doubts would be raised. He will make me so hot that I take time and use my fingers to cool down.

Nijam used to ask me not to wear bra when he comes since over so many clothes he does not get the real feel of the boob. I was afraid not to wear bra especially when my mother is at home, she will find out and scold me.

One day I stood without bra and covered my boobs with blouse only and Nijam came as usual and my mother ran to the kitchen to finish the cooking.

Nijam and I moved to the nearby room and he lifted my blouse and saw my boobs and he was very happy. He put the face on them and went on licking and sucking the nipples.

I caught his erect cock over his shorts. It was a huge thing. I have not seen one. I wanted just to see it. I removed his shorts and saw his tool. It was like an iron rod but silky soft.

In the meantime my mother called for him and he just rushed to the kitchen lest we may be caught in the act. I was in a miserable condition, with leaking pussy and throbbing boobs.

This was when I was just 18years of age. My affair with Nijam continued. Almost every day he used to come for lunch for my father. Mother used to pack lunch and send it through him.

In the meantime my father bought a car. An old man Rahaman was appointed as driver. Sometimes if Nijam is busy in the shop, my father used to ask Rahaman to bring food.

It so happened my mother fell sick. My father took her to the doctor in the hospital. The doctor asked her to be admitted for check up and treatment.

Since there was no relatives are available to look after mother, father himself stood as by stander. I was alone at home. My father asked Nijam to take care of the house. He willingly agreed.

I sent food through him to the hospital for my father and mother. He took it to the hospital and came. He was all smiles when he came. I served him food and took my food.

My friend Reshma had once told me about a pregnancy avoidance tablet which gave protection for 3 days. I asked him to go and get this tablet. Otherwise in our eagerness we may do something which ultimately ends up with pregnancy.

Nijam ran to the medical store for this tablet. The salesman in the shop knew him and he asked him for whom he is buying the tablet.The foolish Nijam told him that it is for his employers daughter.

All the people in the shop laughed. He brought 10 tablets. I kept safely in my custody and took one immediately.

Nijam and I sat in the drawing room watching TV. He was over enjoyed at this sudden turn of luck to spend a night with me and I too was happy and wanted to make use of it.

But this fellow is foolish may tell somebody and spill the beans. I told him that he should not under any circumstance tell anybody about what happens here. He agreed.

I had removed my bra and u/wear so that time may be saved. Nijam kept his hands on my boobs and went on pressing them. He gave me two kisses on my cheek and did not know how to go about.

He lifted my skirt and saw my pussy. We were sitting in the sofa in the drawing room. He came in front of me and sat on the floor and wanted me to slide down so that he may have better access to my pussy. I did so.

He buried his face into my bushy pussy. I opened up my legs and gave him more room. His tongue was searching for my cunt opening.

I opened up my cunt with my fingers. He was licking my cunt and clitoris greedily. I was hot and aroused liked never before.

I called Nijam and asked him to show me his cock. He got up and showed me his cock. The he was slender in the body structure, his cock was huge, lengthy and size. I took it with my hands and took it in my mouth.

I could get only the front mushroom into my mouth. The leaking sticky liquid tasted bitter. Nijam was showing hurry to fuck.

He wanted me to widen my legs so that he could stand between my legs and insert his cock into my pussy. My public hair was coming into his nose while sucking the cunt.

He said he will help me by shaving it off. I said now let us finish this.

Move in slowly, if it pains me stop. Apply some coconut oil and then insert. First time is always painful. Yours is big. lotusbet güvenilirmi I am sure it will pain me. He ran to the kitchen and brought the coconut oil bottle, applied it lavishly on his cock and into my hole.

Then he got up and slowly inserted. It went it. He was making it jerky. Pull in and out and each time it was going a little further.

Finally he made a big push. It broke my membrane and caused me lot of pain. Before cry could come out of my mouth he shut my mouth with his hand. His monster is fully buried in my cunt.

He left it at that for some time and then started the fuck, at first slowly and then vigorously. I was carried to more and more levels of pleasure.

