Subject: A Young Surfer – Chapter 8 I walked out of the toilet block with a towel around me, my bag in my hand and a throbbing asshole which has just been pounded by two strangers. The third man in the stall sucked my cock and took my load and now wants to fuck me outside in the woods near the dunes. I had a huge full body orgasm so I feel I owe it to him in a way or at least see what he is like. He is younger but still about my Father’s age. It’s kind of weird, I don’t look at my Father’s friends and think what would they be like? It never occurs to me the age of a man when I’m in the dune or in a toilet block. I’m usually bent over or have a cock in my mouth. It’s the cock that I love not the age of it or who it’s attached to. I looked over at the path and he gave me a wave then turned and walked up the track. I followed about 10 meters behind looking around to see if there was anyone else here. He turned off the trail onto another one which was narrower and went deeper into thicker bushes. After about 20 seconds of walking I came to a small clearing which had a flatten cardboard box and enough room for about 10 people to stand in. “is this alright” he said and after a quick scan I said “yeah I guess”. “what’s your name” he said. No one cares about names so I was a little shocked when he asked ‘Scotty” I said. “I heard you say you were 17 to those other guys, you look a little younger” “I’m 16 but it’s cool, I’m experience…kind of…”I said nervously. “How are you feeling, those guys fucked you hard and good, you okay?” he said “I’m okay” “take your towel off and lay it on those boxes” I moved over and arranged my towel so when I lay down none of the sand would bother me. He dropped his shorts and took off his shirt and was standing in front of me completely naked “don’t worry it’s safe here” He had a very athletic body and a medium size cock which was uncut and half hard. “Get on your knees on the towel. I moved over to the towel and took off my shirt and was naked too. He walked his cock straight into my mouth, pushed my head down and said “I’ll be a little more gentler than those other guys but suck my cock and get me hard. I want to fuck you” Kneeling naked in the bushes at the beach with kocaeli escort bayan a cock in my mouth I was getting horny again. I reached around and with both hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his body towards me pushing his cock further into my mouth. “Oh you are a great little cock sucker” he said I pulled back his foreskin as his cock went down my throat and clamped down on the shaft on the way out like he did with me. “Fuck that is so fuckin nice…I don’t want to come too quickly” little did he know I’d just learned that cock sucking technique from him 20 minutes ago. He pumped into my mouth in a few more times then pulled out with a “fucccckkkkk…I’m so horny…lay down on the towel” he said. I love being fucked on my back this way, I thought – I can maneuver my body to take all of his beautiful cock without much pain. I pulled my bag under me to give me some elevation and I lay down. My legs were half open and my hard cock was laying across my body. My ass was throbbing as he pulled out some lube and stroked it over his cock. ‘Fuck you look so hot…that ass of yours is beautiful and I want to fuck it long and slow” he said. Beautiful ass? I thought, I guess that’s what they like the most about me… whatever… I’m cool with that. “What’s your name” I asked. “Lee” he said as he knelt down in front of me. “Lift your legs up” he said and I lifted my feet off the ground and as I did he pulled my ass cheeks apart. “wow…you are still open from that last pounding you took…fuck that is hot!!!” he pushed his cock over my balls and ran it along the side in between my legs teasing me. He positioned it at the entrance of my hole and pulled back his foreskin and pushed the knob into me. “ohhhhhh…” I said “nicccceeee…you like that don’t you” he was drawing circles around the outside of my hole then darting in and out pushing a little deeper each time. I reached over and grabbed my shirt. I put it over my mouth “mmmmmmm….oooooohoohhhhh” I let out a muffled sound every time he pushed deeper and deeper into my asshole. He was gentle the way he held my legs and he pushed his cock into me. Slower than anyone else had before…innnnnnnn…ooouuuuuuttttt…it was driving me crazy. he kocaeli sınırsız escort had filled me up with his cock which I didn’t think he would but he was so horny I saw