Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 06


Marnie wants to have a male Dominant and asks Richard to accept Andre. An illegal slave auction is discovered in New York and the three attend the auction to get evidence of criminal behavior, buying and freeing nine virgin slaves in the process. This chapter contains lesbian, oral, anal, gay, interracial, and extra-marital sex. It contains slave punishments including caning until blood is drawn. No STD’s or COVID in my worlds of fantasy. Thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editorial help.

Chapter 6 – Marnie Wants a Master

“Representative Ward-Greenbriar’s office, how may I help you?”

“I need to speak to the Representative please. I’m calling on behalf of William Thornhill’s office.”

“One moment. I’ll see if the Representative is busy at the moment.”

I waited a couple minutes and Miranda came on the phone. “Bill is that you?”

“Sorry, Representative Ward. This is Richard Farber, Lynn’s son. I work for William as his Personal Assistant. He wanted me to contact you about a funny conversation I heard at a Charity event on Friday. There was talk about a slave auction this upcoming weekend. I know you and your husband have been involved in human trafficking issues. I don’t know if this is one of those problems, or it was some innocuous thing going on. Neither William or Evelyn were aware of any charity type events involving something that could be described as a slave auction. I took a photo of the people seated at the table and William asked me to send it to you. Perhaps facial recognition could be run on the men at the table and an investigation made as to whether this was innocent, or something worse.”

“Of course, email it to me and we’ll get something started immediately. When did you start working as Bill’s PA?”

“After we returned from Norway. I worked for one of his companies as a lower level employee before, but he saw something that made him think I’d be a good PA.”

“What did he see?”

“I don’t think I’m at liberty to discuss that, Representative. It involves things he’s asked me to keep confidential.”

“You mean that Evelyn is his submissive? Don’t worry. We all know it already.”


“You know how submissives are treated on Joshua’s ship. The same way I’m treated. It was evident. He spent a week with us.”

“Yes well he observed Mistress and I in a restaurant doing D/s things. He asked Mistress and I to come to his residence and after observing my submission, felt safe in offering me the position.”

“He’s a good man. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working for him. It was good talking to you again, Richard. If you get the opportunity to come to Washington, look me up. I’d like to chat and catch up. Send me the photo right away. I’ll have my staff look into it.”

“It should be there within ten minutes. Thanks, Congresswoman.”

“I think we’re close enough you can call me Miranda, don’t you?”

She had sucked my cock after all. I could understand why she said that.

“In private, Congresswoman, not when we’re conducting business.”

“Have it your way. You’re welcome. Take care.”

Task One out of the way.


I gave Master all the information I’d gathered about yachts. He glanced at it.

“This is good work, Richard.”

“Sir, may I ask for some advice?”

“Of course.”

“You know the reason I became a submissive to my Mistress and through her, to my mother so she had control of some aspects of my submission.”


“While Mistress was willing to submit to my mother and understood the reasons why, she’s not really content to have a Mistress. She wishes to have a Master instead.”

“How would this affect you?”

“Mistress wants both of us to submit to a male. He would be the Dominant for both of us. He’s bisexual and enjoys sex with both of us. Mistress would tell him the rules established to protect me and I suspect he’d agree to them.”

“You’ve met this man then?”

“He’s a sex worker Mistress hired to have sex with both of us. Mistress wanted me to be a full sexual partner to anyone she had in our bed. She wished me to learn how to have sex with men so she hired this bisexual male to teach me what she wanted me to know. We’ve since had sex with him a couple other times, as dates, instead of paid sex. He was the one who went with us to the sex club. He’s a nice enough guy. I have a lot of respect for him, even though I don’t enjoy sex with men. Mistress made the point that with him controlling the sex acts of both of us, my sex with men would probably increase and she was unsure how it might affect our marital sex.”

“Are you asking me what you should do, because I can’t do that. I would ask what you know about the man.”

“He’s black. He’s admitted he has a criminal record for prostitution, although I don’t think it’s more than a couple arrests. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t seem to use drugs or engage in violent behavior. He actually gave another woman and us some good advice when leaving the sex club Thursday night, common sense safety tips we might not have realized without his saying something. It’s why I sent you the Driver’s License information on the couple we met at the charity event Friday. By the way, they spent the weekend görükle escort with us and the male seems as submissive as I am and his wife is now his Dominant, so I imagine we’ll be seeing them some more because of common interests.

