It has been a few months of heavy torment for pregnant Pinkie and her udders. She kept spending most of the time on that truck, fucked in the ass and being fed strictly with nutritious sperm and water. The vixen was often cuffed behind that truck, constantly in a state of bliss from the pain and pleasure. Her belly started to expand 3 weeks ago and was now hanging down bellow the Outlaw’s slave ribcage. Still not nearly as low as the large pendulous jugs dangling off the truck.

The monotonous knockers constantly got bigger from all the saline injections, severe breast bondage and swelling due to being generally beaten to shit. The ridiculously large appendages now looked like long amoebas, dragged down by heavy stones attached to the 4 nipple rings. The poor things were beaten black and blue and dangled nearly 30 inches off the handrail!

This evening the Outlaw’s most precious slave was napping, recovering from the brutal day’s debaucheries. Her poor knockers had to withstand being used as punchbags in a perverted game of “1000 KNOCK OUT PUNCH”. A newton measurement deice has been attached earlier to Pinkie assets in order to detect and display the power of each hit. And the pink haired vixen was eager to yell the results of each blow above 700 congratulating the basher for punishing her poor sock-balls to her satisfaction.

“AAAHHYYYYYYYYYAAAAAA!! 810!! THANK YOU KIND SIR FOR PROPERLY HITTING MY NASTY TITS! THEY DESERVE IT FOR BEING SO SGGY!” The masochist woman yelled out smiling. She truly got off being ridiculed and encouraged her audience to humiliate her by mocking her pregnancy condition.

Pinkie laughed hysterically whenever the tormented jugs attached to the punk’s chest gushed a spray of milk after a particularly powerful blow: “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUU!…950 NEWTONS JAKE! AAHAAAAHA YOU BUSTED MY FUCKING TIT SO HARD!! IT LEAKS MILK!!!”

“PUNCH IT AGAIN TO FIX IT!” – she dared the hairy rocker! The 2 meters tall biker gathered all his hulk strength and delivered the best uppercut he could with his right fist. If it was a man he would be flipping dead on the spot!

The wild vixen was feeling as if the two black and blue balls bellow were not part of her body anymore as they collapsed sideways and whipped with immense force on her back! Saline squirted out of the numerous needle wide holes puncturing the skin leaving the boobs to wobble back more saggier land broken pulled back by the gravity. The illustrated bosoms have received their daily injection of 5 liters just to help keep them in shape and not dangle like deflated balloons, but he liquid quickly got beat out of them. Pinkie’s resilient mammary glands have bean beaten empty too by the end of the day gushing milk pretty much non stop.

Heavy rain started to pour down in a dark night and Pinkie licked her lips swallowing every last drop of precious semen from the day’s blowjobs. Animal approached his toygirl and begun untying her hands in order get her inside for a rest.

All of a sudden the familiar vrooming sound of dirt bikes filled the void road and was soon followed by the floodlight of a motorbike illuminating the dirt behind the truck. A large Harley Davidson mounted by a familiar man dressed in leather stopped a few meters from it and smiled.

“Talesman” – Animal reacted – “WTF are you doing here at this time?” Before any answer could come out another bright floodline appeared predicting the arrival of a second similar bike. And the person who showed up next made Animal even more surprised, but in a much more enticing way.

“LINDSEY??! By Gally what happened to you?”

The British slut looked totally different from the last meeting at the boob bashing contest. She has been taking on the rocker’s way of life pretty seriously and gradually dropped all her boundaries if any from before. First thing attracting the sight of Animal was of course her enormous chest, which have grown since their last visit by at least two cups. She wore a black leather jacket fully open in front making it apparent thanks to the lights, the Blade’s favorite female was riding bare breasted underneath. Her large tits sat heavy on the Brit, but were still classified perky with meaty nipples pointing up in the air. Once Animal’s eyes got adjusted to the dark hue it became clear she was dressed down bellow in a skimpy leather miniskirt. And with naked legs lifted so high on the bike sidesteps, Lindsey flashed her shaven privates to any frontal onlookers!

Soon a dozen more Harleys formed a semicircle around the truck where Pinkie was still handcuffed and started roaring the engines making sure their presence was known to everybody within 10 miles!

