Ann: A Love Story Ch. 13


Over the previous week, my life had unexpectedly become a paradox. No longer lovelorn, or more accurately, sex-lorn, I found myself in a position I wasn’t prepared to deal with.

It was Friday, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the changes I had experienced since the last one, when I was driving to Michigan to begin an adventure that would change my outlook on my life forever. The personal demons I had been struggling with for well over a year had been washed away by the high tide of passion I had been riding. Sexually, I was totally satiated, thanks first to Dawn and now Ann…with a little help from Jill and Nancy on the side.

Yet I found my heart still aching as I worked through the morning. Ann’s imminent return to California was looming like a Midwestern summer thunderstorm on the horizon that was my future. Dark and ominous, it was coming, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. And that made me feel insignificant, and somewhat frightened.

It had been easy to let Dawn go. Well, not easy. That makes the whole weekend with her seem insignificant, which it most definitely wasn’t. But the fact that I left off with Dawn, and found myself in Ann’s arms in less than a day, made it easier. I knew, as good as what I had been with Dawn, it wasn’t meant to be from the start. But with Ann, I had suddenly found myself with an anxiety I hadn’t anticipated. I didn’t regret anything. In fact, I was thrilled by the moments we shared. And yet that fueled my churning emotions. I was going to introduce her to my parents that evening as my pseudo girlfriend, all while continuing to play the charade that I didn’t care if she went back to California.

The fact was…I did. I was falling in love. Or I had fallen in love. It was somewhere in that mushy middle, between falling and fallen, where the process of, becomes the reality that is. My thoughts were filled with a morass of jumbled feelings, and my mind was a blender set on puree, pulverizing them into a fine mulch of unrecognizable crap.

How did I go from a guy that needed to find a way to get over a failed marriage, to one that was fighting to keep his head from getting sucked under in the high tide that was this romance, all in less than a week? I didn’t want to be in love again, afraid of drowning in the undercurrent because I careless enough to jump into the water once again without thinking of putting on a life jacket.

So, sex was my aforementioned personal paradox. I had missed it so much, and now that I had it again, better than any time in my life, it was packing up and going to the coast. Talk about unfair.


The phone rang in my office. It was still a little early for Ann to be calling, but I answered quickly in case I was wrong, my heart beating faster in anticipation of hearing her voice.

“Good morning, Neil Thomas,” I said as calmly as I could muster.

“Hey Stud! Do you wanna come over later and fuck the shit out of me with that huge cock of yours?”

Those words were music to my ears…normally. Actually, they were then too. But it wasn’t the words that were the problem. It was the voice behind them. Instead of Ann, it was Tina, my hairdresser.

“Hey Tina,” I said, unsure of what to even say to her.

“So, how about it? I’ve been in another dry spell, and I really need to get off soon or I’m going to shave some old ladies head by accident. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?” I laughed, even though I didn’t really want to. Tina was what would now be called my fuck buddy. We didn’t have a name for it in the late eighties, but we had been using each other for a few months or so, and it had been a big help to both of us. And her frankness made it was obvious she needed me. Well, she really didn’t need ME…she only needed my cock. And normally, that would have been fine. I didn’t need her either. When I was desperate, I just needed her pussy. It was a perfect arrangement; until now

“I’m sorry, Tina. I have plans tonight.”

“Okay, well, I suppose I can frig myself to sleep one more night. How about tomorrow night, then?”

“Actually, I’m seeing someone, Tina,” I said, not wanting to upset her, but not wanting to lie either.

“Really? Who?”

“She’s a friend I knew in High School. She’s only here for the rest of the week, though.” I don’t know why I said that. As I stood there, I couldn’t imagine having sex with anyone other than Ann. The taste of her from night before was still on my lips, and her amazing perfume was now a permanent resident in my nasal cavity. I longed for her, even at that moment.

“Sooo, she doesn’t live here?”

“California,” I said, my voice trailing off, betraying my dismay.

“Well, you’ve got a big dick, Neil. But it’s not that big. Any chance you’ll be free next week? I’d really love to feel you buried in my pussy again.”

“I’ll let you know. I’m really kind of in a monogamous mood right now.”

“That’s your nature, hon. And that’s okay. I don’t want to mess anything up. I don’t need that, and neither do you. Hey, if it’s serious, let me know. But if not, I’m here, and I’m horny. But I can’t be patient poker oyna forever. I need fucked, okay?”

