Another virginal notch on the bedpost.


Another virginal notch on the bedpost.A little background; My name is Alan and in the late 1970s I was a Corporal in the British Army based in Northern Ireland. My unit had a winter R&R program where groups of ten soldiers were sent to Scotland for a week’s skiing in the Cairngorm mountains. My group consisted of a male Sergeant plus myself, four other males and four females. The R&R was centred on a farmhouse about three miles outside Aviemore.The large farmhouse was a B&B run by a lady called Anna. To save money, the Army had taken over the attic and filled it with camp beds and sleeping bags. Resident for the duration of the season was an Army cook and a ski instructor. On the Sunday afternoon, they met us at Aviemore train station with a Landrover and four-ton truck. Anna greeted us at the farmhouse, explained the layout and asked us to keep the noise down so as not to disturb her other guests.Of the four girls in our group, two were rather uninspiring so I won’t mention them again. The other two were Pamela and Francesca, known as Pam and Fran. Pam was quite skinny but ate like a horse. Fran was a gorgeous blonde but extremely reserved and rarely spoke. Anna surprised us by asking the girls to follow her to their rooms. “Rooms?” I said, “Aren’t we all in the attic?”Pam grinned and said, “No, we phoned Anna last week. Us four are paying Anna extra to let us have two double bedrooms. You lot enjoy your camp beds and cold attic, we’ll be in cosy beds with goose down duvets.” Damn!We had a great week and were surprised to reach the last ski session on the Friday afternoon with no injuries, especially as most of us were novices. About 3pm, as the sun was going down, we were on the slopes piling our gear into the vehicles having changed out of our ski boots. I remember turning to my right, being bumped from behind and my feet going from under me. The next thing I knew I was on the compacted snow clutching my left ankle. Fuck, it hurt. By the time we got back to the farmhouse, it was badly swollen and I couldn’t put any weight on it.Two hours later I left Aviemore hospital using a walking stick with my ankle heavily strapped and dosed up on strong pain killers. “Not broken,” said the doc when he’d looked at the x-ray, “But very badly sprained.”Now at the start of the week, we’d appointed Mick as ‘Fines Member’. He could fine anyone for swearing, talking shop or any other misdemeanour he could think up. Pretty standard for any military trip. By the Friday, there was well over 150 pounds in the fines kitty. As was traditional, the plan was to drink the kitty on the last night. I declined the evening trip to Aviemore as I didn’t fancy hobbling from pub to pub on icy paths and had been told by the Doc that the d**gs he’d prescribed meant no alcohol.”More booze for the nine of us,” said Mick.”Eight,” said Fran, “I don’t drink and don’t want to be drinking Coke while I watch you lot get drunk.”After the others had left, I limped into the resident’s lounge. It was busy with other guests and the only spare seat was on a sofa next to Fran facing the TV. With a grunt and a wince, I slumped down next to her. Without me asking, she fetched a wooden chair and cushion for me to rest my ankle on.It was strange but away from the others, Fran began to come out of her shell a little. Maybe she’d been intimidated by the fact that she was the youngest and lowest rank in our group. It soon became apparent that she was very funny with a dry and quirky sense of humour. These days, she’d probably be compared to Aubrey Plaza.Around 8.30, Anna came in to clear away coffee cups and glasses. “How’s the ankle?” she asked me.”Okay thanks, so long as I don’t put much weight on it,” I said.”How are you going to get up the stairs?” she asked.A wide carpeted staircase led up to the next floor but the stairs from there up to the attic were narrow, steep and wooden. “The lads should be back around eleven, they can help me,” I said.Anna laughed, “Really? They’ll all be drunk and certainly won’t be back at eleven. The pubs shut at ten-thirty but the hotel bars stay open for residents until late. I can’t imagine a hotel turfing out a group spending cash and drinking heavily.” She then took a key from her pocket and tossed it to me saying, “Room six is free tonight. It’s next to Fran and Pam’s, I’m sure that Fran will be able to help you that far.”By nine there was