Batgirl on a Budget


Shelly modeled the alluring Batgirl costume for her husband Steve.

“What do you think?” she asked in a lilting voice.

Steve had to admit that his wife looked mighty fine indeed in the skin tight black spandex outfit with concealing cowl, long yellow gloves, and black boots. Beneath the red wig, you would never have guessed that Shelly was a natural brunette. Shelly certainly had the body to pass for the famous caped crime fighter. Well toned from hours of jazz and classical ballet each day, as well as a strict exercise and diet regime had made Shelly quite desirable. Shelly’s physique really did resemble that of actress Yvonne Craig in her prime. Just like Barbara Gordon, Shelly when not teaching or instructing in her dance studio, worked at the local library. Steve knew that, later, he would be taking out the family camera to capture his wife for posterity in the outfit, but right now he had a more pressing question on his mind,

“How much did that set me back?”

“Four hundred and fifty. A bargain really.”

“Four hundred and Fifty dollars for something you are only going to wear once?” raged Steve.

“Don’t be grouchy.” replied Shelley, “We can afford it. Besides, I want my birthday experience to be as authentic as possible.”

“Sweetheart, I love you and want to give you, quote, “the best sexiest birthday ever!” but this is becoming ridiculously expensive, what with rental and purchase fees for warehouses, vehicles, costumes supplies and all the sundries.”

“You are no fun, Killjoy,” whined Shelley, “Doesn’t the realization that after you accost me, kidnap me, tie me up to render me helpless like I want and then cut this sexy little costume off of me, that we will have the hottest sex of our marriage EVER and that for MONTHS and Months afterwords, I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you or ever stop sucking your cock mean anything to you?”

“Darling, I’m not unsympathetic. I want this for you I really do, but I’m already in so deep now I could buy a new, luxury car, for what all of this will end up costing me.”

“You are no fun, Steve, It’s ALWAYS about the money with you! Sometimes, I think I married the world’s most anal accountant. I want to see your hot bod, clad in black, taking me. I want to be made to do foul, kinky and dirty things like I always wanted. This will be so much more fun than what we do now. I have dreamed of this for so long. I give you what you want for YOUR birthday! Most guys would LOVE to tie me up and strip me down. Why is it always about the money with you, Steve?”

After a moment, Shelly gazed at her husband hotly and cried, “Don’t cheap out on me, Steve!”

Steve Adams took one look as his wife’s hurt expression and instantly expressed regret. He embraced his beautiful young wife and said. “I’m sorry, Honey. I want to please you, It’s just that I wish this wasn’t so damned expensive.”

“I know we are running up a large bill, dearest, but it’ll be totally worth it, Steve, you’ll see.”

Steve continued to embrace his wife and replied “I’m sure it will be Honey. I want what you want.”

“Do you really?” gushed Shelley as she planted a firm kiss on her husband’s firm-jawed lips. Once she had finished the osculation, she stated solicitously, “There are still a few things I still need for my utility belt, my oh so handsome and loving husband…”

Two weeks later, Steve Adams spent the day giving his bride a wonderful birthday. He made sure that bouquets of roses were delivered to both her dance studio and the library. There was a little gift for her to find in her car and a sincere, beautiful card when she woke up. Steve left little touches all around the house, including strings of heart-shaped bulbs around a sign that read, “To the woman who still makes my heart glow!” Shelly appreciated all the little touches but her excitement was really primed for the evening of her birthday, she practically floated above the ground in anticipation of nighttime rendezvous.

At 7:30 P.M. Steve left the house, supposedly to go bowling. He kissed his beautiful five foot five wife passionately before departing in his car. Shelley practiced her acting skills by raising a convincing objection to her husband’s decision to go bowling rather than spend the night with her. Steve realized that bride was not a bad little actress. He pulled away from the house with a smile.

