Awakening the inner beast


Awakening the inner beastMy warm wet lips surround your swollen head. My tongue swirls around the outer edge just below the rim and I pull back, gently kissing the tip. Pausing for just a second, but achingly long, before I drop down over the full shaft and my lips clamp down around the base of you. I begin gliding slowly and steadily up and down your shaft, your balls cupped in the palm of my hand. Up and down my lips glide, tongue still swirling its way around you as my other hand runs up and down your body inch by inch. My finger nails dragging lightly over your skin, up your chest and down again. Your body tenses and goosebumps being to form all along my fingers path … your nipples stiffen like glass as the tips of my nails find them. I feel you jerk back a bit as I flick over tuzla escort them one by one. Without breaking the seal, I have formed over your throbbing cock I rotate my body so that my sweet wet softness is just above your face, just out of reach of your tongue … teasing and taunting you. You can feel the warmth of my body as you beg for me to lower down on to you, but I just groan with the pleasure of the torment. Your hands reach up to my hips and force them down onto your waiting lips…. the strength. of your hands is just too much for me to fight against. You pull me in hard and almost snarl as you let loose on me, taking my clit hard into your mouth. Your fingers dig deep into my skin as you suck and lick and bite at my soft warm skin. You hit just the right spot as you hear tuzla escort bayan me gasp and let your cock loose for the first time since taking it in. Sensing you are getting close you focus in on what you are doing and just keep going at it as I collapse down on you gasping and moaning fiercely. I grab hold of your cock, unable to control myself enough to suck it, I resort to jerking you hard and fast. The closer I come to climax the tighter my grip gets on you. Your tongue darts deep into my puckered little hole and you bring your hand over as you work your thumb over my clit. I can’t hold out another minute as my whole body shakes and flails but your grip holds strong on my hips so that I can’t get away as you continue holding me at the height of climax for as long as possible escort tuzla until I am panting so hard my moans go silent and all you can hear is me gasping for breath. Suddenly you lift me off of you and throw me down on my back as you climb on top of my still nearly limp body. You spread my legs wide and force the tip of your hard-throbbing cock into my tight ass as I squeal, my eyes rolling deep in the back of my head. Holding it there just a minute, you allow my body to prepare then you ram it in deep and hard till your balls meet my ass. You pause again just for a moment before you begin to pump in and out slowly and gently at first and building up speed as you get closer and closer to cumming. Catching my second wind from seeing your face as you fuck my ass harder and harder I buck up and down meeting your thrusts and clench to squeeze even tighter against you. Your body tenses again and you give one last hard thrust before pulling out just in time to cover bare chest in your hot thick cum.

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