only one other couple left in the room and they departed after the BBC news, leaving just the two of us. Next up was a documentary on the wildlife of the Central American rainforest. Not long into the programme, I realised that Fran was asleep. During the news, she’d tucked her legs up to her right. Now she was leaning against my shoulder, head slightly down, breathing slowly and steadily.Five minutes later she gave a sigh and readjusted her position slightly. I stared at her right hand which was now on my thigh, my upper thigh. The inevitable happened and my cock began to rise but it was at an awkward angle and soon became uncomfortable. I desperately needed to sort it out but what if she wasn’t asleep? I tried to lean forward to see her face but it was no good. Neither was it any good sitting there with a bent but raging boner. Cautiously, as surreptitiously as I could, I eased my hand into my jeans and underpants and finally, after a struggle, managed to straighten my cock.There was no response from Fran so I was pretty certain I’d got away with it. Her breathing continued steady and undisturbed until ten minutes or so later she gave a little snort and moan and seemed to snuggle closer. Her hand moved to my cock! I stared. There was her soft little hand resting on my big bulge, along the length of my seven-inch cock. I tried to concentrate on the programme but was soon distracted again. Her hand was rhythmically squeezing my cock! I still couldn’t be certain if she was asleep but all my senses told me she was.At ten, Anna came back in to see if we wanted any more logs on the fire. “No thanks,” I said, “I can hear our beds calling.” This made Fran sit up and look around. After a yawn, she said, “Come on cripple, it’s getting chilly in here.” With one arm on the handrail and my other around her shoulders, she helped me slowly up the stairs one at a time. Using my stick I was able to get along the corridor unaided. “You sure you can manage that last twenty feet on your own?” she asked, when we reached her room and she put her key in the lock.”Yeah,” I said, then touched her arm and added, “Thanks for sticking with me tonight, I had a really good time, you were very good company.”She halkalı escort paused, looked at my hand then up at me from under her blonde fringe. Quietly, she said, “We’ve got a kettle in here. Coffee?” Of course, I readily agreed. The only chair was piled with clothes so I sat on the edge of the bed. I watched her fill the kettle then sit next to me. God, she really is fucking gorgeous. “Here,” she said, “Lean back against the headboard and you can put your foot up but take your trainers off.”She had to help me take them off then took her own off. To make room for her I shuffled over to the other side of the double bed. With the kettle boiled she made the instant coffee and put the mugs on a bedside table before joining me on the bed, leaning back against the headboard.”Do you think I’m pretty?” she suddenly asked.”What? Yes, of course,” I said, “You’re beautiful. Why do you ask?””Just wondering,” she said with a shrug.”No,” I said, “There must be more to it than that.””There are ten of us on this trip and no-one has made a play for me, not even one of the girls.””Maybe because you’re so quiet?”She turned and sat upright, twisting until she was sat back on her heels. “I’m not always like this. It’s just that I’m new to the unit and it always takes me a long time to settle into a new environment. Plus, you’re all based in Lisburn and know each other. I’m up in Londonderry.””So no boyfriend?”She shook her head, “No, I had one back in Ashford but he’s in Hong Kong now. He’s met someone else.””Oh.””I know you think I’m quiet but I can be very determined once I set my mind on something. The recruiting guy said he was taking a chance on me but I passed out of training with the best recruit award. I get what I want.”There was something about the look in her eye when she said that. I swallowed and said, “And what is it that you want?”Changing the subject she asked, “Why do you think I didn’t go with the others tonight?””Because you don’t drink. You said.”She shook her head, “I do drink, I just chose not to tonight. I wanted to spend the evening with you.””I’m flattered.””So you should be,” she smiled, “I’d pretty much decided but needed the week to confirm it, to get to know you.””Confirm what?””I looked at which week you were on, then paid Liz Taggart