the veins bulging along the side. It was definitely bigger than what I was just sucking minutes ago. He lent over and lifted my head. I thought he was going to kiss me but he whispered in my ear “how is that” I moved the t-shirt from my mouth and said in a desperate and breathless voice “ah…ah..great thank you…please…please keep fucking me…” he smiled as he cupped my head with both hands looking into my eyes he pushed deep into my hole and said “I will and I want to give you my load” I couldn’t help myself, I wrapped my legs around his body and pushed onto his cock. As he pumped, I pushed and he was as deep as he could get. I felt like I was being fucked by a baseball bat. He was hitting my spot, that special spot a man has which most never discover unless they have a prostate massage or get ass fucked like me. My cock drips cum when they hit it and I can have these ‘out of body’ type of trance like experiences…it’s even difficult to explain but I can’t imagine how incredible a women must feel when a cock slams that ‘G-spot’ they have. I guess this is my ‘G-spot’ who cares what its called I was feeling it and I couldn’t help myself. I was panting harder and harder and our heads were beside each other. I could feel his warm breath over my neck. In that moment of being fucked slowly and rhythmically this stranger was transporting me somewhere I’d never been before. My whole body was pulsing. I was desperate for it to continue. I was muffling my painful pleasure with my shirt as he pumped his cock into me. His big balls and sack were slapping against my ass and my cock was rock hard and dripping. I lifted my head up slightly, removed the T-shirt from my mouth and in a desperate youthful voice said “ohhhh Lee…fuck me…fuck me…don’t…don’t stop…” The sun was going down and we were losing some light. I looked up from my cardboard mat and Lee was dripping sweat as he fucked my asshole like never before. If anything this guy has some techniques I’ve never seen before. Every man izmit anal yapan escort who fucks me seems to want to punish me like I’m a naughty little boy or something. Lee was fucking me like he really appreciated it and I was in heaven or somewhere close. “I’m cumming soon…fuuccckkk little Scotty you are fucking hot…I want to fuck you every day….oooohhhh…fuck I’m close. Can I shoot in your mouth? He said “yeeess” I said panting. I had cum on my stomach from a continual discharge of cum. He was pounding me faster and I was getting ready to crunch up and take his load in my mouth. “Fuuuuccckkk…I’m cumming” he quickly pulled out as I bent up to take it in the mouth he shot on my face almost right between my eyes. He pulled my face in and buried his cock in my mouth. He pumped another load into my mouth and it kept cumming. I swallowed as much as I could as he pushed me back down on the mat with his cock still in my mouth. His legs were straddling me and he balls were slapping my chin. “Stick your finger up my ass” he said. I was a little shocked but I wiped some of the cum that was running down my face onto one finger and pushed it slowly into his asshole. He let out a “Oooohhhh Fuuuccckkk” and pumped another pulse of cum into my mouth. I licked the shaft of his cock and cleaned the cum from his cock while he was still standing over me. “Clean that cum off my asshole” he said as he pushed his cheeks into my face. I licked around the outside and he stood up, stretched his body out and raised his arms into the air “fuuuucccckkk little Scotty you are a killer fuck…I really want to fuck you again…will that be alright? Wiping the cum off my face and chin I said “sure…yeah…okay but I need to clean up now” “I’ll come with you” he said and we both walked through the dunes onto the sand. I dropped my towel and bag close to the waterline so I could quickly skinny dip and clean up. After a minute in the water I started to feel sore. I’d been pounded today…a lot and there is no way I can ride my bike. I’ll leave it locked up in the card park where it is and walk the beach home. “bye Lee…see you around” I said “I’m here most days after 4.00, you know the spot” he said and I walked down the beach. Nifty needs your support so this platform can remain as awesome as it is. If you enjoyed my story please give a dollar or two. Thanks Scott T. fty/donate.html All content in my stories is real and happened. Name and places have been changed. Scott T – Send your feedback to oho

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