I shouted hoooooo,haaaaaa……….. Nijam occasionally pressed my boobs and kissed me on my lips. Finally it was coming. It built up all around the groin. It came like a storm and shook me terribly.

Nijam was busy pumping. I got my orgasm. I pulled towards my chest and hugged him and wound my legs around him. He too got his orgasm and pumped his fluids inside me.

It could feel his powerful spray flooding my interior. We remained like that for some time. The time was past midnight. Slowly Nijam pulled out his cock. There was a smear of blood and other fluids all over his cock.

He helped me to get up. We both went to the bathroom and washed out parts. His tool was still stiff. My cunt was paining because of all the strokes it bore.

I wiped my cunt and his tool with the towel and we came back to the sofa. He told me that he will shave off the hair. He wanted the cunt without any hair and clean and shining.

He brought his razor, shaving brush, cream etc. and applying the cream lavishly, he shaved off the entire hair. My hairless cunt was glowing, he said.

He washed off the cream from the cunt and after wiping it clean, he started to lick and suck my cunt. It again aroused my passion. His cock was ready for the second trip inside my cunt.

I didn’t know how many times we fucked. Each time the pleasure was more than the previous time. He made to ride on him and fuck.

I liked the experience. Moving forward and backwards, up and down, I reached my orgasm sooner. After the whole night fucking both of us were tired. But we cannot sleep.

I have to prepare tea and breakfast and noon lunch for my parents. I got up and dumped the whole soiled clothes for washing. It was all full of fluids and I didn’t know what the cleaning lady would say.

I immersed in a bucket of water all the sticky clothes. I went to the kitchen and prepared tea. Nijam was still sleeping on the carpet. His cock was limping a small. I looked at the object which gave me so much of pleasure. Our morning chore went on smoothly.

It seems doctor wanted my mother to stay in the hospital for one more day.

Nijam rushed to the hospital with the tea and breakfast for my father and mother and came back. After he took his breakfast he wanted one more fuck. I obliged. We did it in the bedroom. This time the pain was less and it was pleasure and pleasure only.

I got busy in the kitchen and made all the dishes and send the food to the hospital.

When Nijam left, I went to the bathroom to take bath. My cunt was paining. How much of sucking, biting and pounding it bore. Nijam is a wonderful creature and wanted to fuck every time he comes from outside. I too was ready and wanted it more than him. It was all fucking and fucking for two days.

Finally mother was discharged and came home. Before her arrival I removed all tell tale evidence of our sex adventure. Again the routine changed. My mother took over and I got confined to my bedroom and the occasional boob pressing by Nijam was the only sex activity.

My sex adventure with Nijam went on clandestinely for one more year. My mother was hospitalized and then my father was hospitalized. When either one of them is sick, the other went as bye stander. Nijam and I got out fucking session without arousing suspicion. When the magic pill is there why worry was our motto.

The moment the door is closed and bolted from inside; we started to fuck right from there. Nijam inserted his ccck and lifted me and carried me around with his cock inside me, to the kitchen or bedroom. We never wanted to waste a moment.

While I am cooking in the kitchen, he will lurk between my legs and lick my cunt. Cunt crazy, Nijam never was tired of fucking.

When father is at home he will keep his distance reverentially. My parents started searching for an alliance and immediately a proposal came from the parents of Amjad, working in Soudi Arabia.

He was a handsome guy, graduate, earns handsomely. My parents gave their consent asked for my opinion. I would have preferred Nijam.

But my mother showed all her anger and insisted that I should marry only Amjad. Finally it was agreed. Nijam was very much upset. I cannot run away with him. He had no independent income.

After betrthal in the lotusbet yeni giriş mosque. Amjad came to see me. He was really handsome. I was fascinated by his talk. He talked softly and lovingly.

Marriage was conducted in a grand scale. Lot of people came. Amjad was to stay for a month and go back and send me my visa for my going to Saudi. During first night, he was treating me delicately like a newly married girl.

He saw my clean shaven pussy and asked me who advised me to keep it clean shaven. I told him my aunty advised and showed me how to do it. His tool was big like that of Nijam.

