A Well Earned Break


“I got in!!”

Elena announced her joyful news to the moderately crowded diner. All eyes were on her including the angry eyes of her manager, Ms. Stevens.

“Sorry, Ms. Stevens,” She said as she walked in.

Ms. Stevens huffed up and walked away from the front counter of the restaurant. Behind her was her friend, Kelsi, creative and colorful with her tiger striped glasses and purple and black hair in a bun.

“Well where did you get in?” She asked.

“Harvard Med,” Elena answered proudly as she exchanged her grey coat for a blue apron. She pulled her black hair into a ponytail and rubbed hand sanitizer on her hands as she spoke to her friend and roommate.

“Congratulations, ” Kelsi said hugging her friend.

“This calls for a celebration. I just got into New England Law,”

“Oh,” Elena said.

“Congratulations to you too,”

“We’re going out tonight. No questions asked.” Kelsi said interjecting.

“But we have school tomorrow,”

“So it’s only the first week of the semester. What could we miss?”


“You need to relax anyway. Yes New England Law isn’t as big as HARVARD but it’s big to me and I’m going to celebrate and so should you. Now come on that guy over there is your first customer of the day. He needs a coffee refill and his order taken,”

Elena then grabbed the coffee pitcher and came from behind the counter and began her shift.

She walked over to the corner booth where the customer Kelsi told her about was sitting. He was a regular. Always sat in the same corner, got the same order, from the same waitress.

“Are you ready to order sir?” She asked as she refilled his cup.

He put down the paper to show himself to her.

“Yes, I am,” He replied.

Elena looked at him and her stomach dropped as did her wrist from the coffee pot.

“Oh, jeez,”

The coffee overflowed from his cup and onto the table. Elena quickly stopped pouring and pulled out a rag from her apron to wipe up the mess.

“I’m so sorry sir. Really, really, really I am super sorry,” She said.

“It’s ok,” He said kindly to her.

She looked at his face and felt a rush come over her. His eyes were a forest green color and he had a warm smile on his face that went well with his waves of grey hair. She had never looked at him before but there was something about him that made her feel off balance.

“I promise I’m not normally this much of a klutz. Excuse me,”

Elena grabbed the rag and coffee pot and rushed back over to the counter.

“What happened?” Kelsi asked.

“That guy,” Elena started to say.

“That guy, what? Where did he? Is he? He’s real right?”

“Umm, yes,” Kelsi said looking over at the guy.

“Green eyes, silver hair,”

“No wedding ring,”


“What I’m just saying?”

“He’s too old,”

“And you just poured coffee on his table,”

“You set me up,”

“I didn’t set you up. He’s your customer,”

“But you knew, you knew,”

“I didn’t know what was going to happen.”


Elena turned around faced the restaurant and the booth that her coffee guy was sitting in.

“Just take his order and it will be fine,” Kelsi whispered in Elena’s ear.

Elena took a deep breath. “Ok,” She said.

She confident walked over to him in her black slip resistant Mary Jane’s and stood at his side.

“Are you here to pour more coffee on me?” He asked her.

“No, no, no sir. I’m really sorry about that. I’m just here to take your order. I’ll take off 20% of whatever you order,”

“Ok, I will take the trip short stack with maple syrup,” He said as he handed her the menu.

“Ok, those will be right out for you,”

“Thanks kuşadası escort and this coffee is really good by the way,” He said raising his cup in the air.

“Come on Elena. We’ve got to go,” Kelsi yelled up the stairs.

It was nearly 9PM and both young women were back at the apartment they shared. Kelsi was checking her reflection in the mirror by the door, ensuring that her dark make up made her look appealing and that her curled and colorful hair was given enough volume. She wore a magenta skirt and a sparkled silver top and on her feet were a pair of blonde furry boots.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Elena shouted back down.

Elena came running down the stairs and met Kelsi at the bottom.

“Is that what you’re really going to wear?” Kelsi asked her.

Elena looked at herself. She had on a tea length A-line black dress, a matching set of pearl earrings, necklace, and bracelets, black tights, and furry black boots. Her hair was pulled back into a simple bun at the top of her hair.

“Yes of course. Why? Do I look bad?”

“No, no,” Elena said.

