Three Bulls Theatre, Act 01 ~New Meat~


Just out of high school and off to the big city to attend a college of fine arts. That’s how I found my new life. What’s the big deal you say, everybody finds a new life when they go off to college. True, but what I found is quite a bit different then most go looking for.

Where to begin, a new city and while I have a partial scholarship nobody can make it without work on the side. So I went looking for work. I wanted something to do with acting, theater preferably since I hoped to make it to broadway someday. But that was before, now I know my place is here.

It started innocently enough, looking through the local papers asking about acting work or set building, anything to get a foot in a door. Oh but the door I found. Crisscrossing town tracking down every conceivable lead, and there, towards the end of a fruitless day, tucked at the end of a block just off an alley was a small theater. The area was a bit industrial and seemed to be on the sketchy side but the small front of the theater was well maintained, and more importantly they were looking for an actor. Finally, a break.

I took the flyer from the front and excitedly proceeded inside. I was met by a small statuesque blonde with a big presence. She took one look at me, and a knowing smile began to spread across her lips, almost a smirk, as if she was laughing at some private joke at my expense.

“So you are here about the position?”


“Do you know anything about improve in the round?”

I proceeded to tell her all I knew about theater, after a few minutes she stopped me.

“Not a lot of experience, but I think what you lack will be made up for by your enthusiasm. This is a Shakespearean theater do you have a problem playing a girls part, that is what is available?” I looked at her a bit warily, “don’t worry sugar all of the girls parts are played by young men, as I said this is Shakespearean.”

“Ok?” I hesitantly agreed.

Michelle took me to view the stage, I could not believe the body on this small woman as I followed her out on the stage. I was desperately trying to conceal my wood, but between the excitement of finding work acting, in the round no less and the vision of Michelle my body would not behave. That’s when I got a good look at just how small the theater was, small and each seat seemed to have its own desk. Michelle must have sensed something, she turned, then said. “Yes, it only seats 115 very select clients, it will be a packed house tonight. We already sent the email blast.” Then she leaned forward grabbed my erect cock and whispered in my ear. “We better get you ready, patrons will start arriving soon. Considering tonight’s show will bring $350.00 dollars a seat we can’t keep them waiting. You have to be ready to improv a young woman gone away to college for the first time. It should be a role close enough to your current situation.”

Michelle led me to the dressing room, keeping a firm grip on my erect cock. “Play your part right and I am sure you will find a patron willing to sponsor you in the theater. Then we can discuss your pay.” she started to pull clothing out of wardrobe while instructing me to disrobe. “Don’t be shy now, in less then an hour you will be performing in front of a full house.”

Less then an hour? But it was just after four when I came. Stealing a look at a clock I discovered it was almost eight. Not wanting to loose my chance I quickly stripped, only to turn around and find Michelle standing there with a razor. “We must get you shaved.” she made short order of what little body hair I had, then moved south. I tried not to move but the razor was cold, with a light sprits of baby oil being the only lubricant on sex hikayeleri the blade.

Freshly shaved I started to dress in what Michelle had provided. Back seem thigh highs, matching garter, skirt, blouse,??? “Where is the under wear?”

“I didn’t have any in your size, just sit like a lady and it will be ok. Nobody is going to care about your panties anyway.” Once the blouse was on me she plopped me in front of a mirror. “Now pay attention, in the future you will have to do your own make-up. Tonight we don’t have time for you to learn. As Michelle was doing my face I could hear the dull roar coming from the stage the seating was filling up. This is something I knew from high school, but the pitch seemed off, strangely falsetto. I thought it must be a trick of the acoustics, shifting the pitch up in octave.

As I pondered this Michelle brought several wigs over, finally settling on a medium length red that was closer in color to my freshly shaved peubs then the darker red of the hair on my head. “Start growing your hair out, but for now use this until we can do something feminine with yours.” Once the wig was situated Michelle turned me back to the mirror, I could not believe the young woman that was looking back with my eyes. The illusion was very good.