“We were passing by and heard you guys are having fun with Pinkie here” – Talesman outshouted the cacophony of vrooming engines. “Mind if we tag along for the night? CUNTZIE here have some proposition!” – he added up using the porn star’s new stage name.

“I’VE COME TO CHALLENGE YOUR SLAVE TO AN ENDURANCE CONTEST!” Lindsey yelled from the top of her lungs. She was acting careless and brave not showing affection to the heavy rain or the fact that she drove practically naked all the way from Kansas downtown!


Groups of Outlaws started to come out of their tents covering their heads with umbrellas and jackets curious to see what was the commodity all about. The British slut who joined the rouge life of the Blade rockers only a few months ago has been ever since Talesman’s bitch and the man was training her day and night. Her large tits have seen so much bizarre pain they were littered with signs, most hidden under the jacket and masked by her breast expansion. Still the two jugs were considered firm and were too far gone unlike Pinkie’s pulverized sacks.

“DID’NT HAVE ENOUGHT LAST TIME HUN?! AAAAH! THANK YOU SIR!” – Pinkie sassed back at her challenger and received a nasty blow to her heavy left sad bag for that.

“Quiet slave!” – Animal displayed authority in front of his rivals and put back the brass knuckles he used on the 19 years old’s breast to remind the cunt of her place.

On that fateful night the two bike leaders agreed to do a new savage contest surpassing anything done so far! Talesman was eager to see how far his methods have trained the endurance and determination of his slave. Animal agreed to do it same night if the ladies were ready. And by Gally they were! Lindsey was wasted on acid from way before plus she has been talking shit about Pinkie for weeks. The Brit hated to loose in any competition and this new life of recklessness and taboo activities have triggered a new spark for orgasmic addiction she could not explain. She truly felt strong enough to take on the masochistic large titted zealot. And Pinkie was so used to the everyday pain she suffered, the punk vixen was up for anything new that can stir emotions and bring her to a nervous breakdown inevitably accompanied by a powerful orgasm! The zealous girl already felt her stuffed cunt oozing juices, dripping down along with the cum from the fucking earlier.

“LINDSEY YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” – The pink rocker warned her rival! “ GIVE ME THE BEST YOU’VE GOT!” – she asked Animal. The large man knowing fully well it will be needed complied and injected the heavy drug directly in her poor pendulums! It drove the stuck woman mad with pleasure and desire to break new records by abusing her tormented cow tits even more!

“I bet you won’t compete with some of this injected into your beefy udders though!” – Talesman challenged the rebellious ex-dancer! To this statement he showed a syringe of white color. “Bee venom! Don’t worry it’s sterile!” the rocker tried to calm down the shaking female and started explaining it has been collected from a hive keeper near the Blade’s camp.

“SHUT UP AND SHOVE IT IN MY FUCKING TITS ASSHOLE! C’MON MAKE MY NIGHT!” – the foul mouthed masochist responded shaking her pendulous sad sacks in a dare you motion. She did not even care what was inside or what they did to her poor breasts. Only that it proved to the punk and her Outlaw friends she was the bravest in the gang! Talesman brushing off the insult made a wide spiral rotation in the air holding the syringe and with great drama drove the needle deep into the side of her left breast. Under the cheers of his friends he quickly injected more then half of the content inside, before doing the same to the right jug. Pinkie sassed and spat biting her tongue, but did nothing to stop the sadistic onslaught of her mammary glands. The expansion could be seen almost immediately proven further by Pinkie’s cries dripping from her eyes, obvious even through the pouring rain…

The Blades roared victoriously! Last time they shot the poison into CUNTZIE, the Brit’s double HH have swollen so much each one become larger then her head! The brunette mewled for days and on top of that her breasts never fully recovered, sagging afterwards at least one inch lower.

Their cheers were quieted down however when Pinkie yelled:

“I CAN TAKE ON YOUR SLAVE WITH ANY HANDICAP YOU CAN DISH OUT AND STILL WIN!” . The initial shock have subsided and the bloody eyed woman showed no more sighs of weakness.