First day he did it with grace, not to pain me being the first night. Gradually he increased the number of times. He was concealing all his passion and opened up only gradually.

I enjoyed riding on his. He fucked upwards to make things more thrilling and we both cummed together. Unfortunately he on completion of his leave had to leave for Saudi.

He said he will try for a visa for me. But it may take time. I cried on his departure. But secretly I consoled myself because of Nijam.

My affair with Nijam can continue as before. On the day of the departure of Amjad, his father came to see him off. Amjad asked me to go and stay with his father since he was alone and only a servant maid kept company with him.

I reluctantly agreed. I took my briefcase with my clothes while going to the airport so that I can accompany Amjad’s father to go to his place.

It was far away and needed one day’s travel to reach. He was more youngish than my father. His name was Mosa and presented a grave and serious face. They were fabulously rich and there were no children other than Amjad.

Their house was a new house, big with about four bedrooms all very luxuriously furnished. Mosa slept in the ground floor in the master bed room. My bed room upstairs, airconditioned with attached bathroom etc. There was a computer in the bedroom and a small TV and a big TV in the drawing room.

On the day Amjad was going after the departure of the flight, my father in law Mosa suggested that we stay in a hotel room rather than drive down in the dead of night. It was a long seven hour drive.

I simply nodded my head. We went to a hotel near the airport and took a room, a double room. He asked the driver to sleep in the car and we went to the room it was a big room with a double cot. We took our lunch and slept in the bed.

I did not have any change of dress and hence slept in the same dress. In the night two or three times Mosa’s hand touched me. Once it fell on my boob. But he was in deep sleep.

I did not mind. On reaching home we slept in our respective rooms. I was a bit scary to sleep alone in the upstair room.

One day the sky became suddenly overcast and there was lightening and thunder. I was very scared of thunder. While at home I used to go and sleep with my mother, hugging her.

As time passed the lightening and thunder increased. By about 11 pm it was terrible. The house was shaking with the sound of thunder.

I closed the door of my bedroom and ran downstairs, knocked at the door of my father in law. He was scared and opened the door. I ran inside and got into his bed.

He was laughing and told me not to bother and to sleep in the same bed with him. At the sound of thunder I got closer and closer to him and I was hugging him.

Mosa turned to my side and put his hands around me and pressed me closer to his chest. My boobs pressed against his naked chest.

His hand moved down to my ass and pressed it closer to him. I could feel his cock stiff and pressing me in my cunt. Lightening creaped through the window and I could see his naked upped body.

I pressed his ass towards me and his cock was pressing my cunt. He brought his hand on his cock and pointed directly to my clitoris, and lifted my leg over his hip. Now there was clear and his cock was resting on my cunt.

In one sweep of his hand he removed his shorts and he was totally nude. I could feel he was lifting my skirt above and ran his hand over my naked thigh.

I was aroused and hugged him tightly. Thunder again came and shook the house. With his hands he pulled me to get over him. With my legs wide apart I lied on him, with my skirt almost lifted up.

I lifted my body up with my knees and his cock was at the gate of my cunt. When I pulled myself down, his cock was entering my cunt.

Other adjustments he made and saw that his cock is totally inside my cunt. Poor Moosa, with his wife dying early, was sex starved. He was hardly 60 years old and had his sex hunger with me in the prime of my youth and my husband (his son) having gone abroad, is in dire need of sex Mosa felt that he can have safe and easy sex with me.

Lightening and thunder came very handy. His cock was big as that of his son, the size being very familiar to me I enjoyed its entry. We did not speak anything.

I got and sat on him with his cock fully inside me, I lotusbet giriş removed my blouse and bra and took my skirt over my head and I was totally nude. Mosa was smiling at my action.

The room was lit with the street light and occasional lightening. I leaned on him and he was squeezing my boobs. I was moving up and down and rotated my hip around his cock.

It was immense pleasure for both of us. We were not in a hurry. Slowly we were traveling towards our climax. Finally it came heavily. I panted and moaned. He too was grumping.