“Mistress isn’t expecting me to make up my mind right now, but she does want me to think about it. I know it’s my decision to make, but perhaps I don’t want to make it. I want to please Mistress, but I don’t know if I want to submit to a man, with all that entails. But I’m already having sex with him and probably would continue to do so, so I don’t know why I’m having such a difficult time accepting what Mistress wants.”

“I’m not surprised. It would be a big change, especially for someone who considers himself as heterosexual. Having sex with someone at your Mistress wife’s behest isn’t quite the same as doing it at the man’s request. You love and trust your Mistress. My guess is you would never love this man, though you may learn to trust him. Does he have Dominant experience?”

“Not to my knowledge, sir, but he does have Dominant characteristics. He gives Mistress what I can’t give her, a sense of Dominance I don’t possess.”

“Then it’s possible he wouldn’t even want to be a Dominant?”

“I guess it’s possible, sir.”

“It seems to me, you need to find out if he’s even interested, and if he is, would he be willing to abide by the conditions you would want for your submission. You may be worried about him for nothing. If he has no experience, would he be willing to accept training from another Dominant so he knows what he’s doing. You still establish the rules under which you choose to submit. If you’re submitting to him instead of Marnie, the rules would be with him, not the ones you have with her. Marnie’s rules change as well. They won’t be the same as she has with your mother.”

“I guess, the who is immaterial, sir. I know Mistress wants a Master at some point. She even said she’d be willing to submit to you, though considers that impractical because you’re my boss and don’t want a male submissive. If not this guy, then another one is bound to crop up in the future.”

“How does that make you feel about me?”

“I can understand why she’d consider you, Master. I’m not upset by that. The fact you’re not interested in male sex makes my day, sir. If I have to live with her fucking other men, I could certainly do worse than you. At least you understand our relationship.”

William said, “I hope it doesn’t affect our working together. As I said, this is your decision, but would it help if I met the man, maybe ran a background check on him, gave you my impressions?”

“Maybe, sir. I don’t even know what kinds of questions I should ask. I’m too new to this submission stuff myself.”

“Let me know when he might be available. Perhaps we can chat over a nice meal and some wine.”

“Thank you, sir. What do you think about the idea of submitting to a male, generally?”

“Generally, I couldn’t submit to anyone. Generally, I couldn’t have sex with a man. I’d probably throw up.”

“I did, the first time.”

He nodded. “Generally, you need to decide what you can live with. No one else should make that decision but you.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, Master.”

“What’s the guy’s name.”

“Andre Miller.”

“Do you have a date of birth?”

“No, but he’s in his late twenties and lives in Brooklyn, black male. He did give his DL info to Victoria Prather, the woman we met at the Club Labyrinth. She probably still has it.”

“Get it for me and I’ll have him checked out.”

I texted Vickie and asked for Andre’s DL info. She quickly sent it back. I gave the information to Master Thornhill.

Task two addressed, though not answered.


That evening at supper, Mistress was feeding me while I was wearing my cock cage. Having Mistress feed me while she played with my body, primarily my inner thighs, balls and pubic hair, was arousing and I was having difficulty wearing the cage without pain. I thought it might help to discuss the thing which so preoccupied my day.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said about wanting Andre as our Master, Mistress.”

“Have you reached any conclusions?”

“Not yet, Mistress. I’m feeling resistant and I’m working to overcome those feelings. I spoke to Master Thornhill about it to see if he could provide any advice.”

“Did he?”

“Not advice per se, Mistress. He said it’s a decision only I can make, but he did offer to have Andre and us over to dinner and form some impressions about him. Perhaps offer some Dominant training if Andre was interested in becoming our Dominant and had no experience. He said to let him know when Andre might be available and he’d have us over. He also said I might be worrying about nothing. Andre may have no desire to be our Dominant.”

“That’s true. I can’t know for sure. Should we ask him?”

“We might as well. Perhaps I’m worrying about nothing. Also, I should tell you I told Bill you wouldn’t mind submitting to him, Mistress.”

“What did he say to that?”

“He asked how I felt about him because of your interest, Mistress, and hoped it wouldn’t affect our working arrangement.”

“What did you say?”

“That I had a bursa merkez escort lot of respect for him and didn’t fault him for my wife finding him to be a Dominant she wouldn’t mind as a Master and I didn’t believe it would affect our working relationship, Mistress.”