“Just in time, you need to meet the other performers and get briefed on your part. Oh and you’ll need a girls name. Let’s go with Tabetha. This is Derek and Sam, they will be playing the part of your fellow students.” I waved hello but felt a bit odd as they leered at me, like I was a piece of meat. Both of them had a few years on me and several inches. They were both in very toned shape. “And this is Professor Kent, not their real names of course, but for now all you need. The curtains about to go up we best get you in position.” Kent, right, in his late fifties I would wager and still very fit.

“But I don’t even know my part.” I stammered.

“Don’t worry sweets, we’ll get you in a good position Derek said as he pinched my ass and Michelle pushed me out on stage followed by Sam and Professor Kent.

Michelle stepped forward to narrate as I got my first good look at the audience. The all female audience. A low rumble cam forth as the ladies knocked their tables. A few of the tables had lights on under them. It became clear that the seating was arranged so you could see everything in both directions. Some of the patrons were already slowly masturbating themselves, I felt my early excitement returning as Michelle finished up her narration.

“And so we introduce Tabitha, a young girl away at school who is about to find out what it means to be a woman.” The rumble of the knocked applause grew louder as I looked at Michelle with my mouth hanging open… “Don’t worry sugar,” she said with a wink, the boys will teach you what to do with that.”

“But I’m a virgin!”

Michelle turned back to the audience, “you heard it yourself ladies, I expect the bidding to go quite high for this one tonight. But, of course, I will let you decide that after you see her debut performance.”

The full gravity of my situation began to sink in. Michelle took my right hand and pulled it to her crotch as she said “don’t worry, how do you think I got my start.” As she ground her cock and balls against my hand, and then drifted off the stage.

I stood there dumbfounded for a moment, until I heard one of the ladies in the audience say “look how eager she is!” That’s when I realized I was fully erect, and without panties my hard cock was making my skirt stand up. I felt the heat of my blush hit me like a blast furnace. I tried to back up, but I ran int Derek and Sam, both of whom did not porno hikayeleri pass on an opportunity to grope me. Their sudden roughness caused me to start, I jumped forward, the approving rumble of the audience grew louder.

I stumbled into Professor Kent, “please” I squeaked, “I really am a virgin, you can’t let this happen to me!”

His strong arms caught me, pulled me into his embrace, “shhh, you came her to learn. And tonight you are going to get a very deep understanding of what it means to be a woman.” I felt Sam and Derek close from behind, but I also felt somehow safe in Professor Kent’s embrace. Slowly they guided me down to my knees. I could see the massive bulge in Professor Kent’s pants level with my face. The dull roar of the crowed had turned into a compelling demand for my surrender. My own little cock was so hard it ached. I looked up into his eyes.

“That’s it princess, give in to your need for cock, surrender yourself to it and learn what it is to be a willing cunt!”

The demand of the crowed had become deafening, fully two thirds of the lights were on now and the occupants were fully engaged in earth shattering masturbation. The smell and noise was intoxicating, and my own resistance was quickly being shouted out by my need for release. Release that was only going to be forth coming by fulfilling the demands of the cock in front of me. I tried to convince myself that an oral performance would be enough as I took Professor Kent’s cock in hand and fumbled with his belt with my other hand.

Finally I got his fly open and found myself confronted with a thick eight inches. I hesitated, unsure what to do, until I felt his hand wrap around the back of my head. As he drew me forward I opened my mouth and felt his cock part my lips, slide over my tongue and start to split my jaw as he pushed against the back of my throat. It was all I could do to keep from gagging as he fucked my mouth. I was vaguely aware of my hands being pulled to each side and feeling them wrapped around Derek and Sam’s respective cocks. But my awareness was quickly contracting into being a willing cunt for the cock forcing its way deeper into my throat.

Even as the demand of the crowed faded into the back of my mind I knew my initial hope of a one scene oral show was never going to please them. My awareness was fading… Fading to the rhythm of the cock forcing its way in my mouth, the rhythm carried out by my hands bobbing in sympathy to the rhythm being fucked into my face. My awareness was fading, and then it exploded thru me in wave after wave of mind bending orgasm. I found myself suddenly incredibly aware of moaning around a thick cock as I came so hard my load shot through the thin fabric of the skirt.

