A Sunset Walk


My wife and I have been married for twenty years now and our marriage had hit a rough patch. Sex was definitely one component of it. I wanted more of it and more variety and Dana said she needed more time together just doing things to feel wanted and attractive. I told her that I still found her sexy but she didn’t seem to believe it. Dana stayed in shape by doing yoga, running and walking and  her body was toned but she was hesitant about showing her body off to me or others.One of the things we decided to do was to take evening walks along a bluff nearby where we could see the sunset and the ocean. Last night, on a warm spring night we left a little bit later than usual due to a few margaritas. We both were feeling good to be away from the kids and to have the time to ourselves. Dana was wearing a flowery cotton sundress buttoned şehitkamil escort a bit too much in the front for my liking with sandals while I was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt.“You look great, honey,” I told her before we got started as I pulled her close, kissed her and held her tight.“I thought we were going for a walk,” she blushed while pushing me away.“You should undo a few buttons. It is warm tonight,” I suggested as I eyed her enclosed breasts.“Don’t be crazy,” she replied as she grabbed my hand to leave.Again, I pulled her close, brushed her hair to the side and kissed her neck, one of her weak spots and whispered, “Do it for me,” as I saw the goosebumps form on her arm.“Okay,” she giggled as she seductively unbuttoned two buttons, one at a time as I smiled in appreciation. “You liked these, don’t you?” she teased as she undid the second button and then caressed her boobs.”Yes, I do, don’t stop,” I replied as I stepped towards her.”No, we need to go or we will miss the sunset,” Dana answered as she practically dragged me out of the house.We walked along the bluff trail, holding hands and joking and enjoying each other’s company. I started to relax after Dana’s brief tease but I still snuck a few glances of her bouncy boobs while we walked and talked. Soon we stopped to catch the end of the sunset. It was stunning, a burning crimson sky that quickly darkened as the sun set. We were leaning against the railing side by side with my arm draped over her shoulders when Dana noticed some movement.“Jack, look at that!” Dana said excitedly as she pointed to a nearby house on the bluff.“Wow!”“Don’t they realize they are naked and people can see them?” Dana squealed.I looked closely at the naked couple. The woman had her arms outstretched pressing against the glass window with her legs spread wide. The man was standing behind her, kissing her neck, like I had done earlier while cupping the woman’s plump breasts.“We should leave,” Dana urged.“No, lets see what happens,” as my arm that was resting on her shoulder slid down to her ass. “It might be fun,” I whispered as I cupped and squeezed her ass cheek. We watched as the man continued kissing the woman’s neck, shoulder and ear as his hands roamed over the front of her body. It was erotic and exciting watching these two just a hundred yards or so away.“Oh my!” Dana gasped as she saw the man started to grind his groin against the woman’s ass. The woman gasped as he pinched and pulled at her nipples and Dana gasped a second later as my hand reached under her dress and into her panties.

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