Bedtime Treats


They’ve been married for over ten years. Although not ‘lovey dovey’ in public, it’s easy to see they are both very much in love. Even the most jaded predator can see there’s no point in even trying to seduce either of them.

Every Friday night they go out for a ‘date’. Tonight it was dinner and dancing at the club.

He’s driving them home. She’s making it hard to concentrate on the road. Her long black hair is laying over the collar of her white fox fur coat. Her hand is resting gently on his thigh. Her gentle voice is the most wonderful sound in his world.

“You didn’t sleep too well last night. Tossed and turned in your sleep. We’ll have a bedtime treat tonight to chase the demons from your dreams, Darling.”

He can barely keep from mashing the accelerator to the floor.

They met at university.

Her family came from Vietnam three generations ago. Her grandparents started a machine shop in the back of the variety store with a used drill press and used lathe.

His family is of European stock. Mother a teacher, father a mechanic.

She’s short trim and beautiful.

He’s tall blond and handsome.

He was at the campus pub celebrating getting a job to go with his recently earned PHD in quantum physics.

She was out letting off steam with the girls.

Now she’s using her business degree to help run the family business, grown from the back of the variety store to a hundred employee manufacturing company.

He’s the director of the lab now. Very secret government work. Very hush hush as the Brits say.

At home as he hangs up their coats she places a gentle hand on the small of his back and quietly says “Bring your strap and riding crop, Please, Dear.”

“Yes adana escort Dear.” He says as he rushes away to do as she’s asked. She settles herself on the couch with a fashion magazine.

Returning naked he sets the wide leather strap and the riding crop on the arm of the couch and kneels before her. “May I have my bedtime treat now, please?”

“Why do you want it?” She asks, running her fingers through his thick blond hair.

“Because I’ve done bad things and the monsters are in my dreams.”

“Yes Darling, very bad things we’re not to talk about, and that’s why the monsters, but I’ll chase the bad dreams away. Now go close the drapes.”

He releases one end of each velvet covered rope that holds the drapes back. They are long enough he can grasp the ends in his fist, standing spread eagle facing the closed drapes.

“Twenty tonight. You know you must count each one out loud to scare away the demons, and you must not scream or cry because they will know you’re weak if they hear you. We will begin.”

Whack. The strap hits his right shoulder.


Whack. His thigh burns


Whack. The small of his back.


Whack. His left side below his rib cage.


Whack. The middle of his back.


Whack. His left shoulder.


Whack. His right rib cage.

“Seven.” He knows he can’t cry or the monsters will know.

Whack. His right shoulder.


Whack. His thighs again.


She lays down the strap and picks up the riding crop.

Snap. It hits his thighs again.


Snap. On his right shoulder.

“Eleven.” eskişehir escort He’s very hard, her cunt is dripping.

Snap. His right side below his rib cage.

“Twelve.” Mustn’t sob.

Snap. Down his spine.


Snap. The small of his back.

“Fourteen.” His hard on is pushing through the crack in the drapes. Good thing its dark out.

Snap. On his left bicep.


She drops the riding crop on the floor and in her sweet gentle voice says “Position my chair, please, Dear.”

He’s ecstatic. He loves her chair, or at least where it will take them.

It’s arm less with a padded seat and back upholstered in red silk. She watches to see he places it in exactly the right spot in the middle of the room. This exercise will only work if he believes he’s done it perfectly.

She slips out of her robin egg blue, high collar, short sleeve dress. She drops her powder blue panties to the floor. She looks so beautiful he can hardly breath, even after all these years. Her only apparel now is her powder blue satin and lace bra, her silver lace on stilettos and her pearls.

She sits on the chair and pats her thigh. Now he knows why she hasn’t hit his ass cheeks. He positions himself. His head almost touches the carpet. His cock and balls hang between her thighs. His white unmarked ass is presented to her.

She strokes his white cheeks. Her cunt is practically tingling. Here is the bare white canvas she’s about to paint flaming pink. “I love you” she whispers so quietly anyone but him would not be on the right frequency to hear.

Smack. The intimacy of bare hand on flesh.


She sakarya escort squeezes her thighs tight together.


“Seventeen.” His ass is starting to burn. The beautiful terrible crushing from her thighs thrills.

Smack. The burning, the crushing. Heaven, Hell.

“Eighteen.” He sees a clear string of pre-cum as he looks upside down through her legs at his knob.

Smack. Hardest one yet. She’s excited, yelling “Yes.”

And instantly. Smack. She yells, he cums spurting onto the carpet.

“Nineteen, Twenty.” he gasps out. She can barely stop herself from smacking him again and again, but she gets control of herself.

He slides off her thigh and kneels before her, lifting her thighs onto his shoulders and thanking her with his lips and tongue. She’s trimmed her carpet to a little heart, like a little black arrow head pointing the way.

Long strokes of his tongue, then short deep licks, then soft kisses. He sucks and licks and teases her clit. She’s running her fingers through his hair, her head laid back, eyes closed as he brings her to an orgasm. She cums with a gasp.

He scoops her up in his arms and heads towards the bedroom. Her cheek is resting on his shoulder, her arms around his neck holding on for dear love.

She pushes him onto his back, lowering herself on his hard cock, filling her cunt with him.

As her hips move up and down he loves the feel of her long hair tickling his chest as she holds his shoulders down with her dainty hands.

She luxuriates in the feel of his big hands gripping her ass cheeks as she rocks up and down on his cock.

Now she lays awake. Her cheek on his chest listens as his heart beat and breathing slows down to a gentle rhythm of peaceful sleep. The blanket he pulled up over her shoulders to keep his true love warm held in place by his hand resting on the small of his back. He’ll have no nightmares tonight, and for a brief time she was able to forget her responsibility to family and employees.

A bedtime treat for both of them.

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