“Okay, Tina. I’ll call you next week.”

“Bye, Stud!” she said, sounding chipper even through I’d basically cut her off for the immediate future. I was sure I’d be back on her shop’s doorstep in a few days, begging to pile drive her pussy. But at that moment, I could only think of Ann’s.

I sat down at my desk and tried to work, my mind a muddled mess of disjointed thoughts. Random images would pop into my head from out of nowhere, and I tussled with how they would string together. I would see a word or an object in attempting to carry out my daily routine, and invariably, a scene or event would crash through my minimal attempts at concentration, and my brain would transport me their. All of them were sexual, and all of them morphed into Ann.

There were ones that starred Ann outright, events from the last four days that we shared together. But those that actually involved someone else would start with that person, and gradually change over to become Ann doing whatever I had mentally conjured up.

I went from being with Ann next to the pond in my car as I ate her, to being with Dawn next to the river in Ann Arbor, to Ann being at that river, doing the exact things that Dawn did with me. I would see Ann standing naked in the front door of her parents’ house like she had the night before, which made me think of eating Dawn on Matt’s front porch, which somehow evolved into Ann, covered with my sperm, tied to that same front porch, caught in Dawn’s fantasy with Matt and Jill. I hadn’t even seen that ending in person, but it didn’t matter. Ann was starring in every story or personal sex act I’d either done or seen or heard about in the last week.

I was thinking of Tina with my eyes closed for a moment. I was sitting in the chair in her salon that first time, her head under the smock, sucking my cock like she was starving for its contents. She pulled the smock up so that I couldn’t see her, and like a movie twist in an erotic thriller, it was Ann who came out from under it after swallowing my load.

I sat up straight, jolted a little at how my mind was playing with my heart. Letting out a large exhale, I shook my head and smiled wistfully as it considered my plight.

“At least I got to be with her this week,” I thought to myself, resigned to the circumstances of life. I wasn’t really ready for such a serious relationship anyway. I had envisioned getting my life back in order, fucking around for a while, and then looking to find someone. It had taken me over a year to complete the ‘life back in order’ part of the divorce recovery plan, and I was only a week into the ever popular ‘fucking around’ phase. I couldn’t be moving on to the new relationship step now. How could I skip so quickly past the ‘fucking’ part! The whole thing made my head hurt.

Shaking my head to rattle some common sense into my cerebrum, I took another deep breath. The thoughts of Ann weren’t going to leave me alone as easily as Dawn had, and in a small way, I didn’t want them to. She was special, and I needed accept that my life was better and richer just being with her the small time we had together. I smiled when I thought about how much we had already packed into just four days. It was more than most couples do in a month.

Somewhat back on track with a positive spin on my life, at least for the moment, I delved back into the reason I was at my desk in the first place. I was busy ordering some components for upcoming jobs when the internal phone line rang.

“This is Neil,” I said softly, still trying to concentrate on my work.

“Hey, sweetie!”

“Hi Nancy, how are you this morning?”

“Horny…but I can take care of that myself today, thanks. Your babe is on the phone; and congratulations!”

“Very funny. And congratulations for what?”

“For finally fucking your girlfriend. She said you were amazing! I knew you would be.”

“Thanks. I guess I was inspired.”

“No you weren’t. You’re just that good, and love always makes great sex better!”


Nancy was silent for a moment, and finally said, “You do know she loves you, don’t you?”

“Bullshit. She didn’t say that!”

“No. But I can tell. She’s on line three,” she said with an evil laugh before she hung up.

“She’s just fucking with me,” I said as a way of explaining Nancy’s opinion. It was nothing more than that.

“Good morning, baby,” I tried to say in my sexiest voice.

“Hello handsome. Say I was wondering if you’d like to come over to the house today for lunch,” she said with an excited lilt in her voice.

“Uh, sure, I guess so. Why?”

“Well, I’m on an all protein diet, and you have just the kind of milkshake I need, as long as you’ll let me use that big straw you have!”

My mind was spinning. I couldn’t get what Nancy had said to leave my brain. Could she have been right after all?


“Yeah, babe,” I said, snapping back to the moment.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah…yeah,” I said, knowing I wasn’t. She knew it too.

“What’s canlı poker oyna wrong?”