The rain was not stopping, but the two gangs did not care and the party competition groups were just getting warmed up! Talesman helped Animal and his group of mechanics to reconstruct the ramp at the back of the truck and make some holes for Lindsey’s hands and large chest. Around midnight it was ready for the two women to kneel next to each other. Of course they did so and placed their tits on the handrail bar. Next Talesman and Animal lifted a 45 pounds metal poll and carefully placed it on top the the four pairs of woman meat. On the side where Pinkie was stationed Ankara escort it dropped down significantly lower, almost grinding metal on metal while on the other the bar tiled upwards pushed back by the firmer bosoms of the Brit. What happened next drove screeching cries from the two chicks. The top metal poll was fastened to the handrail not by two, but by whole four vices, placed 5 inches from each other! Talesman and Animal had the poor women’s tits absolutely crushed making sure the grips were tightened to the very last notch. It was a safety measure, securing base of the breast meat where it was. Otherwise it may very well pull out the assets off the chicks’ chests due to the sheer might of the tugging force of the bikes!


Lindsey suffered quietly, having hundreds of nerves and mammary glands crushed and displaced in a matter of seconds. Pinkie’s broken tits on the other hand have lots most of theirs’ already during the bizarre brutal tortures she willingly put them through. She felt no severe pain as of yet and could simply laugh at her opponent obnoxiously:



The rockers tightened so much the metal bars, they practically touched on both sides. Nearly all circulation to the other end of the ludicrous pair of Lindsey was cut off, judging by the dark crimson shade of the Brit’s melons, turning a dark shade of red already! The punk’s pendulous tits still looked like large basketballs put in a couple of sacks, but the heavy tattoos prevented the observers from seeing any visible change to their color.

Snake showed up with a dozen thick and long needles and pierced the four pieces of female meat right through the per-drilled holes in the horizontal poles, until the sharp end showed a few inches from the other end. The rest of the rockers in the mean time attached four heavy duty chains to the ruthlessly restrained contestants’ breasts. These chains were much heavier then the ones Pinkie have dragged riding the motorbike backwards when it seemed so too long ago and weighted nearly 40 LBS! Lindsey had endured last week a hour long piercing session just for this contest, leaving her nipples and areolas with brand new 4 barbed heavy duty rings. They were all now being attach to the chains for extra tugging power in preparation for the savage competition!!

The two large Harleys were brought behind the truck and their forks secured to the other free end of the chains! Animal and Talesman of course will be the ones riding them and deciding how far they stretch the other rival gang’s teats! The whole time Lindsey and Pinkie were mocking and boshing each other, visibly hyped for the ultimate challenge.

“HOPE YOUR READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR TITS CUNZIE!!!” – the pregnant woman sassed at her opponent. The heavy rain have slain the Brit’s long hair and obscured the view of the punk’s opponent, making her constantly shake it off her face. The ex-porn star have smearing off nearly all remaining make up but it did not affect her confidence. She sassed back at the attention whore next to her: “THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY SUPRPASS YOUR WAIST WARMERS!! SEEMS YOU ALREADY SAID GOODBYE TO THEM!” Now that CUNTZIE has taken all her clothes off a large tattoo of a knife could be seen in between her chest – a flag of devotion to her gang.

Snake and Animal were so impressed how far their toys have come committing to the BDSM games so far, they were planning on bringing her to San Francisco, just waiting for the birth to finish. But with this new masochist competitor CUNTZIE on the horizon, now it looked like there could be a no better time. Especially if they wanted to have it done in style! With this dragging competition they could hit two birds with one stone. Have Pinkie and CUNTZIE pull on the heavy bikes or whatever all the way to Sand Francisco, driving only through the countryside of course. And then presenting the two large breasted brave chicks to the producers! Surely they will be ready to pay any money for such masochistic lover! The duo leaders deiced to keep this as a surprise and only announced they will do this night TRUCK PULLING CONTEST drive to a special farm in eastern Nebraska. It would be a good place to take a rest and refill the bikes. Plus Moose knew the owner well, having organized many staged wild parties similar to the Kamikaze contest. ..

“START THIS SHIT ALREADY!” – Pinkie yelled feeling the immense pain from the bee venom building up in her chest and making them visibly swollen despite the numbness from the brutal pressure of the heavy bars!

“I WILL BEAT YOU PREGNANT PSYHO!! I WILL THUG TILL THESE ELEPHANT TRUNKS OF YORS COME STRAIGHT OFF” – CUNTZEY threatened her rival! Indeed Pinkie have gone a long way to ruin her breasts. Despite the severe bondage there was almost nothing reminding how perky and beautiful the two long but large dangling meatballs were. Both sad bags now sagged and wobbled at each movement of the truck giving away the lack of any resistance of muscles within.

