Better, And Black! Chapter 6

Better, And Black! Chapter 6After that weekend, and for the next two months, Jane did not see Jason. She spent her time wandering about the house either skimpily dressed or naked to keep me frustrated, and at night I was forced to lie naked in bed with her pleasuring her body with my tongue while she taunted me about my enforced celibacy. But she was not seeing Jason! I harboured great hopes that it was over between them, and that perhaps we would get back to normal. How wrong I was.Jane announced out of the blue that there was to be a party at Jason’s place on Saturday, and that we were both to attend. On the night of the party, Jane got ready and told me that she would go on ahead to help with preparations, and that I should follow on later.When I arrived at the Flat, the door was opened by Jane. She was completely naked except for black high heeled shoes! Worse was to come As I entered the sitting room I saw four black men including Jason all sitting around. They too were naked.Jason told Jane to fetch drinks for everyone. This she did, and as she handed each of the men their drink, she kissed them firmly on the mouth.”What do you want to drink Sissy Boy?” Jane asked me.I wanted to keep a clear head, so I settled for a lemonade. She poured it, brought it over and then spat in it before handing it to me as if to emphasise her contempt for me.”Tell him what is going to happen Jane” Jason said . She sat me down.”These other three gentlemen are Jason’s brothers, Lance, Errol and Wayne. Out of kindness to me they have been balıkesir escort celibate for the last couple of months, saving all their sperm for tonight. You see Brian I want to start a family, so I came off the pill two months ago. You are going to watch while each of the boys plants two months worth of sperm into my unprotected womb and hopefully, between them, give me a swollen belly”.”But you can’t!” I protested desperately.”Oh but I can and I will” she spat back. “You are here to watch, because the husband should be present at the conception shouldn’t he? Now kneel down and get me nice and wet for these beautiful black studs.” I did as I was told, causing Lance to remark that Jane had a pussy-whipped faggot for a husband.”How does it feel wimp” Jane sneered, “to be on your knees in front of four real men, preparing your own wife to take each of their huge cocks in order to have a black baby?” I tried to hold back but began to sob.”It feels awful Jane” I wept, “I really don’t want you to do this”.”I know you don’t” she replied, “but I am going to, and you are going to see it all. You will watch each of these men slide their magnificent erections into your unfaithful wife’s pussy, and see every stroke as they bring me to orgasm and flood my unprotected womb with their potent black cum. Now crawl over to Wayne and say “Please sir, may I suck your superior black cock until it is hard enough for you to cuckold me and make my wife pregnant?””Feeling deeply ashamed, I crawled over to where Wayne sat and repeated balıkesir escort bayan Jane’s words. Wayne responded that if I wanted him to do me the favour of knocking up his wife because I was a tiny cocked little wimp, he would be happy to oblige. He told me to make him very long and hard so as to give Jane the maximum pleasure and ensure that his cum hit the spot.When she felt he was ready, Jane pulled my head away, leaving me kneeling in front of him. She straddled his legs with her back to him, and taking the shaft in her hand lowered herself on to him.”Oh Wayne, that feels so fucking good” she sighed, “you are big and hard just like Jason. If Lance and Errol are this good, it is going to be the night of my life!” She began to bounce up and down on Wayne’s cock.”Watch closely Brian” she said to me, “see that huge black meat stretching my pussy, and making me start to cum. Let it remind you that you will never again experience the pleasure Wayne’s cock is feeling now”. The mixture of my wife’s wanton behaviour together with her taunting words had me in a terrible state, made even worse by the permanent frustration she had inflicted on me.Wayne lasted a long time, all the while being encouraged very vocally by Jane.”That’s it Wayne, make me cum” she shouted, “show my pathetic excuse for a husband how to give a woman what she needs”.Finally Wayne announced that he was about to cum, Jane squealed with delight, begging him to empty his very full balls into her and impregnate her. With a yell of pleasure, escort balıkesir he obliged, seeming to carry on spurting for an age. When he had finshed, Jane stood up, kissed him warmly, and thanked him for a wonderful fuck. Turning to me she said:”If you don’t want me to be pregnant, you had better suck as much of Wayne’s cum out of me as you can.” I licked and sucked for all I was worth.”Boy” laughed Errol, “he certainly does love creampie, doesn’t he?” They all joined Errol in laughing at me.The same degrading process was repeated with Lance and Errol, and finally Jason took his place and gave Jane another huge load.After they had all had her and I had cleaned her pussy and their cocks, I was sent home. Jane stayed so that they could “carry on trying” as she put it.Jane arrived home late the next morning. She came over to me, put her arms round my neck and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I was only too aware that this was only done to further increase my sexual frustration. She put her mouth close to my ear and whispered:”The boys each fucked me three more times after you left. I am sure that between them they have made me pregnant. The whole world is going to know that you are a sissy wimp cuckold. You will never be able to hold your head up in this neigh bourhood again”. She laughed at the thought.It turned out that Jane was right, the brothers had impregnated her. As her belly got bigger, she made me kneel in front of her and kiss the bump and tell her that I was so glad that superior black cocks had made her pregnant. She also made me promise that in future I would spend the evenings looking after the baby while she went out and gorged on the cocks of Jason, Errol, Wayne and Lance, as well as any of Jason’s black friends he required her to service.

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