Adult Theater with girlfriend


Adult Theater with girlfriendAs I mentioned in my last story, I went to a few adult theaters in Times Sq., New York City. My favorite one was on 8th Ave. around 47th, or 48th St. I had been there a couple times. Now I had a new girlfriend, Jan, who was sexually adventurous. She was 5’7”, brunette with hair down to her shoulder blades, large round breasts, full hips, stunning brown eyes, and full gorgeous lips. We had been seeing each other for a few months and I came clean with her about my experiences in the porn theaters. She told me that she was turned on by what I told her. She had always fantasized about being with a number of men at the same time and would love it for me to watch, or participate.We went to the theater on the next Saturday. I was rock hard even before we got there. As I paid and she stepped in, with a huge smile on her face, she reached down to my crotch and gave a squeeze. Under her coat she wore a beige, sleeveless, ribbed cotton turtleneck sweater, and tight jeans. I loved seeing this sweater on her as it really accentuated her fantastic chest. Under that she had on a white lace underwire bra and matching lace panties.We stepped into the back, and gave ourselves a minute for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. There were a lot of men at the theater, and maybe one or two trannies. A lot of them were getting up and changing seats frequently. And a lot of them definitely took notice of Jan. About four rows from the back on the left side, the row was empty. I don’t know why I had istanbul escort a thing about the left side, but I preferred it. She went in first and sat two seats away from the wall. We took off our coats and threw them over to the seat against the wall. That left an empty seat to Jan’s left.On the screen there was a scene of two girls together outside by a pool. One was skinny and lying down on a lounge chair and the other was more full-figured and was eating her out. On the far side of the pool a pool boy was trying to hide his hard on while cleaning the pool.Jan immediately unzipped my jeans and let my underwear covered bulge show. With her left hand she started cupping her beautiful tits. With her right, she rubbed me thru my briefs. My left hand unzipped her jeans and slipped under her panties into her juicy hole. It didn’t take long before we started drawing attention.In the row behind Jan, two guys were stoking each other. They were seated close to the aisle. Once they saw us, they moved right behind us for a better look. The row in front of us had four guys in it. None were sitting next to one another.As Jan continued to stroke me thru my briefs and I fingered her, a guy sat down right next to me. I turned to look at him and could see that he was looking back and forth between my bulging briefs and Jan’s tits. He licked hip lips. At this point Jan had leaned forward to have a look at him and when she saw him lick his avcılar escort lips, she did the same while heaving her chest in his direction. In a very sexy voice she asked him, “Who do you want to touch first?” He knelt down in front both of us and with his right had started caressing her tits, and with his left started stroking my briefs.The two guys in the row behind us started to gently touch the back of Jan and my heads. I turned my head to the right to look at them and they were still stroking each other. One guy was black, the other Hispanic. Their cocks were eight inches easy. Jan turned her head to the left (facing me) to get a look at them. She let out a low moan when she saw their cocks. The black guy stood up and placed his cock right between our faces. Then he rubbed it gently on Jan’s turtleneck. The guy between our legs had moved into the seat next to Jan. His face was buried in her sweater over her tits. His hand was fingering her. Occasionally our fingers touched inside her. One of the guys from the row in front of us had climbed over the seats and sat down next to me. He was stroking his cock with his right hand. With his left, he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I had never touched another cock before but it didn’t take me long to start stroking him. He reached over and pulled me out of my briefs and started jerking me off.The black guy in the row behind us who had his cock on Jan’s neck moved it over to my neck and shoulders. Jan şirinevler escort reached up and stroked him against my neck. Then she moved it up so it was positioned against my check. She leaned in and gave it a long lick from balls to tip ending with her tongue in my mouth. When she pulled away from our kiss, the tip of the cock was perfectly positioned in front of both our mouths. She sort of moaned to me, “Go ahead. Suck him. You know you want it. And I want to watch you.” I closed my eyes and opened as wide as I could. I was only able to take him about a quarter of the way in.So again, there I was in a dark porn theater except this time I had a cock in my mouth, one in my hand, and my fingers in my girlfriends pussy all at the same time. And she had a cock in her mouth and two different guys hands in her pussy.The Hispanic guy in the row behind us was stroking the part of the black guys cock that I couldn’t get in my mouth. His other hand was feeling all over Jan’s tits. Then he stood up and put his hard cock into Jan’s mouth. Sooner rather than later, cum started to fly. Jan had a luscious mouth and the Hispanic guy came first. She swallowed most of it but as she licked her lips, she let some of it drip down her chin onto her sweater and into the hair of the guy with his head on her chest. When the black guy saw that he started to cum. I felt it spurt into the back of my throat and pulled him out. He shot on my chin and neck. I came next all over the guy’s hand who was stroking me. As I was cumming, he started to shoot all over my hand. The only one who hadn’t shot was the guy who was fingering Jan. She pushed his head off her chest and leaning over and gave him an amazing blow job. He let out an incredible sound as his whole body shook. She kept her lips tightly on him and drained him dry.We cleaned up a little, put our coats on and left.

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