“Looks like she popped.” I heard Sam say.

“Better flip her over and teach her why she is really here.” Derek said.

My mouth was suddenly painfully empty as I felt rough hands lift me from the floor and push me backwards over the desk. The next thing I was aware of Derek had my skirt thrown up over my stomach, a hand behind each of my knees pushing my panty hosed legs up and apart, and while he was the smallest of the three I could see he had a good thick inch and a half on me at least. He gave me a wink, “now you see why your the girl.” I felt something cold against my hot my ass and I realized it was Derek’s lubed cock. He pushed forward, hard.

It was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. Sam’s face appeared before mine, “relax, just accept it, every bitch we have had in this position has loved it so much they come back begging for more!” While I did not doubt his boast, there was still something I desperately needed, something seks hikayeleri Professor Kent was very eager to provide. I quickly found myself settling back into the pace of his deep steady thrusts, as he again took his pleasure from my mouth. My whole body started to surrender to the rhythm he set and my ass quickly opened into a willing cunt.

Sam stood on the side furiously stroking his cock. “This little bitch is taking me all the way!” Derek excitedly called out as his thrusting drove me forward, teaching me to accept more and more of the cock filling my mouth. A cock that was suddenly withdrawn as Sam stepped forward. I had no sooner turned my head and wrapped my eager lips around his member when he exploded into my mouth and down my throat. I was so surprised I tried to pull back, but firm hands held me in place, forcing me to accept his seed until he finally pulled out and shot a final stream across my face. Sam sat back with a content look as I felt Derek’s cum slicked hand slide up my stomach. “This little bitch came again.” Wether or not I came did not matter, the only thing that mattered was finding another load. I could taste Sam on my lips and smell him in my nose. The combination was driving me mad with need.

A need Professor kent would not immediately fill, instead he teased me, almost coming close enough. When I tried to reach for him he grabbed my hands and passed them down to Derek, who used them as leverage as he repeatedly drove his cock into me. He roughly repositioned me on the desk, my ass hanging off one end with my a feet thrown over his shoulders while my head was hanging off the other. Sam took ahold of my head, pulling it down as Professor Kent stepped forward, letting his hard cock hit me in the face and then bouncing it off of my chin as he pushed forward. “See, that,” he said as his big balls hung down by my nose. “I am going to push that deep in to you, then you will truly know your place.”

With that he pulled his hips back sliding his thick cock over my mouth, bringing his head to my lips. Part of me was panicked, but a bigger part of me desperately needed another hot load of cum. Sam’s load was cooling on my face, my own prick was rock hard again, my load cold on my stomach. Derek thrust forward hard, making me moan, all the invitation Professor Kent needed. My lips parted in ecstasy and he shoved in. I could immediately tell the new position they had me in let him thrust deeper, but I was still a good two inches from taking anymore.

He did not withdraw. Instead he held me there as Derek’s tempo and force increased. With each of Derek’s thrusts I was driven a little further down the cock in my mouth. Everyone could tell that Derek was getting close to coming. Sam started whispering to me, “just swallow you little bitch, it will slid right down.” I was desperately trying to swallow, Derek’s tempo changed and I felt him release between my hips as he thrust forward a final time, my own cock jerked trying to release a third time. Derek stayed there, buried in me, not letting me escape from the cock that had started driving itself into my throat again. Gagging me, demanding satisfaction, slowly pushing deeper and deeper until finally it was all the way down my throat. One, two, three, four – pulling almost out before slamming home and gagging me again until it suddenly withdrew. I looked up in surprise my mouth still agape from the abuse when his ejaculation hit me. Spraying across my face, in my mouth and over my chest. He painted me with 8 strong streams before pushing his cock forward again and rewarding me with another two. He came with such force it was all I could do to swallow the two he fed me, the other eight could have filled a wine glass!

I lay there spent as the curtains went down, the crowd was on its feet and roaring with appreciation for the way my virginity had just been manhandled. “Come on, princess, we have to get you cleaned up for Act II…”

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