“Just like Audrey Hepburn in the 1960’s,”

“What type of club is this?” Elena asked.

The women and men filled the club. The music was loud and rhythmic throughout the club. The walls were blue and lights were flashing all around. Curtains hung from the ceilings with men crawling up them and dancing with the women in the club.

“It’s a Women’s club,” Kelsi answered above the music.

Kelsi was having a good time rocking to the music while Elena felt completely out of place. She had never been to a club.

She had been working hard for the past 3 years and 6 months on her goal of medical school in the Bostonian Ivy League. Up until this point, her day and nights had been spent in the diner, classrooms, labs, and libraries. She had sacrificed her social life for one academic success and MCAT triumph. Now that she had met her goal of getting into Harvard Med, she could enjoy herself and have a social life by going to a club.

The only problem was that now that she didn’t know what to do with herself. The inside of the club intimidated her more than any test and all of the people involved intimidated her.

“Hey, I’m going to get a drink ok,”

“Ok! Get a man while you’re at it!” Kelsi added.

Elena shoved off Kelsi’s not and sloshed her way through the crowds to get to the bar. When she finally reached the clear top counter, she was flustered and looking for anything to calm her nerves.

“Excuse me,” She said to the bartender who had his back turned to her.

“Can I get a,”

Elena was taken back by who she saw at the bar. It was the man from earlier whom she had spilled coffee on, grey hair, green eyes, an alluring smile.

“Hey Elena, long time no see,” He said.

A lump filled Elena’s throat.


“Look, I know the coffee thing happened and its not your fault. Trust me. I’ve dropped enough drinks in my lifetimes to know. Here grab a seat”

“Oh,” Elena said.

“Thanks for the bode of confidence,”

“No problem. And congrats on getting into Harvard but your friend is right. You need to relax and give yourself a break. And not beat people down for their success. Not every lawyer went to Harvard but they’re still good lawyers,”

“True,” Elena said.

“I didn’t mean to say what I said the way I said. New England Law is a great school, I meant,”

“Ok first you’ve got to stop talking shop,” The bartender said.

“You need to give that head of yours a break,”

“And what give you head?” Elena said back.

“Not unless you want to,” The bartender said.

” I don’t think I’d remember,” Elena said.


“Yeah it’s been…a while…like a…3 ½ years,”

“Woah!” The bartender said backing away from Elena.

“That is awhile,”

“Yeah I’m a bit rusty, I know. Or at least I think I am. I’m on birth control. The inplant. It keeps things regular for me. But other than that,I have no one to really test me or teach me or like you know, stuff? “



“If the grey hair wasn’t a clue, I do know stuff. I’ve been around the block a few times. I know how to treat women right as well as please them.”

“Oh yeah, how so?”

“Well, I’d love to show you but you have to do three things,” The bartender said.

“What are they Elena responded,”

“You have to trust me enough to go in the back with me, you have to trust me to know that whatever pain you experience is only temporary, you have to trust me that I will please you,” The bartender said.

Elena looked around and examined her situation. She was in a crowded club with loud music and tons of people. Kelsi was on the dance floor surrounded by male dancers chanting her name and she had probably forgotten she was there.

Then she looked back at him: the mysterious bartender she had been serving coffee for the past few months. Only until that day had she looked at his green eyes and realized that he had a thing for her. She had worked hard to this point wrapped up in books, experiments, equations, tests, and interviews.

It was time to let that all go and have some fun.

“I trust you,”

Into a dark narrow hall they went in the back of the club. The bartender led the way as Elena followed obediently behind. Unsure of what awaited her, Elena was silent. They headed up a set of stairs which made Elena to second guess her decision. She began wondering what her moment of gustiness had gotten her into.

Finally he stopped and opened a door and pulled her in. It was dark initially but then he turned on a light and she saw the room was a loft. The walls were painted white and all the furniture was black and metallic. The bed in the middle was back against the windows that allowed moonlight to seep in.

“Is this where you,”

Elena was cut off by the bartender putting his finger over her mouth.

“No more questions.” He said.

He pulled her close into her and kissed her firmly on the lips. The warmth caught Elena by surprise but relaxed her into submission. She leaned against him as he held her. He then pulled her over and into the wall where he turned her against the window sill.

