Angel and I share Laura

Angel and I share LauraLaura and Angel had been friends since Laura moved to the area a few months earlier. They had met through work and became fast friends. Both Angel and I had been attracted to her since we had met her. She was 25, short only about 5 feet tall, skinny, but with lovely big tits. She had big brown eyes and mouse brown hair and a beautiful smile. Not only that but a lovely girl smart and funny. Angel had asked her to join us in a threesome but she didn’t want to as she was only interested in Angel not me. She asked if she would be interested in just letting me watch, but she still wouldn’t go for it. When Angel told me about this I told her it was fine if she wanted to be with her on her own as I knew it was always a big fantasy to be with another girl especially Laura. Angel spoke with Laura again and she finally agreed.The night they were set to get together I was watching Angel get ready, She looked amazing , her pussy so smooth slipping into a sexy pair of red and black panties, her fantastic tits covered in goose bumps as she put on the matching bra. “You look amazing babe.” I said as she slipped into her dress. “You know I wish she would let you join in don’t you baby? She asked. “Of course baby don’t even worry about me, just make sure you have fun. “I will” she said with a wicked grin. I smiled at her and left her to finish getting ready.They had organised to meet at our place so it wasn’t long before I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door sure enough it was Laura and she looked amazing. Wearing a tight low cut black mini dress that showed off her figure and a pair of knee high black boots that made her a few inches taller. She looked shocked to see me there “Hi Laura come on in Angel is still getting ready.” “Oh ok.” She said heading for the bedroom. I went to the lounge room and put a movie on and tried not to think of all of the sexy things that were going on in our bedroom.After about a half an hour Angel emerged from the bedroom wearing her satin dressing gown tied at the waste it just barely covered her perfect ass black stockings and garters. “Come with me I have a surprise for you” She said taking me by the hand and leading me to the bedroom. I didn’t realise how big of a surprise I was in for. When we reached bahis siteleri the bedroom there was Laura sat on the bed with her legs crossed wearing a black bra that almost seemed to be too small the way her boobs were bulging from the straining cups, black panties and those sexy knee high boots. “Laura has something to tell you Daddy. “Really what?” I asked. “Well Daddy if I may call you Daddy? “Laura asked. “You may.” I said with a grin.“Well I have something to tell you, I’m…… I’m a Transsexual.” she said nervously. I don’t know which I was more shocked or excited.” I had no idea.” I said.” Does that turn you on Daddy?” she asked. “It does. “I said. “Very much so.” ”I thought you might like the surprise Daddy.” Angel said moving over to sit on the bed next to Laura. “I do, but you girls didn’t bring me in here to talk did you?” I said getting straight to the point. “No Daddy.” They both said almost in unison. Angel removing her gown and Laura uncrossing her legs. I undressed to my underwear and moved over to stand in front of both of them.Both reaching out and pulling my underwear down letting my, by now rock hard cock spring out and almost hit Angel in the face. Like the good little slut she is she took it straight into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head and as she did. Laura leaned in closer and Angel let it out of her mouth Laura lustily licking it from balls to tip before taking it deep into her mouth. I let out a moan as I felt my hard cock hit the back of her throat. Angel reached into Laura’s lap and was rubbing her cock through her panties. I pulled my cock away from Laura and told her to lay on the bed. She did, as soon as she was settled we were on her coming at her from both sides me on the left and Angel on the right. Our hands greedily pulling her bra down to expose her beautiful big tits, Angel and I exchanged smiles as we each took a nipple into our mouths. She started to moan louder as we slowly rubbed and kissed our way down her body. When we got to her panties Angel pulled them to the side and her cock sprang out, it was a nice cock. I didn’t hesitate hungrily sucking her cock all the way into my mouth.She started to moan”mmmm oh yes suck my cock daddy!” I started to move my head up and down taking her whole cock güvenilir bahis siteleri every time I went down feeling her balls coming to rest on my chin. Angel