Our orgasm was together. He shot his juices inside me. I squeezed him with my hands and legs. We had full orgasm. We remained like that for some time. When juices started to ooze I got up and went to the bathroom for cleaning.

Mosa came after me. His cock was already limp. Poor Mosa, a devout religious man holding his cock in his hand waiting for me to wash.

I washed it thoroughly and wiped it with a towel. He went back to his bed and continued to be nude. I came out of the bath and found him nude and I thought he wanted to continue the game further.

I told him to bring the tablet used for prevention of pregnancy. His face became serious and asked me how do you know and who told you.

I took the name of Reshma and he promised to get it tomorrow. We slept in the same condition for the whole night. For the next two three days the climate continued with thunder and lightening. This brought me closer to Mosa.

The moment he hears the sound of a thunder he removes his shorts and lies naked in the bed. When I hear the sound of a thunder, remove my u/wear and bra and blouse also.

When we start action I remove my skirt also. Once I told Mosa that there is a small problem in my cunt and it gives me lot of pain.

I told him first to see it and decide what medicine is to be applied. Mosa made to lie down me on his bed and opened my cunt with both of his hands.

The moist clitoris and the interior of the cunt intoxicated him. He took his note closer and was sniffing at all the things. I told to give a lick to the clitoris. He looked at my face and told me that he has never done it.

I said it does not matter; now you can start doing it. Moaning heavily, he started to lick and suck my clitoris. I was in seventh heaven. Keeping my hands on his head I pressed it on my cunt. He did it for a long time. Turning into a 69 posture I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it vigorously.

We went on and on and finally he reached his climax and threw his juices into my mouth. Of he was licking sucking and drinking gallons of my juices. A very strong bondage was developed between us.

He brought me the best of food available in the market. Best fruits, best sweets were brought from distant towns. He got me costly clothes. Our days went on and on fucking every day.

Amjad did not succeed in getting me a visa. He did not disclose this to me. He thought I will be unhappy. Why should I be unhappy?

His father fucks me daily, and he has given out of love lakhs of rupees worth of properties to me. I never cheated him. Whatever he gave he gave out of pure love.

One day we came from the market towards evening, Mosa could not control his urge. He picked me up in arms and took me to bed, and started undress me, shy was I and closed my eyes.

But when I opened in 2 minutes – both of us were necked and undressed, lying on bed and Mosa was approaching me with passion and happiness to have me on his bed.

My boobs were round and stiff of excitement, hips and belly was tightened and pussy was wet. Mosa kissed me, and sucked nipples. He put his finger to my clit and messages.

At once I reached peak of excitement and then Mosa showed up his big fat cock – full of muscles. He pressed it in to my cunt and I screamed of pain.

But in 2 minutes, I forgot my pain and hugged Mosa. My hard boobs pressed to his chest and I whispered – Ohh Mosa, I love your body. He too said how sexy I was and how hot is my cunt.

He fucked me hard and ejected in to my cunt and then we slept for a hour. I realized in sleep something on my legs – it was Mosa again kissing and sucking my clean shaved pussy.

He went on and on and fucked me again – this time harder. I was very excited and climaxed many a times. Next day Mosa told me no need to work and cook – we went out.

As we went shopping, Mosa shown me a frock. Blue silk, laced top and short frock. He insisted I should wear that and I resisted. He forced me and we purchased.

It was showing my uplifted hard boobs and silky thighs. It was very awkward on road but Mosa said that he did not mind to see me in that dress. We went to restaurant and I saw waiters staring at my half open breasts with lust.

I asked Mosa to give me his jacket but he refused. I was wondering why he behave like this. I could see waiters bulge in pants after watching my panties through short frock.

Then Mosa took me to dance and we took some cocktail. Mosa and I started dancing.

Occasionally Mosa hugged and kissed me, and couple of times pressed my hips that exposed my panties to others and I was furious. Many young men were surrounding us and touching my back some times and I was not at all comfortable. But Mosa said that is common.

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