“SHUT UP BITCH! I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO MY TITS SO LONG AS I RUIN YOURS!!” – Pinkie did not relent talking back at her opponent.

All the bikers and their women were now ready, having mounted their bikes. Animal was riding the Harley right behind CUNTZEY and Talesman will be in charge of the motor, stretching the poor tits of his favorite slave Pinkie. A beautiful girl in her twenties stepped in between the two waving a red jacket tied to a stick. Moose got into the truck, started the engine and announced TRUCK PULLING CONTEST beginning by firing his gun and the female followed up by screaming:


“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIEEEE” – Lindsey was all that managed to yell as she saw through her long hair yet the two large tits in front stretch almost 25 inches off the bars!

“YEEEEEEAAA” – Pinkie was in heaven feeling her painted breasts being torn off after straining nearly 50 inches ! The poor boobs were so much more elastic then her opponent’s that the equally measured chains showed discrepancy of 20 inches, forcing Talesman to fall behind since the very start! The tattoos of the pregnant vixen quickly strained to a point they became unrecognizable, but Pinkie simply did give a flying fuck. She just looked up in to the raining sky and opened her mouth: “O YEAAAH!!! PULL MY FUCKING TITS OFF Talesman! PULL THEM OFF MY GOTDAMN CHEST!!” . Pinkie felt Talesman hit the brakes for a moment, practically letting the masochist mother-to-be drag him for a couple of seconds. The punk temporarily blacked out from the intense pain emanating deep in her chest. At the same time the biker group roared as they saw the Blade’s leaving a short trail in the dirt, nearly tearing off Pinkie’s tits!

Seeing what the cruel rocker did to his slave Animal hit the brakes as well, causing CUNTZIE to scream in horror as her pierced jugs could be heard tearing away muscle tissues. The Brit was in complete agony beyond anything she has ever though possible!

The two dedicated masochists kept on dragging the heavy bikes with their tits through the rest of night cheered by the savage group cycling their motorbikes around the truck. Pinkie had her illustrated soggy bosoms stretched to new extremes but as the drug effect wore off eventually got knocked out unconscious. Snake had to get up on the truck and inject some more crack in the pregnant vixen’s sloppy breasts in order to keep the Outlaw’s champion in the race. The long tit sacks of the suffering punk have swollen so much due to the bee venom, they even started to look firmer. Still it came at a price as their shade visibly turned a very dark crimson, looking as if part of another dimension! Similar fate followed Lindsey’s melons which have been dark hue of blue for some time now. The poor breasts of the Brit developed deeper and longer streaks with each powerful thug by the heavy bike of Animal, tearing the shit out of her areolas. CUNTZIE being spared the bee venom was less prone to fainting, but the demolition of her internal breast meat was too much. Her brain overloaded and she became limp within an hour into the race. A man from the Blades nicknamed Eyez due to his large sockets got up on the truck too and started injecting his champion with crack support as well. After the first shot CUNTZIE came to her scenes and cried out:

“YOU’R FUKING UP MY TITS!!!” – the vixen was near her limit as the night crept ever so slowly but the competition was in it’s height!

“GO ON MOTHERFUCKERS, IS THAT THE BEST YOU’VE GOT! I CAN DRAG YOUR GIRLY BIKE ALL NIGHT!” : Pinkie somehow still managed to find the strength to bark in anguish egging Talesman. And he was eager to continue pulling brutally on her tormented rubbery tits. Their skin has been stretched so much that in between pulls some of it started to sag near her armpits as if detached from the breast-meat!

The first sun beams showed up on the horizon… It has been a long night full of emotions. To say the two contestants were exhausted would be a gross understatement; they were barely conscious. There was still no clear winner as both women were more determined to have their tits torn off before giving up. Talesman and Animal decided to do one last attempt to yield a winner. On the count of three they both hit the breaks at the same time and kept holding! Each pair of tit meat dragged across the Nebraska dirt the full 440 kilograms of heavy machinery on wheels!