“Text Andre and ask him to call when he’s free. I need you to lick my cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I sent the text and proceeded to make Mistress scream several times, though she was thoughtful enough to smother them in her pillow. She then let me fuck her in all three holes.

Andre called at 9:30 PM. “What can I do for you?” Andre asked. “Did you want to get together again?”

“Do you have time to talk?” I asked. “I’m putting you on speaker so Mistress can hear.”

“I have a late appointment at eleven, but I don’t need to leave for an hour.”

“You know that Mistress and I are both in a submissive relationship to my mother, right?”


“Mistress would prefer to be in a submissive relationship to a male Dominant and she was hoping you’d be willing to consider the position.”

“Would you remain in submission to her?”

“Mistress would prefer that we’d both be submissive to you. She feels more comfortable as a submissive than as a Dominant.”

“I’ve never done that before except when turning tricks. Some of my customers like me to play a Dom, with the whips and handcuffs. Of course, some like me to play a submissive, so I’ve done both, but not on a permanent basis. How do you feel about becoming my sex slave?”

“I’m not crazy about it,” I admitted, “but I’m trying to be open minded about it for now. I haven’t made up my mind. I guess I’d have to know what that would consist of, what you think it would be.”

“What, you don’t love me anymore?” Andre teased.

I laughed. “Not even close. Since both Marnie and I are relatively inexperienced at both Dominance and submission, I have asked someone else to help us determine the parameters of what that might look like. He was wondering if you might be free this week for supper and wine.”

“I can give you time on Wednesday evening. Will it be at your new place?”

“Come here first. If we don’t stay here, it’s only a short walk.”

“If I come, I expect to spend the night and fuck you both.”

“That’s fine,” Mistress said. “I’d like to fuck you again.”

I wouldn’t, but I didn’t have a say in the matter.

“I’ll see you on Wednesday then.”

“We’ll see you Wednesday.”

I went to workout on my equipment. I ran the equivalent of two miles and biked for five, showered and came to bed. Mistress was already asleep.


Tuesday night, I called Domina.

“Mistress would like to have a Master. She wants me to submit to him too.”

“She can’t do that.”

“Yes, she can. You know as well as I do, her submission to Mother Mistress is voluntary. She won’t do it unless I agree, but she wants to do it and will eventually. Now she understands the concept of Dominance and submission and knows why she did the things she did and how it affected us, she knows she can change her submission. It’s just a matter of when.”

“What does that mean for you?”

“It means whatever is worked out between us.”

“Does she have someone in mind?”


“The prostitute?”

“The same.”

“He’s a nice enough guy, but does he even know what he’s doing?”

“I don’t know. We’re going to discuss his experience and possible training with Master Thornhill tomorrow night. He may not even want to do it. It’s in the exploration stage for now.”

“You don’t want to do it, do you, Richard?”

“Not particularly, but I’m not totally opposed to the idea, either. I’m willing to consider it, if it’s not substantially different from my current submission. I’m fucking Andre now. The question is how much more with him, and how much less with Mistress. If the only people I get to fuck from now on is men, I won’t do it. If it’s still mostly women, I might. I don’t think Andre would be opposed to the same protections in my previous agreement. No feminization, for instance. He likes fucking me as a male. He doesn’t want another female to fuck. He’d have Marnie for that. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there. I don’t have to make a decision right away. Mistress suggested Valentine’s Day, but even that isn’t carved in stone. We’re feeling our way here.”

“Keep me informed.”

“I will. You’re still my Domina for the time being. Mistress’ as well.”


Wednesday night came all too soon for me. When he got there, Mistress made me suck his cock to orgasm since we had time before leaving. She said she’d fuck him when we came home. His hot, salty sperm jetted into my mouth after ten minutes of mouth music. I swallowed, then he pulled me up and kissed me, tasting himself in my mouth as his tongue invaded mine.

“You haven’t lost your touch,” Andre said, smiling.

We were at the Thornhill’s at seven on the nose. I had my own key now, but I didn’t want to bring strangers into their house without notice, so we rang the bell. Evelyn opened the door. She was dressed.

We entered their home. Regina was also dressed, though Madeline and Consuela were not present. bursa sınırsız escort Mistress asked for permission for me to strip.

“Not now, perhaps later.”

Mistress nodded. We sat down to dinner and wine. Master asked Andre a lot of questions. As far as I could tell, which wasn’t much, Andre was honest with his answers. He admitted being a sex worker, having had three prostitution arrests, and one conviction.