to swop with me. I’d overheard Lynn Parsons talking.””Lynn? Where does she fit in? I’m confused.””It’s quite simple really. You took her virginity, didn’t you? She said you were perfect – gentle and considerate. And as I discovered tonight, you’ve got a nice cock. Sorry about the ankle, I didn’t mean for it to be that bad.”She’d bumped into me deliberately? She was awake? Before I could reply, she crossed her arms, gripped the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head.No bra. Holy fuck! Her smallish tits were perfectly round and firm with no droop at all. I swallowed and felt my cock stir again. “What about the others? Pam might come back?”She shrugged and ran her hand up my leg, only stopping when she reached the bulge of my cock. “I’m nineteen and a virgin. It’s my birthday in two weeks. I don’t intend to be a twenty-year-old virgin. The others are irrelevant. They’ll be hours anyway.”Carefully, as if she was concentrating hard, Fran undid my belt and pulled the zip down. All thoughts of my ankle vanished. With a tug, she pulled my jeans down, taking care to ease them carefully over my strapped ankle. I thought she was going to pull my black y-fronts down next but she just looked at them. My hard cock formed a long ridge and it seemed to fascinate her.Her next move took me by surprise. Being six feet three, my feet were off the end of the bed so she shuffled round until she was knelt by my side, her knees by my shoulders. I tried to figure out what her plan was. Was I supposed to seduce her? Take the lead? I got my answer when she leaned over with her ass in the air and kissed my cock through my underpants! “Shit!” I said.I saw her shake as she chuckled then watched and felt her mouth on my cock through the stretched fabric. I couldn’t resist running my left hand over her Levis that were stretched tight over her gorgeous ass. In response, she gave a little moan and twisted her ass against my hand. Emboldened, I slipped my hand between her legs and pressed against her cunt.With a tug, she pulled my underpants down causing my engorged cock to spring free. A blowie? No. She twisted around, crawled upwards and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We French kissed like horny fifteen-year-olds, snorting through our noses. With difficulty, I got my right hand between us, released the button on her jeans and edged the zip down. As I fumbled into her panties which felt damp, she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.”The fact that I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I’m completely innocent,” she said, “I’ve swallowed cum and love having my clit sucked hard. I promise that another time I’ll suck your cock and you can cum in my mouth but not tonight. I need your cock for something else.””Fuck! You’re dripping,” I said as my finger parted her lips and was instantly coated in her slippery juices.She giggled and said, “Yeah I know, I could feel myself creaming up when I was squeezing your cock in the lounge.”Suddenly she sat up and got off the bed. My cock twitched as she stripped off her jeans, red panties and socks. I could see a wet patch on her panties. Following my gaze, she laughed and tossed her panties to me. I caught them, closed my eyes and pressed them to my face, breathing in her sexy, sweet, musky aroma. “Fucking pervert,” she laughed.In my 23 years on the planet, I’d fucked eight girls. I have quite high self-imposed standards so none of them were mooses. Even so, when I opened my eyes I’d never seen a girl with such a perfect body. I think it was only my ankle that stopped me leaping off the bed and fucking her on the carpet.But I doubt if that would have gone down very well. It was pretty obvious that after hearing what Lynn Parsons had said, Fran wanted the same treatment – a slow, gentle, respectful loss of her virginity. So I controlled myself, smiled and held out my hand. She smiled back, stepped forward, took my hand and climbed back onto the bed. Jeez, it was like a Hugh fucking Grant movie.I shuffled down the bed until we lay facing each other then did the gallant thing and asked her if she was sure. “Yes,” she said quietly, “Lynn obviously liked you, in fact, I think she was rather disappointed that the two of you didn’t become an item, but I needed to check you out for myself.””And taksim escort that’s what you’ve been doing all this week? Checking me out?””Of course, and you’ll be pleased to