ANGEL BY NAME BUT A DEVIL IN BEDAngel Adams moved into the house next door to where I lived with her parents, two younger brothers and dog Grant just before my senior year in high school in He fall or autumn of 1961. Blonde almost as tall as my six foot frame Angel had deep blue eyes an elfin smile, large breasts with flat tummy and long legs and was good at sports unlike myself. At that time having been bullied for years I was still low on confidence and couldn,t summon up the courage to even ask a girl out on a date. Somehow it seemed different with Angel asI observed her struggling with some cases along with her brothers so pitched in to help and was rewarded with a cup,of cocoa and some freshly baked cookies by her attractive mother Rhoda. Angel was a few months older than me, but we,d be classmates as seniors at the local high school and would likely travel to games together as she was an experienced cheerleader and planned to try out for the position once school restarted. I played trombone in the band so automatically played at games and most athletics meets. It seemed Angel and I hit it off well as we were soon chatting like life long friends and confiding things we,d not discuss even with our parents or siblings. Angel,s father Bill had previously worked as assistant game warden in a small town in western Colorado and was burdur escort replacing our usual game warden Les Frye who retired after thirty years. I loved hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general and amazingly Angel seemed more interested in similar things than her brothers believing passionately that endangered birds and a****ls needed protection thoigh the movement was still in early stages back in the 1960s. So many a****ls and birds had either become scarce or disappeared all together because of Man,s greed and disregard for the creatures we share this planet with. Angel had actually won a competition in Colorado to do with conservation and was very proud of her achievement the award on permanent display over the mantelpiece. Just before school started her father built a tree house in the big tree in their back yard big enough for three adults to sit in complete with a proper roof to keep out rain and two basic collapsible aluminium chairs with a camping lantern for light if we used it after dark. On the hot August afternoons and evenings it was a real re.ief to sit in that tree house, pull up the ladder the only way to access it and let the breeze cool us off. As the temperatures touched the 90-100 degree mark we often wore just tee shirts, shirts and flip flops and sometimes Angel forgot to wear her bra. With a cooling escort burdur breeze from time to time her pouty type nipples would stiffen so she may as well not bothered with a tee shirt. Occasionally she wore her brief black bikini which barely concealed her magnificent titties any way so my shorts were usually tented. I was self conscious at first, but Angel simply laughed “Just proves your human and you get turned on by me!” One evening we,d visited the local swimming pool and still wore our bathing suits under our outer clothing, Angel in her one piece costume on this occasion. Her mother arhoda had been celebrating her thirty sixth birthday so they let us have a small glass of champagne to help celebrate before we climbed to the tree house to leave the party tomthe adults listening to the loud music as they danced to pop tunes. Without warning Angel leaned over and kissed me full on the lips “I Love You Joe Taylor!” “I love you too, Angel Adams!” I answered enjoying the feel of her tongue working on mine sucking like I hoped she,d suck me elsewhere. “Guess I,ve loved you from the day we first moved in!” she announced removing one of my shoes then on to my socks. Now she pulled her tee shirt over her head then unzipped her shorts leaving just her one piece swim suit on. By now I was down to just my trunks. “Have you burdur escort bayan ever seen a girl naked before?” she asked. “Sure my Mom and my sister!” I confessed. “My Auntie May once!” “You silly boy! I mean Other than them?” “No, can,t say I have!” I admitted. “Then get ready for me!” She Warner and stood up to remove her cozzie. Angel was a picture of Health from the top of her blonde hair to the tips of her dainty toes. My cock was already straining my trunks and strained even more at the sight of her ever so suckable pouty coral coloured nipples on the fleshy mounds of her breasts, her flat stomach, long athlete,s muscular legs, curvaceous bottom, then the dark pubic Bush nestled just above her fleshy labial lips which were gently oozing lubrication juices in anticipation. She stood before me with a broad mischievious smile on her lovely angelic face. “Come on. What,re you waiting for? You can see my pussy! Let me see your Cock!” Somehow I managed to get my trunks off without doing myself an injury. “Lovely cock you have Joe. Can I playing that with it?” Of Course I Said Yes. We had our first mutual masturbation session then, the novelty of Angel,s hand job making me ejaculate sooner than planned and left Angel with fingers covered in my thick semen while she soon gasped her own climax moving her pelvis against my hand and leaving my fingers coated in strong smelling pussy juice which I hated to wash away. We kissed passionately again and I was ready for more sexy fun, but Angel said that was enough for our first time and she promised more our second time.TBC

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