He then raised up her black dress and began spanking her on the butt.





“Ouch,” Elena said.

“Quiet pet,” The bartender said.

Elena silenced herself and relaxed more as the bartender continued to spank her butt.

As she let go of control, she began to feel more relaxed and with every swat, she felt herself becoming looser, more relaxed.

More wet.

Chills ran down her spine and her nipples began to feel harder. She felt herself filled with a desire to moan and let out sighs of relief.

“Mmmmmm,” She said.

The bartender stopped smacking her butt and felt into her panties to see how wet she was.

He liked how it felt.

“Mmmm…good girl,” He said as he began to enter her with his fingers. She felt him go up and massage her insides. Her stomach began to tighten as she felt him moving in side of her in a rhythmic fashion that she had never felt.

“Mmmmm, don’t stop,” Elena whispered through strained breaths to the bartender. She felt all of a sudden a cold wind go up her back as she heard the unzipping of her dress. She froze as she heard it fall against he floor.

“Stand up pet,” The bartender said.

Elena did so silently. Her black dress laid in a puddle at her feet as she stood there in the dim moonlight with her black bra and blue panties.

“Interesting color scheme. I guess you knew you were coming here,” The bartender said as he led her to his bed.

He tossed her onto the bed, like a rag doll and climbed on top of her. He began to kiss her again hard. She enjoyed the kisses and the twisting’s of his tongue. She wanted him, she craved him. She reached down and began to unbuckle his pants and she pushed them down.

“Well someone’s been dormant with their dirty side,” The bartender said and he leaned down on Elena and went in for a deep kiss. He then began kissing her on the side of her neck which turned into biting that she was longing for.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Elena groaned. She finally managed to get her hand inside his pants and felt his cock. It was better than the last one she had. It was hard and thick and long. She knew she had to have it.

She slid herself down and took it in her mouth. It tasted so good. It was warm and juicy and filled with cum. Elena savored the bartender as she pulled off the rest of his jeans and boxers. She took him deep in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm that’s it. Good…good girl. Oh yes!” The bartender said over her.

She took him deeper and deeper feeling more of his thick cock in her warm throat. She could feel the pre cum leaking from it. She wanted to devour it. She loved the flavor. She went deeper, deep as she could, gagging, struggling to breathe, but wanting the pleasure that came from the pain.

“I’ve got to have you. I can’t wait anymore,”

The bartender reached down and pulled the cock sucking Elena up and onto the pillow. He pulled off her underwear and bra in a rush. He looked down at her in the moonlight. Glowing and radiant.

“You look beautiful,”

He then grabbed her legs and pulled her hips up and slowly entered her.

The both groaned in pleasure. The bartender’s full cock stretched into Elena’s tight and wet pussy. He started to move in her with hard pressure filled strokes, shaking the bed and rattling Elena. She twisted and turned while grabbing onto the bed for support, moved by the motions of the hips and the grinding of her own.

“Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes!”

The bartender pushed himself harder and harder into Elena’s body as she raised herself up off of the bed so he could go deeper.

“Don’t stop! Please! Ohhhh!”

“Push back!”

Elena obeyed and began to pushback with each of the bartender’s thrust. As he would push, she would pull, and so on and so forth. Their rhythms matched as the sounding from the bed became louder and echoed, making them both closer to the edge.

“I’m going to cum and you’re going to cum with me. Got it!” The bartender demanded.

“Yes,” Elena stuttered to say.

The bartender increased his speed and revved up. Elena tried to do the same in lifting up her hips even more. As they increased their speed, the feeling of lightness and orgasm intensity increased as well. As the skin in each other got closer and closer and tighter, the friction made Elena’s stomach grow tighter and tighter and tighter.

Until she had to let go in one big orgasm along with the bartender.


In that moment time seemed to stop. Elena felt light as air and that she had let go of everything. Really just, let go. To her she finally found that this was bliss.

The bartender fell down next to her and laid with her. He grabbed a large blanket from next to the bed and curled him and Elena up in it.

“Let’s stay like this till morning. I’m glad you trusted me. Was it worth it?” He asked.

She smiled, smoothed his grey hair back, looked in his green eyes, and kissed him on the lips.

“Yes, I am,”

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