know that I liked what I saw.””I should hope so,” I said, “Considering we’re both lying here naked, six inches apart.””You sure you’re little leggy weggy is up to it?” she said with a pout. She squealed as I pulled her on top of me and stuck my tongue in her mouth. I’ll say one thing for Fran, she’s incredibly passionate. God only knows how she’d managed to keep her virginity. We rolled around the bed, kissing and groping, in a tangle of arm, legs and tongues. Yes, it did hurt my ankle but I was a brave boy.Now I know that Fran’s aim was to lose her virginity and normally I’d have been chafing at the bit but her mistake had been to toss me her panties. I could still smell her gorgeous musky aroma in my nasal passages and was desperate to see if she tasted as good. Yes, I suppose I could have licked my fingers but that’s not much fun is it?Careful not to bang my ankle, I slid off the bed and pulled Fran by the ankles towards me. “What…, what are you doing?” she cried. Satisfied she was in the right position, I dropped to my knees on the carpet and pushed her ankles back and wide. What a sexy little cunt she had, nestling in soft blonde hair. “Oh! Are you going to…?”She was cut off by me taking her little puffy lips between my teeth and pulling. Breathing deeply, her heavy aroma almost made me dizzy. Now I don’t claim to be a Casanova, but I consider myself to be a pretty good fuck. However, I do excel at eating pussy. In fact, I can’t think of a girl who hasn’t cum like a train wreck with my head between her legs. I guess it’s just a natural talent.Just as I was getting going, Fran said, “Wait,” and pulled me up by the hair. What had I done wrong? “Um, just so you know, and before you get any further, I had problems when I was twelve and had my first period. I had what is called an ‘imperforate hymen’. There was no hole in it. I had to have an operation. I don’t have a hymen any more. You understand?”I nodded, “Yeah, okay.” Actually, it was a relief, one less thing to get in the way. It also allowed me to make an interesting discovery – Fran had a very obvious G-spot. The most sensitive I’ve ever known. That, combined with the use of the slippery underside of my tongue on her clit, had her shaking and crying out in orgasm within five minutes. And again ten minutes later. On the thirty-minute mark, she squirted for the first time and nearly passed out as I fucked her with three fingers and sucked her clit between my lips. And yes, she tasted wonderful.With my face coated in her secretions, I crawled up, kissed her hard and slowly slid my cock into her slippery cunt. “Oh dear God!” she moaned as she crossed her legs behind my back, “That feels so good.” Despite my finger fucking, she was incredibly tight. Slowly, very slowly, I fucked her, pausing each time I was fully embedded so she could squeeze me and enjoy the new sensation of her cunt filled with cock.I took my cues from her and it was about fifteen minutes later when she growled into my ear, “So close…, faster…, please?” I hooked my arms around her legs, pushed them up onto my shoulders and fucked her hard, my thighs slapping against her. Her hands clawed at the sheets as she threw her head from side to side, her hair flailing. I watched her face contort in ecstasy as she cried, “Fuckkkkk….!” and began to shake. A noise from behind made me turn. Pam was standing in the open doorway, a look of shock on her face.Our eyes met and I roared as I felt the sperm race up the length of my cock and deep into her friend’s cunt. Fran was still jerking. Slowly the gaps between them increased until she flopped back, eyes closed, gasping for air.As I eased my cock out and sat back on my heels, Pam sat on the edge of the bed and said, “You dogs!” Fran began to giggle, still breathing hard.”I don’t know which one of you to be more jealous of,” said Pam.”Huh?” said Fran, slowly pushing herself up onto her elbows.Pam looked at her and said, “You being fucked by the guy I’ve been trying to flirt with all week, or you,” turning to face me, “Getting to fuck the girl I’ve been in bed with all week but too scared to touch.””Me?” said Fran, looking genuinely puzzled and blushing.”Of course you! I’ve masturbated every night, watching you sleeping, wondering what you taste of, and wondering what Alan’s cum tastes like.”Fran looked away, embarrassed. I guessed Pam had gone too far but then Fran bit her lip before rubbing her finger over