Shelley made sure her husband’s car had disappeared from view before she sprang into action. She quickly shed her clothes and darted into the bathroom for a brief shower. After drying herself off, Shelly carefully removed all of her jewelry. The fact that she would be leaving the house for sex with a man, made her especially horny, even if the man was Steve. After a light coating of baby oil over her body to help the spandex adhere especially close to her skin, Shelly slid into her fantasy outfit. “God am I hot!” she thought as the adjusted the cowl and made sure that her own brown locks were carefully concealed. Grinning widely but fighting to force the sober expression yalova escort of a dedicated crime fighter to her countenance, Shelley slid out of the back door. Before she had left, Shelley made a point of leaving a spare purse on an end table near a window open a crack in the living room in the rear of the house. Both Shelley and Steve had agreed that action was to go down in the wooded rear of the house that faced the park and not the more trafficked front of the house. Shelly slid out of the Adams’ home and patrolled the tree line of the woods while she waited. Eager to test out the cool trinkets Steve had bought her, Shelley tried out the night vision goggles in her utility belt and the small but powerful binoculars. Even the expensive “batarang” seemed like it would really work. Shelley had never had such a keen edge to an anticipated sexual rendezvous before!

Her wait was not long. A black panel van pulled into the driveway. A six foot tall, well-built man exited the van and began sniffing around the house. Shelly had asked Steve to surprise her with his own costume. As she spied the black-clad, strongly built figure, she noted that it was topped off with a black motorcycle helmet with a mirrored visor highlighted with two glowing red circles, almost like eyes. “Cool!” thought Shelley as she sneaked closer to the house. The black-clad villain had just noted the purse and the slightly open window and silently began to raise it. Shelly rushed forward.

“Halt right there, evil doer!” hissed Batgirl.

The man turned from his apparent intended theft and made a defensive position.

“What have we here?” replied an electronically distorted voice. “It’s the caped crusaderette!”

“I’m the equal of Batman, you rogue!” replied Shelley .

“Yeah and I’m Amelia Earhart.” bantered the black-clad villain.

Shelly had had a half dozen karate lessons when she was thirteen. Since it really didn’t improve her dancing, she gave it up. Still, she went into one of the stances she remembered and god off a nice satisfying kick to the big man’s groin. Her spiked boot impacted upon his athletic cup and the man loudly winced. It was the only good shot Shelly got in. After eluding his grasp a few times the big man made a successful feint and then snared her by the collar of her costume where it joined the cape.

“The bad guys the, folks who should be running Gotham, have had it with your kind, bat slut. You’re going down.”

“Big talk, bozo. I’ll bet you are hung like a tic-tac!”

“You say that like you want me to prove it to you, bat brat.” came the reply

Shelly tried to pull away but found that she was also tangled in her cape. “Barbara Gordon never had that trouble.” she thought to herself before her nostrils detected a whiff of ether. From a pouch on his belt, the villain produced a thick rag drenched in the anesthetic. Shelly tried to pull her head away but the man was too strong for her.

“Lights out Bat-mite!” said the dark figure before he emitted a long metallic laugh and forced the rag over Shelley’s nose and mouth. Shelly found being knocked out by ether far more unpleasant than she had expected. Suddenly, she slumped into the dark villain’s embrace. The villain carefully studied his surroundings to determine that he was not being observed, then he carted the pretty young librarian in disguise to the back of his van. In short order, the faux crime fighter was hogtied , blindfolded, and gagged on a mat in the back of his panel van. The villain took off one of his gloves,and ran his bare hand the length of the toned spandex clad, and very female body. The villain became acutely aware of how suddenly tiny his athletic cup had become. Before driving away from the Adams’ home, the man in black lowered the window he had pretended to force. With that, he departed having made a clean getaway and having successfully vanquished Batgirl.

Shelley woke up while the van was still rolling. She quickly deduced that she was lying on her tummy her hands and ankles cuffed together behind her back. She was slightly disappointed to find herself blind as well but she considered that a concession to verisimilitude. Suddenly the van slowed to a stop. Shelly heard an overhead door open and close and the motor shut off. Shelley hoped that her panties were not as visibly wet as she felt they must be. “Even if Batgirl wants Batman in the worst way, she simply can’t stain her panties in front of him, that’s not good form.” thought Shelley absently.

Presently the doors to the van swung open and Shelley felt her spine tingle.

“This is where it ends, Batgirl. I think I’ll take up little game hunting. I wonder what a bat skin rug will look like in my lair!”

He gathered up Shelly easily and she felt herself being placed on a bare concrete floor.

“By the way,’ the man said as he set Shelley down, “We have not been properly introduced. I am known as the basilisk, after a legendary creature that can hypnotize with a glance. I expect that we will get edirne escort to know each other rather well for the next how many hours we have together.”

Shelley heard an electric motor begin to operate followed by the sounds of rattling chains.

“I’ll remove your blindfold shortly, but first, there is a security issue to attend to.”