“AAA MY TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTSSSSSS” – shrieked Pinkie as her floppy sacks flattened to thin inch think pancakes detaching waaaay off her chest! The strain on top and bottom lairs of tattooed breast skin was so much the bee venom started squeezing through the tightly crushed tit meat and in-between the metal bars! Before the pregnant cunt felt her tits like a pair of distant appendages and did not care what was really happening on the other side of the crushing Ankara escort bayan vices. Now that the venom have reached the very base of the ridiculously abused breasts they quickly brought so much more grief to their poor owner, she started shaking her head “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII AIAIAIAIAI” – the punk yelled in desperate attempt to vent out her anguish! Pinkie felt her chest on fire and combined with the dull, but intense savage pain of the bike tugging it seemed she have surpassed all her previous breast torture achievements!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!” – was all CUNTZIE could yell as her once beautiful jugs were being torn off full 40 inches off the bar, needles bending in the process! The Brit’s instincts pushed her to give up, but the she shook then off, blatantly removing all thoughts of self preservation! CUNTZIE was now even more determined to beat this arrogant cunt next to her no matter the cost!

“BREAK THOSE TITS!! BREAK THOSE TITS!” – large group of supporters kept cheering from the roaring bikes for their respective champions giving them the willpower to stay in the race! The mother-to-be in response yelled encouraging words at her sadistic tormentor:


Talesman did no waste time, gripping the breaks as hard as he could! He quickly got Pinkie’s poor tits so stretched out, her holes started to become as wide as a female fist, ready to rip at any time. Only the sheer combined sturdiness of 4 strong rings saved her areolas from tearing off. Pinkie looked down at the “moose necks” in front and was awe to see through tears they’ve extended so much their tattoos started to disappear! “! I LOVE YOU Talesman!!” – the punk screamed at her tormentor, feeling her sex drive taking over – “DESTROY MY FUCKING TITS!” Pinkie felt the stretchmarks and venom keep running down all the way to her chest and bellow her armpits. “PULL MY GOD DAMN TITS OFF” ” – the preggo shrieked again feeling all this mixture of agony shooting a familiar arousal through her oozing cunt and suddenly gushed out a strong stream of pussy juice. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” – was all Pinkie managed to say as she was getting off having her bosoms permanently destroyed!

As if not enough, Snake showed up with a bunch of long needles and started piercing her middle section of strained breast meat. Or what was left of it. One after the other the thick almost two inches long sharpened metal went straight through the overstretched rebbery tits, just for kicks of it.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” – Pinkie let her voice run amok, getting a bit hoarse from all the screaming. Her cunt kept streaming juices however and at this point she was in an orgasmic bliss.

“FUUUUUUUCK MY POOOOOR BOOOOOBS!” – CUNTZEY cried out as a large needle made it’s way through both of her over strained tits left to right, awakening nerves she never knew existed! The Eyez have borrowed some needles off Snake and now administered similar punishment to her once beautiful bosoms. His attempts not to fall behind in terms of how much pain his champion was willing to endure were ovated loudly by the Blades:

“C’MON CUNTZIE! IF PINKIE CAN TAKE IT YOU CAN TOO!” the group roared as the Eayez pushed yet another needle through the meaty angry ellipses of woman meat!

At this point the party have entered a cornfield near a village in Nebraska, about an hour walk from the Moose’s farm, approaching the end point of the perverted journey. The heavy night rain have stopped and the sky cleared out. A villager showed up from the side of the corns on the road up ahead. He was coming to work on his land well before dawn when he heard female cries. The man dashed towards the source eager see who was the “damsels in distress” and what he witnessed was nothing like he have seen before:

A pink colored female punk, visibly pregnant and a beautiful brunette were bound on this pick-up truck backwards. They were yelling and cheering at two bikers as their tit pairs were being stretched to shit, each attached to the forks of a heavy Harley Davidsons with thick chains! In addition to that savage torment the poor boobs were brutally crushed by broad metal bars viced to the point of touching. And to top it all off – the meat was pierced by a dozen or so needles all the way through at multiple points! The women’s appendages were dark crimson and looked to be dead from lack of circulation already! The powerful Harleys were pulling each ridiculously elongated tit sack over the limits a human skin should take, tearing large holes in their nipples! It seemed the bike riders were hitting the brakes too, judging from the trails their rear tires were leaving across the dirt!

