Back Yard Fence Fun Continues!


Back Yard Fence Fun Continues!It had been several weeks since I moved into the house I purchased and had my surprise anonymous facial though the knot hole on my back fence (My Back Fence Adventures Begin). I’ve gone through my gate into the nature preserve a couple times to cruise and had great hookups.First time I walked the trails and came upon a tall black man sunning nude on a rock outcropping. He looked early 30s, slender, fit, big arms, and maybe around 6’-3”. A twig snapped under my foot causing him to glance over. He lifted his long soft cock. I made my way over and took his cock in my hand. It grew with my touch to nine inches. Glistening in my sunlight. I knelt and sucked on the head. Mmm. So good. His long cock was slender and in no time my nose was buried in his pubes and his cock was down my throat. My throat muscles massage his cock head and he moaned loudly. After a couple minutes he arched upwards and deposited a huge load in my mouth. I thanked him and headed back home.Another time walking the trails I spotted a white guy and a Hispanic guy hand jerking each other’s cocks. The white guy was around 5’-10, stocky build, cropped pubes around his 6 inch cut cock and looked about 25. The Hispanic man was 40ish, average body, thick bush surrounding his really thick uncut 7 inch cocktail. I mean beer can thick cock! They say me watching and smiled at me. I pulled the front of my shorts down and the white guy waved me over. I walked over leaving my 8” hanging out. I stood next to them and the kaçak iddaa Hispanic man kissed me. The white guy dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick. They switched and I squeezed the white guys nipples as the Hispanic guy sucked me and groped my ass. Then I knelt down and sucked their cocks in turns. At one point I docked their cocks together and slide my lips from cock to cock. Occasionally pausing where docked and sucking in deeply. After I stood back our hands explored each others’ bodies. The Hispanic man had his rough hands on my ass and I knew where I wanted this to go. I one motion I bent over, separated the two guys, took white guy’s cock in my mouth, and presented my ass to the Hispanic man. As I suck way on white cock I felt the thick Hispanic cock slowly push up my ass. Damn he is thick! I’m glad I pre-stretched my ass hole with my extra large butt plug. As he felt little resistance he started pumping away. White guy was encouraging him to pound my ass. Which he did. They bent forward and kissed as I was being spit roasted. I was loving this and started jacking my dick. As the fucking picked up pace, I jacked faster and sucked harder. White guy tensed up first a filled my mouth with hot cum. White guy reached across and pinched a nipple. Hispanic man cried out. Agh!! He thrust real deep and I felt spasm after spasm. The last spasm triggered me and I shot my load onto my palm. After a minute we all separated. I showed my palm to them and Hispanic man immediately drank it all. After one kaçak bahis last cum sharing kiss between the three of us, we dressed and parted. So much fun.I have been working on the plans to rebuild the back fence area and think I’ve got all the details and issues ironed out. The city doesn’t require fence permits within an existing fence. The subdivision only requires list of material used if the fence is on the back half of the property. And, my attorney has furnished me with signage wording that upon entering this gate they are on private property and law enforcement cannot enter without a search warrant. In other words a risk free sex area!I lined up four fence companies to look at the project. To not reveal the true intent for these fences I told them the small holes (dick size) were for cameras to take pictures as the wildlife cane in. And the larges holes (butt fuck size) were for the wildlife to reach into feeding tubs. Water to wash out the “feeding” area. Etc. Etc.A1 Fencing was first to come on Thursday morning. They took measurements and asked a few questions. Mostly about the deer in the nature preserve. They gave me a quote and I thanked them as they left.Thursday afternoon was AAA Fence. The visit went much the same way as the first, but I did notice a few glances between the two guys. Like they weren’t exactly buying my explanations and didn’t much like the project. They gave me a really high quote in hopes I didn’t select them.Early on Friday morning was Fences-R-Us. Similar questions and illegal bahis dimensions taken. The lead man was a very tan white guy. Good solid build. His assistant was a short Hispanic man. About 5’-4”, thick sticky build. As they moved around he kept adjusting his bulge. His bulge that kept getting bigger. When they were leaving I noticed that the assistant wasn’t carrying his clip board. I thought he had handed it off to the lead man. Again, I thanked them.The about 11:00am the door bell range. It was the Hispanic assistant. He explained that he thinks he left his notes behind the back fence. As we walked to the back his hand was on his package almost the entire time. I unlocked the gate and let him through. It seemed to be taking him a long time until I head sound by the knot hole. Sure enough the he was stroking his dark brown 7” veiny cock. I knelt down. As soon as he noticed me there his cock came through the knot hole. It was beautiful. You could tell he had been leaking precum for quite a while. I lick the head. He moaned. My lips surrounded his shaft and I sucked him in. Yum. I held still and let him fuck my mouth. After a bit I could tell he was close. I started sucking real hard and then he flooded my mouth. It was so tasty. He pulled out and stuffed his cock back into his jeans. He came back though the gate with his clip board and acted as if nothing had happened between us. I just smiled and led him back to the driveway.Late Friday afternoon was the time scheduled for Hernandez & Son Fence Co. Three guys showed up. Appeared to be the father and two of his sons. I was now thinking I don’t care how high their quote is I believe I know who is going to work in my back yard. Yes, I love Hispanic men.

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