I was going to cover up, but it was pointless. I was much better off telling her; at least part, anyway.

“I’ve had a rough morning. I’m having such a great time with you, and I only have a couple of days left. It’s just harder than I thought it was going to be.”

“Me too. God that cock of yours gets huge!” I laughed, and Ann said, “Look, I know you’ve been through a lot. And I don’t want to add to your problems…”

“You’re not, Ann! Don’t think that you are. Not even for a second. Being with you is not a problem. It’s a privilege. I’m thrilled you want to be with me…while you’re here, anyway.”

I wondered if the phone went dead, but I could hear Ann breathing. The way I had phrased my last sentence was how I felt. It let her know I knew this was temporary. We both did. Affairs of the heart can be dangerous, and people, no matter how much they care for each other, can unintentionally hurt the other when they act like Ann and I had been acting. I wouldn’t change it, but there was going to be some collateral damage. Until that moment, I really thought it was just going to be me, though.

Ann’s silence screamed at me through the phone. I didn’t know if I was supposed to say anything, which only made the pause excruciating.

I my mind, I could see Ann taking a deep breath and pulling herself together.

“So, do you want to come over?” she said, sounding more chipper than I thought she would.

“Of course!” I said, trying to perk up myself.

“Okay. See you a little after eleven,” Ann said, hanging up quickly.

I sat in silence, reflecting on the conversation. The relationship was what it was. I was still a little down, but as the minute hand on my wall clock creeped closer and closer to eleven, I oddly found my mood improving. By the time the bell rang, I was giddy, running out the back door of the plant to my car. I couldn’t wait to be with Ann again.


My car practically screeched to a halt in front of Ann’s house. As I ran up to the front porch, I noticed the inside door was open, and only the storm door was closed. There was a note on it from Ann, telling me to come inside. I took off the note, and opened the door.

“Neil?” I heard Ann yell from somewhere in the house.

“Ann?” I said in response.

“Hurry, baby. I’m in the sunroom.” I walked through the living room, and she heard me approaching as I entered the dining room. “Get undressed before you come out!”

I froze in my tracks. She wanted me totally naked, in the sun room? I was nervous, but then, I’d made her do the same thing just a couple of days before. I threw that fear out and scrambled out of my clothes. I walked to the step and stood in the doorway.

Ann was in the corner, on the lounger. She was naked except for her high heels, and her legs were spread over arms of the chair. She was fucking herself with a huge cucumber, smiling at me as I stepped down into the room with her.

“Hurry up baby. Get on the loveseat! We don’t have a lot of time. I still have to finish making your lunch!”

My cock was growing by the second as I sat down on the little white wicker couch. The back of it was against the long wall of windows to the west. Ann whipped the vegetable from her pussy and rushed over, squatting in front of me. She brought the gourd and a clear glass tumbler with her.

Grabbing my shaft, Ann sucked down my cock, and got more down her throat than the night before. Not much more, but she was making progress, and you could see her excitement. She held her head in place while she stuffed the cucumber back into her pussy.

In perfect time, Ann started bobbing her head up and down while ramming the organic phallus in and out of her pussy. I was amazed at her dexterity, and her coordination; not to mention her enthusiasm. She was flying over my cock, using her off hand to stroke me as her mouth engulfed my shaft. Ann was on a mission to get me off quickly. I put my hand on her head to let her know I was loving it, but she pulled off my prick for a moment.

“You have to let me know when you’re going to cum, and don’t hold my head, please. I need to concentrate!” Her words were desperate, and I grabbed the back of the seat with my arms to hold on as she started ramming herself over me.

The noises Ann was making were loud, gargling sounds, occasionally sprinkled with a moaning gag. If you were listening from out of the room, it would likely sound horribly distressing. But watching Ann, it was the hottest thing I could imagine at that moment. So hot, that when I heard Ann cumming from fucking herself, I felt my balls start to move, my own orgasm rising.

“I’M GOING TO CUM!” I announced loudly over her gurgling. Ann made a surprising move, spreading her feet wider, and lowering her knees to the floor. Very quickly, she tilted her hips and let her shoes slide out from under her, impaling her pussy on the faux cock inside her, forcing it as deep as it could go as she mashed her pelvis against the floor.

“FUCK!” she screamed out internet casino as she came harder, stroking my shaft faster as she reached for the tumbler next to her.