The simple man halted in place watching in shock as the party approached his location. Soon he recognized many tattoos littering the body of the pregnant punk woman. She was being fist fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time by a heavily pierced rocker and looked to be enjoying the whole plight. She was also the one with the much more pendulous tits, stretching much longer then those next to her. Strangely the illustrated saggy pair ballooned out as if something was boiling from withing. The bosoms also gushed out steady streaks of milk and could be justified looking nasty as shit! The other bound woman on the truck was in similar predicament only that her breasts were not in nearly as deplorable condition straining only 35 inches off the truck “rail”. Large piercing needles went straight through both of the pears and crooked under an angle of 120 degrees from the immense force of the brutal tugging!

“Jesus Christ WHAT are you doing to these women?!!” – he exclaimed but quickly wished he haven’t done so..

The bikers surrounded carried his body to the center of the party giving him drugs and alcohol. The rough riders were off the hook at this point and could not take “No” for an answer. Under the influence of the opiates, they’ve managed to “convince” the villager to join the fun by bashing Pinkie’s pendulous milk filled tits with a the brass knuckles of Animal. The first hit was pretty tame in comparison to what she has endured so far, but still drove more milky streams to come out from within the holes in her piercings. “AHAHAH! YOU GOTTA DO BETTER THEN THAT TO IMPRESS ME OFF SISSY BOY!” . After he saw the punk chick actually got off the pain he started beating the poor trunk looking breasts alongside the rockers, delivering one savage swing more brutal then the next!

As the early morning progressed more villagers arrived to the scene and joined watching the TRUCK PULLING COMPETITION. The commodity got so out of control, the local warden got called from a worried spectator. His blue and white car arrived sounding the siren.

“THIS IS THE POLICE!” – he informed the rockers from his loud speaker. “UNTIE THE TWO LADIES AT ONCE AND FOLLOW ME!” . He continued referring to the two bikers still dragging the poor remnants of Pinkie’s floppies and CUNTZIE’s amoeba-shaped tits!

“FUCK THE POLICE!” – yelled Pinkie stoned. Her eyes were looking like straight from hell, red and puffed. She felt thorough her numb hooters as if from miles away, the heavy dragging power relent when Talesman released the breaks and hit the gas. She tried to shake hrt floppies desperate to receive more brutal stretching, but the metal bars smashing the vixen’s pendulous sacks in half prevented her from doing much. She only ended up tugging on the traumatized holes where the needles have made some pretty extended holes in the breast-meat. Not caring or feeling a thing, she asked Snake:

“HIT MY FUCKING TITS!! I DON’T CARE FOR THE LAW!” – she stated to the pierced man behind! Snake was so aroused and wasted he started bashing the wobbling meatballs bellow him like a pair of speed-balls, right in front of the officer!


“You will be sorry for that!” – was all the marshal said before asking for back up.

Pinkie, CUNTZIE, Moose, Animal, Snake, Talesman and a couple of others who disobeyed the cop’s orders were charged with indecent behaviors and distribution of heavy opiates. The small group was put in jail waiting a hearing. The rest of the rockers were interrogated a couple of hours at the station and let go on probation. Moose gangs knew the sheriff since many years, but understood he had no choice but act upon this debauchery, defending his authority in front of everyone from the village.

The police have finally managed to pull out all crooked needles and remove the heavy top bar squeezing the blackish bosoms of the two rocker females. The pregnant masochist and her ex-porn star could barely stand the mad pain that shot deep in their chest as the blood rushed to nourish whatever breast-meat have survived underneath their tit-skin. And with the drug effect quickly dissipating the humiliated women could not hold their cries of anguish. The pregnant bitch was the loudest one of course:

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MY TIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIEEEEEEESSS! PIIIIIIIGS!”. Pinkie kept throwing insults at the officers and as a result the officers placed this uncontrolled woman in the worst cell of the jail. As a matter of fact they put her in the same cell with a dozen of wild looking males! They were a drunk gang of hilly billies caught overnight and the naked chick in front of them sprang an instant boner underneath the simple guys’ pants. They rarely touched a woman and Pinkie was looking so just so sexy in an odd way. And the vixen was so wasted on drugs and aroused from the wild TRUCK PULLING CONTEST her floppy tits endured, she was ready to do anything to get her daily doze of brutal breast punishment. She immediately saw her chance and quickly became eager to see what these rough individuals were capable to do to her and especially her broken tits.

