Babygirl’s fantasy cums true!

Babygirl’s fantasy cums true!After patiently waiting for what seemed like way too long. The moment was finally minutes away! They where both nervous yet confident about the evening ahead of them. Tre had made the plans for the evening. he hoped at 5’8 200 pounds with black hair kept shaved close. Tre was wearing a very nice shirt and tie looking his best in hopes of impressing the woman of his dreams. Babygirl was perfect combination of wonderful and sexy. She is 5’2 with the perfect body in her dates eyes! She is a BBW with the perfect curves and a beautiful face. Tre was even more attracted to the woman she is sweet, caring, wonderful, and just amazing to him! Their eyes met for the first time. The smiles they had where glowing with happiness! They embraced each other and stared into one anothers eyes. nothing needed to be said they both knew how excited and happy the other was to be there together. The smiles quickly begin to get closer. Their lips touched softly for the time. the kissing slowly progressed to very passionate over the next few minutes. they finally stopped and headed on their way. They left the airport and headed to a very nice part of the city. They parked a couple blocks from there first destination. As the walked slowly down the street holding hands and smiling like they had never been so happy. they stopped just a few feet from the first stop of the night. They hugged each other tight and started kissing again. The passion and chemistry was undeniable at this point. the evening and night went by fast. The next thing they knew they where on their way to the hotel room. Tre held the door as Babygirl walked in the room. She went in and turned on the water in the shower. she told Tre that she needed a little time to get freshened up. He smiled and agreed. A few minutes went by and Tre went in the shower sneaking up behind Babygirl. She has the sexiest big round ass you would ever see. He wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her neck. he kisses her neck for a minute and then she starts to turn to face him. the are now looking in each others eyes. his hands still lightly running all over her body and squeezing her soft sexy body every now and then. She reaches one of her hands down and gets a tight grip on his cock. she is taken back by how hard it is already. he moans and leans in to kiss her ear and tell her that only she can make him that hard that quick. she responds by saying you know bad i want to ride this thick cock. she bends down in starts to give him the best cock sucking he has ever felt. she stopped quickly and looks him in his eyes and asked. do you like that? do you want more? then they start to kiss passionately while exploring each others body with there curious excited hands. with out saying a word they knew what they both wanted. Babygirl moaned slightly as Tre started to lather her body with soap. her works every area of her body very slow. enjoying he started with her arms and shoulders. then her neck and down her back. Tre was really enjoying the feel of her super soft and sexy body he worked his hands around to her belly and now Babygirl could feel his thick cock was even harder because it was standing straight burdur escort up trapped between him and her big sexy ass!she moaned again and could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the he was running his hands all over her huge sexy titties.pinching and twisting her nipples lightly as a tease. she placed one of her feet on the edge of the shower tre squatted down and ran his hands up her sexy legs. Tre was really enjoying how her soft sexy legs felt. as he finished with the first leg before she could switch he was able to suck her clit into his mouth. she moaned loud caught of guard by this. he stopped and took his time running his hands all over her other leg and enjoying the hell out of it. as he was rinsing her inner thigh he sk** a finger in her soaking wet pussy she smiled wide and let out a moan. Babygirl said now its my turn and she took her time and enjoyed his body while getting him squeaky clean. she liked how his very strong muscular legs felt in her hands. she was getting even wetter. she has looking right at his now throbbing hard dick and took the head in her mouth. Tre let out a loud moan as he had never felt a woman’s mouth do the magical thing Babygirl’s mouth was doing. she stopped and finished washing the man who was so attracted too her. she enjoyed her turn washing that hard cock and massaging his balls. she was getting hotter hearing his moans of pleasure. they where both more turned on than either could remember. kissing passionately while than ran their hands all over each other. only stopping the kissing to kiss on each others necks and ears or let out a small moan of pleasure and anticipation. Tre led Babygirl out of the bathroom and on to the huge sectional couch holding her hand and whispered to her. i have been wanting to taste you and eat your pussy until u beg me to stop because cant handle any more! Babygirl looked him in his eyes and said you try all night i wont mind. when u get done im going to show you that you never had a mouth as skilled as mine work your cock! She sat on the couch and leaned forward and in a few seconds had his entire cock in her mouth she slowly slid her mouth off his steel hard dick with a huge smile on her face. Babygirl damn near came when she heard his reaction to her taking his cock down her throat. He let out a yell of my god your mouth is magical as he had never felt pleasure like that from a blow job before. he gently got her laying on her back with her legs spread wide. standing over her he said i want to eat your pussy until you cover my face is your sweet cum. and leaned down and they started kissing. she stopped and said i cant wait to feel your thick cock in my dripping wet pussy after you eat my pussy for as long as you can. Tre was rubbing the head of his rock hard cock against her clit while they where kissing. Tre pulled away from there kiss and the started sucking a licking her nipples and grabbing and squeezing her sexy big tits. he sucked her nipple in his mouth and lightly nibbled on it. then would release it and flick is tongue on it quickly like he was working her clit. then he swirled his tongue around her sexy nipple. Babygirl got to enjoy this treatment escort burdur long enough to know her pussy was already wetter than it gets after its been