A Wild day in Atlanta


A Wild day in AtlantaI didn’t really have much of a life until I bought a high-def video camera. A friend asked if he could borrow it and make a video with his wife. I offered to come over and be the cameraman and director, if his wife didn’t mind. A quick phone call and his wife agreed, on one condition: I would not participate. I must admit that I found her requirement unusual since my participation had never been suggested, by either her husband or me.I also must admit that I’m a little bit of a voyeur and would simply enjoy creating the video, especially telling this young woman what to do next in my role as director. Arriving at Jack and Elie’s the next Saturday at 1:00pm I said hello and enjoyed a quick meal with my friends. Everybody, including myself, was more than a little nervous. I thought it best to show the video camera at the meal so everybody got use to my small Panasonic handheld. Finally Jack suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom, but I had carefully studied their living room as we ate lunch and thought it would be a better place for filming — more natural light and a good deal of interior lighting to reduce shadows. There was some hesitation – no, I don’t know why – but after a couple of minutes they agreed. It was a fairly typical Georgia living room with a black leather couch and a couple of recliners centered around a fireplace and flatscreen TV. Suggesting that we begin the film with Elie sitting and have Jack enter barechested, Elie walked over and sat on the couch. She was wearing a simple, light sun dress did would not detract from her good looks. Her most prominent feature was beautiful long blonde hair which she wore swept off her face. I asked if she had a hair clip, and with her positive reply I ask her to get it to keep the hair from falling and blocking her face while we were filming. She had applied some light make-up as well which would help reduce the shine from the lights in the room.Finally, Jack entered to begin the scene. His broad chest had a smattering of hair but he had enough weight on his body that the only place you could tell he worked out was in his upper arms. Elie greeted him warmly, but she had “the come hither look,” so I could tell she was already turned on. This was shaping up to be a great first shoot.Jack’s story was that he was coming in to take a shower after working in the backyard. Elie asked if she could give him something to remember him by while he was in the shower.”What did you have in mind,” Jack inquired slyly.”Oh, I don’t know,” responded Elie. From the ease with which they played the scene, it seemed as if it might have happened before. She then caressed his already semi-erect cock with her hand gently squeezing the shaft. It took me a moment to noticed Elie’s hand action, but I zoomed in on just in time to see her hand spend a few extra seconds on the head of bostancı escort the shaft. “Do that again, but move your face closer to his crotch,” I told Elie. Without a word Elie responded, doing exactly what I told her. As far as I could tell Jack had moved quickly from semi-erect to erect under Elie’s skillful manipulation. It didn’t take very long before Elie was undoing Jack’s sweat pants revealing the jock strap underneath. Jack had come up with his own wardrobe and I thought it was pretty cleaver to wear the jockstrap. After Elie had agreed to the video shoot Jack confided in me that he had always wanted his wife to rim his anus, but she would never agree. She had visited his taint a time or two with her tongue, which was thrilling, and she had fingered his ass but the butthole had been strictly off-limits to her tongue.Elie pulled the elastic waistband of the jockstrap below his balls, exposing Jack’s cock and pushing his balls up for easy access. At this point I told her to begin her oral exploration of her husband on the backside of his sack, then move up to his dick. She did exactly as I told her without any discussion. Her tongue darted out at the base of the sack and worked its way out along the outer edges of the sack where it meets with the normal skin of the body. This always is a turn on for me and based on Jack’s reaction, it was a turn-on for him as well. As she reached each testicle Elie gently sucked it into her mouth, moistening it enough to pick up light and let the camera know they were wet. As she released the second testicle her hand grabbed his shaft, milking it lightly.I zoomed in on the head of the shaft, which already sported some pre-cum because of Elie’s expert manipulation. I told Elie to lick it off, and again she did it without discussion. It was as if she had decided to do whatever I told her to do. It was a good sign for Jack. As she reached her tongue out and swiped the pre-cum, Elie again had that look of great arousal. Learning from earlier direction, after licking the pre-cum she turned her head and looked directly into my lens, smiling so wickedly and showing some of Jack’s fluid on her lips.Elie spent a good deal of time on Jack’s prick, licking the head as she milked his cock, then thrusting forward to take his dick to the back of her mouth. Jack is average when it comes to cock size, but she was leaving a good inch out of her mouth when she took him deep. I told her to tip her forehead back, slowly move her mouth forward and take Jack’s entire length orally. Once again, complete obedience and a successful deep throat.I had intended for her to strip at some point during the blowjob, but it was going too well to stop. After a few minutes of energetic sucking (I don’t really know how Jack didn’t cum), she stopped, her face now wet with aftersuck. Elie fatih escort looked up at Jack and smiled as she wiped some of the saliva off her face.Now I told Jack to turn around and bend