Escort Ankara “C’MON SHITBAGS! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR????!” – she extrorospectively referred the gang.

CUNTZIE just cried hugging her pulverized chest, leaning against Tellsman’s shoulder. Her tits looked seriously fucked up! Both breasts were in crimson red, still far away from their original white color. Two long extremely dark streaks ran all the way from her aureole, which now looked straight down to the floor. Then they shot straight through the surface of the much floppier pair of teat bags, before the nasty lines eventually hid under the woman’s armpits. Severe blood vessel ruptures caused all sorts of shades to emerge all over the surface of Lindsey’s fucked up bosoms. The boobs were not looking too firm anymore and drooped down to the woman’s tummy looking at the ground defeated. The breasts were all trembling and shivering to, not clear whether because of CUNZIE’s cries or as if the cells inside were trying to recover from the severe trauma. Talesman gave the shaking woman a hug showing to her she did make him proud by not giving up to that masochistic psycho next door…

A true fuckfest ensued in Pinkie’s cell. The rednecks started fucking the pregnant vixen in all sorts of positions. The entire corridor started smelling like sweat and jizz in no time. Seeing all the scars, the deep burns from the metal bars and the severe stretch marks turned on the guys in a way they could not explain. Instinctively one of them slapped the wobbly mockery of a breast watching it shake the heavy rings nearly 30 inches off the crazy punk’s ribcage.

“WHY ONLY ONE?? CHICKEN?!!” Pinkie asked rhetorically. Her system was running out of drug stimulants, but now the punk’s natural desire for pain and pleasure was taking over sending wild signals to her dripping cunt. She just needed a bit more brutal pain in order to cum.


The roughnecks looked at each other not believing their ears. They have never seen anyone like this but decided to act upon this crazy cunt’s desire. The hilly billies used a small slot in between the cell top bar and the ceiling to feed and push the large, but rubbery painted jugs of Pinkie.

“THTAT’S IT! SHOW NO MERCY! FUCK MY TITS!” – the masochist was in heaven! Combined force of eight men tugged full strength on all 4 rings stretching the shit out of the mother-to-be’s large nipples, until both mockery of a breast emerged on the other side of the metal partition. All to the entertainment of officers and other jail birds.

Now Pinkie was fucked again, but this time hanging totally suspended by her overstretched appendages in front of all these stranger! She endured the humiliation until her poor tits distorted so much the heavily pregnant slut touched the ground with her toes. This meant the base section of her two body bags now strained further then 20 inches! Still the crazy masochist craved for more pain and lifted up her legs, allowing the gravity to maximize the agonizing strain reaching deep within base of her over-deformed teat-bags! Of course it forced them to support her entire weight along with her heavy belly once more.

Eventually the day came to an end and the sun went down. The hilly billies were beat after cumming so much and one by one dropped down sleeping. Poor Pinkie was left with her tits stuck up in between the ceiling and the metal beam. She dropped on her toes and tried to take a rest, but each time her leg mussels gave a way, the brutal strain on her boobs kept her awake and constantly aroused.

Two officers eventually entered the cell at midnight and started pulling and bashing the vixen’s tits out of their tiny slots until she started crying. They have seen enough so far to know it would be totally ok with the cunt.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUIAIAIIIIIIIIIIIIII” was all she could yell as her chest was being strained to shit once again “YO’REALLY FUCKING UP MY SHIIIIIT” cried out the helpless woman under the cheers from CUNTZIE on the other side of the corridor.

Eventually the female punk was freed and both she and Lindsey were taken to the warden’s office. There they saw Animal standing in front of the desk crossing his hands. He turned around and explained to the chicks police was giving then ultimatum. If the two cunts can complete a challenge, namely swallowing the spit from of all 20 policemen in the station at least once, serif drops all charges. Otherwise the rockers stay until the court hearing.

Pinkie complied without hesitation, kneeling down and opening her mouth ready to receive the first spit. The first to go was the sheriff’s wife herself! Her lips tossed with force a thick salivation directly into the vixen’s wide open throat!

“GULP!…. THANK YOU MAM! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER ONE!” – Pinkie ginned at the 40 years old mother of two.