moved her head closer so I let it slip from my mouth and angel held it up straight and started to lick and suck on one side of the head. I moved in and started doing the same on the other side it was so hot, listening to her moan as she started to move her hips up and down sliding her cock in between our lips and tongues. I took Laura’s cock in my hand and started to stroke it into Angel’s mouth, squeezing her breast with my other Angel spitting on her cock making it extra slippery in my hand.I stopped stroking and told angel to get on all fours in between Laura’s legs, she did as she was told saying” Yes Daddy.” Laura grabbing Angel by the head and starting to fuck her mouth pushing her head down to meet her hips thrusting up moaning loudly as she did “oh yes, oh god, your such a sexy little slut.” I moved around behind Angel and pulled her panties to the side, her pussy was dripping wet. I slid one finger in then another hearing her moan muffled with Laura’s cock.I moved in closer and started to rub my cock on her smooth wet pussy I drove my cock wet with her juices all the way in on my first stroke not fast but taking my time inch by inch until I was all the way in, then pulling almost all the way out. Angel let Laura’s cock out of her mouth just long enough to beg “Please Daddy, fuck my tight, wet little cunt, please Daddy.” I started to move back and forth only about an inch or two, feeling her trying to push back against me. I held her there only giving her that little bit, I kept this up until I heard her start to moan and felt her fingers between her legs, furiously stroking her clit from side to side.I felt her pussy start to squeeze harder around the tip of my cock she let Laura’s cock out of her mouth and moaned “oh daddy I’m going to cum!” I couldn’t take it anymore and buried my cock in her tight pussy and started to fuck her hard slamming my hips against her ass. She started to moan and shudder as she came “Oh fuck yes Daddy I’m Cumming, oh yeah!” When she stopped shaking I pulled out and told Angel to lay down on the bed “Yes Daddy.” she said still shaky. I told Laura canlı bahis to put her cock into Angel’s mouth “Yes Daddy.” She said moving over and pushing her hard cock towards Angels open mouth.I moved around behind Laura and spat on her smooth little ass rubbing my finger around her tight little hole slowly edging my finger in and then another sliding them in and out. When she was ready I pushed the head of my big cock against her ass and slowly nudged my way in both of us moaning as I did. I started to build up speed sliding my cock almost out and all the way back in with every stroke “Oh yes fuck me daddy, fuck me like a dirty little slut!” she moaned. I kept building speed and fucking her tight little ass harder until she cried out “ Fuck me I’m Cumming , oh yes daddy fuck me!” and exploded all over Angel’s face. I pulled out and leaned down and started to kiss Angel her face all covered in cum, Laura doing the same starting to lick the cum from around her mouth all three of us ending up in a mess of cum and tongues. I reached over and felt Laura’s cock it was hard again already. I told Angel to bend over the headboard “yes Daddy.” she said as she did. I moved in behind her and slid my cock into her tight and soaking wet pussy. I told Laura to fuck my ass “Yes Daddy.” She said as she moved I behind me. She spat on my ass and started to rub her cock around my hole then slowly started to push. It felt amazing Angel’s tight pussy wrapped around my cock and Laura’s cock deep in my ass.When she was all the way in, I started to move back and forth it was unbelievable the combination of pleasure from both of these gorgeous girls feeling Laura pushing into me and pushing me deeper into Angel. It was so hot so dirty then Angel knowing that I was about to cum started to beg me to cum “Please Daddy cum in my pussy!” moaned Angel. “Please Daddy! I couldn’t take it anymore Cumming so hard that my knees went weak, but Laura was still fucking my ass hard and fast making my Orgasm seem to last for ages then finally she pushed in deep pulling my hips hard back toward her and came deep in my ass it felt incredible her hard cock throbbing deep in my ass as she did. After Laura pulled out of me and I pulled out of Angel I looked at both of them and said “ I loved the surprise but I think you girls need to be punished for taking so long to tell me.” Yes Daddy” they said together “we are bad dirty little sluts and we need to be punished.”…………. ;b Will write another chapter if enough people like it Yours truly OBD

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