her slit and saying, “You can taste both down here if you want.”Oh my fucking God! I watched Fran tense her abdomen and force a dribble of my cum out of her cunt. I hardly dared breathe. Pam didn’t hesitate, she was on Fran in a flash. I could hardly believe my luck, it was my first experience of seeing two girls together. I watched, fascinated, as Pam managed to remove all her clothes without once taking her mouth off Fran’s cunt. Pam was good, as all lesbians and bisexuals are, and soon had Fran begging her to let her cum.It was maybe ten minutes in when Pam paused and looked up at me, her face smeared with a mixture of cum and cunt juices, and said with a grin, “You can fuck me whenever you’re up for it.”Now I’m normally a thirty or forty-minute guy but the sight before me – Pam going down on Fran, Fran’s moaning, and Pam’s ass in the air – soon had me hard with a little help from my right hand. With my ankle beginning to ache it took some manoeuvring to get myself into a comfortable position. I ended up with my right foot on the floor and my left knee on the bed. That way the pressure was off my ankle and I could line up nicely with Pam’s cunt.My only concern was that having only just joined the party, Pam might be a bit dry. I quickly looked around the room hoping to spot something that I could use as a lube, maybe body lotion or baby oil but could see nothing. Oh well, Pam had issued the invitation. I needn’t have worried though, as soon as the head of my cock parted her lips it became slippery.Unsure of Pam’s experience I eased myself in slowly. Not as tight as Fran but it still felt amazing as I slid in. As I fucked Pam, Fran watched me intently, her face contorting with pleasure as Pam worked her magic. Gripping Pam’s hips, I began to fuck her harder, making her body jerk with each thrust. The movement was transmitted through to Fran who began to moan each time Pam’s mouth was forced harder against her. Fuck, şişli escort this was good!Now Pam began to moan into Fran’s cunt and push back against me. The room was filled with the sound of grunts, moans, squishing and slapping. Fran began to rake her heels on Pam’s back whilst twisting her body left and right. Her hips started thrusting against Pam’s mouth. Her grunts turned to, “Oh yes…, oh yes…, oh God yes…!”Gripping Pam’s ass, I began to machine gun fuck her as I felt more of my sperm begin its journey. As Fran’s back arched and she squealed in ecstasy, Pam thrust her hand between her own legs and strummed her clit frantically. She shook all over and cried, “Nyaaaaahhhh…!” when she felt me hold myself deep and my cock pulse, sending my sperm against her cervix. The three of us collapsed in a sweaty, cummy heap, panting hard.That was enough for Fran. She curled into a ball and was soon asleep. Pam and I had a long leisurely shower – yes, their nice private room also had an en-suite bathroom – during which we washed each other and made out. She was tipsy but not drunk.Back in the bedroom, she rummaged in a bag until she found a bottle of massage oil. “Do me a favour before you go?” she asked, “My lower back is really sore, I think the muscles are beginning to cramp up.””Sure,” I said, glad of the chance to stay a little longer. There was just enough room on the bed for her to lay face down with me knelt at her side with my feet hanging over the edge. She jumped when the cold oil drizzled onto her back but relaxed as I massaged it in.”Mmmmm…, right there at the base…, mmmmm…., that’s it,” she sighed. I tried to be a gentleman but inevitably my fingers began to stray. Very gradually, I edged my fingers downwards until on each stroke I was sliding them down the crack of her ass. At first, there was no response and I wondered if she’d nodded off. But then, imperceptibly at first, she began to move. Initially, it was just raising her hips slightly but gradually she tensed her buttocks in time with me and her breathing became more rapid and deeper.How far would she let me go? It was hard to tell as her legs were together preventing me from going much further without being forceful. I went back up to her lower spine to give myself time to think but Pam was ahead of me. She gave a little, “Oh?” of disappointment and moved her left leg over until it was touching Fran’s. Now her cute little anus was there for me to see – I’d been too busy fucking her earlier to pay it much attention.I’d lodged the bottle of lube between