Shelly heard the chains rattle a bit more as though they were being adjusted. Before she could puzzle out the meaning, she felt the chain binding her wrists and ankles together, suddenly come loose, Shelly tried to push herself up but the basilisk slapped her firmly on the butt. “Wow!” thought Shelley. She squealed behind her ball gag. Bound as she was Shelley could offer no resistance as her arms were forced above her head . Holding her right wrist almost painfully, the Basilisk unlocked the handcuff that Shelley wore quickly tore off the yellow glove and forced her hand and wrist into some sort of cylinder that clamped down firmly on the limb. This was repeated with her left arm. Shelly heard the motor begin operating again Shelley felt herself being pulled upwards as her arms parted until she was dangling above the floor. Slowly she turned in her bonds.

“Love the spiked heels bat babe, they make your legs look fantastic, but they are an impediment to my goals.” The Villain tugged off each of the tall spiked boots.

“And that Little belt of yours is full of so many neat little semiquavers.” Shelly felt his gloved hands on her waist as the utility belt was unclasped and removed.

Shelley really loved the sound of the menacing electronic voice. So much better than Steve’s regular tones. It was authentically alienating and therefore thrilling!

Shelley felt the restraints on her ankles fall away. Shelly tried to kick at her abductor like her hero would have but the motion caused her to spin wildly and brought another firm slap on her ass. Shelley really really liked that swat. In not more than few minutes, Both of her feet were in restraining tubes as well. The motors parted Shelley legs until she was hanging spread eagle several centimeters above the concrete floor.. Mrs. Adams felt a hand on the back of her cowl and her eyes were stung by the sudden reappearance of bright light.

For the first time, Shelley had an appreciation of what her husband meant when he complained about the expense of pleasing her. What had been a small, but nondescript warehouse had been turned into an authentic villain’s lair! There were computers, cameras, and other electronic doodads. On one wall a row of fake newspaper headlines detailing the evil exploits of the basilisk, a tank of exotic fish stood by a handsome desk, and, in one corner, a large bed and entertainment center. Shelley suddenly realized how much her husband loved her, even with his constant harping about the expense of her “hobby” he had not spared a penny to make her happy. “Man is HE ever going to get lucky over the next weeks and months!” thought Shelley ecstatically.

“Impressed, bitch? It’s not the bat cave but it will do. I think a bat skin rug will nicely hold the room together, don’t you?” The basilisk paused for effect and said mockingly, “Oh, that’s right you can’t speak, Well listen up.”

He produced a riding crop and waved it menacingly in the air. “If I don’t like your answers I WILL use this on your oh so shapely posterior.”

He strode behind Shelly and planted a half dozen firm whacks upon both butt cheeks. Shelly made sounds that might have been pain or might have been pleasure behind her ball gag. Shelley thought it possible, if the Basilisk continued in his demonstration, she might come with no additional help whatsoever.

“Unless you want to experience the joy of thorough roasting of your ass, you will NOT raise your voice when I release your gag. This place is soundproofed but I really DETEST female whining.”

He gazed at Shelley, his red eye-like circles, somehow menacing, “So, no yelling, no pain is that clear?”

Shelley nodded his head in the affirmative vigorously.

The basilisk vanished behind Shelly as he released the ball gag. Shelly spit it out and enjoyed a much needed deep inhalation.

“Thank you,” sputtered Shelley at last.

The basilisk hefted the wand and stated, “What word was lacking from that sentence/”


“Very good! I just KNEW you were a smart one. I would also have settled for “Master.””

The basilisk gently touched Shelley’s cheek, caressed it and then ran his hand over the rest of her body with pauses to palm her right breast and her sex. To Shelley, it was a s though a wave of pleasure followed in the wake of the basilisk’s hand, like a stroked kitten. Shelley softly moaned.

After a reflective pause for both, the Basilisk began speaking once more.

“I wonder if you are a real redhead.? I’ll be finding out. You realize now that you have been captured by a proud member of the Villain’s League, It is my duty to expose your secret identity so that you erzurum escort can never threaten us again. That is exactly what I intend to do. Your days as a masked vigilante are OVER Batgirl. This can go down in one of two ways either like a somewhat embarrassing but ultimately satisfactory personal drama or it can be a chore akin to pulling teeth without Novocain. Now, which will it be Batgirl? Are you made of sugar or steel?”