eaten.Babygirl moaned as he pulled away from her perfect titties and said eat my pussy show me going to make cum hard and beg u to quit. yes Tre i want your tongue in my pussy and all over my clit. eat my wet pusyy make me scream! while she was telling him this he was rubbing his cock head up and down her slippery pussy lips. he asked her you ready for me to lick that pussy huh? u know how much i want to eat your dripping wet pussy! Babygirl moaned out and said loudly eat my pu and out came a loud yell and moan of pleasure before she knew what was going on she felt his thick cock enter her dripping wet pussy. he pushed in her hot wet tight pussy slow and steady until his entire dick was as deep in her as he could get. he just kept that hard cock deep inside her and leaned down and kissed her. they where both totally into the sensation of his rock hard cock buried in her dripping hot pussy.Tre pulled away and eased his cock out of her pussy he had the tip of the head pressed against her pussy. Babygirl was moaning and ready to feel that thick cock inside of her being squeezed by her tight wet pussy. Tre asked her if she was ready to have that cock slammed deep into pussy until she covers it in her cum? Babygirl moaned out loud OH YES give me all that fat cock. quick as Tre could he had his mouth sucking her clit into his mouth sucking and nibbling it super lightly. babygirl moaned and and he released her clit from his mouth and then attacked it flicking his tongue on it as fast as he could then he pressed her clit down with the tip of his tongue. Babygirl was moaning loud getting close to cumming. he continued mixing up the different ways he ate her pussy and finally she let out a loud scream and then starting bucking her hips against his face and she came hard he pulled up an went to kiss her and let her taste just how sweet her pussy is. the kissing became more passionate and then Tre worked his way back down her sexy bodywith his lips and tongue and she was moaning out as he did. he started rubbing her clit with his fingers.then he slide his fingers down her lips and slid two fingers in her dripping wet pussy. at the same time started working her clit with tongue flicks and sucking on it.Babygirl was moaning load quickly and then he worked his fingers to the magic spot. started tongue flicking her sweet pussy quick as he could and pressed down on that spot and before Babygirl knew what happened she was screaming in pleasure and squirted all over Tre’s face. she pulled him towards her and he has bout to kiss her and she stopped him and started licking her juices off his face and then they passionately kissed. deep hard sloppy passionate kissing. they both enjoyed the taste of her sweet pussy as they kissed for minutes. Babygirl was licking her lips and said your going to know how much i loved that in a second when im sucking your cock better than anyone ever has. Tre said i cant wait find out but 1st your going to ride my face. Babygirl has so ready to suck on that thick cock but she was also burdur escort bayan excited about wearing out his tongue and fucking his face with her hot wet pussy.she rode his face hard knowing thats what he wanted and pushed and rubbed her pussy all over his face then she pushed her clit into his mouth an he started to finger her as he worked her clit she leaned forward to give him better access to her dripping wet pussy and used that opportunity to start sucking his cock while he licked and finger fucked. he felt her grab his throbbing cock and jerk it as she sucked on the the head then she started massaging her balls and deep throating his cock. he quickly started picking up the pace finger fucking her and sucking and licking her clit. she came on his face and grinded that sexy sweet pussy all over his face. when she let up on her masterful oral assault on his thick cock. it gave him the break he needed not to explode on the spot. he managed to hold out long enough for her to roll of him and on to her back she spread her legs wide and Tre pushed his cock balls deep in Babygirl making her moan loudly in delight. he picked up the pace fast and soon was giving Babygirl fast strong deep strokes in her hot dripping wet tight pussy. they both moaned loudly and the Tre filled Babygirl’s perfect pussy full of cum. he pulled out and shot to thick streams of cum all over her sexy pussy lips and clit. Babygirl was surprised she cam again that quickly. she was looking down at the cum on her pussy and feeling how much was inside her. Babygirl knew she had just made him cum really hard. her pussy had never felt so full and her the entire outside of her sexy pussy was covered in his cum. with out warning he dove face first in her sweet cum covered pussy. he greedily sucked and licked his cum off her pussy and worked her clit and Babygirl came really hard. tre’s mouth full of his cum met babygirls mouth and the kissed passionately until she said she wanted all the cum in there mouths to swallow. after she swallowed every drop he was back down licking sucking and cleaning his cum out her dripping wet cum filled pussy. he worked her pussy with his tongue and fingers till she came twice and his cum was still oozing out her tight lil pussy. he had another mouth full of a mixture of his own cum and her sweet pussy juice. the swapped the cum and made out for a few minutes and he was hard and she was still dripping wet she got on her hands and knees in front his rock hard cock. he rubbed the head against her clit and she moaned and said fuck me with that thick cock. make me scream show me how good u can work your cock in my tight wet pussy. at this point they are both moaning and she is screaming she is about to cum. she drenched his cock in her sweet pussy juice. she climbed on top of him and started riding his cock like a champion. she milked his cock till he came deep in her pussy as she rode that thick cock until his balls where emptied in her super sweet sexy tight pussyshe lifted up and planted her pussy right on tre’s face and rode his facew for all it was worth. Babygirl covered his face with both of there cum. she turned and started passionatly kissing him and licking the cum off his face. they rolled on there sides and continued passionalty kissing and touching while swapping the cum for another ten minutes. they both layed there holding one another knowing it would be long before the next round begins!

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