“STAND UP!” Ann growled at me, placing the glass at the end of my cock, but at a bad angle. I got on my feet, a little wobbly at first, but just in time. Ann slowed her pumping, making sure she was lined up, and I started spurting stream after stream of white hot cum into the glass.

“That’s it baby. Cum for me! Fill up my glass!”

I didn’t fill it up, but I did make a healthy deposit. I seemed to have recovered very well from the three orgasms I’d had the night before, and I shot my normal 5 to 6 large jets, followed by a couple of minor ones. Ann milked my cock, like it was some kind of pit viper and she needed every drop of venom to make an antidote.

When she finished, she hopped up and removed the cucumber. Leaning over, she gave me a quick kiss and ran into the house, saying, “Get dressed, babe. You’ve got five minutes before you have to leave.”

By the time I made it to the kitchen, Ann was putting the finishing touches on a couple of salads she obviously has started before I got there. Hers was in a normal oversized salad bowl. Mine was going into a white Tupperware one. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she cut up the freshly used cucumber over my salad, and then on hers.

“Salad dressing?” she asked, holding up the glass of my cum and shaking it back and forth.

I smiled and said, “No thanks. That’s just a little too odd, even for me.”

“Suit yourself. That just leaves more for me,” she said with a giggle as she poured the entire contents of the glass over her greens. She took a fork and stabbed a slice of cucumber that had a big glob of my sperm on it.

“Mmmm”, Ann said as she chewed. She made sure some of my load was on the edge of her lips, and she leaned over to kiss me. She was determined to have me taste both of us before I left.

Putting a lid on my bowl, Ann handed me a fork and said, “There you go, honey. See you tonight. Have a good time golfing!”

I had almost forgotten about the golf. I looked at the clock and said, “I gotta go, babe.” I grabbed the bowl and the fork and headed out the front door. As I backed out, Ann was standing in front of the bay window. She was still naked, and she had her salad in hand. She waved as she chewed on another cum filled bite. I laughed as I waved back.


I sat at my desk and ate my salad while I worked on some more paperwork. It seemed that was all I did of late. I was really trying to concentrate. I really, really was. But every time I took a bite that had even a hint of cucumber in it, I would smile to myself and think about Ann.

I could picture my Ann; sitting in her parent’s house, back in the sun room. Still naked in my mind, and still eating a salad that consisted, in part, of cucumber that had been pickled in her pussy, and a dressing made of all natural ingredients and kept fresh in my balls.

No matter what I did the rest of the day at work, that image was the one that carried me through. And it made me smile. Forgotten, at least temporarily, was the despair I had felt in the early morning, replaced by the notion that the more great memories I made with Ann like the one we just had, the easier it was going to be to remember her fondly, rather than despondently miss her.

I finished my lunch, which really was good, and did imaginary handsprings while I walked the floor for an update. My mood was soaring; I felt my inner balance was finally in a peaceful place. Whatever was to happen between me and Ann would be fate; the same fate that brought us together in the first place. Getting all downhearted and worried about what was going to be inevitable anyway, was a waste of time and energy.

I was having a great early afternoon, and unbeknownst to me, it was about to get exponentially better.

“Hey Neil, ready to go?” came a familiar voice.

“Ready to go? It’s only one o’clock,” I said to my Dad, who had peeked his head through my door.

“I know, but our tee time is in 40 minutes.”

“Dad, why would you get us a tee time that early? I don’t get off until…”

“Right now; I cleared it with Dan two weeks ago. Let’s go!”

The good side of nepotism came to visit me. I didn’t feel it often, and it was likely that leaving early to play golf would eventually bite me in the ass. But I’d dealt with working under that microscope for seven long years, and I was hardened to it. I would worry about that when it happened. I rushed out and had a quick powwow with Howard, my assistant. Thankfully, I was actually at a point I could leave without causing any issues with production or customers.

Howard loved it when I wasn’t there. It gave him an opportunity to run the show. He was a good man, and a hard worker. And in actuality, he was great at the production side. But he was really weak in dealing with customers. Since it was a Friday, and it was already late in the workday for the plant, he wouldn’t be dealing with a customer unless it was an extreme circumstance, and that was highly unlikely. The only downside of my Dad not letting me know about our early departure was that I wasn’t really prepared. I could have called a couple of my bigger customers to let them know I was leaving early.

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