A Teacher’s Pet … — Part 1 —


A Teacher’s Pet … — Part 1 —There is this little school girl called Yumi, the teacher Charlie since first day of school could not take out his eyes from her. Small frame, perky tits, short hair, deep eyes. Charlie notices how she got towards him with his button blouse open when she was delivering the exams in class and very flirty girl, he notices how she usually let her pen down , to kneel and let some classmates peep under her beautiful pink panties and Charlie could not hold to have his big 18 cm boner under his teacher table, which he can cover perfectly as the desk had drawers in front which does not allow other students to see him there with his big boner for that hiltonbet giriş sexy naughty student.Charlie noticed how her skirt in her uniform suddenly each week lose a couple of cm, going up and up more to her little cunt and seems she noticed how she was making her teacher so horny for her, young little naughty student.One day the little Yumi, brought Charlie an Apple, and in a very sexy way ,p ut her red fire lipstick lips on her apple, biting it so sexy, that Charlie had to stay in the sit for all the class, covering his boner.But the girl was not going to stop there that day. Anyway she had just trimmed her pussy with a big CH in the middle for her hiltonbet yeni giriş favorite teacher.It was time to deliver homework, and while the students were passing to the front to deliver, Yumi passed in front of her teacher desk, and just said, Sorry Mr.Charlie, I did not bring my homework, and got close to him : ” I’ve been a very very bad girl, and I need to be punished “Charlie already got his boner almost exploding from under his pants and all he wanted was to get a nice cum for this moment.The bell rang, and Charlie staying still in his chair, farewell all of them, less Yumi, : ” sorry Miss. Kawahara , you must stay today because of your hiltonbet güvenilirmi lack of homework and do some reading “The classroom emptied quick, it was Friday, and is crazy weekends for Seniors , where all the crazy parties begin.But for Miss Kawahara, was her dream come true, a big old man horny and with a big boner for her little pinky cunt…For the Teacher, a single man, divorced with no obligations, of 38 years old, getting the chance to be flattered by a 20 years younger was like been in heaven and felt 20 years younger again. His 18 cm dick was not stopping from jumping in side of his pants; So, Charlie stays in his chair, and Miss Kawahara goes to the hall to make sure there is no one there, suddenly she locks the door and come back facing Charlie ” Mr.Xun she says, licking her red fire lips , it is punishment time ” … TO BE CONTINUED…( Tell me what you think, my job is mostly writing about science, so this is my first attempt as story telling )

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