At My Mercy


You’re tied up. You want to run, to get away, but you can’t. After some struggling you realize how vulnerable you are.

The room is dark. Except for a little bit of light in the far corner. You look around, trying to see something, someone. But no one comes. There is a tight cloth wrapped around your mouth. You are unable to scream.

Sturdy ropes secure your ankles to the floor. You’re on your knees. More ropes pull your arms behind you, tied together and then to the wall. Anyone that walked by could do anything to you.

You’re completely naked. The room is warm so you don’t get cold. You strain against the ties. You want to get away but you can’t.

On the other side of the room there’s a shadow. It moves about, watching you, but always careful to stay engulfed in darkness. It goes still.

It disappears, but you can sense it. Slowly, it makes its way behind you. You’re hesitant to turn your head. By the time you try to, the figure has your head in its hands.

A pice of cloth falls over your eyes, extinguishing the little light you had. You sense the figure move away. Then it reappears right in front of you.

Its hands reach out. A fingertip away. You’re curious as to what it is, yet so terribly afraid. The hands lay gently on your cheeks. Your breath quickens.

They stroke your cheeks then move to your chin. The fingers brush your lips. Such a ghost of a touch.

You shiver. The hands go down. Feeling your neck. Going to your collarbone and touching ever so gently. They move to your shoulders, massaging gently to release the tension. You’re reluctant to give in.

It gives up trying to relax you, and moves more. The hands dip to your chest and rub gently. It goes down to your stomach. Rests its hands flat.

They move slightly, almost hesitant. They spread and move each to a leg. Rubbing gently along your hips, knees, calves. Finally down to your feet. It touches every part of you, feeling you fully, edirne escort getting to know you, completely at its mercy. Leaving out the most convenient place on you.

By now you don’t know what to feel. Whether to relax or be tensed. You feel like you won’t be hurt. You feel somewhat safe.

The figure moves away. You realize that you long for its touch. After what seems like an eternity the figure comes back. It gets really close to you, leaning over. You feel its breath on your neck. You shiver.

It kisses your neck gently. Enough to make you shiver more. It smiles against your skin.

More kisses. These ones harsher. You feel the teeth and tongue. You wonder who, or what, this is. Despite your struggle against it, a fluttering comes to your stomach. You know this feeling.

You try to stop it, but it’s inevitable. The pleasure from the kisses makes you hot, and brings a reaction into your body. Another smile against your skin.

Your cock, which has so far not played a part yet, starts to wake up. You sense the new mission of the figure. Know what it’s about to do.

Slowly, the figure moves down, trailing its hands down your body. I tdraws circles around your half-hard cock. It gets closer, the circles smaller.

You try to will yourself to not become more turned on. But a part of you wants this. You moveyour hips slightly, willing the hands to get to their target.

They touch the base of your cock. And everything that you have held back goes loose. You are now fully hard. You moan through the cloth over your mouth. You want the hands to move more, but they remain at the base.

Slowly, they slither up the shaft, only pressing extremely gently. You groan as they reach the head and close upon it.

The hands move a little faster, sliding up and down. You tense your bosdy to catch every sensation and move your hips slightly. A frustrated groan makes it escort edirne way through the cloth.

The figure draws away, the hands leaving. You freeze, wondering what will happen next. A pressure on the back of your head. Then the cloth covering your mouth falls away. You take advantage of the opportunity.

“Who are you?” you shout into the darkness. Funny you should start with that. Not ‘let me go’ or even a little struggling. You don’t get an answer.

Another pressure behind your head. The figure presses its mouth against yours and you hungrily kiss back. The cloth covering your eyes falls away next. But your eyes are closed and you don’t notice at first.

When the kisser pulls away you open your eyes. You blink a couple of times. Finally you can see properly. You look upon the mysterious figure. A smile is on your face.

“I knew it was you.” you say. Our eyes lock. An answering smile on my own lips. Now you can fully enjoy what happens to you. I don’t give you a chance to say more. I lean down and kiss you, dragging my hands down your chest. My hands stop teasingly right above your cock. You pull away.

“Please.” you beg.

“You’re so sexy when you’re tied up and begging.” I tease. You only smile a little, obviously going crazy.

I grip your cock and squeeze. You thrust up once, then moan. I slide my hands tight up and down, watching your reaction. You close your eyes again.

I take advantage and lean down more, on my own knees, then rest my tongue against the head. Before you can react I shove the whole head in and suck. I swirl my tongue.

You push forward, trying to get more of you into my mouth. I let you and am soon sucking on the full length of you, letting you thrust and fuck my mouth.

I feel you grow more in my mouth and pull away. I don’t want you to finish yet. I sit in front of you, staring at you. Then lay down on my back. I’ve never edirne escort bayan done this for you before.

I take off my skirt and panties. My hands creep down towards my pussy. You can’t take your eyes off of me. I touch myself, already soaked. I rub my clit and move a little. My fingers slip over and over. I push them inside me. A moan escapes my lips.

I look at you, gazing over my body, always drawing back to my busy hands. I open my legs more so you can see.

You pull at the ropes, wanting to get free and ancase me. But they stop you. I get up and walk to you.

Your cock is throbbing now again. Kneeling down I grip it again and squeeze and pull. You moan. I smile and move closer. Our faces are next to each otehr and you try to kiss me. I don’t let you though.

“Come on, please. More.” you say quietly in my ear. I smirk.

Getting closer to you I spread my legs to lock with yours. I mold to your body. Your cock is right below me. Throbbing. My pussy drips, anticipating what will happen.

You try to thrust up, only managing to get the head to poke me. I lower myself down till our bodies connect. Your cock grows and throbs inside of me. We both writhe around in ecstacy.

I moan loud and you groan. We both move the same. You thrusting up as I crash down on you. The pleasure is overwhelming.

Soon we’re both moaning and basically screaming in ecstacy. You harden inside me and I feel your body tense. I move faster. So do you.

“Shi.” you moan my name. I lift up my hands and grab your hair, pulling gently.

I moan your name also, our voices blending. You hiss and thrust up one more time. Your body convulses in rhythm with mine. As I reach my peak you explode inside me.

You don’t stop. You keep thrusting, making the cum go deeper in me. My body arches in ecstacy. I moan loud, gripping you.

You explode again and so do I. We both convulse until we can’t even move. I feel you go limp inside me and breathe heavily.

Once I am able to, I get up. I walk to the end of the room. There’s a button on the wall and I push it. A click behind you and the ropes slack off and fall to the floor.

You collapse on the floor in a heap, curled up. I smile at you lovingly and back out of the room, leaving you to sleep.

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