over. Elle looked a little funny at this request and I told her to lick his taint. I’m pretty sure she knew what was next and that Jack and I had worked it our in advance, but she began a simple up and down movement of her tongue on Jack’s nerve-packed taint while lightly massaging his cock. I swear Jack was just about to cum from that oral stimulus when I asked her to play with his asshole with her finger. It wasn’t a problem for Jack’s skilled oralist wife, and quite a sight to see Elie stroking Jack’s dick, licking his taint and massaging his asshole with her thumb all at the same time. Now came the part Jack had been waiting for. I told Elie to lick his butthole. Elie couldn’t even look at me when I asked her to do this. She looked down at the floor and it seemed like she pouted, thinking perhaps, “Do I have to?” But the pause was only momentary. She raised her head, spread his asscheeks and began touching her tongue to the skin about two inches from his asshole. I immediately realized there was a problem with Elie’s hand on his asscheek blocking her face from the camera. I told her to move her hand and then Jack’s asscheek was blocking her face, so I had Jack hold his own asscheek and expose both her face and his asshole. I thought this delay might give Elie time to change her mind, but once the scene was camera-ready she lowered her head, tongue out, to the same spot about two inches from his asshole, and the camera (and I) could see it all.Slowly she worked in towards the anus, as if getting used to the idea. It was obvious that Elie had never done this before because she did not have the skill set she did when sucking Jack’s dick. The first time she touched Jack’s butthole with her tongue he let out a low groan. Just watching Elie give her first rimjob was electrifying, the tongue slowing exploring the anus while she fingered his taint. In the two-plus minutes of her licking she never did penetrate his asshole, but Jack was in heaven for the entire time, occasionally moaning to let Elie know the effect she was having on him.With her first rimjob now history, I asked Elie to take off her clothes. She stood up and I realized she only had two pieces of clothes on, the aforemention sun dress and a bra. As the sun dress came off it revealed a surprisingly taut little body and muscular legs. She probably wasn’t more than a ‘B’ cup, but het tits were perfectly fine as far as I’m concerned. Her butt is worth mentioning, though. It was one of those tight round bubble-butts, the tightest one I’d seen in real life. It turned me on so much that I decided I wanted Jack to pay it some attention as Elie had just done to bağcılar escort Jack.First, I had Elie lay prone on the couch. I told Jack “It’s time for you to repay her favor,” and Jack knew exactly what I meant. Starting with her scapula and slowly working to the small of her back Jack used his hands to caress the areas he wasn’t kissing. After about a minute and a half of Jack licking the small of Elie’s back, I told Jack to start working on her asscheeks. This seemed to be quite a turn on for her as Jack took long laps up the center of the cheeks while squeezing them with his hands.Next, I told him to get in there and give her a rimjob. Apparently, this was a little more than she had bargained for and she raised her first objection, which really surprised me. Jack explained to Elie that it didn’t bother him and she finally agreed. Jack seemed like he knew what he was doing as he spread her cheeks with his thumb on the inside, nearest the anus, and he dipped his head towards her enticing ass. When Jack’s tongue finally touched her anus, I thought she was came right then and there. Elie later told me she didn’t, but it wasn’t very much longer before her first orgasm shuddered through her body.Now Elie flipped over, allowing Jack to pay homage to her breasts and pussy. As Jack gobbled at Elie’s coochie she had her second orgasm. We began the sexual intercourse with a face-to-face, then Elie flipped over for her favorite position, doggy-style. Next, I had Jack lay Elie face up on top of the back of the couch and spread her legs wide. This is always a good way to get a shot of his dick going into her pussy, and I got a solid three minutes of video in this position.Elie, in spite of being incredibly turned on, was not in the mood for anal today. I can understand and accept that, so I had Jack sit on the couch and let Elie do a little reverse cowgirl. I couldn’t get any good penetration shots, but watching her body bounce up and down on his shaft was exciting for me. And remembering her bubble-butt, I’m sure it was exciting for Jack. When it was time for Jack to cum (Elie had already cum a couple more times that I forgot to mention) he pulled out, Elie opened her mouth and Jack shot his load all over her face and into her mouth. Elie then showed us that she had some in her mouth by extending her tongue, which I got a close-up of. Jack warned me that Elie didn’t swallow, which was no big deal, but she retracted her tongue into her mouth and I could tell by the muscle action in her throat that she had indeed taken his cum down. She then opened her mouth and showed her clean tongue to prove her little “dirty deed.”It wasn’t over yet. Elie knew Jack would love to watch her give another man a blowjob and in spite of her earlier requirement about no sex for the cameraman she reached over and begin a slow, rhythmic movement on my shaft. As she touch my penis through my shorts Elie smiled at Jack to get his approval. Jack nodded affirmatively and my blowjob payment was underway. Using her expert hands and mouth Elie had me cumming on her tits in a few minutes.As I left Elie and Jack asked if I would be interested in coming again!

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