Becoming a CockWhore


I’m a cockwhore.

That’s what I wanted to say when the president of my office machine company handed me the Salesperson of the Year trophy in front of hundreds of my colleagues at the annual convention and said, “Ken, tell us a little about how you pulled this off.”

Well, the only thing I had successfully pulled off was my pants. Or more specifically, the pants of my clients. But there was nothing left to do now but ramble on about exceptional customer service, treating the customer like family and remembering things like their anniversary, birthdays, etc. causing my wife Marsha to almost spit her wine out all over the table when I said, “Do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy.”

I could have told them about how I had taken the company’s “Needs Based Analysis” and turned it into finding out what the customer was not getting in bed and finding a way to make that happen. I had not sold office equipment all fucking year. I had sold myself, my wife and pleasure. I sold fantasy fulfillment and what the fuck’s wrong with that.

The company got their money, I got my six-figure bonus check and my customers got to use me like a fucking whore. I am an ass-hole-licking, cock-sucking whore who provides some overpriced office equipment along with my slut services.

Sure, I used to be a regular salesperson. Struggling to compete to sell copiers, printers and such. I would tout the products, maintenance agreements etc., but no one cared. We had nothing special. Everyone sold the same thing. At 32-years-old I was looking at getting out of the business and trying something different – anything.

Then a picture on my phone changed my sales strategy.

Marsha and I had just returned from spending a weekend in Nashville. We went there to go to this cool swingers club we had visited a few times before. We had met a couple Friday night and spent the next day and a half fucking the hell out of each other. Mark and Susan were older than us, probably in their forties, but they sure knew how to have a fuck party. I’m not sure why we reserved a hotel because we spent the entire weekend at their house enjoying their pool, hot tub and fuck basement. We stayed drunk, stoned and Viagraed up all weekend.

At the swing club they were excited to find out that both of us are bisexual. Turns out they were too. Us boys played straight at the club while Marsha and his wife took turns getting fucked by us while locked in a beautiful 69. When we got home and settled on the couch watching something boring on Netflix designed to provide some noise and distraction, Mark fished my 8 inch cock out of my pants and started slurping on it.

After a night of no-holes-barred sex where I pummeled his ass until he shot cum all over Marsha who was sucking his cock, we decided to walk to the nearby Waffle House at around 5:30 in the morning. Still wide awake from the Molly we had taken earlier, we threw on enough clothes to not get arrested and headed out. It was barely light and I wearing a pair of Mark’s pajama pants with a front fly opening. When we got to an intersection I looked down to see my semi-hard cock protruding from the opening. I pointed it out to Mark. He immediately hit his knees right there in the median and started sucking my cock. Marsha took a picture of our public same sex activities on my phone.

The photo was great. We were pictured at an intersection with a stop sign clearly visible. The sun was turning the sky red in the background and I was slightly leaned back playing with my nipples under a Lipscomb College sweatshirt while Mark’s lips were clearly encircling the tip of my cock. If not for the obvious cocksucking, it could have been one of those sunrise photos on the Weather Channel. I put it on my phone as my wallpaper.

Having a very sore asshole and raw cock from the weekend’s activities. My Monday started with a 30-minute conference call at home and then a visit to a son-of-a-bitch car dealer who had been stringing me along for the past three months.

Usually, I scroll through internet porn and jerk off during those conference calls but my cock was worn out. It was unresponsive to scenes of labia licking and ass fucking that were on my dashboard. I was fucked out.

I pulled up in the lot to see the car dealer was actually in when he said he would be. That was always the first challenge. Now to get in to see him at our appointment time. I sweet güvenilir bahis talked his assistant, Hope, to find out where he was and to let him know I was there. Hope was a recent community college graduate who sat outside Carl’s office lying for him all day. “He’s not in right now.” “He’s with a customer.” “He’s jacking off to PornHub” is what she could have said if she was honest. He had never done an honest days work. His daddy gave him a string of dealerships in the area and he is doing his darnedest to make sure they don’t last any longer than he does. But he was my customer and had been teasing me about moving all his office equipment business to me. It would be a huge contract to get all his dealerships, their service departments and used car lots. Every car salesman that has a dick has to have a printer. They do not like to share and that’s good for me. If I could ever get him to sign on the dotted line.

I asked Carl how his weekend was. He started out talking about fishing with some buddies or something like that then he asked about mine. I simply said it was exhausting. “We visited some friends down in Nashville” I said implying that we had spent the weekend sitting around watching football or some shit like that.

While I was going through the details of this potential deal for the fifth or sixth time, I noticed Carl kept looking over at my phone that I had put down on his desk. A text from Marsha talking about how her pussy was so swollen she was teaching her class standing up today came in and activated the home screen. There was a guy sucking my cock on a public street right there for Carl to see.