my thighs so now it was nice and warm when I poured some onto the top of her crack and watched as it ran down over her little puckered star. Pam opened her legs even wider, hooking her leg over Fran’s and letting out a long, “Mmmmmmm….,” as I slid my fingers down over her anus, across her swollen lips to her clit. Her ass began to quiver and gyrate as I repeated the action, back and forth, again and again.I took a chance and lingered at her asshole, circling it gently. When I eased my little finger in she murmured, “Mmmmm…, you dirty bastard.” I edged around on my knees to get into a better position. Now I could use both hands. More oil and I soon had the thumb of my left hand in her cunt with my fingers on her clit. My slicked middle finger of my right was now gliding easily in and out of her nicely oiled ass. Pam, moaning almost continuously and gyrating her hips, pushed herself up onto her knees and began to fuck her own ass on my finger.I moved again. Now I was knelt right behind her. I was going to fuck her ass. Pam must have guessed my intention because without warning she rolled off the bed and stood on the floor. Damn and hell! I was left there kneeling, looking stupid with my cock sticking out. “On your back,” said Pam.Oh well, Pam was still a good fuck, I’d have to be grateful for a nice cowgirl ride. That was what I got – Pam on top, riding my cock. We kissed, then she eased herself up slightly and said, “Suck my nipples.” They were hard and delicious. As my cock slid in and out I gripped her ass which was still slippery with oil. Inevitably, my fingers found her anus, “Still a dirty bastard then?” she giggled.I held my hand still, letting my finger slide in and out as Pam rode it and my cock. “Fuck, that’s good,” she moaned into my ear. A few minutes later, she got off, turned around and reinserted my cock in a reverse cowgirl. Now I could strum her clit with my left hand and play with her tits with my right. God knows how Fran was sleeping through all the moaning and flesh slapping.All the oil allowed Pam to glide her body on mine. Fuck! She was doing most of the work and was panting hard. Turning her head she panted, “How…, dirty…, you… wanna…, be…?””Deep in your fucking ass,” I growled into her ear.Using her legs she pushed upwards until my cock plopped out. I felt her hand on my cock. She moved downwards again. “Oh dear God!” she squealed as my cock glided, in one movement, into her ass. With all her weight on me, I couldn’t do much thrusting but that didn’t seem to matter, Pam rode my cock. Fuck, her ass was so tight and slick. “Yes…! Fuck yes…!” she was shouting.A voice from my right murmured sleepily, “What the fuck?”I turned my head. Fran was staring at me. Pam’s back arched and her head went back between me and Fran, blocking my view. Then Fran’s head appeared. Her tongue was in Pam’s mouth. Her hand pushed mine away and she took over playing with Pam’s clit. Through the thin wall between Pam’s anus and cunt, I felt Fran’s fingers against my cock as she began to finger fuck her friend.The end came suddenly. Pam wailed into Fran’s mouth, her body jerked again and again. I felt her anus rhythmically grip my cock as she jammed herself down on me. “Jeeeeeeezzz…! I roared as the last of my sperm left my balls and streaked into her rectum. The pulsing of my cock seemed to intensify Pam’s orgasm. Her arms flailed and she vibrated all over.As we lay there in a sweaty, cummy heap, Fran laughed, “Now that’s what you call a fucking orgasm!”—Fran and I went out for four months but it wasn’t easy with us being so distant and working long hours. Sometimes, I’d drive from Lisburn to Londonderry, fuck her in a car park and drive back. Then I got posted to Germany which didn’t help matters. It came to an end when Fran got posted to Hong Kong. There she rekindled her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. I was at the wedding in Canterbury a year later. As he slipped the wedding ring on her finger I thought – yeah, you got the girl, but I took her virginity.The reception was at a big country house. At eleven in the evening, I emptied my balls into Fran as she leaned forward against an oak tree with her wedding dress around her waist. Ten minutes later, I watched her and her new husband dancing slowly. I grinned, imagining what his reaction would be if he knew my cum was running down her legs.

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