“WHAT THE HELL! GIVE IT TO ME TOO” – CUNTZIE overcame her initial hesitation and dropped down next to her perverted partner in crime. She has pretty much recovered mentally since her brutal tit stretching trauma and was ready for new degradations.

The perverted spitting gang bang continued in the same style as Pinkie and Lindsey received one nasty slobber after another in their throats and gulped it all of it with gusto! It went on for a couple of hours well after all 21 men and women have spat in the skanks’ mouths once, even twice or thrice… The perverted humiliation of the pregnant slut and busty brunette was total!

Not wanting to wait till dawn the sheriff interrupted the fun of his officers and decided to let go the rocker group before any of the civilians can see them in the morning. The small gang was given a dozen horses trained to return in order to get out of the town quickly and set free.

Both Pinkie and CUNTZIE have never rode an animal before so Animal and Talesman had to take control of the straps while the women saddled in front. Pinkie’s large belly and tits juggled with each hope of the horse as it galloped though obscuring the view of her master. The punk’s rubbery breasts leaped way up in the air before splattering all over the place, including her ribcage or the animal’s head scaring it in the process. After the first couple of meters the duo understood they need to change the set up. Animal got off and helped Pinkie turn around and slid back all the way to the edge of the saddle. Then the Outlaw’s leader got up again and urged the horse forward, with the pregnant cunt behind him riding backwards!

It was such a memorizing view for the people behind watching the vixen fight with all her might to stay on top of the horse! Her floppy tits flew almost 20 inches past her head before hitting the horse’s ass with the great force of four rings and 20 kilos of saline, milks and fucked up breast meat! All the while her broken flapjacks drip while liquid all over the place!

Pinkie being true to herself however decided to tease her small audience even more and yelled: “LET ME SHOW YOU THE PROPER WAY FOR A WOMAN TO RIDE A HORSE!”. The misogynistic chick then requested Animal to bring a couple of ropes form one of the bags and tie it to her long breast bags. Once the knots were tighter then virgin’s ass crushing firmly the narrow base of the heavily tattooed sacks, she challenged CUNTZIE to yet another tit pulling competition. The Brit of course agreed knowing fully well the Blade’s honor was at stake. Both pairs of drooping boobs were then tied together on both ends of the robes and the party was ready to continue the ride!

“AOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” : Pinkie waved her hands in the air as if holding a cowboy hat enjoin every moment of her new way of stretching her tit meat.

“IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHAAA” Lindsey laughed as well entertained by the whole perversity of the situation. After the TRUCK PULLING CONTEST this was nothing after all. Then all of a sudden she felt her tits shook all the way up and down before being strained by Talesman, halting his horse to slow down..

“ Time for your daily stamina test CUNTZIE!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” – was the natural response of both chicks before the Balde’s leader released the bridle.

The ride proceeded in such fashion, slapping and occasional straining to shit the two sets of pendulous tits for the biker’s entertainment and at Pinkie and CUNTZIE tits’ expense.

Pinkie was of course on the seventh sky from pleasure until eventually her body got used to the torment. To renew the feeling of strain and tearing of muscles deep in her chest, she started to slap and twist her tits in abandon.

“FUCK MY TITS !” Pinkie laughed “AIN”T THESE SAGGY FLOPPY MOCKERY OF A BREAST THE WORST YOU’VE SEEN?” – She ridiculed the condition of her own breasts.

“YES FUCK HER TITS!” – CUNTZIE stated, practically asking Talesman to halt his horse and stretch the shit out of the pregnant vixen’s tits at the expense of her own tit sacks. The Brit was feeling her longer stretch marks awakening from the brutal TRUCK PULLING CONTEST and starting to arouse her in a strange way once again….

This continued the whole half an hour long ride till the group arrive at the desolated farm.


Pinkie was showered and then subjected to milking and more saline injections For the first time in months she saw in the mirror the effects of her extreme tit debaucheries. Her once beautiful tits were now permanently stretched and pulverized hanging down to her tights. She could now easily connect her elongated nipples to her cunt rings!

To be continued….

All of these stories despite pleasurable, require time. I have ambition to turn this genre into something worth presenting with images included. If you wish to support my effort or even request a commission, please consider supporting me on patreon under the search id of

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