Funny thing is Carl didn’t say anything. I knew he saw it and I knew I was in deep shit, but he kept quiet. I didn’t think he was the kind of guy to let a cock-sucking picture on a phone go without some sort of crude remark but he did.

I hurried through the meeting just wanting to get the fuck out of there before he called me a fucking homo or something. He told me to come back Thursday at 2 and he would definitely have a decision.

I was sure I was going to get a call from my boss telling me I was through that Carl had complained about a nude picture on my phone. But the call never came.

After getting home to find Marsha asleep on the couch after school, I explained my indiscretion with a potential huge client on the way to dinner.

“Are you ready to suck some cock,” she said. “I guess I could, but I thought we were going to eat, not the adult bookstore,” I replied.

“Not gloryhole cock, you ass-licking queer boy. Carl’s cock. You are now his whore. That is how you are going to close that sale,” she said.

I wasn’t sure Carl wanted me to suck his cock but Marsha put the pieces together for me.

Does he like porn? Yes

How old is his wife? Around 55. First wife? Yes. Do you think she still sucks his cock? Probably not.

He saw your phone and knows you are at least somewhat bi and probably a fucking bisexual lunatic to have your cock sucked at sunrise on a road outside a fucking Waffle House. He figures you probably suck cock too. He also probably saw my text about my swollen pussy so he knows I was involved too and had a good weekend of group loving.

“You’re going suck Carl’s cock,” she sang teasingly. He’s probably jerking off right now thinking about the “personal services” stipulation he’s going to put in that contract so he doesn’t tell your boss about that picture and get you fired.

“But he’s not going to go for some lazy bisexual cocksucking like you normally do. He is going to want to control you and fuck your mouth. You need to learn to get skullfucked.”

“I can suck cock with the best of them,” I said. “You’re good from what I can tell but he is going to want it quick and dirty. That’s a skullfucking.

Ask us women. When we get called to the Principals office for a one-on-one meeting, we stick out our tongue, let him insert his cock while he holds our head and the skullfucking begins. You have to learn to take it deep, don’t gag too much or the secretary will hear and be jealous. She thinks she is the only one getting skullfucked around there. The most important thing you have to learn is to swallow ALL the cum. No stopping and jerking that cock off for cum to spray all over your hair and clothes. You can’t walk around all day with cum in your hair. Suck and swallow, suck and swallow.”

“You güvenilir bahis siteleri need to practice before Thursday,” she said. “Who can we get to come over and skullfuck you real good?”

“Sounds like we need to get your principal,” I said jokingly.

“He’s pretty good at it but I don’t think he’s into men,” she said. “Although I do wonder how that fucking lazy-ass gym coach keeps his fucking job.”

We thought through dinner who would be good to invite over for a rough blowjob and decided on John. He had a five-inch but fairly thick cock that would be perfect. We had met him and his wife Pam at a local winery a couple months ago. After a couple bottles they invited us over to their place where we snorted some lines and got nasty real quick. The night ended with John putting his short cock in my ass and fucking me to a no-hands orgasm. His cock hit my prostate just right and had me shooting uncontrollable amounts of white jism all over their nice black leather sofa.

“I’ll text Pam and see what they are doing,” Marsha said.

I saw the glint in her eye as Pam responded immediately. They didn’t have much time to play because both had to work the next day, but Pam said John volunteered to be my cock trainer.

We hurried home and Marsha sucked down a bag from our Volcano vaporizer but didn’t let me have any because she said I have to be stone-cold sober to train correctly.

John and Pam came and say down to enjoy some of the vaporized pot while we told them the story of the weekend, the photo and my customer.

“If you suck his cock you will make the sale,” Pam said. “How do you think I became a sales manager, honey.”

John was ready to give it a go.

“I’d rather fuck your tight asshole, but a good blow job will have to do,” John said.

“No lazy blowjobs,” Marsha said. “I want you to grab his head and fuck his cockwhore mouth like a fucking pussy. Fuck it hard. Control him.”

John got the message and I got on my knees. Before I knew it John had his cock out of his pants and fully in my mouth. I had little trouble taking it but the roughness of it all was a shock. He started pistoning in and out and then held my head against his shaved pubes for a long time. I was having trouble finding spaces to breath as he roughly mouth fucked me.

I looked over and saw Marsha with her hand on Pam’s D-size boobs and her hands down the front of her leggings. They seemed to be enjoying the show very much as they traded kisses and commented on the show unfolding before them.

It took what seemed like forever for John to get ready to shoot his cum. Halfway through the assault I gagged and thought I was going to lose my dinner right there on the living room carpet.

“Move over you lousy excuse for a cocksucker and let me show you how to get skullfucked,” Marsha said while removing Pam’s fingers from her soaking twat. She kneeled beside me and told John to fuck her mouth. He did but Marsha was doing it differently. She found the rhythm and was fucking him back with her mouth.

“If you want him to cum quicker, mouth fuck him back. Move your tongue when you can to increase the stimulation.