He held up a popular brand of bottled with an attached straw, placed it under Shelley’s succulent lips. Shelley took a sip

“Let’s see if you want to go home in a hurry. What is your name?”

“I can NOT reveal that, Sir. It’s death before dishonor. I’ll take that secret to my grave”

I see that you have been listening to the bullshit spouted by Batman and Superman. Those guys are lunkheads! No Killing? In this day and age? Talk about your dinosaurs! Do you really want to throw your lot in with them?”

“I’m a heroine!” stated Shelley, really enjoying this banter. Who knew that Steve was so creative?

The Basilisk whacked Shelley across the buttocks with the riding crop. I did not hear a “Sir or Master in that sentence!”

“I’m a heroine, you bastard, Sir.”

The Basilisk laughed softly and replied “Hardly, you are strung up and powerless. You were never Wonder Woman or She Hulk, in any case, you never possessed a superpower, besides the ability to make any straight guy on the planet hard!”

Shelley flushed at these words while the Basilisk adjusted his athletic cup once more.

“I’m still on the side of good, Sir.”

The Basilisk’s head tilted up and down as he obviously toured her body with his eyes. “Oh I bet that you can be plenty bad, Batgirl. In fact, you may have more fun on the dark side.”

“I’ll NEVER join you!”

Thwack went the riding crop.

“I’ll never join you, Sir.!”

“Well, certainly not in that uniform. From a pouch on his belt, the Basilisk produced a pair of surgical cut down scissors. He waved them under Shelley’s nose.

“You can either surrender to me now and let me remove your cowl. If you pledge allegiance to the dark side. I will let you retain your secret identity and you can still continue to operate on the team of villains. Of course, you will also then be obligated to provide personal services to me to ensure that your identity remains secret. The OTHER method is a slow reveal, culminating with me taking your cowl AFTER I have taken my pleasure and had my justice. The first lets things end swiftly, the second will take a while.”

Shelley never felt hornier in her life as she replied, “I’m not afraid of you. Do your worst!”

“Have it your way slut.” replied the Basilisk. “I’ll bet you are enjoying this, you little pervert.”

He strode forward and gently stroked Shelley’s left, spandex clad, calf. “Remember, you brought this on yourself.”

The Basilisk found a spot lost above the ersatz Batgirl’s restrained left ankle to full away the fabric and plunge in the scissors. His victim responded with a soft, evocative gasp. With agonizing slowness, he worked the instrument up her calf and along her spectacular thigh until he reached her hip. All the while Shelley’s heart was a flutter and she had to suppress at least one tremor of excitement that flowed through her to avoid being nicked by the slowly creeping blade.

The Basilisk made approving sounds as Shelley’s shapely leg was bared. “Not bad Batmite, not bad at all.”

“Better than you’ve ever had, needle dick!” shot back Shelley.

The Basilisk swatted Shelley firmly on the butt for her impertinence with his gloved hand “Continue this show of bravado, and before this evening is done I will have to demonstrate to you how wrong your intimate conjectures about me are.”

“You don’t have the balls!”

“Yes, little girl, I DO!” His scissors carefully avoided Batgirl’s panties and continued over her hip and up her rib cage until he reached her brassier. Carefully avoiding that garment for now, the Basilisk then began slicing away the left arm. As the fabric exposed more and more skin, it became increasingly obvious that Shelley Adams was in spectacular physical shape.

The entire left side of the Batgirl costume gaped open . The Basilisk cut around the wrist and continued his cutting until he reached the collar of her costume. The arm and chest that was exposed to the harsh lighting of the villain’s lair was long and toned. It was obvious as well that the sports bra restrained a rather nice breast on the left side.

The Basilisk ran his hand along Shelly’s exposed skin, from ankle to clavicle. Shelly moaned with delight then remembered her role, “A gentleman would NEVER take advantage of a lady like this!” She said trying to maintain a firm and defiant tone.

“First of all, I’m a villain, Society may not consider me a gentleman but I DO have a code of honor. Second of all, you, Batgirl are certainly NOT behaving like a lady. You’re as twisted and warped as I am. You’d fit right in on the dark side.”

Shelley hung her head briefly in embarrassment. She had hoped not to reveal her raging desire so early in the evening. She wanted Steve to have to work for it in light of his non-stop whining about the cost of this fantasy. After a moment of humility, however, Shelly returned to herself as did her increasing desire.

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