“Who are your clients?”

“I won’t give you personal details, but I have a number of them, both male and female, most of them fairly well off as my services are quite expensive.”

“Would one of them be a state senator, one an assemblyman, an alderman, two police captains, one actor, two actresses, a couple of mafiosos, and a number of Wall Street nabobs?”

“How the fuck do you know that?”

“Some people aren’t as discreet as you are. Have you ever blackmailed any of them?”

“You try blackmailing mafiosos and tell me how you like it.”

“What about the others?”

“Look, I don’t have the world’s most well thought of profession, but I’m good at what I do and I enjoy my work. I like sex and it pays well. I don’t need to blackmail anyone. I sure hope you aren’t thinking of doing it.”

“Not at all, but if you’re going to be intertwined in Richard and Marnie’s lives, you’re going to be intertwined in mine. I need to know if you can be trusted. Richard asked for my opinion of you and I’m doing my due diligence on his behalf.” He handed Andre a sheet of paper. “Would you say this is what you currently have in your bank accounts, or do you have more stashed off shore.”

“Jesus Christ!” He scanned the document. “This is all of it. How did you get all this information about me?”

“Good detective work. As far as I can tell, you’ve been completely honest with me Mr. Miller. I appreciate that. What do you know about Dominance and submission?”

“Not a lot. Some of my tricks enjoy me taking a Dominant role with them. Handcuffs, spanking, humiliation. Some enjoy a submissive. I’ve done both.”

“Which do you prefer?”

“Whichever pays the most money.”

“Putting money aside, which do you like more?”

“A Dominant role.”

“Richard tells me that Marnie wants both of them to submit to a male Dominant. She was thinking of you. You’re not getting paid for it, it’s a full time role with them. Every time you’d be with them, you’d be their Dominant. To a certain extent, it may even extend to times you’re not with them. They won’t be able to have sex without your permission, even with each other, cum without your permission, masturbate without your permission. Theoretically, you could tell them as you leave them, that they can have sex once each day until they see you again, that Marnie could have three orgasms, and Richard one, and they’d be punished for any orgasms they had more than that. You would punish them. You could make them go without sex for a week, which would be very difficult for two submissives as their sex drive is greatly increased. You could make them have sex with others, but not each other, which could be damaging to their marriage. You’ll need to learn to punish them, both physically and emotionally. Are you willing to accept their submission and can you do it?”

“I’d need to learn more about it. I’ve never more than played with it a few times.”

“That’s part of the reason you’re here tonight. One, I needed to know about you myself, but also to decide if you want to do it, and if you can do it. Marnie, Richard can undress now.”

“Richard, strip,” Mistress told me.

“Yes, Mistress.” I took off my clothes, including my lady’s panties, leaving only my cock cage on, since I didn’t have the key to it.

“Marnie, you’re a submissive too. You want Andre to accept your submission. Strip so he can look upon his possible new possession.”

“Yes, Master.” Andre glanced at Bill sharply.

“She’s not my submissive,” Bill said, “but like most submissives, she addresses other Dominants by their title. Regina, Evelyn, strip.”

Both Evelyn and Regina removed their clothes, with quick ‘Yes, Masters’ thrown in. Andre was a little goggle eyed at the moment.

“Display.” All of us displayed, with the appropriate response.

“Once you decide to accept a submissive, you’ll develop the agreement you want to have with them together. There will be things the slave will never do, called a hard limit. Evelyn will you ever suck my cock after I fuck your ass?”

“If my ass has been cleansed first with enemas, sir, yes, if not, then no.”

“That is Evelyn’s hard limit. She never has to break a hard limit. Then there are soft limits. Things which a slave might be willing to do on occasion if they feel like it. For instance, Regina agreed to fifty hard swats to her ass every day which is what I give to Evelyn. She doesn’t have to accept more than fifty, but she may. It’s her choice in the moment. I may ask her to exceed her limit, but she doesn’t have to and can’t be punished for refusing. Each of my slaves has a two stage safe word. Let’s say, she agrees to more, but needs me to lighten up on how hard I swat her. She can use her first safe word which tells me to ease up, slow down, or whatever. The second safe word tells me I have to stop, period. She can’t take any more swats, her pussy is sore, she can’t be fucked anymore, whatever it is, it has to stop. It doesn’t make any difference what the reason is; I have to stop. I can’t violate her stop safe word. Do you understand?”

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