John switched back to my mouth fuck hole and I took a little more control, slamming back against his pubs. It wouldn’t have worked with a larger cock but for John it was heaven. He started fucking really hard and a nice glob of pre-cum gave me a taste of what was to come soon. He looked over to see his wife spread out on our sofa with Marsha’s face buried in her pussy and that was enough. He shot at least three quick spurts of cum right down my throat. I swallowed once but then decided to save some for Pam and Marsha to thank them for their help.

John’s cock drizzled the last bit of its life into my mouth and he fell back into a recliner satisfied and exhausted from the exertion.

I went over to Pam on the couch who was close to an orgasm of her own as Marsha lezzed out on her swollen clit. I shared a bit of her husband’s cum with Pam and that was all it took as she lerched off the couch and screamed so loud I know the neighbors in our condo probably think we are the biggest fuckmonsters ever.

Marsha emerged from Pam’s now very sensitive pussy and I licked the Pam’s pussy juice off her face while she tasted the remainder of John’s cum in my mouth.

“Good job you cocksucking whore, Think you are ready to give iddaa siteleri Carl a good cum in exchange for that big contract?” Marsha said while fishing out Pam’s purple thong from behind a plant.

“I’m going to let him take any hole he wants at this point,” I said.

“Good boy,” Marsha said. “Thanks for your help John. Come back again when you and Pam have time to spend a night getting fucked up and fucking ass.”

Thursday seemed a long way away. Marsha gave me a couple more practice sessions with her strap on, making sure I gagged almost to the point of throwing up. She wanted to make sure I could handle anything.

By Thursday, I was ready, but Marsha gave a secret weapon to loosen up my nerves. On her way out the door to school, she handed me two small plastic bottles of Fireball. “One for before you go in, one to wash the cum out of your mouth and to celebrate after,” she said.

After checking in with my sales manager, I made the drive to the car lot and saw the Carl’s Porshe was where he always parks. It was a good beginning. Ten minutes early for the appointment, I quickly downed the Fireball and made my way in to the dealership.

Instead of asking Hope if he was in, I assumed he was there, said good morning to her and walked on in like I owned the place. I should drink Fireball before all my sales calls. Carl was there comparing my contract with his current deal.

“Why should I change?” he barked. “I’ve been with these guys for 10 years,” he said. “They have been OK. How are you better.”

I started talking about customer service, guaranteed pricing, free toner blah, blah blah. Then he got up walked behind me and closed the door. “What are YOU going to give me.” he asked.

I paused. Nothing in my sales training had told me how to offer to sexually satisfy my client to make a sale. He stared at me. “Can you give me something those other salespeople can’t,” he asked.

“Yes.” I stammered softly. “I will do anything to get this business.”

“You would even suck my dick if I signed this contract wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“I would enjoy sucking your cock anytime you needed it,” I said softly hoping Hope was not listening in on this scandalous conversation.

The next thing I heard was his zipper and belt coming apart and his pants hitting the ground. “Come here,” he said as he sat on the edge of his office chair with his cock sticking out from under his dress shirt and tie. I knelt on the floor in front of him knowing I was about to trade in any sales ethics and integrity I when I put this cock in my mouth.

I didn’t get to think about it very long as he grabbed my head and pushed it down to meet his hard dick. The taste was of soap with a little hint of piss as his seven inches made it to the back of my throat. I locked eyes with him giving him permission to take control. He started slowly at first, fucking my lips but then gradually increased his pace. He encouraged me to keep up the sucking while he ripped open his short to get at his nipples. He began playing with his nipples on his own bringing his cock to a new level of hardness. I slipped a finger through his ass crack to find his asshole. I didn’t slip a finger in but played with the rim, slowly teasing him while I worked to suck the cum out of his cock. He lasted just over 10 minutes before he grunted he was cumming and shot a nice load of cum down my throat. I swallowed the first blast. But struggled with the second, third and fourth jets. I tried to get it all in my mouth, but a small amount dripped onto my dress shirt.

We put ourselves back together, he signed the contract and I made my way out not wanting to hang around for chit chat after getting the deal done.

As I left the office, Hope handed me a mint. “You might need this for your cockbreath,” she said, having obviously figured out how that business deal went down.

My sales manager was ecstatic. Marsha gave me her own form of a reward and I was the hero of the company for the year but my service to Carl was not over. I repeated my cocksucking performance dozens of times. Marsha and I became regular swing partners of Carl and his wife and Hope, who it turns out is much more than a secretary. We had naked weekends on their boat partied with some their other friends and generally served as covert sex slaves. But we were not complaining.

Carl introduced me to other business owners who came to enjoy my extra special customer service. I was selling more than ever and getting lots of cock and pussy on the side. Life is good.

Do I regret becoming a complete cockwhore and whoring out my hotwife? My bank account says no.

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